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Timeline: This takes place at the end and rebirth of humanity.

The Diary
by : Lucas Harrell

From the diary of Ann Hart...

April 2011...

My mother and father were married about a month after daddy proposed to her. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I got to be flower girl, while Justin walked alongside me as ring bearer. It was a big ceremony, though. A double wedding. Billy had asked Trini to marry him, too. Grandma and grandpa Oliver, the Cranstons, and the Kwans had gotten together to get the money to pay for it. Uncle David was daddy’s best man, while Jason Scott gave mom away. Miss Kwan gave Trini away, and Adam was Billy’s best man.

Afterwards, I was left with uncle David and Sam Trueheart while mommy and daddy went off on their honeymoon.

“I can’t wait until they get back,” I had said, “I miss them so much already.”

“I know you do, Ann,” Sam said patiently, “But if you go to sleep, it’ll be one day sooner that they’ll get back before you know it.” With that, I fell asleep.

About a week later, they came back with a surprise. Mommy was pregnant again. This time, it was undoubtedly daddy’s. I was so excited. Nine months just seemed to fly by, and mommy was ready to have the baby. It was then that I met grandma Hart. She and mommy had a fight about the time I was born, and hadn’t talked to each other until a few short days ago.

There was an unforeseen difficulty. My baby brother was born, but mommy died shortly after she had given birth to him.

I cried for days afterwards. Daddy did, too, and seemed to get more and more irritable as time went by.

“We should’ve known,” Daddy had said, “We should’ve known that the morphin’ energy would react.” I helped him get over it, and he seemed to be happy looking after myself and little Tommy, Jr.

I’m sixteen now. Justin and I have been dating for who knows how long, even though he’s twenty one and I’m only sixteen. The sparks that flew between us as kids developed into full blown romance when we had gotten older. We were given the Astral Ranger powers by Andros. My brother became the Black Astral Ranger, while I became Pink and Justin became Blue. Andros was the Red Astral Ranger, Ashley Cranston became the Yellow Astral Ranger, and Anya Park became the White Astral Ranger.

Justin, Tommy, and I still have heavy hearts for what had happened years earlier. Daddy was off on a business trip, and my brother and I were staying at uncle David’s. Sam had died a few months back, and though David was taking it especially hard, he would always find time to do something with us.

That night, I was awakened by someone coming into my room. It was daddy. “Daddy,” I said, getting up and hugging him. He picked me up and whirled me around, like he always did.

“I’m here to say goodbye, angel,” he said.

“Goodbye? What do you mean?”

“All will be revealed once you wake up,” he said, “Know that I am with your mother and that we are proud of you, Ann. You have become like a mother to your brother after Kim died. Keep an eye on him, you hear me?”

“Yes sir,” I said. With that, he kissed my forehead and I woke up. I went into the living room, to find David sobbing. Daddy had died in a plane crash coming back here to see us.

A good portion of my soul was lost that day. Justin tried and tried to get me to cheer up, and while I never fully recovered from the grief (and I still haven’t) I realized that I had to get on with my life.

In present day time, Justin and I are actually lovers and not just regular boyfriend and girlfriend. Andros and Ashley are an item, too. Tommy started going out with Kathryn DeSantos, the daughter of Kat Hillard and Rocky DeSantos. Kat never got over not having a chance with Daddy, and therefore could not stand in the way of her daughter’s happiness with Tommy.

We Astral Rangers are facing Tiamat, a mythological being of great destruction, and her lieutenants Thrasher and Smasher, the twin towers of power. We’ve reached a stalemate with them, neither side winning a sufficient number of battle over the other. We have been given a small rest from the constant battle.

October 31, 2012...

I can’t believe it. Justin is dead. He died at the hands of Thrasher after Justin force teleported the rest of us out of battle, leaving him all alone with the monster. What we were able to teleport back to the MegaShip was barely recognizable, and then only by his morpher. I fainted, but as I would later find out, it wasn’t just from Justin’s death. I was pregnant.

July 4, 2013...

At roughly 1:25 p.m., I gave birth to little Kimberly Olivia Stewart. Justin’s father had given me permission to use the family name for the infant. I can see her father’s eyes in this little girl. Since they’re identical to Daddy’s, I was also reminded of my parents. My mom’s looks, passed down, were there, too.

“And with you,” I had whispered, “The Oliver-Hart-Stewart lines will go on and on.”

October 31, 2014...

It is the anniversary of Justin’s death. We all go to his grave site and give condolences. I know now what I must do. I can not live without Justin, even with my little girl there with me. I’m going to Tiamat’s fortress and I’m going to kill her and each and every one of her servants, starting with Thrasher. It’s suicide, I know, but I also know that there will not be anything stopping me. Tiamat will die today, one way or another. I just hope that the lord will have mercy on my soul.

And with that, she closed the book. She had fresh tears in her eyes. “So much has changed in a century,” the woman said, “The girl went on to, indeed, sacrifice herself taking down Tiamat and succeeded.”

“She was foolish,” her husband said, “But oh so very brave. She died doing what no good person had ever done, kill Tiamat.”

The pair where on a battlefield, the ground littered with charred remains of what once were humans. These humans, who seemed to be the last, had come to destroy the orb of the quickening, the one thing that made every evil being just that against their will. They had died, but they had destroyed it forever, freeing the two people, who really were the last humans in existence. The woman had found the diary among the remains of a what once was a young woman, the last of three family lines.

“I will keep this diary,” the woman said, “And make sure that no descendant of ours forgets what this young woman did to save the multi-verse.”

“I will do what I can to help you, my dear wife.” With that, Rita Lee Repulsa and Lord Christoper Zedden walked off to start the pages of humanities books all over again. Good luck to you, may light shine on you, and may the power protect you.

The End