'Part 11, Off In the Distance!'
by Paladar`

The full force of the moving superflare sent the Phoenix and her crew tumbling into deep space.

Chloe had been knocked unconscious and was hurt, still clutching the damaged reflective dish.

Her passengers also unconscious but unhurt, slowly began to regain consciousness one by one. After an hour or so, all of the Rangers were conscious.

* * *

While the other Rangers worked on the minor damage to the ships' systems, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam concerned themselves with the injured Living Vessel.

Adam discovered, hidden in a storage locker, several space suits.

Aisha was concerned about Chloe's vital signs, which were very low - compared to the readings she had taken earlier in their mission.

They soon discovered what appeared to be blood coming from one of her wings.

Rocky was able to manually release the heavy broken dish from her talons.

"Ok, Tommy . . . try it now!"


Tommy hit a button on his control panel, hoping that Billy had managed to restart the computer system. A combined "Yes" was heard when the lights and their control panels came back on.

Billy breathed a sigh of relief, {One problem fixed, two more to go.}

Soon after, Aisha confirmed that Chloe's right wing was broken.

"How do you repair a Living Vessel?"

"I wish I knew, Adam!"

"Can the wing be folded back into its' natural position?" Rocky asked.

Bringing up the diagram of the wing, Aisha thankfully determined that the break in the wing was nowhere near a joint.

While Adam and Rocky donned the space suits, Aisha continued to search for materials they could use to repair and/or stabilize the injured Living Vessel.

After entering the space lock, Adam and Rocky prepared for their first walk in space.

Both stood in awe as the doors opened. Neither could have imagined the view, bright stars against a black velvet background.

One more thing caught their attention, the stillness! Nothing moved, no sounds could be heard, nothing just stillness.

After securing their safety lines to the ship, they ventured outside.


"That's for sure, Rocky!"

"Guys, I'm going to open another door near you. The stuff needed to secure Chloe's wing will be inside the compartment.

"OK, Aisha!" Adam said as he moved toward the opening door.

Rocky made his way slowly to the injured wing, with Adam following behind carefully holding on to the package of materials.

As Rocky examined the area where the blood was coming from, he discovered that the bleeding and the break in the wing were very close together. So by applying pressure and bandages to the area, he hoped that the bleeding would stop.

With the bleeding under control, they slowly began to fold the wing into it's natural position.

After making a full wing bandage and securing it, both returned to the safety of the ship.

* * *

The only thing that concerned Aisha now, was the fact that Chloe was still unconscious. Even the movement of her injured wing didn't revive her!

Not completely knowing a "Living Vessels" normal vital signs made Aisha even more concerned.

* * *

It took eight hours, but finally the main sensor array was fixed. "We've got eyes!" Billy yelled.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Tommy activated the sensors, and to his surprise there was something coming toward them. "Billy, do we have any weapons?"

"I'm working on them now . . . Why?"

He got his answer when the sensors revealed the oncoming vessel.


* * *

Tygar, the Fire Dragon gracefully moved along searching for his friend and her passengers.

The life of a Living Vessel wasn't an easy one. If injured, a Living Vessel would die a slow and painful death, alone! But injured and carrying passengers held it's own dangers, if all were unconscious they could drift into uncharted territory and be lost forever!

He had to find them, he told himself.

* * *

When Tygar's signature profile appeared on the screen, the Rangers breathed a sigh of relief.

"Tygar, this is Rocky . . . do you read?"

The powerful Fire Dragon slowed his approach as he scanned the vast darkness of space for the familiar voice.

"I hear you, keep talking!"

"Chloe's hurt and still unconscious!"

As he rounded a small asteroid, Tygar caught sight of the injured Phoenix.

"Chloe . . . can you hear me?" Tygar telepathically said to his unconscious friend.

"Her right wing is broken, but she won't wake up!"

"We must get her back to her home." Tygar stated as he gently grasped her, and holding her close to his own body sped off in the direction of Earth.

* * *

As they closed the distance between them and Earth, the Hollsworth Manor system announced the presence of an approaching ship.

As Falcon 1 prepared to launch, a voice from far out in space answered the prayers of a planet. "This is Tygar, I found them!"

* * *

All TV news programs began broadcasting the news:

The Power Rangers have been found!
* * *

The injured Living Vessel needed immediate care and as Dr. Aisha Campbell, the Yellow Ranger could treat the still unconscious old soul!

Veterinarians from Angel Grove and Stone Canyon came to assist, and a make-shift animal hospital was set up so that x-rays could be taken.

The x-rays revealed a mild concussion, but why was she still unconscious!

* * *

Tygar didn't understand all the concern about his friend, and voiced his opinion after watching the doctors poke her just to make sure she reacted.

"Why are you so concerned about her being asleep?"

Dr. Campbell approached carefully, "She's been unconscious far too long! She needs to wake up."

"She's just asleep!" Tygar said jokingly, as he poked the one spot on the Phoenix that would surely wake her up! Tygar added, "When Living Vessels get injuried they sleep in an effort to speed recovery, if possible!"

Aisha now understood why he had referred to her as being asleep.

"Hey!" The sleepy bird yelled!

"Wake up!" The grumpy Fire Dragon yelled back!

Not realizing that her wing was broken, Chloe tried to take-off. "Ouuuu . . .!" Pain ripped through her body, and she looked down at her injured wing only to discover it was covered in a rather large bandage.

"Your wing is broken, it's been set in the natural position so that it will heal."

Chloe looked down at the group of doctors standing near her feet. "How badly?"

"It was a clean break, so it should heal perfectly within four to six weeks!" Dr. Campbell said.

"It shouldn't take more then ten days for my wing to heal." The old soul softly said to the group of doctors. "Living Vessels heal very fast!"

"You did loose a great deal of blood, so you maybe weak for awhile."

"Blood!" Chloe looked puzzled as she glared down at the people near her feet. "What's blood?"

"That red stuff on the bandage!" Tygar mumbled rather loudly.

Chloe looked down at her wing again, and promptly stated . . . "The red stuff on the bandage is hydraulic fluid used to keep my many mechanical components running. There is a enormous supply of this fluid at Hollsworth Manor."

* * *

Tygar stiffled a laugh as he listened to Chloe. He had become a rather large jungle gym for the children who were present. The old soul didn't seem to mind being climbed on, he actually seemed to be enjoying it.

Parents and news media people snapped pictures and reported live from the scene the goings on regarding the two "Living Vessels!"

* * *

All of the Rangers (past and present) were unmorphed, were mingling with crowd when a familiar 'beep-beep' was heard.

Only Rocky was able to get away from the crowd, "Alpha . . . what's up?"

"I wish I knew!" Alpha 5 muttered.

* * *

Over his communicator, a faint, frightened voice could be heard.

"Please somebody help us!"

"What's that?" Rocky anxiously asked.

"Please somebody help us!"

"Alpha, can you locate that signal?" Zordon asked with concern evident in his voice.

"I'm trying to Zordon."

With every passing minute, the voice became more and more desperate.

After what felt like an eternity, Alpha announced that he had located the distress signal.

"Can we answer them?" Rocky inquired.

"Please, can anyone hear us . . . we need help . . . please!"

"That voice sounds almost like a childs!" Rocky stated.

"I'll get the other Rangers!"

* * *

The only Rangers he could round up were Timothy, T.J., Andrew, Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos. The group of seven teleported to the Command Center for debriefing.

The younger Rangers looked to Zordon for information while Rocky went to the console to help Alpha locate the distress signal.

"Please somebody help us!" The faint, frightened voice repeated. "Emergency Services are badly needed!"
* * *

For the inhabitants of Delta 9, their rescue had been a miracle; however, they were still not out of the woods (so to speak).

* * *

While Rocky and Alpha worked, Rocky suddenly remembered the planet he and Tygar had rescued.

"That planet! Of course!"

Alpha replied.

"Tygar, it's Rocky . . . can you hear me?"


"The planet we rescued is in trouble." He played the emergency message again for the old soul. "Emergency Services are badly needed!"

"The emergency supplies and the heavy lifting equipment we can get from Hollsworth Manor. We'll have to determine the number of people we will need once get to the planet."

Tygar searched the horizon for Falcon One knowing that she would be the only ship available to carry equipment and/or people to the new planet which now orbited the sun.

"Falcon One, contact Falcon Two and speed up her arrival here!" Tygar said. "Then head to Hollsworth Manor to pick up emergency equipment. I'm notifying the Manor what supplies we'll need." He also accessed Long Range communications and requested a personnel carrier and a supply ship be sent to his location, immediately."

Falcon One acknowledged Tygar's instructions, and processed to take off from her hiding place.

Many on-lookers were surprised to see the massive zord gracefully take to flight without upsetting the nearby trees.

Tygar softly told the children who were playing on and around him that he had to leave for awhile. Some of the younger children cried as the old soul headed for parts unknown.


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