Disclaimer: You know the drill. Power Rangers belong to Saban, blah, blah, blah. Michael and his mother and step-father belong to me. The song "Wind of Change" belongs to Scorpions. Hope you enjoy this story. It's a little shorter than my normal fics, but Michael just hasn't lived that long and it's pretty boring between the scenes.

Reflections of the Past
By: Chasarae Albert

Michael was standing outside of a government building debating on whether to go in or not. He had recieved a phone call a week back telling him to be here. He opened the door and walked in. An agent was waiting for him and spoke up after ten minutes of silence.

"Michael, I have with me the keys to a storage shed that contains your parents things. Your mother left a message that asked us to wait until your twentyth birthday to give you, not Tommy or David, you the key to the storage shed. Well here you go. Hope you enjoy." He said as he stood and handed Michael the keys.

Michael shook his hand, thanked him and left. When he got to the storage shed, he almost hesitated in opening it. Once he opened the door, all he found was this box. He picked up the box and drove home. He took the box up to his room and locked the door. The first thing he found was a diary. He opened it and began reading.

August 19, 1978

Today is the day we begin our cruise. Even though it will take us through the Bermuda Triangle, I am confident that we will be able to safely return to our home in Florida.

August 21,1978

The ship has been taken over by aliens. They look human and one is calling himself Lord Zedd. They have moved all of the men to the cargo hold. I don't know what they want, but I don't think they will harm us. By the way, I think Zedd is handsome.

August 25,1978

Today, Zedd came to my room and we had an intimate moment. I'm not sure what I'll tell my husband. He walked in while we were in the middle of the moment.

"Mom, you told him that you were raped. Is that true or were you having an affair behind his back?" Michael said outloud to no one.

A sheet of paper fell out of a secret pocket in the diary. It had his step-father's handwriting on it.

"I'm not sure if my child will ever read this, so I asked my wife, his mother, to put this in her diary for safe keeping. All I know is that I was enjoying myself one moment and the next, some aliens are taking us down to the cargo hold. I spent two days down there. We were well taken care of for some strange reason. I got the strange impression that these aliens were evil. When I found a moment, I snuck away to check on my wife. Young David was left with a man I trusted. When I got to her room, I found her having an intimate moment with one of the aliens. I took a step back and returned to the cargo hold." The note said.

Michael closed the diary for a moment. Then he reopened to a page after they had returned to Florida and seen a doctor. The date was scratched out.

Went to the doctor's office today. I was told that I am pregnant with what look likes twins. The doctor told me that the second child has unusual energy patterns. Also, Bob tells me that he's being transferred to Angel Grove, California. Good thing David is only going to be one when the twins are born. I feel that the second twin will be very special.

Michael once again closed the diary. He set it down and stood up. At the same moment, he was transported to a place where he was surrounded by clouds. There were also windows. When he looked through one, he saw a piece of his past that he recognized and took two steps back due to shock. A creature stood behind Michael. The creature had wings on his back and two straps that went over his shoulders, down his back, over his chest. He appeared human with the exception of his wings.

"Greetings young Ranger. You wish to remember what happened from your birth to your first fight with the other Rangers and I am here to show you. You can trust me. I was once a Ranger myself. I became a Time Guardian. If you want proof, you can scan my mind." He said.

"That's alright. What's your name?" Michael said.

"I am called Gesixn. I shall open the portal. It will show you what you wish to see." Gesixn stated.

Michael stepped toward the portal and an image appeared.

He saw the day he was born. Once he and Tommy had been delivered, the nurse holding him tripped, sending him flying into the air. Everyone stared in shock as he was floating in mid-air back to his mother. He yawned and went to sleep. No one saw the doctor in the other room calling a friend in the government. That scene faded out as the next one began. It was when he was older and in school.

School had just been let out for the day. Among the students walking, Michael was running to get as far away from the bullies as possible. Unfortunately, they were right behind. One reached out and tackled Michael from behind, sending the two of them into the mud.

"Come on freak, get up!" He ordered.

Michael didn't move. Two of them pulled him up and held him. Then one began hitting him several times.

"Stop it!" Tommy screamed as he took down the two holding Michael.

Michael fell to the ground coughing and spitting up blood. Tommy made the bullies scatter. He then turned to pick up Michael's backpack and to help Michael walk home. As soon as they got home, they noticed that their parents were home early. Their father walked up to them, knealt down, and looked them in the eyes.

"Boys, we recieved a phone call while you were at school. Michael, you and your mother are going to a hospital in Rawlins, Wyoming. You're going to be gone for a while." He said.

"Why?" Michael asked.

"They think you might have inherrited some sort of defect from your mother. They want to run some tests and check to make sure." He said.

After that, he let the boys go up to their room to work on their homework. Michael only sat their staring into space.

"Michael, why aren't you studing? Why are you fiddling around?" Tommy asked.

"Doesn't it seem a little strange, Tommy? If there was a true defect in my genetic structure, wouldn't they require you as well as Mom and I?" Michael asked.

"I don't know bro. What I do know is that whether or not I'm going, we have a test tomorrow that we need to study for. It's probably nothing Michael. Don't worry." Tommy stated.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Michael said.

A day later, Michael was laying in a hospital bed with four or five tubes going into his body, his mother no where in sight. Next to him was another little boy.

"Hi. What's your name? My name is Michael." Michael said to the little boy.

"My name is Tycledius." Tycledius answered.

"My mom and I are here because the doctors say that we may have some sort of defect." Michael said.

An orderly walked into the room and wheeled Michael to another room where the doctors were. He was then given a sedative and placed in water. Michael watched and listened as if the whole thing was a dream.

"Look at his neck. Gills have appeared." A doctor said.

"I'm going to check his energy reading." Another doctor said.

After the doctor got a device and took an energy reading, he said, "Holy cow! His energy level is off the chart. We'll leave him here for now. I don't think he'll mind."

Michael was out for an hour. When he awoke, he found Tyclediu standing next to the tank of water.

"How did you get all of that off and get in here without being caught?" Michael asked.

Tycledius only smiled and began removing the wires from Michael. Only a little blood was spilled, but Michael's body closed the small hole before he lost anymore blood. Tycledius helped Michael out of the tank and out the door. They walked to the loby and found the file room. For some reason, they found the door unlocked and they didn't see any nurses. They went in and opened a cabinent. They found the files on their mothers and themselves.

The document on Michael had something written in the comments that said, "Michael's DNA check suggests that his father is not human. He is a mutant, level is unknown at this time, and it is suggested at this time that he will over power the human race."

Tycledius looked at his file and it said, "Tycledius is part of the government's genetic engineering program. They expect him to be the perfect soldier, which is unknown at this time."

"No way. We're labratory rats?" Tycledius said in disbelief.

"I'm a mutant, you're the lab rat. We've got to figure out a way to get us and our mothers out of here." Michael said.

"But how?" Tycledius asked.

Before Michael could answer, they were caught and taken back to their rooms. For the rest of the month, they cut Michael open to try to figure out why his power was so high. On the last day of the month, they cut open the back of his head and installed a small circular device there. When they were done, they sealed it up and returned him to his room. The image faded and a new one appeared.

It was just after his step-father and mother were shot. Michael limped into the ambulance due to the bullet in his knee. The doctors had already checked it and told him that there was nothing they could do. His body had made it a part of his knee cap. They were not sure just what the side effects would be. Even though they told him to leave with the police, he climbed into the ambulance, insisting that he'd go along. The scene faded and another one appeared.

Michael, David, and Tommy were left at a nearby orphanage until their next of kin could be found. The children there wasted no time in isolating Michael or teasing him. One young boy came up to Michael regardless of his appearance.

"Hi. My name is Adam. What's your name?" Adam said.

"I am Michael Oliver. My brothers are around here somewhere." Michael replied.

"You're lucky. All of my family is dead. Right now the Park family is looking into adopting me. I may be here a while." Adam said.

"I get visions from time to time and I saw my brothers and I being seperated. Each of us will wind up in a seperate home. Where it appeared that I would wind up, didn't look so pleasant." Michael stated.

"Bummer. While we're here, why don't we go out back and climb trees? We can see who can climb the highest." Adam suggested.

"Okay, let's go." Michael responded.

The image shifted to one at a later date. This is after Adam, Tommy, and David have been adopted. Lord Zedd had come down to Earth, disguised as a human. He told the adults at the orphanage that he was Michael's father. He allowed them to take a blood sample and test it to prove it. After a couple of days, he was allowed to take Michael with him. Upon arrival at the palace, Lord Zedd took on his alien appearance. Michael took a few steps back in surprise.

"Am I going to look like that when I get older?" Michael asked, sounding scared.

"No. I found this nasty little crystal that turned me inside out. It is time to begin your training. Goldar! Take him to the training room. Divatox will take it from there." Lord Zedd spoke.

Michael was taken into a dark room, his eyes adjusted easier to this than to the sunlight on Earth. It didn't hurt so much to be in this room.

"Leave." Divatox spoke harshly to Goldar.

It was then that Divatox began teaching him to control his powers and began teaching him more. Four years later, Lord Zedd recieved a message from Dark Spector.

"We're staging an attack on KO-35. I want you to send Michael there. He could learn a lot from this destruction." Dark Spector ordered.

"He'll be there by the time you're ready to start the attack." Lord Zedd promised.

"Good. I also want him to meet Astronoma. In case you can never find him a queen, she'll be perfect for him. They'll rule this galaxy with an evil fist." Dark Spector stated.

"We'll see on that. I do the arrangements by genetic compatability. No offense, but Astronoma is not compatable with him. I guarantee that he'll be there. Zedd out." Lord Zedd stated.

Michael walked into the room.

"Michael, I'm sending you to KO-35. You will be observing everything that happens. You are not to act on the situation. No matter how tempting. Do you understand?" Lord Zedd said.

"Yes sir, I understand. This should be interesting." Michael stated.

Michael teleported to KO-35. While he was gone, Lord Zedd began scanning the planet looking for the perfect mate for his son. Even if she turned out to be good. As he looked down at the planet, he was soon rewarded for his search. A fourteen year old girl with blonde hair and an Australian accent came into his site.

"She's perfect! Rita can train her when the time is right, but I'll have to bring her up here now to have the spell work." Zedd chuckled to himself.

He waited for the right moment and then teleported her to a cell. Then he began making preparations for the spell. Meanwhile, Michael had arrived at a cave on KO-35. He saw a young women with silver hair, wearing gray to dark armor, and walking around holding a staff with what looked like a diamond shape on top. Michael walked up to her.

"Greetings. I'm looking for Dark Spector." Michael said.

"He's in the next room. Are you Michael?" She asked.

"Yes. What's it to you?" Michael said.

"The name is Astronoma and you'd better watch it or you won't last long enough to get to adulthood." Astronoma snapped.

Michael walked into the room Dark Spector was in. He immediately kneeled before Dark Spector.

"I have come at your orders, my lord. What do you wish me to do?" Michael stated.

"You are here to observe. I want you to watch and learn. Someday you'll have your own planet to conquer. The attack will begin in a few short hours. You are to be on the surface by then." Dark Spector stated.

"Yes, my lord. I will be there." Michael said as he got to his feet and left.

Michael stood on the surface on KO-35. He saw the vast amounts of trees and the way the buildings worked with nature. He then saw how friendly the people were to each other. He began to wonder if this planet should be destroyed. He also began wondering if he was now good or evil.

"I see that you are here on time. Sickening, isn't it?" Astronoma stated as she teleported from out of nowhere.

"Yeah, whatever. I'm waiting for the fun to start." Michael stated.

At Lord Zedd's palace, the young female he was looking at had been brought to the throne room.

"What is your name?" Lord Zedd asked.

"I am Katherine Hillard. What do you want with me?" Kat asked sounding scared.

"Nothing. You are going to be betrothed to my son. You have to be present in order for me to cast the binding spell. Don't worry, you'll like him once you see him." Lord Zedd stated.

The battle had begun. People were scattering everywhere, trying to get away. Michael and Astronoma stood there watching, Astronoma was the only one with a smile on her face. Then they appeared. Two Power Rangers. One got caught in the crowd of people and the other began fighting the monster. Just as the Red Ranger was about to be defeated, the Silver Ranger appeared and took the blow. He then fell down and the Red Ranger went over to him and teleported with his friend in his arms. It was then that Michael and Astronoma left the battle.

"Betot, sipo cesop metak oti. Pestori pe taloes tkeotle. septe et septe aklo septe wentew." Lord Zedd chanted.

Kat glowed a pink light and on KO-35, Michael glowed gray. Their energy joined and became one. They were now bound to each other in a bond stronger than love.

"What did you say?" Kat asked in curiosity.

"I chanted a spell in Accony. My son will be back at any minute. We have time to see if you know have the powers." Lord Zedd answered.

Unknown to Kat at the time, the spell also created an evil inside of Michael. Michael now had a dark personality and a good personality. It wasn't long after Kat passed the tests, that Michael returned. Kat walked into the room Michael had teleported to and saw him. Michael saw her as well and got a confused look on his face.

"Who are you?" Michael asked.

"My name is Katherine Hillard." Katherine responded.

"Wow, she's gorgeous." Michael thought.

"Why thank you." Kat said.

"How did you know?" Michael asked.

"I don't know. I just heard it." Kat answered.

It was then that Lord Zedd walked into the room and heard the question from Michael.

"She heard you because you are now linked. She can see you when you are invisible and vice versa, and basically has the same abilities as you do. Try not to trash the palace." Lord Zedd stated as he walked out.

It was then that Michael knew that he loved her. As Kat was preparing to be transported back to Australia, Michael came into the room.

"Before you go, know this. I love you with my heart. I want you to remember that I will find you, no matter what the cost." Michael stated.

"I love you just as much. You'd better find me." Kat said and then grinned.

As she teleported, Zedd informed Michael that they would be going to another part of the galaxy for a year. The scene faded. The next scene that appeared was the day before the dinozords mutinied on the Power Rangers of Earth because of Lord Zedd's monster. Michael walked into Rita's command area and looked very stern at her. Rita turned around and saw Michael.

"What do you want?" Rita shrieked.

"I've come here to warn you. Father is returning and he is not happy. If I were you, I'd forget about those Rangers and start running." Michael warned.

"Then why don't he send you to battle these Rangers!?" Rita shrieked.

"Because I am to young and unexperienced. It would be inappropriate to face such a strong force without extra power." Michael responded, tone not changing, which frightened Rita even more.

"Tell your father to not act hastily. These Rangers are stronger than he thinks." Rita stated, but Michael was already gone.

Michael appeared before Lord Zedd. He quickly knealed before his father.

"It is done. Father, why did you have me warn her? It would have been better to just show up and to make her pay for her failure." Michael stated.

"It's quite simple, my son. Knowing Rita, she'll be scared. She'll attempt one last monster attack, which will fail, and besides, it is fun to see the fear in their eyes." Lord Zedd answered.

"My gratitude, father, for answering my question." Michael stated.

The next day, as Lord Zedd was dealing with Rita's failure, Michael went to New York to have some fun. He met a young man by the name of Rocky DeSantos, with him was a young lady with blonde hair, brown eyes, a slim, tall body, and very beautiful. Her name is Mariah Johnson.

"Greetings. My name is Michael Oliver. Identify yourselves." Michael stated in a commanding tone.

"Who the hell does he think he is?" Mariah asked in a sarcastic tone.

"I don't know. Maybe he thinks that we're his subjects or something." Rocky answered.

Michael looked them square in the eye, his eyes becoming a dragon's for a moment. Lightning begins striking around them.

"The phrase don't wake the dragon comes to mind here." Michael stated flatly, sounding annoyed.

"I'll give you don't wake the dragon, you jerk." Mariah said as she walked up to Michael and slugged him.

Michael rubbed his jaw for a moment and then said, "Nice left. Unfortunately, I have no time for these games. I want to talk to the leader of your gang now."

"You're looking at her." Mariah stated maliciously.

"I don't hit girls." Michael stated.

"Fine with me. You can just stand there and I'll just kick your ass. Your choice." Mariah stated.

"Nah, I'll defend myself." Michael stated.

Mariah started out with a variety of punches all aimed at the face. Michael calmly blocked each one and with no warning, swiped her legs out from under her and put his foot on her throat. At that point the battle was over.

"Are you going to continue to mock me or do I really have to get rough?" Michael stated flatly and in a disturbingly calm voice.

"What do you think punk?" Mariah snapped.

"I think this battle is over. Friends?" Michael stated.

"Yeah, I guess. Would you like to join the gang. We do a lot of fun things. We don't hurt anyone, but we do get drunk and laid a lot." Mariah stated.

"Why not? Sounds like fun." Michael said with a malicious grin on his face.

They went to a dance club and went to the very back. The owner their seemed very friendly. There seemed to be only two rules. One went, "Do your parents know you're here?", and the other went "Owner is not held responsible for anything that your children do here. If anything, the owner is unaware of it."

"I like this place already." Michael mumbled.

"This way. The fun starts here." Mariah stated.

"Sometimes we stay here all night. Our parents know exactly where we are and don't get to excited. We usually only get the third degree for being out so late." Rocky stated.

"My father doesn't care what I do." Michael stated.

"There's something wrong with your father." Rocky stated.

"No there's not. He just doesn't know how to love anyone." Michael defended his father.

"Hate to spoil everyone's excitment, but I have to go. My mother has me on curfew tonight on a count of we're moving to Stone Canyon in California. Later." Rocky stated.

"I'm really going to miss him." Mariah stated.

"Yeah, he seems like a nice guy." Michael stated.

Later that evening, Mariah and Michael are seriously drunk. Lord Zedd saw this and sent Goldar to retrieve Michael. Mariah just started laughing when she saw Goldar. Goldar picked Michael up and returned with him back to the palace. The image faded. Michael turned to Gesixn.

"Do you remember what happened after that?" Gesixn asked.

"Yes. My memory has been caught up." Michael stated.

"There's more there. It's in your younger years. While you were out and about the galaxy. You just can't remember. Watch and learn." Gesixn stated as Michael turned back toward the mirror.

In the background music could be heard. "Follow Demo Squad down to Conquebant listening to the wind of change. On a summer night soldiers passing by listening to the wind of change."

Michael and Lord Zedd are in another part of the galaxy near a planet called Cascatmity. They go to the planet and land near a city by the name of Ruinsity. The sunlight is bright and it hurts Michael's eyes to be there. There is plenty of grass, but no trees. Ruins are all over the planet where many battles have been fought. A young man who hasn't reached one hundred yet and would be considered Michael's age with green hair, tanned skin came up to Michael. His eyes had a white pupil and was surrounded by red. He stood five feet and nine inches and appeared to weigh only two hundred pounds, even though he was very skinny.

"My name is Michael. What's your's?" Michael asked.

"The name is Phesastro. It is prophecized that I will one day be a Psycho Ranger. Don't understand why. I don't have any of there qualities. Guess I'll find out, huh?" Phesastro stated.

"Guess so. I'm here to observe. What about you?" Michael said.

"Me too. I hate this part of my training." Phesastro stated.

"The world is closing in and did you ever think that we could be so close, like brothers. The future is in the air, can feel it everywhere blowing with the wind of change."

"Then it is agreed. The alliance between our people is final." Lord Zedd said in the background.

The image then faded and was replaced by the one of the next day of Michael's meeting with Mariah and Rocky. Michael is drunk and is raping a women. Gesixn plays the whole night where he raped three other women after that in the same night. Michael looks at the floor in shame. Gesixn stands behind him and looks him in the eye.

"Walking down the street distant memories are buried in the past forever."

"That night was not your fault. Your father strengthed the spell and the evil inside of you ran loose. You will just have to learn to control it to keep that from happening again. Do you understand?" Gesixn stated.

"Yes. But I didn't want to be reminded of that. It was the most evil thing I had ever allowed myself to do." Michael stated.

"Then learn from it and put it behind you. Don't allow yourself to make that mistake ever again. That's all of your memories. I'm going to give you a glimse at the future that is coming soon. Do not tell anyone and go with the flow. It will all work out in the end. Do you want to see them?" Gesixn asked.

"Yes." Michael answered.

"You will be the first of all the visionaries to see them then. You will only get them in your visions. Be prepared for they are very frightening. I shall return you to your home now. Live in peace and honor, young Ranger. Don't let the past bother you." Gesixn stated as a flash of light entered Michael's vision and he found himself sitting on his bed.

"Man that was weird. I remember everything now." Michael stated as he flipped on the radio and then laid back on his bed while closing his eyes.

"Okay, here's on for you. Here's the "Winds of Change" by the Scorpions. Enjoy." The DJ states as Whistling can be heard.

"Follow Demo Squad down to Conquebant listening to the wind of change. On a summer night soldiers passing by listening to the wind of change." (Whistling)

"The world is closing in and did you ever think that we could be so close, like brothers. The future is in the air, can you feel it everywhere blowing with the wind of change.

Take me to the magic of the moment on the glory nights where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change.

Walking down the street distant memories are buried in the past forever. Follow Demo Squad down to Conquebant listening to the wind of change.

Take me to the magic of the moment on the glory nights where the children of tomorrow share their dreams with you and me. Take me to the magic of the moment on the glory nights where the children dream away in the wind of change.

The wind of change blows strange into the face of time. Light this doorway, the freedom bell, for the peace of mind. Thank you but I like to sing what mighty tough wants to sing.

Take me to the magic of the moment on the glory nights where the children of tomorrow share their dreams with you and me. Take me to the magic of the moment on the glory nights where the children dream away in the wind of change." (Whistling until the end of the song.)