'Part 9, What's a Shotgun?'
by Paladar`

As the lights of the Command Center returned to their normal level, the seven teens couldn't believe the things they had witnessed! From living on another planet to visiting an alien space station.

There was still one unanswered question: Why had Tommy been abducted?

Billy couldn't quite shake the feeling he had "Zordon, is there a chance that Tommy could be under a spell or something?"

Even Tommy was concerned about the possibility!

Alpha 5 scanned Tommy to determine if their fears were justified.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Alpha 5 said "There doesn't seem to be any reason for concern!

All of teens breathed a sigh of relief!

"I'm going for food . . . Be right back!" Rocky yelled just before he disappeared.

"Why were these events erased from our memories and the computer?" Aisha asked puzzled.

"I suspect to protect us!" Billy answered, as his scientific mind raced trying to analyze all of the info he had just received.

"Did any of you notice Phil's/Paladar`'s expression after Rocky's' trial?" Kat asked hoping someone else had noticed it too.

"I did!" Adam said as he stood up.

Billy succeeded in retrieving the last bit of info, and displayed it on the viewing globe.

The image of Phil standing there, his brown eyes, almost saucers, held a discovery! But what?

"I'm back . . . I hope everyone likes Chinese!" Rocky said returning with a number of bags from the local Chinese restaurant. Everyone was indeed hungry!

As they ate, they tried making sense of what they had witnessed.

After awhile Rocky glanced over his shoulder for some reason, and noticed that the viewing globe had come back on!


The house in the image was different. Seven dome-like structures, all connecting to a central dome. The entire structure was an earth-home design. The ground covered eighty percent of the roof.

The front door of the unique structure opened, and a little boy came out. Dressed in pj's, a robe, and slippers, he walked slowly to the dig site which was close to the house.

Following behind him, was a multicolored snake about the size of python, "I'll be right back!" The large snake replied as he watched the little boy sit down on a flat rock.

"Ok . . . Nimron!"

The snake moved away from the area with surprising speed.

Looking up at the sky, the little boy could see several space transports and the planet Earth!

A rustling sound returned the child's attention to the ground, and he assumed a defensive stance exactly like Tommy!

A small monkey-like creature assumed a submissive posture. "No, please, I mean you no harm!" The creature's head was bowed down, "My name is Samon, and I am the Leader of the Keico on this world."

The little boy moved closer to the creature and touched it!

"Oh . . . you're soft!" Petting the creature much like a dog, "I'm Sammy."


Kim dropped her plate! "My grandfathers' name was Samuel!" Her face became almost pure white, as the identity of the little boy sank it. "No!"


Another snake, much bigger then the first, moved rapidly into view calling out, "Samuel, get back!"

"It's ok, Keisha," Sammy stood between the pair. "Keisha, this is Samon . . . he is the leader of Keico on the planet. "Samon, this is Keisha, she is the leader of this Taymis snakes on the planet."

Keisha bowed her head, "I'm honored to be the first Taymis snake to speak to a Keico."

"I, too am honored, to be the first Keico to speak to a Taymis snake."

Both beings bowed in respect of each other.

"What are you doing outside, it is chilly?" Keisha asked, raising her hood in a non-threatening way as to shelter the little boy from the chilly night air.

"My mommy and daddy are going home, tonight." His words were spoken in almost a whisper, and tears fell from his brown eyes.

"Oh young one, please don't cry!" Keisha said softly. The slender end of her tail slowly wrapped around the crying little boy. "Please don't cry."

Sammy was used to the touch of the python-size snake, and leaned against her. The hood closing slightly, almost as a hug.

"You understand why can't you go with them?"

"I'm almost 3 years old, but my mommy and daddy have only known each other for less then a year." Sammy wiped his eyes, "They'd have trouble explaining me! I'm not too sure what a four barreled shotgun is, and I'd rather not find out."


Samon couldn't keep quiet any longer, "Are the rumors true? Are you one of the Guardians?" His normally soft voice was laced with excitement.

Sammy wiped his eyes again, "I will be when I get older . . . the older versions of me were!"

"But this is their home!" Samon said puzzled.

"Samon," Keisha began, "Paladar` informed me that Samuel' parents and the others weren't ready to begin their destiny. . . . The prophecy was coming true, he had come!"

"The prophecy is really coming true?" Samon asked with a sense of hope in his voice.

"Yes Samon, the prophecy is coming true."

"Keisha, stop it!" Sammy yelled with laughter.

Keisha puzzled at Sammys' comment looked behind them.

TaLooze had joined the group, carrying a jacket for Sammy, and he was tickling the little boy with his soft finger tips.

"Keisha!" Sammy yelled again, this time turning around to confront her offending tail! "TaLooze . . ." Laughter filled the air.

After putting the jacket on, Sammy introduced Samon to TaLooze, and the four friends sat looking up at the sky.

"TaLooze, I know the Omicron, but what's the other ship?" Sammy asked pointing upward.

TaLooze glanced upward, "It's the Meridian, a fire ship."

"A Fire Ship?" Sammy asked puzzled, "Oh you mean a fire truck."

Dwarfed by Omicron, which filled the night sky, the Meridian could only be seen because of its' color . . . red!


"Some Taymis young ones were attempting to get into that large crate that arrived late yesterday, TaLooze." Keisha informed the group.

"What crate!" TaLooze said trying to change the subject.

"I saw that crate, too . . . TaLooze." Sammy said poking the Theian slightly.

"Alright I'll talk," He gave in without a fight.

"You remember the engine design that Billy, Adam and Rocky made! Well Athos and I took the small model and drawings to Theia, and had the engine built."

"Did it work?" Sammy asked excitedly.

"Let's just say that the shuttle it was built into couldn't be transported to Phaylon 2 via the Omicron without special precautions."

"You didn't answer my question!" Sammy said impatiently.

At that moment . . .

"Sammy, look . . . a quasar star." Keisha said, "Quick, make a wish."

As they all looked up at the passing orange star, "That's it!" TaLooze yelled, "Quasar Class!"

The three friends looked wide eyed at the Theian!

"I must tell Paladar` . . . Quasar means in our language - no boundaries!" The excited Theian almost ran over Paladar` as he turned around.

Athos, Theius, Mariah, Sophia, and Kendra had joined the group along with several Taymis snakes including Nimron.


"Which one of you left the thing in the crate in reverse?" Paladar` asked.

Both Athos and TaLooze exchanged glances.

"Let me guess . . . they uncrated the shuttle?" Athos said already knowing the answer.

"Yes, personnel aboard the Omicron began to . . . and then without warning they were catapulted 230 light-years into the past."

"Serves them right . . . the crate was clearly marked - DO NOT OPEN DURING POWER UP!" Athos gruffly stated.

"Let's see . . . 230 light-years into the past. That would figure out to be around 55 seconds total travel time." Theius said doing the calculations in his head.

"Athos, we went 115 light-years in 26 seconds." TaLooze commented.

Paladar` added, "I'd say Billy, Adam, and Rocky did it! Developing an engine to match the ships Rocky and Kat had designed."

"Is that why the Omicron was here . . . to pick up the ship models and drawings?" Sammy asked as he watched the Meridian depart!

"Yes Samuel." Theius answered back.

"Having worked with Kat and Rocky on the drawings and models, there were only several modifications needed," Athos begin, "All and all, the ships will be built as designed!"

"Did you get the supply freighters done?" Paladar` asked.

"Yes . . . I stayed with the design I showed you."

"Good . . . that way several can be built at one time."

"All total, there will be twenty ships completed within the next four and a half years." Paladar` begin, "Athos, you'd better get the paperwork completed on the engine design and the ships' registry. We don't want . . ."

"Paladar`, all of the paperwork is finished." Athos interrupted, "I've already received the ships' registry numbers, and the admin number on the engine design. The Phaylon engineers have all they need to begin construction, immediately."

"I see!"

The End


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