'Part 10, The Future Hath Come!'
by Paladar`

For the second time in eight years, Earth could celebrate New Years' Day without fear. The year "2003" held, for many, a safe world because of the Power Rangers.

Evil didn't show its face on this planet for the Rangers would send it running with its tail between its legs.

Little did anyone know, but a force more powerful, then anything the Rangers had ever faced, lurked just behind the sun!

* * *

It was discovered just before dawn, on June 5, 2003! Scientists, the world over, had never seen a phenomenon like it in recorded history.

By June 7, 2003, the people of this planet knew they were in trouble!

* * *

A news report watched by Alpha 5 and Zordon on the viewing globe, brought the current group of "Power Rangers" to the Command Center.

Timothy Lee was the first to speak, "Zordon, there anything we can do?"

"I'm not sure yet, Rangers!" Zordon responded. "Alpha, begin scanning the approaching object."

T.J. Johnson watched over Alpha's shoulder as the data began processing.

Andrew Waters began a scan of the Zords to determine their status after being dormant for two years, while Carlos Valertes started a check of the morphin grid to estimate its current power levels.

And after checking the data several times Alpha 5 finally said, "Aye, Yi, Yi, Yi,. . . . Zordon, we are in big trouble!"

"Alpha, these figures are off the scales, they can't be right!" T.J. questioned.

"I wish they were wrong, T.J., but I checked them several times." Alpha stood shaking his head.

As the Rangers gathered around the viewing globe, Zordon briefed them regarding the approaching danger!

Tension filled the air as the six teenagers listened to their sage.

"Rangers, the approaching object is a solar flare called a "SuperFlare20!" The energy contained in a superflare can be roughly 100 to 10 million times that ever detected on the surface of the sun."

He paused, for a second or two, while a simulation of a Solar Flare appeared on the viewing globe.

"Solar Flares occur daily, but we never see or feel them."

"How do we fight something like this?" Ashley Hammond asked, her voice filled with fear!

"I think the Zords could take the stress," Andrew replied after double checking his figures.

"Andrew, I'm afraid the Zords wouldn't be able to take the intense heat!" Alpha said, "They would melt or fuse together!"

"Then what can we do?" Timothy asked, his voice was laced with anxiety.

"This planet is expecting us to do something," Cassie Chan replied as her voice rose an octave.

Carlos, in a harsh voice said, "If the Zords will be ruined, how do we defend this planet?"

* * *

Both Zordon and Alpha 5 knew what had to be done, and Zordon instructed Alpha to contact the other Rangers!

"Right away, Zordon!"

* * *

"If we can't do anything Zordon, what makes you think the others can?" T.J. said in a dull and troubled voice.

"Rangers, there were some things withheld from you and the others at the time of transfer!" Zordon stated carefully watching the Rangers.

"I thought we got all of the *Power* during the transfer of powers almost four and a half years ago!" Timothy said.

"Aye, Yi, Yi, Yi!" Alpha commented.

"What Alpha?" Ashley inquired.

"Nothing, Ashley!" Alpha replied. {Thinking to himself, Alpha knew the time had come.}

* * *

Over the next several days, the other Rangers were contacted.

Carlos played chauffeur, picking up William Cranston, Rocky DeSantos, and Adam Park one day, while Timothy picked up Aisha Campbell and Katherine Hillard from the airport the next.

Thomas and Kimberly Oliver arrived, via a car, on the third day.

While carrying luggage into the house, Carlos discovered that someone had opened up the house, and that each of the former Rangers had a key to a house which hadn't been lived in since Tommy went away to college.

* * *

The following morning a familiar sound of a bird waiting for her breakfast filled the air, as the seven friends got reacquainted. It had been a long time and there was a lot to catch up on. But Rocky turned the TV on, and a special news bulletin got their attention.

The reporter stated that scientists had finally determined what the object was, "a SuperFlare!" Origin unknown, but its destination was Earth. The superflare was a collusion course with Earth. The speed at which the superflare was traveling varied so an exact day and time were unavailable.

* * *

Quickly finishing breakfast, the former Rangers teleported to the Command Center.

Billy and Alpha began studying the data collected over the past several days, while the others watched another news report on the viewing globe.

The reporter stated that one scientist had determined when the superflare would hit Earth, but his information could not be confirmed by other scientists.

The entire scene was ridiculous, because the reporters were asking the same question ten different ways. "When would this superflare hit?"

After turning the viewing globe off, the former Rangers, Alpha, and Zordon left the Command Center, and entered another room where they study the data more closely.

* * *

The current group of Rangers arrived a short time later. Each thinking the same thing, "What could the former Power Rangers do, that they couldn't?"

The first thing they noticed was that Zordon and Alpha were gone, but all of the equipment was still running.

Not being too concerned, they began discussing the situation.

"What can they do, that we can't?" Carlos whined.

Timothy reasoned, "That they had more experience with the Zords, maybe!"

Ashley thought that because "they had traveled to another planet."

Cassie added, "They were Rangers longer then we have been!"

Andrew said, " They don't even have morphers!"

* * *

Listening from the other room, Tommy finally realized what the message on the card meant.

"May the Power of the Light comfort you in your time of sorrow, as for the Light of Power shines brightly from within."

After the former Rangers, Alpha, and Zordon returned to the Command Center, Zordon announced that the former Rangers are here!

Hello's and introductions were exchanged.

* * *

"The first order of business is gaining access to Hollsworth Manor." Rocky said glancing at Tommy.

"That dump!" Andrew said almost in a whine.

"Yes . . That Dump!" Kim snapped at him, "Before making any judgements, perhaps you should know the facts!"

"Getting into that dump, is easy . . . Determining which ship to use will be the hard part." Tommy added with a similar growl.

No one had noticed that a small gold, white, and black bird was already there, just waiting!

"Ru can get us into the place, can't she?" Adam asked.

"Yeah. . . " Tommy replied, as he tuned the viewing globe into the house. "Ru, wake up!"

"Where is she!" Adam said rather panicked. She wasn't sitting on her pillow.

A loud squawk told the Rangers where she was, sitting on top of Zordon's Chamber!

"Come here, silly." Tommy said trying not to laugh.

The little bird flew down, landed on his shoulder, and then pulled a piece of his hair.

"Ouch . . . Behave yourself silly bird." Tommy signed with exasperation.

Ru bowed her head and then placed her left wing over it.

After a few seconds, she jumped from Tommys' shoulder down to the main computer console and began working. Billy and Alpha tried to watch her, but her little feet moved too fast.

"Aye, yi, yi!" Alpha said as an image appeared on the viewing globe.

Hidden beneath an invisible veil, the true Hollsworth Manor materialized.

The estate was divided into three separate areas, with the majority being the animal preserve. Hundreds of endangered or extinct animals lived in total safety cared for by what appeared to be robotic beings similar in design to Alpha 5.

Finally the viewing globe settled on a grassy spot which opened, revealing the only choice of ships - "The Phoenix!"

"Let's hope we can flight that thing." Rocky commented.

* * *

As all of the Rangers stood watching the viewing globe, the ship began moving. It's wings slowly unfolded and it began to stretch them.

"Aye, yi, yi, Zordon . . . Is that what I think it?"

"A Living Vessel!" Zordon replied, "I have heard about them, but I have never seen one before."

"A Living Vessel?" Billy asked.

"A ship that is alive, Billy." Alpha stated. "Breed and/or built for life in deep space. Their creators have long since died. Only five or six of these ships survive to this day." "It is possible that "Mr. Pal" may have the remaining ships." Zordon added.

"Mr. Pal?" Timothy asked his curiosity peaked.

"Later Timothy . . . we don't have time now!" Tommy said, his voice rang with command.

* * *

Almost like a ballet, each of the former Rangers began to disappear, only to reappear on the bridge of the living vessel.

Each dressed in their Ranger colors. Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, White with two Pink Rangers.

A small bird appeared on Tommys' shoulder a few seconds later.

Each Ranger was standing next to a different station on the bridge with Tommy next to the pilot's seat.

"Welcome," a female voice was heard, I am Chloe, and I am here to assist you. Before each of you is a station which I believe is your strength . . . No that word is not right. . . "

"Our specialty!" Billy said softly.

"Yes . . . specialty!" Chloe said, "Thank you . . . I am not yet fluent in your language."

"You're welcome!" Billy replied thinking to himself, {"A machine with organic origins plus an artificial intelligence."}

Please take your seats, we don't have much time.

Each of the former Rangers sat down, and then each of the consoles began to light up.

"Tommy," Chloe began, "the controls before you function identically to the Ninja Falcon."

As Chloe continued, each of the Rangers discovered that the station would modify itself to the best possible configuration for it's operator.

"How are we going to stop this superflare?" Kat asked.

"There is only one way available to us!" Chloe answered. "We will need a reflective dish about ten miles in diameter."

"Where are we going to find that?" Kat added.

Rocky, Adam, and Billy said simultaneously, "The International Space Station!"

"How long can they survive without it?" Kim gasped.

"Based on my figures . . . forty-eight hours." Billy responded. "What happens if the dish is destroyed?"

"It will take NASA at least seventy-two hours to get another dish ready, and then another forty-eight hours to launch it!" Aisha stated.

"Alpha," Tommy began, "Get in touch with Jason and Zack regarding the replacement dish!"

"Right away, Tommy!" Alpha answered as he started to contact the three remaining former Rangers.

"I've got the path of the superflare plotted!" Billy yelled, "We'll have one maybe two chances to deflect it away from Earth!"

"Since the superflare is more then likely coming from the sun, it would be best to deflect it right back at it." Chloe replied as she double checked Billy's figures.

"Scientists aren't sure where it is coming from." Rocky stated.

"A superflare of this magnitude could only have originated from your sun." Chloe responded. "I suspect it was generated by the asteroid shower that bombarded the sun several weeks ago."

* * *

Jason Scott Lee sat his desk, at the State Department, finishing a report when the familiar "beep, beep, beep" went off. He got up and closed his office door, and the answered "Go ahead Zordon?"

"We need your assistance . . . please prepare for teleportation." His former sage replied.

"Just a minute, I need to put things away, and tell my secretary to hold all of my calls."

* * *

Zack Taylor was teaching a class, and he dismissed the students saying that an emergency had come up at home.

* * *

Several minutes later, "Alpha . . . go ahead."

Simultaneously, Jason and Zack appeared before their former sage.

The situation was quickly explained to them, and then Jason said, "It's Morphin' Time!"

"Red Ranger Power!"
"Black Ranger Power!"

The current group of Rangers were surprised to learn that even without the morphers, the former Rangers could transform.

"It's been way too long!" Zack stated seconds later. "Thanks . . . Tommy for letting us know about the short cut!"

"No prob, Zack . . . Just get that replacement dish ready . . . just in case!"

"Roger, Tommy!" Jason said as he and Zack disappeared from the Command Center. They reappeared moments later, just inside the Kennedy Space Center's main gate.

When security guards realized who they were, they were immediately taken to the Launch Directors' office.

* * *

Mr. Henderson, the NASA Launch Director, was in a meeting with his staff regarding the status of the backup dish when security entered with the three Power Rangers.

After brief introductions, the Red Ranger explained to the group what they were planning to do. "It is imperative that the replacement dish be finished ASAP."

"We are already assembling a backup dish at this time, but the earliest it will be finished is thirty-six hours!" On of the technicians replied.

"That's not going to cut it . . .," The Black Ranger replied with a hint of displeasure in his voice.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, you don't seem to grasp the severity of this situation! It may take two dishes to protect this planet from the superflare." The Red Ranger explained as calmly as he could. "So there must be another dish ready to be taken to the International Space Station."

"Even if we could have another dish sent here, it would take seventy-two hours to assemble it!" Another technician stated.

"Look people . . ." the Red Ranger started beginning to loose his temper. "Just get the second dish sent here, we'll assemble it ourselves. On second thought, just turn assembly of both dishes over to us, and we'll get it done. There are too many lives on the line, on the space station and on this planet , to continue arguing."

The Black Ranger added also on verge of loosing his temper, "The Power Rangers can physically leave this planet without trying to save it! Can't you see that we are trying to protect this planet?

"What my colleagues are trying to say, Ladies and Gentlemen . . . is do you want to live or die?" The Red Ranger demanded. "If you want to live then help us help you, otherwise we are out of here!" Jason was hoping that his words would shake up the people sitting the conference room.

The twenty or so people sitting in the room were taken by surprise by the Red Rangers' words. The Power Rangers had always been there in the past to protect and defend Earth against the forces of evil.

One of the technicians jumped up and yelled, "I for one want to live, and my team is ready to work twenty-four hours a day until those dishes are assembled."

The conference room was linked to the different assembly areas, and a loud "Let's get to work" was heard from the technicians' group.

"I'll call White Sands, and get the second dish shipped here via special air transport." Another technican yelled as she jumped up.

Many of the technicians began leaving the conference room headed for their respective areas to coordinate the massive assembly line method that would be needed to complete construction of the two reflective dishes in time.

The two Power Rangers breathed a sigh of relief!

* * *

As Chloe briefed each member of the flight crew, her scanners picked up a distress signal from outer space. "I am receiving an emergency distress signal."

Billy pinpointed the exact location of the distress signal, and then announced that it appeared to becoming from a very small planet which was trapped in the moving superflare!

"Can we rescue the planet?" Aisha inquired.

"Yes, I believe we can." Chloe acknowledged. "But it will require another ship," she paused to scan an area of space apparently looking for something. "Found it!"

"Fire Dragon, arise!" Chloe exclaimed loudly.

* * *

From behind the planet of Mars came a familiar sight, the Red Dragon ThunderZord.

Watching from the Command Center, Alpha exclaimed "Aye, yi, yi, another of the Living Vessels!"

* * *

The Fire Dragon yawned, and began flexing it's long slender talons. "Who has awakened me?" A threatening voice was heard to say!

"We have work to do . . . you sleepy lizard!" Chloe snapped.

"Oh . . . it's you!" Yawning again, the Fire Dragon shook it's long tail in a rather comic fashion. "What's your problem, now?"

"WAKE UP!!!" Chloe yelled at the approaching Dragon.

"Who pulled your tail feathers?" The Fire Dragon snapped back.

The slightly awake Fire Dragon and the now airborne Phoenix were side-by-side high above Earth when Adam finally interrupted the two arguing life-forms by yelling, "Will you two stop! There is a planet that needs help, and another one that will be toast if we don't work together."

Chloe mumbled something, and then introduced the Fire Dragon to her passengers. "Tygar, these are the Power Rangers, or should I say . . . "The Guardians of Power!"

"The Guardians of Power!" Tygar excitedly repeated. "How can I be of assistance to you?" The now wide awake being asked.

"There is a small planet trapped inside the superflare," Rocky began to say just before he disappeared.

"Tygar . . . !" Chloe yelled.

"Welcome, Red Guardian! I am Tygar." As Rocky reappeared inside the Fire Dragon's control center.

"Hi . . Tygar . . . I think!" Rocky said surprised. "You must excuse Tygar . . . he can be rather impossible at times!" Chloe commented as she glared at Tygar.

Tygar refrained from answering Chloe's remark by turning his attention to his passenger. "I have located the small planet!"

"Can we rescue the planet safely?" Rocky inquired of the now serious old soul.

"Yes, I can!" Tygar said matter-of-factly. "Hang on." A device reassembling a modern day seatbelt appeared around Rocky securing him in his seat.

While the others watched from the bridge of the Phoenix and via the viewing globe, Tygar the Fire Dragon headed directly for the approached superflare at an tremendous rate of speed. His movements were more agile and flowing then the mechanically ThunderZord.

Tygar was unaffected by the intense heat of the superflare as he approached it, and faster than the eye could follow he was in and out clutching with his rear talons the tiny planet as gently as possible.

After reaching a safe distance, Tygar released the tiny planet and settled it into an orbital pattern between the Moon and Mars.

"Won't the added planet cause problems on Earth?" Billy asked Chloe.

"Based on my scans, no it won't!" Chloe responded softly. "The planet is too small!"

"Once we determine the planet's origin, we will take it home!" Tygar added.

* * *

On the Tiny Planet . . .

For the inhabitants of Delta 9, rescue had seemed impossible! Their journey of seven (Earth) months sealed their doom.

But from out of the bright orange sky, came a being which had been foretold in their book of ancient writings.

As I say to you from out of the bleakest of times, a force greater
than I will come. This force will wield the anicent power of our ancestors.

When combined with the other anicents, the Guardians of Peace
will reclaim and restore the Bridges of Time.

Book of Anicents, Torh: 3,4-6

As the people of Delta 9 rejoiced, Tygar called upon the spirits of the anicents to protect the tiny planet until the chosen could arrive.

With the tiny planet secured, Tygar returned to assist in the defense of the planet called Earth.

* * *

Aboard the Phoenix . . .

Just as fast as he had disappeared, Rocky reappeared at his station.

"Rocky!" Kat exclaimed startled by his sudden appearance.

"Sorry, Kat!" Rocky responded. "Now I know what a ragdoll feels like." He added shaking his head.

* * *

At the Kennedy Space Center . . .

Assembly of the first replacement dish was progressing while the airplane carrying the parts for the second dish had just received clearance to land. After unloading the plane, technicians got to work!

The highways and byways were jammed by people trying to flee to safety. National Guard Troops were mobilized throughout the United States to provide assistance to the police departments.

Even the President of the United States during a White House Press Conference asked people to remain calm and that there was no safe place to hide.

Finally a Vatican spokesperson released a statement on behave of the Pope requesting people to "pray!"

When word leaked out regarding the Power Rangers involvement, a sense of confidence spread like wild fire throughout the world. Newspapers and magazines blanketed the world with:

"The Power Rangers would prevail!"
All TV news programs featured, a retrospective of the Power Rangers since they first appeared, as their "Top Story!"

* * *

As the inhabitants of Earth braced for the worst, the Rangers, Chloe, Tygar, and Zordon discussed their plan of attack.

The timing and location would have to be precise with no margin for error!

* * *

The International Space Station stood ready to release the reflective dish, and after the Station would fire the massive engines just enough to get out of the way. This would put them on the dark side of Earth with only the batteries for power. All non-essential departments would be shutdown, and Station personnel would be confined to their quarters.

* * *

As the superflare drew closer, asteroids caught in it's wake rained down on Earth, and the resulting fires forced many firefighters to leave their families.

Tygar, torn between his duty to the Guardians of Power and his natural instinct to fight fires, chose to leave to assist firefighters on Earth.

Rocky puzzled by Tygar's decision inquired, "Why?"

Chloe answered by saying that, "A Fire Dragon is a natural born firefighter, unlike Earth Dragon's who start them! They can tolerate temperatures as hot as Earth's sun which came in handy especially after a nuclear power plant in North America was hit by the falling asteroids.

Jason teleported to the power plant after Tygar arrived.

After he explained Tygar's mission to the Fire Chief, the firefighters seemed at ease and willing to take orders from a large red dragon.

* * *

As people gathered in places of worship, time seemed to stand still as the world waited!

* * *

High above the planet, one ship prepared to battle a force greater then evil itself. If they failed, the planet called 'Earth' would cease to exist!

* * *

"It's time!" Chloe somberly stated!

The Space Station released it's reflective dish, and then vanished behind the Earth.

* * *

Grasping the enormous dish with her talons, Chloe moved into position while raising the object into it's proper angle.

Special filters lower automatically as the blazing image of the superflare grew as it appeared.

* * *

On Earth . . .

While Alpha prepared the dormant Ninja FalconMegaZord for action, he hoped that it wouldn't be needed.

Now all they could do was wait!

* * *

Electromagnetic energy wiped out many of the satellites which orbited the Earth as the superflare passed!

Only ground-based telescopes remained to capture the explosive events which followed . . .

Alpha and Zordon frantically attempted to contact the Phoenix and her crew.

As the forty-eight hour mark approached, the Ninja FalconMegaZord was launched with the two former Rangers at the helm. For Jason and Zack operating this massive Zord brought back old memories.

As the Ninja FalconMegaZord carried the new reflective dish into space, the former Rangers could only pray that their friends were still alive!

* * *

The Power Ranger Prevail!
A vigil for the missing Power Rangers was announced on the news and in the newspapers after NASA released a statement regarding the replacement dish being taken into space.

All the world could do was wait!

Back at the Command Center:

Unable to contact the Phoenix, concern rose whether or not the other Rangers had survived.

After bringing the fire at the nuclear power plant under control, Tygar headed out into space hoping to locate the missing ship and her crew.

* * *

All ground-based telescopes searched the heavens for any sign as to the fate of the Power Rangers.

The Ninja FalconMegaZord assisted NASA in repairing the many satellites that were damaged by the superflare.

Did the Phoenix and her crew survive??

Footnotes and References:

20. Washington Post, January 7, 1999.


This story is dedicated to Thuy Trang (Trini Kwan) who died on September 3, 2001.


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