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Timeline: Roughly two weeks after “When Doomsday comes a calling.”

Rita's Downfall
Part I
By Lucas Harrell

“Goldar, we have to think of something,” Rita said, “I’m tired of being beaten by those pesky Lantern Rangers over and over again.”

“I agree, my queen,” Goldar growled, “But what can we do? They seem to be too resourceful. We take away their powers, and they find a way to get them back. We shorten the lifespan of one of their own, and they still persevere.”

“I know that, you ninny,” Rita screeched. Then, she went over to her big telescope, which allowed her to see into most places on Earth.

Tommy, Kim, and Zack were playing three on three basketball against Billy, Trini, and Jason. It was an evenly matched game, and they were having a lot of fun. It was technically a tied game, but they really weren’t paying attention to any kind of scores.

All of a sudden, Kim stopped and doubled over, vomiting. Tommy was at her side instantly, hovering. “What happened, Kim?” he asked. He knew that Kim hadn’t been feeling well the past few days, mostly in the mornings, but she insisted that she was feeling well enough for the three on three.

“Just a wave of nausea, sweetie,” Kim replied weakly. Truth was, she was terrified of what this probably meant. She had to be pregnant. It had been a while since her last period, and she was usually as regular as clock work.

“Maybe we should stop for now,” Trini suggested.

“I concur, Trini,” Billy said, “Though Tommy and Zack are both superb athletes, I don’t think two on three would be good odds for them.”

“Guys, I’m all right,” Kim said, “This is just something that is starting to become normal for me these days.” To emphasize her point, she straightened up and grabbed the basketball from Jason. “Come on, let’s play.”

“If you say so, Kim,” Jason said. Most of them went back to playing basketball, but Tommy hung back, watching Kim. He was worried about her, and what her sickness more than likely meant.

‘I’ll never forgive myself if she ends up pregnant,’ Tommy thought. He then went back to playing, paying close attention to that Kim wasn’t hurt.

Rita was watching Kim do a lay up, when the entire castle was rocked by magnificent explosions. “What is going on?” she demanded, “What is causing these tremors.”

“The true ruler has returned,” Goldar said.

All of a sudden, a blaze of light invaded the room. When it receded, a fierce, humanoid looking man stood in the middle of the room. “I am Lord Zedd, ruler of all I see,” he said, “Rita Repulsa, you have failed to take this planet for me. I hereby strip you of your Dark Lantern energies.”

With that, Zedd reached out a staff he had in his hand. A tendril of energy shot from it, and hit Rita’s staff.

“No, I won’t let you,” Rita said, trying to pull her staff away. “Goldar, I command you to help me.”

“I no longer serve you, my ‘empress’,” Goldar sneered.

Rita screeched, as her staff finally disappeared from her hand. She shrunk to about the size of a smurf and was place into the space dumpster she had been released from when all of this began.

“And now, to return you to the eternal void from which you came,” Zedd said, and another tendril of energy hit the dumpster, sending it flying out into space. It was quickly out of sight. With that done, Zedd turned to Goldar. “And now, who might you be?”

Goldar bowed. “I am Goldar, your lord,” he said, “One of your most faithful and worshipping servants.”

“Ah yes, Goldar,” Zedd said, “I now give you back that which was taken from you eons ago.” With another tendril of energy, wings sprouted from Goldar’s back.

“Thank you, my lord,” Goldar said, “How may I ever repay you?”

“Tell me about these ‘Lantern Rangers’,” Zedd said. Grinning maliciously, Goldar started explaining things.

Kim had finally let Tommy talk her into going to see a doctor. “We need to know if you are pregnant or not,” Tommy insisted. Kim had to conceded his point, and allowed him to drive her to the doctor’s office right after them and their friends went their seperate ways for the day.

They were now in the waiting room, just waiting to see a doctor. Kim was nervous. She didn’t know what they were going to do, if she was pregnant. “Obviously,” her mom had said, “They were going to have to either have an abortion or put it up for adoption.”

Kim didn’t want the former, and she knew Tommy wouldn’t either. And she didn’t want to give up a baby she would bring into this world, but both of them knew that had to be the only other option.

Tommy had argued that, at first. “It’s not our only option,” he had said, “We could get married and support our child together. I might have to quit school, but I’d do anything for you, Kim.”

Kim had flatly refused that. She wanted the best for Tommy, and that meant graduating high school, and possibly college later on. They had both decided to wait until her pregnancy was confirmed to make any big decisions.

“Ms. Hart?” A young female doctor was calling her from the door.

“That’s me,” Kim spoke up.

“Right this way,” the doctor said. Kim and Tommy both followed her to the back, where she showed them to a room. Her name tag read her as Lucy Doyle. “Now, you came here for a pregnancy test, right?”

“That’s right, Dr. Doyle,” Kim said, “What do I do?”

“Well, the quickest way would be a regular pregnancy test,” Dr. Doyle said, “Here.” She handed Kim a box with a PREGNANCY TEST in it. “You can use the restroom at the end of the hallway, so you can have some privacy.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Kim replied.

“Just call me if you have any questions, or when your done,” Dr. Doyle said.

“All right,” Kim murmured. Dr. Doyle left. “Well, here goes.”

“I think I’m going to go grab something to eat, Kimmie,” Tommy said, “I haven’t had anything to eat all day. Want anything?”

Kim shook her head. “I’m too nervous to eat,” she replied, “Besides, the sickness is still here, so I might not be able to hold any food down.”

Tommy nodded. “If I’m not back by the time you go to see the doctor, just have them page me, all right?” Kim nodded, and Tommy headed in the direction of the snack machines.

Kim went in the bathroom. A little while later, she gave the results to Doctor Doyle. They had shown negative. “I don’t get it,” Kim said, “I haven’t had my period in close to a month, and I’ve been getting morning sickness. What else could it be, if I’m not pregnant.”

“There are a few viruses that simulate first stage pregnancy,” Dr. Doyle said.

“Viruses?” Kim inquired wearily.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Hart,” Dr. Doyle said, “Depending on what it is, the virus will be flushed out of your system in a matter of days. You’ll just have to put up with the nausea until then.”

“All right,” Kim said.

“Well, I guess that’s about it,” Dr. Doyle said, “You know, we do have a few condoms to give to patients. If you want a few...”

“I’ve got plenty at my house and Tommy’s,” Kim said, “That’s never been a problem. We almost always use one. But no birth control is 100% effective, except for abstinence, right?”

“That’s right,” Dr. Doyle said, “Well, anyway, you’re free to leave, Ms. Hart.”

“Call me Kim,” Kim replied, “Most people do. Thank you for your time, Doctor Doyle.”

“Please, call me Lucy,” Dr. Doyle said, “And it’s no problem. Just be more careful from now on, all right?”

“You’ve got it, Lucy,” Kim said, “Bye-e.” With a wave, Kim left and went to the waiting room, where Tommy was sitting, waiting on her.

“Well?” he asked.

“I’m not pregnant,” Kim said. She jumped into Tommy’s arms. They were both obviously joyful that she didn’t turn out to be pregnant.

Meanwhile, Lord Zedd watched from above, with Superman like telescopic vision. “You may be joyful now, Rangers,” he growled, “But I promise you that won’t last long. You’ll see, and very soon.”

“Ay yi yi, Zordon,” Alpha said, “The scanners have just gone off the charts. There is some kind of new, unknown evil energy coming from the moon.”

“It is not unknown, Alpha,” Zordon said, “I’m afraid that Lord Zedd has decided to take matters into his own hands. Start preperations for Operation: Thunder.”

“Operation: Thunder? Oh, ay yi yi,” Alphs said, “As you wish, Zordon.” He started typing commands into the computer.

Somewhere below the Command Center, in the many layers of rock that formed the rocky range unofficially dubbed Power Mountain by the Rangers, a room that had been formerly closed off opened up, revealing machines hard at work, building something that looked suspiciously like a zord.

Part 2

“Operation: Thunder is underway, Zordon,” Alpha said, “One of the projects is already done.”

“Thank you, Alpha,” Zordon said.

“But, what about the Rangers?” Alpha asked, “Zedd is sure to attack them.”

“We’ll have to wait until he does, and hope the Rangers can take whatever he throws at them,” Zordon said, “We just to have faith in our team.” Alpha nodded, then turned back to the console.

Zedd was watching from the moon, as the Rangers gathered at the Youth Center on Earth. “I’ll begin my strike by attacking the Green Ranger,” he said, “The lowest in energy, he’ll be easy pickings.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that, my lord,” Goldar said, “He’s given me and Rita’s monsters a run for our money, low morphin’ energy or not.”

“Noted,” Zedd said, nodding. “But him, and the other Rangers, will have more than enough trouble with these.” With that, several tendrils of his energy flared from his staff, coming together to make something that vaguely looked like putties, except they had what looked to be a white exoskeleton. A plate sat in the middle of their chests, with a glowing Z on it.

“These are my new Z-putties,” Zedd said, “More stronger and more dangerous, than Rita’s putties of old.”

“They are magnificent, my lord,” Goldar said.

“Of course they are, you dolt,” Zedd said, “I made them, after all. Now, Z-putties, go attack the Rangers. Pay special attention to the Green Ranger. GO!!!” With that, another tendril shot out and teleported several of the putties to Earth, where Tommy and Kim were going on a walk through the park.

“I just can’t believe it,” Kim said, “It’s not like Rita to go so many days without attacking. I wonder what she’s up to.”

“I don’t know, but it can’t be good, whatever it is,” Tommy said, “I’m kind of glad, actually. It gives me a lot more time to spend with you.”

Kim blushed. “Oh, Tommy,” she said, “I just wish I had more time to spend with you. But with gymnastics, and cheer-leading...”

“I know, and I understand, Kim,” Tommy said, “Any time we can get to spend together is great to me. I just want to be near you.” With that, he gently pulled her close and gave her a kiss.

All of a sudden, the Z-putties teleported in. Kim and Tommy quickly broke the kiss, going into their respective fighting stances. “So much for peace and quiet,” Kim murmured, “Those don’t look like your run of the mill putties.”

“No, they don’t,” Tommy said, “But we should be able to handle them.” With a “si-kyahh!!!” heard all over the park, Tommy did a jump kick on the nearest Z-putty. It fell, but was quick to get right back up.

Kim did a mid air splits kick, knocking down two Z-putties. They were knocked down, was able to get right back up. One grabbed her and threw her to the ground. Kim knew that they wouldn’t be able to take these things on their own. “Tommy,” she shrieked, “Call the others.”

“Right, Kim,” Tommy said. He took a minute from the fighting to hit the all call button on his communicator. He knew that would get the other Rangers running to their position soon.

And he wasn’t disappointed. Jason, Zack, Billy, and Trini all came running from opposite ends of the park. They joined the fight. “What’s the matter, bro? Can’t take these things on your own?” Jason teased.

“Ha ha, very funny, Jason,” Kim answered for Tommy, “These are not your ordinary putties. They’re a lot tougher.” As if proving her point, a putty took a kick between the legs and stiff armed her, right on the jaw.

“Kim,” Tommy cried, jump kicking the putty away. He knelt down to Kim, who was lying on the ground. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Kim said, “My jaw’s a little sore, though. Look.” She pointed to the putty Tommy had kicked. It looked to be going into seizures, until it finally just blew apart. “What did you do?”

“I think I hit the Z on its chest,” Tommy said, “That must be the weakness.”

“Come on, then,” Kim said, pulling herself to her feet with his help. “Let’s tell the others.”

They did, and the six Rangers quickly dispatched the Z-putties. All of a sudden, Tommy’s communicators went off. He brought it to his lips. “We read you, Zordon,” he said, “What’s up?”

“Please teleport to the Command Center immediately,” Zordon boomed over the communicator. Glancing at each other, the Rangers did as they were told.

“Zordon, what’s going on?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, those putties were a lot stronger than usual,” Zack said.

“Rangers, please calm down,” Zordon said, “For one, Rita is no longer trying to take over Earth. Her boss, Lord Zedd, has deposed her and has taken her place up on the moon. He sent down his brand of Z-putties, to test you.”

“Wait a minute,” Kim said, “There’s someone out there worse than Rita? That doesn’t seem possible.”

“Lord Zedd is much more powerful than Rita ever hoped to be,” Zordon said, “I have been awaiting this day, and I’ve prepared for it. You will receive new zords, to control with your power rings. Please step outside of the Command Center.”

The Rangers all did as they were told. Outside, they quickly found colossal zords in the valley below. “These are your new ThunderZords, Lantern Rangers,” Zordon boomed, “Jason, you will control the Red Dragon Thunderbird.”

Jason took a step forward. “It’s amazing,” was his only reply.

“Trini, you will control the Griffin Thunderbird,” Zordon said.

“It’s beautiful, Zordon,” Trini said, as she looked at her zord.

“Zachary, you have the Lion ThunderZord,” Zordon said.

Zack took a step closer and looked at his zord. “It’s morphinominal,” he replied after a long moment.

“William, you have the Unicorn ThunderZord,” Zordon said.

Billy watched as his zord did a few of it’s personal maneuvers. “Totally prodigious,” he said.

“And finally, Kimberly you have the Firebird ThunderZord,” Zordon said.

Kim took a look at her zord. “It’s, like, totally awesome,” she whispered. She then looked at Tommy, who was trying to be happy for her, but still looked bothered. “Zordon, what about Tommy? Why doesn’t he have a zord?”

“Tommy’s low metabolized Lantern energy won’t allow him to activate a new zord,” Zordon said, “You will have to do with the Dragonzord, Thomas.”

“I won’t let you down, Zordon,” Tommy promised. He seemed to cheer up some, but obviously not much. Kim put her hand on his shoulder, and he seemed to brighten even more.

“What about the DinoZords?” Jason asked, “Are they just going to be scrapped?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes they are,” Zordon said, “They have been altered, to make these new zords. The DinoZords, officially, don’t exist any more.”

“Well, we do need all the help we can get, after all,” Zack said, “This is going to be cool. The next time Zedd attacks, and maybe sends a monster, we’ll be ready to kick his butt back to wherever it is he came from.”

Zordon couldn’t help but smile at Zack’s enthusiasm. “Just remember this, Zachary,” he said, “Just because you have new zords doesn’t mean that this battle will be easy, because it won’t. We will have to fight long and hard, before Zedd is defeated, if he is at all.

“We’ll beat him, eventually, Zordon,” Billy said, “We’re the Lantern Rangers, after all. We strive to win against all odds.”

Zordon smiled again, this time at the courage his Lantern Rangers were exhibiting. “Keep that attitude, Rangers,” he said, “You’ll need it in the upcoming battles against Zedd. For now, you may go back to whatever it was you were doing before the attack.”

Agreeing, the Rangers all teleported out. Tommy and Kim went with the others to the Youth Center, where Tommy and Jason were going to teach a karate class, and Kim was going to teach a gymnastics class.

When it got late, Tommy walked Kim home. “Boy what a day, huh?” Tommy said.

“Yeah, getting attacked by a new villain just made it complete,” Kim joked.

Tommy laughed for a moment, then quickly sobered. “I just wish I could be of more help to you guys,” he said.

“Don’t worry, Tommy,” Kim said, “Any help you can give us is good enough. I’m just glad you’re still on the team, after what happened when you had to give up your ring. I know I wouldn’t have been able to come back, if that happened to me.”

“Yes, you would have,” Tommy said, “I know you, Kim. You’re the most courageous, not to mention beautiful, woman I’ve ever met. Trini has nothing on the size of your heart. And that’s why I love you so much.”

Kim sighed. She loved to hear Tommy say that, because it was such a rarity to hear the words “I love you” from him. “And you’re golden heart is why I love you so much,” she murmured, “You always put others before yourself.”

Tommy gave her a kiss. “Thanks, beautiful,” he murmured. They then noticed that they had came upon Kim’s house.

“I guess I’d better go on inside,” Kim replied. She didn’t budge, though. She was content in staying in the protective circle of Tommy’s arms forever.

“Yeah, we do have school tomorrow, after all,” Tommy murmured. He wasn’t wanting to let go, though. He just gently pulled her closer, into a kiss.

Kim reluctantly broke away after several moments. With a gentle kiss, she started up the driveway. She waved back to him as she was closing the door. Sighing, Tommy left.

Zedd was watching from above. “I’ll get you soon, Green Lantern Ranger,” he muttered, “Just you wait.”

Justin Raynor woke from a bad dream, sweating. He had dreamt that the Power Rangers had been killed, and that some alien went to kill him.

He didn’t know exactly what was going on, but he had a feeling that it had something to do with the ring he had found a few weeks before. He picked it up, and it glowed green for a moment, before dimming again. He put it back in the hiding place he had made for it, and then settled down to go back to sleep.

Part 3

A few days later, Billy and Trini were on a date at a science exhibit. They were fasinated, looking around at all the new developments in the world. “This is amazing,” Trini murmured, “Humanity’s done so much.”

“That it has,” Billy said, “But we’ve still got a long way to go. Cures for diseases like AIDS and such.”

“True, but I bet it won’t be too much longer before we do find a cure for most diseases,” Trini replied, “Zordon once said to me that humans were probably the most evolving species in the galaxy. Mostly technology wise, though. We found ways to go into space a lot sooner than the other races were recorded to have.”

“And Zordon’s probably right,” Billy said.

“You’re going to have your name up here somewhere one of these days, I just know it,” Trini said.

“Maybe, but I doubt it,” Billy said, “There are plenty of people in the world smarter than I am.”

“None that I know of,” Trini replied, “No one I’ve ever met has come close to your intelligence, Billy.”

“Except you,” Billy pointed out, “You have to be the smartest woman I’ve ever met in my life.” He pulled Trini close and gave her a kiss. “I love you.”

“Hmm, I love you too,” Trini said, giving him a kiss of her own.

“The exihibit will be closing in five minutes,” a man said, over the intercom.

“Come on, Trini,” Billy said, “We’d better go, before we’re locked in.” Nodding, Trini followed him towards the nearest exit.

“Oh, what a grand idea,” Zedd said, “Let’s see how you fair, when you’re locked in, and can’t even teleport out.” A tendril of energy shot from his staff and his the building Billy and Trini were in.

“Good plan, my liege,” Goldar said.

Billy and Trini found the exit, to find it locked. They tried a few others, and they were locked as well. “Oh, this is just great,” Trini said, “I thought we still had five minutes. Now what do we do?”

“Let’s try to teleport out of here,” Billy said. Trini nodded. They were about to use their rings to teleport out, when...

“Hey,” a man yelled. It was a guard. “What are you kids doing here?”

“We’re locked in,” Trini explained, “All of the exits are locked.”

“They can’t be,” the guard said, “It’s not time for lock up yet.” He tried one of the doors, and found that it was indeed locked. “This is strange.”

“Is there any other way out?” Trini asked.

“No other actual exit, no,” the guard said, “But I guess I’ll call the office, and ask them to send someone. This is going to be embarassing.”

“Tell you what,” Billy said, “Why don’t we stay here, and wait for you to come back? You can trust us not to touch anything.”

“All right, but be sure not to,” the guard said, “I should be back in five, ten minutes.” Trini and Billy both nodded, and the guard left.

“Let’s do it,” Billy said. They then tried to teleport out, but Zedd had put a null field around the building, blocking their communicators.

“Zedd has to be planning something,” Trini said, “He wants us out of the way, thinking that the others would then be easy pickings.”

“No, that doesn’t exactly make sense,” Billy said, “Why just get us out of the way? He must have something else planned, just for the two of us.”

“Very astute, Blue Ranger,” Zedd said, from the moon. “Tyranotops monster, arise.” A tendril of energy shot out, taking up various bones from the skeletons from both a tyrannosaurus and a triceratops. The bones came together, to form one mega skeleton that was, surprisingly not too big and tall.

Billy and Trini were starting to worry about the guard, when they head a distinct thumping noise heading towards them. “What is that?” Trini asked.

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it,” Billy said, “It must be whatever monster Zedd sent after us.” He turned to Trini, who was looking at something behind him. “What’s wrong?”

“Billy look out!!” Trini screeched, pulling him off to one side. Billy looked back to where he had been, as a foot came down. Attached to it was a medium sized dinosaur, though it was at least 10 to 15 times as large as the two Rangers.

“We have to morph,” Trini said.

“Let’s do it then,” Billy said, “It’s morphin’ time. Triceratops/Unicorn.”

“Saber-tooth Tiger/Griffin,” Trini said. The two morphed and tried to take on the monster. They were swatted away like a couple of flies.

Meanwhile, back in the Command Center, all hell was breaking loose. “Ay yi yi,” Alpha said, “Zordon, Zedd has sent down the Tyranotops monster, and it has Billy and Trini trapped in the science exihibition building. What should we do?”

“Calm down, Alpha,” Zordon said, “Get a hold of the other Rangers.” Alpha did as he commanded, deftly typing commands into the communications console.

Tommy and Kim were taking a walk through the park, when her communicator went off. She brought it up to her lips. “We read you, Zordon,” she said, “What’s going on?”

“Billy and Trini have been locked in at the science exihibition by Zedd,” Zordon boomed, “Along with the Tyranotops monster. Morph, and teleport there.”

“We’re on it, Zordon,” Tommy said.

“It’s morphin’ time,” Kim cried, “Pterodactyl/Firebird.” She morphed. Tommy reached for the power and sparked it to life, morphing him into the Green Lantern Ranger. They teleported away.

Jason was lifting weights in his garage, when his communicator went off. Zordon apprised him of the situation. He morphed, and teleported away.

Zack was in his room, trying out some new dance steps, when Zordon paged him and apprised him of the situation. He morphed and teleported out.

Billy and Trini were hard pressed fighting the monster. “It’s just too tough,” Trini said.

“I know, but we can’t allow it to get outside,” Billy said, “If it does, there’s no telling what havoc it will wreak on Angel Grove.”

“Maybe we should let it get outside,” Trini said, “That way, we can follow, and call on our zords and the others. Together, we should be able to take this turkey.”

“Good thinking, Trini,” Billy said. They finally backed off. Seeing it’s chance, the Tyranotops monster ran at the wall and went through it. Billy and Trini quickly followed through the big hole it left. Outside, they found the other Rangers waiting on them.

“Let’s do it,” Jason said, “Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon ThunderZord power.”

“Mastadon/Lion ThunderZord power,” Zack yelled.

“Saber-tooth Tiger/Griffin ThunderZord power,” Trini said.

“Triceratops/Unicorn ThunderZord power,” Billy said.

“Pterodactyl/Firebird ThunderZord power,” Kim cried. The ThunderZords wasted no time in getting to the battle field.

Tommy was about to draw his dragon dagger, when Tyranotops reached down and swallowed him.

“Good going, Tyranotops,” Zedd said, “Now, draw upon the Green Lantern Ranger’s own energies to power your growth.” The monster did as it was told, and soon gained Zord height.

“This is bad,” Billy said, over the Rangers’ intercom. “Sensor readings show that the monster is drawing most of its energy directly from Tommy.”

“NOO!!!” Kim screeched, “We’ve got to do something.”

“We’ll form up to make the ThunderMegaZord, then figure out something,” Jason decided, “ThunderMegaZord, form up.” Their zords came together, to form a gigantic samurai looking zord.

They battled Tyranotops for ten minutes straight. Finally Jason slipped out of the control booth and up to the helmet. “Jason, what are you doing?” Kim asked.

“I’m going to get back Tommy,” Jason replied. With that, he jumped out and dove right into the monsters mouth. Inside, he made his way down it’s throat to it’s belly, where he quickly found Tommy, who looked to be unconscious. “Come on, bro. Time to get out of this place.”

With that, he gently picked Tommy up and slung him over his shoulder. Jason then teleported out. When he got to the Command Center, he finally noticed that Tommy was demorphed. “Zordon, how did he demorph?” Jason asked.

“I am not sure, Jason,” Zordon said, “Alpha, run some scans on Tommy.” Alpha came up and started running the medical scanner over Tommy’s body. “Jason, I believe that the other Rangers need you, to finish off the monster.”

“Right,” Jason said. With that, he teleported back to the ThunderMegaZord, where the other Rangers were getting their collective butts kicked.

“Jason, how’s Tommy?” Kim asked.

“Alpha was just running some scans before I left, so I don’t know,” Jason said, “Let’s take this turkey. Thunder Sword.” The ThunderMegaZord pulled it’s sword out of the scabbard. “Power up.” The sword charged with energy. The Rangers then had it slash at the monster, instantly destroying Tyranotops.

Then, the Rangers teleported back to the Command Center, where they found Tommy sitting up. Kim rushed over to him. “Are you all right?” she asked.

“I think so, just a bit weak,” Tommy said.

“The scans proved what I had suspected,” Zordon said, “Tommy, the Green Lantern Ranger energy you absorbed into your body is running dangerously low, and that’s why you demorphed in the monsters stomach.”

“Can’t you do anything to give me some more energy?” Tommy inquired.

“I’m sorry, but no,” Zordon said, “I’m afraid that your days as the Green Lantern Ranger are through.” For once in his life, Tommy felt like crying.

“It’ll be all right, Tommy,” Kim said, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, bro,” Jason said, “Power or no power, you’ll always be a Ranger.”

“That’s right,” Zack said.

“I concur,” Billy said.

“I agree, too,” Trini said.

“Thanks, guys,” Tommy said, “I just can’t believe it’s over.”

“I’m afraid that I have more bad news,” Zordon said, “The reason why you’re feeling so weak is that the drain of your Lantern energies has tampered with your already bad life force. Instead of half a life left, I’m afraid that you now have a matter of days before you die.”

When he heard that, Tommy did start crying in earnest. Kim wrapped her arms around him, and started crying too.

Later, when they had all went to the Youth Center, Tommy and Kim were still crying.

“Hey, what’s up over here?” Ernie asked, “You all look like you came from a funeral.”

“You’re not that far off track,” Jason said softly. Ernie knew their secret, so they could tell him what happened. By the time Jason had finished explaining the situation, Ernie was crying, too.

“I’m sorry, Tommy,” he murmured, “I didn’t know, or I wouldn’t have made the joke.”

“Thanks, Ernie,” Tommy said, “Guys, I’ve got to be alone for a while.” With that, he started to get up.

“Where are you going?” Kim asked.

“To go for a walk, and clear my head,” Tommy said. With that, he headed for the door and out of the Youth Center. Kim started after him, but Trini put a hand on her arm to stop her.

“He needs time to himself, to think,” she said, “And he has a lot to think about, like how to tell his parents.” Though she hated it, Kim could see Trini’s point and sat back down.

Sometime later, they all went their separate ways and headed home. When she got to hers, Kim found Tommy on the front porch swing. It looked like he had been crying again. “Are you all right?” she asked.

Tommy looked up at her. “I’m dying, Kim,” he said, “It can’t get much worse than that.” Kim sat down next to him, and grabbed his hand.

“Sure it could,” she said, “You could be dead already, instead of dying.” Tommy had to concede her point. “Have you told your parents?”

“Yeah, I did a little while ago, and that’s why I had been crying,” Tommy said, “My mom got emotional about it.” Kim could tell that Tommy was wrestling with something inside himself.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing’s wrong, exactly,” Tommy replied, “It’s just that... I’m going away.”

“Why?” Kim asked, “You only have so many days left. Why not spend them here, with me?”

“Because I don’t want you to see me die, Kim,” Tommy said, “That would be too horrifying, for you and me both.”

Kim started crying. “You’re breaking up with me then?” she demanded. Tommy reluctantly nodded.

“I have to,” he said, “I want you to be happy. I’m going up to my parents’ cabin, and I doubt you’ll ever see me again. Alive, anyway.” He pulled Kim closer as she started sobbing her grief out, gently trying to sooth her.

“I can’t believe this,” Kim sobbed into his chest, “We were supposed to get married one day, not break up. Not us. I just don’t believe it.”

“I know, and neither can I, Kim,” Tommy said, “It’s just the way it has to be, beautiful. But, I want to give you something. Look up for a second.” Kim did as he said, looking up into his eyes. He pulled out a ring from his shirt pocket. It was the same one he had shown her before. “I was planning on asking you to marry me with this, but I can’t anymore. I do want you to have it, though.” He gently pushed it into her hand.

“Tommy, I can’t accept this,” Kim said, “It looks like it cost a fortune. That’s what I thought the first time you showed it to me.”

“No it didn’t,” Tommy said, “It’s an heirloom that my dad gave me when he first found out about our serious dating. I was going to leave it to you in my will, anyway. So keep it.” Kim’s slim hand closed over the ring. “I hope that it willl always remind you of me, and our love for each other.”

“It will,” Kim said.

“And here’s something else,” Tommy said, as he handed Kim an envelope.

“What’s in here?” Kim asked.

“You’ll know when to open it, and see,” Tommy said, “Look, I’ve got to go, or I’ll never make it to the cabin by midnight. I leave the greatest portion of my heart, here with you. Remember that I will always love you, Kimberly Ann Ferris.”

“And I will always love you too, Thomas Oliver Jordan,” Kim said. The two kissed for one, last time. Then, Tommy got up and walked down the driveway. He stopped at the end, and waved. Kim returned the wave, and Tommy kept walking, not looking back.

Kim was so distraught, she ran into the house and up to her room, closing the door and flinging herself onto the bed. Then, she remembered the ring that Tommy had given her. She slipped it on. “I will always wear this,” she promised, “And I will never forget you, Tommy.” Soon after that, she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, she met the others at the Youth Center. When she told them what happened, she couldn’t help but break down and cry again. Trini held her while she cried her grief out.

“What’s that?” Zack asked, pointing to the ring. “And that.” He pointed to the envelope, which was sticking out of Kim’s coat pocket.

“Tommy gave me the ring right before he left,” Kim said, “And the envelope, as well. He told me that I’d know when to open it.” With that, she took the envelope out and opened it. She started to read aloud. “Dear Kim. If you’re reading this letter, then I’ve gone off to die. I’m writing this what would be months before now. Back when I first found out that I had a short life span.

“Now, to get to the point,” she continued reading, “This letter is, unofficially, my will, so that I can give my posessions I planned give to each to you myself. To Jason, I leave my collection of karate videos and my well worn heavy bag. You probably won’t need the latter, bro, but I’m giving it to you anyway. Otherwise, my parents will probably toss it.

“To Zack, goes my collection of dance music CD’s. I barely used them, and I hope you have fun with them, bro. To Trini, my collection of Jackie Chan movies. I know how much you like his movies, Trini. I’ve got almost every one made, and I want you to have them. To Billy, I have left a specially made blue gi. You’ll find it in my closet, Billy. It’s about your size, from the time I was about your size, and the blue was coincidental, because that was always my truly favorite color.

“And now, last but definitely not least, Kimberly, to you I leave my heart, as well as the ring I imagine you wear at this moment. I will always love you, beautiful, in this life or the next. Don’t forget that.

“Also, I also leave with a sense of family. You guys are as close to me as my brothers, and Trini is the closest person to a sister I’ve had. I would add you too, Kim, but you’re more than a sister to me. After all, what guy would make out with his sister? I will see you all again one day, guys. Just don’t make it too soon. I love you all. Signed, Thomas Oliver Jordan.”

The five remaining Rangers couldn’t help but cry, even the guys on the team.

Zordon, who was watching the whole thing on the viewing globe, would’ve cried if he was able to. Same with Alpha. They had a long moment of silence for the former Green Lantern Ranger.

Justin Raynor suddenly felt sad, for reasons that he could not understand for the life of him. Even he gave a moment of silence to Tommy, whom he has never met.

Even Zedd took some kind of pity on the Rangers, for their loss. “I wasn’t wanting to attack today anyway,” he muttered, as he turned away from Earth.

The End

Author’s note: So, what did you think? Too sad? Well, not all fanfics were made to be cheerful. I hope you enjoyed my take on Zedd’s taking over, and of Tommy’s losing the Green Lantern Ranger powers for good somewhat. Believe me, after the next two fanfics, the two part aftermath if you will, the stories will probably mostly go uphill from here. This will probably be the single longest fanfic for this series ever, since, technically, it is whatever the number is of all all three chapters combined.