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The Quest
By: Chasarae Albert

The Prophecy:

A day of darkness shall descend,
One that the Power Rangers can mend.
A power that evil has been lent,
From Lord Zedd has been sent,
Only his heir knows how to defeat this,
But only on his own and without his kiss.
In the light of the Phoenix fire,
The human race, the need for help is dire.
Once the Rangers are defeated,
The humans shall be beaten.
And then the enslavers shall be the slaves.
The mutant race shall be the slave masters acting like naives.
Zedd's heir shall be immune,
To all of his father's disasters that will spell the humans doom.

Michael was sitting in the park looking toward the lake that was no more than ten feet away. Around him, children were playing as parents looked on, skiers were having fun in the water, and his friends, Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kim, Kat, Billy, and the new girl, Mariah were enjoying the day in the park as well. That day, Michael was wearing sandals, black jeans, a white shirt with the face of the wolf on it, the medallion he wore because it was a symbol of his love for Kat, black suspenders that were hooked to his jeans, his sunglasses, a black bandanna and his ring that showed he was the son and heir of Lord Zedd. The others looked in his direction and began wondering if he would join in. Michael began to think about his childhood. He had enjoyed the chases with his older brothers. Even though David resented what he could do, he knew that Michael could not change what he was.

"Earth to Michael, return from wherever the hell you are." He heard Kim say.

He blinked back into this reality.

"I am the Keeper of Time. I am to keep time in the proper balance." Michael began babbling.

"Now what the hell is he talking about?" Mariah asked.

Then Michael turned his head back and forth to clear his mind.

"Whatever you heard me say, ignore it. For once I don't understand what I just said." Michael stated.

"What's new? He never understands what he says and does." Mariah said.

The fire was in Michael's eyes.

"Then all of you come with me now. I have an area you should see." Michael almost commanded.

They unconsciously began to follow Michael as he walked further and further from town to a cave. As they walked into the cave, the wall reminded them of Stone Henge. They reached the center of the cave and found themselves standing in some circle with carvings in the floor. In the center was an orb. Each of the Rangers touched the carving that looked like their spirit animal. Mariah reached out and was about to touch the orb when Michael turned around.

"No don't touch it!" Michael shouted.

"Why not?" Mariah asked.

"That orb belonged to Master Vile. Last time, it gave Tommy a pretty good jolt. It hasn't harmed me because I still have all of that evil energy in me." Michael said.

"So what does it do?" Mariah asked.

"It turns back the clock." Tommy said.

"That still doesn't explain where all of this came from." Adam said.

"When you, Tommy, Rocky, Kat, and Aisha retrieved and put the pieces of the Zeo crystal together, the orb buried itself here. The crystal broke the hold it had on the Earth, but you cannot destroy something that had the very essence of evil in it." Michael explained.

Then Rocky touched a carving in the wall. It went into a small pocket in the wall. It went into a small pocket in the wall and everything went haywire. All of the carvings began glowing along with the orb. As lightning came from the orb and hit everyone, lettering appeared under the carvings that they were standing on. Then everything had stopped and they were reduced to kids, only Michael had stopped at thirteen.

"What's going on?" asked a startled Rocky.

"We're kids again." Kat stated.

"Except I seemed to have stopped at thirteen. This is extremely dangerous. As I came into puberty, my powers matured, but it was only through the training I went through that I was able to control them. I have nobody to train me and I don't remember how I did it the first time." Michael said.

Then they notice the lettering under their feet.

"Lord of Fire?" Adam said.

"Lord of Wind, leader of a great army?" Tommy said.

"Lady of Earth, essence of Life?" Aisha said.

"Lord of Creatures?" Rocky said.

"Lady of magic?" Mariah said.

"Lady of Love, beginner of arguments?" Kim said.

"Lady of Reason?" Kat said.

"Lord of Wisdom and Technology?" Billy said.

"Lord of all, Keeper of Time, Greatest of Teachers, Master of Destiny?" Michael said.

They were all confused. None of it made any sense, but they knew that the only way to return to their true ages was to grab destiny by the throat, so to speak. They began to walk home not understanding why everyone was running from them. Then Kim looked at Michael's face and nearly joined the people in running.

"Michael, your true face is showing. Can you hide it?" Kim stated.

"No." Michael answered.

They heard several sirens coming near their location.

"Stay off to the side. Pretend you don't know me. If you don't, you'll be in as much danger as I'm in right now." Michael said telepathically as he took off running with the cops right behind.

"Run Mikie, run. Don't let them catch you." Kat mumbled.

The teens walked back into Angel Grove and realized that their bodies only went back. Angel Grove was still in 1999. The cops finally caught up to Michael.

"You're a little young to be a mutant. Maybe you should come with me." The man said.

"No way. I've seen what you guys do to people like me." Michael said.

"His power level is off the chart." The walkie-talkie said.

"You have to come with me." The man said.

"Over my dead body." Michael responded.

The man threw a small round device in Michael's direction. When the device opened, it erected a force field around Michael and incapacitated him. He was then thrown into a human sized cage and took him to the Mutant Control Headquarters. They awoke him and he began to try to escape. He felt a scan go over his body and watched as they gasped in horror.

"He could be Michael Oliver's equal." One of the doctors said.

"That's because I am Michael Oliver." Michael stated.

"That can't be. Michael Oliver is nineteen going on twenty." Another doctor said.

"I tapped the time portal incorrectly and got returned to six years ago. I have no memory of how to control half of my future powers." Michael said.

That's when the tests began. When they were done, Michael went back to his friends and spoke of what had happened. Then Michael got an extreme headache and collapsed to the ground. When he came to, a vision was before his eyes. He saw a dragon laying before him dying. Then he noticed his own body laying on the ground covered in blood. He looked at the landscape. He was in some sort of desert, with gas pockets and a clouded over sky. It was like the entire planet was on fire. The dragon let out a soft whine of pain. It was begging, almost pleading Michael's now moving form for help. Then he awoke for the second time, but this time, he saw his friends. He felt some pain up and down his back and he now had a splitting headache.

"Michael, are you all right?" He heard Tommy ask.

"My visions are getting painful." was all Michael could say.

Michael opened his mouth to tell them the vision, but it faded as soon as he tried to speak.

"What was the vision?" Kim asked.

"I only remember that it has something to do with dragons." Michael said.

"Dragons? That's it. Michael is definitely losing it." Mariah said.

"I am not losing it. It will happen." Michael said.

"We need to find a place to stay." Adam said.

"Adam's right. It's not safe for us here." Michael said.

"Why don't we just go back to the cave?" Billy asked.

"I guess we could go back." Kat stated.

They went to the cave and fell asleep right where they had been standing hours earlier. The dreams of different dragons entering their mind as they slept. As they awoke, the visions of dragons left their minds so none of them would remember the dream. Michael was the first one up.

"That door wasn't there before. Hey guys! Wake up. There's something you should see." Michael shouted.

There were some yawns but everyone was fully awake when they saw the door. When they opened the door, they saw a world full of wonder and beauty. As the last of their group stepped through the door, it disappeared. They kept walking not knowing that one after another of their group were disappearing. When Michael realized that he was alone, he heard a type of growl. When he looked to see what was growling at him, he saw a blue dragon with hazel eyes looking at him.

"Hello, Keeper of Time. I am to bond with you and to guide you. When I bond with you, you shall return to your true age." The dragon said telepathically.

The dragon disappeared and Michael began to grow in size and take the dragon's form. It was painful only because Michael's mind was trying to get control of the situation and stop what was happening. Then he was back to his normal size as if nothing had happened. He then ran to find the others who were in a similar state of confusion.

"Did any of you guys happen to bump into a dragon? I found a blue dragon that spits lightning. Wait a minute. I'm back to my correct age!" Michael said.

As they walked back to where they started, they did not see the cold, glowing, evil red eyes watching their every move. As the Rangers walked through the door, he teleported to Lord Zedd's palace.

"Who dares to enter my palace without permission?" Lord Zedd asked.

"It is I, father. It is Darkside. Your Shadow Ninja has returned home." Darkside said.

"Do not call me father! You were banished and disowned forever from this place! Get out of my site!" Lord Zedd shouted.

"You disowned me so you could put one of your favorites, the twins, on the throne. I am the eldest, I am the strongest, and I am on the side of evil. I should be heir to the throne, not Michael!" Darkside said.

"You tried to kill me!" Zedd yelled.

The palace shook as Master Vile, Rita's father, entered the palace.

"The boy does have a point, but he also has some information. Tell them Darkside." Master Vile said.

"My brother, Michael, has bonded with a blue dragon. He will be considerably stronger. I also have an idea." Darkside said.

As the Rangers prepared for bed, Michael wondered outside of the cave to do some star gazing and think about home. He wondered when it would be safe to return without being evil.

"You won't have to worry about that anymore grandson." Master Vile said as he appeared out of nowhere.

Michael fell into a fighting stance and looked at his step-grandfather.

"I was wondering when you would show up. You know I won't go willingly. What do you want with me? You have Darkside." Michael said.

"If you truly are the Timekeeper, then you should know the answer to that question already. I need brothers in evil and blood to complete this. One has to be the bearer of the Yin-Yang crystal, who is supposed to be full of chaos, yet born of the light. And you fit that perfectly. You are coming home." Master Vile said as tengas appeared and surrounded Michael.

"Ninja Ranger Power!" Michael shouted. As he shifted into his Ninja uniform, the tengas began their attack.

"I have fed them a special brand of food. You can't defeat them on your own." Master Vile said.

Yet Michael did defeat them. He went to attack Vile, but was hit with several psionic blasts. When he got to his feet, he saw his older brother, Darkside, preparing to hit Michael again.

"Hey bro. Wasn't that a blast? You're coming home. It would ruin the nasty surprise we have in store for you if you were a no show." Darkside said as he noticed that Michael's attention was more focused on him than on Master Vile. He smiled.

Then there was a hand holding the back of his head very roughly.

You will return home grandson. You will complete the mage training you began long ago and you will open a portal for us." Master Vile said. That was the last thing Michael heard before blacking out.

The Rangers awoke to shouting and sounds of blasting. They ran out of the cave to see if Michael was okay. All they saw was teleportation light and a few tengas. Michael was nowhere to be found. Then they were teleported to the Command Center.

"Zordon? What's going on? What happened to Michael?" They all began asking all at once.

"Master Vile has captured him in hope that he will be able to turn him. Master Vile will also attempt to teach Michael mage-like skills. If he succeeds, everything is lost. For now, we can only hope and pray that Michael is strong enough to resist. If not, we will have to face him." Zordon said.

"Then we must hurry in finding our piece of our destiny. It's our only chance in returning to our original ages." Tommy said. As soon as Tommy said this, they disappeared onto different planets and different dimensions.

Mariah awoke at the base of a mountain. She did not know where she was for all she could see were mountains all around. Clouds covered the tops and a trail was before her. She began to climb the trail and head for the top. When she reached the top, she looked down to see the clouds covering the base. She saw a cave ahead of her and walked in. She saw gold laying at the back and small torches of light. She walked up to the gold but did not touch it. When she turned around, she saw a fair damsel that appeared to be her twin dressed in a princess-like attire.

"So, you have come. I bet you have a million questions right about now." She said.

"Who are you? Why do you look like me?" Mariah asked.

"Forgive me. I shall revert to my true form. I thought that using your appearance would make you more comfortable around me. I am a silver dragon and you are to bond with me." The dragon said.

"You mean to tell me that I will be able to assume your shape when I need to? Michael wasn't crazy after all." Mariah said.

The dragon disappeared and Mariah felt the warm, silver glow flow all around her as she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she found herself back in the Command Center.

"How did I get back here? I'm back to my own age." Mariah said.

She looked at her outfit and did not see her normal clothes. She wore a silver tunic with leggings and boots. Mariah also had a robe hooked around her neck that flowed down to her feet. As for jewelry, she wore a silver medallion with her dragon on it and a ring with a dragon encased in the gem.

Adam landed in a desert-like area. It was hot there, but he got the distinct feeling that there were cooler areas where it was only warm. As he looked around him, he saw a type of pyramid ahead of him and decided to avoid it. He walked until he came upon an area that had small patches of grass.

Adam did not see that he was being tracked by something. It was a winged creature with the body of a male lion with man-like facial features. He did not see it until it pounced and knocked him over.

"Holy shit, a sphinx!" Adam shouted to no one.

"Not sphinx, Androsphinx." The creature said.

"Are you here to kill me?" Adam asked.

"No. What are you doing here?" It asked.

"I'm looking for something. All I know is that it will return me to my correct age and that I'll know it when I see it." Adam answered.

"I have seen nothing that will accomplish this. Be gone before you wind up my next meal." The Androsphinx said as it bared its teeth.

Adam wasted no time in leaving the area. He walked until a creature appeared ahead of him. Then he heard a telepathic voice tell him to come closer. As he slowly walked closer, he saw a creature with powerful feathered wings with the body of a horse and the head of what looked like a dwarf. It had a beard with a mustache and hair on its head. It was also wearing a simple headband with a sapphire button centered on the forehead.

"Not to be rude, but what are you?" Adam asked.

"My species is called Shedu. You cannot be a human. Your aura is to brightly colored for one of them. Come, tell me your story. You will be safe with me, I will not hurt you." The Shedu said.

"My name is Adam. I am a mutant on my planet. I was born human, but as I reached adolescence, I began to mutate. I have this ability to create and control fire. It also helps that I can't be hurt by fire." Adam stopped for a moment.

"You would be useful against a red dragon." The Shedu said and then laughed.

"I was with some friends when my best friend, Michael, took us to this cave where an orb was kept. It shot lightning bolts at us and when we awoke, we were kids again. Now I'm here searching for my destiny. I can't return to my age until I find and accept it. The only problem is that I don't know what I'm looking for." Adam said.

"Did you try the pyramid?" The Shedu asked.

"No. The Androsphinx chased me off." Adam said.

"I see. May I use my psychoportation to aid you?" He said.

"Psycho-what?" Adam asked confused.

"Psychoportation. Basically I'll teleport you by opening a dimensional door and walk through." He said.

"Oh sure." Adam said.

The Shedu smiled and opened the door. They walked into the pyramid and walked down a corridor. We must be careful Adam. There is a Naga living deep in this pyramid. He is known to set traps to snare trespassers. They can spit poison at you up to thirty feet which kills you almost immediately. It is also able to cast spells. I have done my part in this and I must take my leave of you. You must do this on your own for this is your quest not mine. We will meet again Adam. Luck be with you." The Shedu said as he left.

"Thanks for your help." Adam called after him.

As Adam continued on, he was not aware that he was being watched.

"So Adam, you are finally here. I have made preparations for every trap and I know you'll pass. But I must put you through these to make you earn the medallion and the right to be bonded with a gold dragon. Time for the first trap." The Naga said.

A steel net dropped onto Adam and trapped him in it as it rose off the ground.

"I hope I can still tap into my fire ability." Adam said as he began to concentrate.

He began burning the steel, but at the same time, he was being drowned due to the liquid flowing down his face and into his nose and mouth as he was trying to breathe. Then he began to feel freezing cold all around him. He was trapped as the ice formed and slowly froze his body, because the Naga used an ice rod on him. His mind was frantically thinking of what to do, but he couldn't come up with anything. Then he saw the rope that was holding the steel net. He burned it and fell to the floor with a painful thud, grateful to feel anything.

"Very good Adam. Let's see if you can survive the next trap." The Naga said as he watched in his scrying pool.

Adam continued on as he wondered what would be next. He noticed that there was small growth of vines and grass as he walked into an area with mist rising from the floor. As the mist rose more and more, Adam could no longer see around him or in front of him. He did not see the hole in the floor until he fell into it. Adam looked at the ground and saw glowing stones around him. When he tried to move, he realized that he couldn't. He also saw water flowing in.

"Okay Adam, don't panic." He said to himself.

The water was at his neck before he knew it. It was way over his head as he was finally able to move and swim to the top. He grabbed the ledge of the pit and climbed out and continued on. "Nice one Adam. Slowly letting the air out of your lungs and remaining calm kept you from being killed. Now let us see if you can pass the final test." The Naga said as he turned itself into stone.

Adam walked into a torch lit area and noticed a sword in the ground and a statue of a snake with a human-like face. The area smelled like flowers. He looked around and saw five skeletons positioned against the wall, weapons in hand. He took a step back as the statue came to life and became enthralled in the creature. "I am a Naga. How is it you got past my specially laid traps? What are you doing here?" As the Naga said this, Adam did not see the skeletons come to life and begin to advance toward him. When he snapped out of it, he heard the Naga say, "Kill him."

A fight scene erupted as Adam dodged the blades and pulled the sword out of the ground. They disintegrated as he used his fire ability. A dust devil surrounded him as he headed for the Naga but stopped when he realized how powerful the Naga was.

"Very good Adam. Now you will receive what you came for. This black medallion with the gold dragon on it is yours. Your quest is not ended for you have yet to find the gold dragon and become one with it. The Shedu will help you find the dragon." As the Naga said this, the Shedu that helped him appeared through another dimensional door. As Adam left with the Shedu, the Naga said, "Good luck, Adam, Lord of Fire."

When he walked through the dimensional door, he was alone and standing at the mouth of a stone cave. A human stood there as he looked at Adam. A dam watched in disbelief as the human became the gold dragon and bonded with him. When he opened his eyes, he was back in the Command Center.

"Wild ride, isn't it Adam?" Mariah asked.

"You're telling me." Adam answered.

"Damn straight." Mariah said.

He looked at what he was wearing. He had on black leggings, a black tunic with a black robe that was attached around his neck going down to his feet and with his medallion hanging around his neck. There was a ring on his finger with a gold dragon in the gem. He also wore black boots on his feet and a circlet with a ruby in the center.

"This outfit is awesome. What did you bond with?" Adam said.

"A silver dragon and you?" She replied.

"A gold dragon." Adam said. Tommy found himself in a type of tropical forest where he was near a house of some sort. It had been abandoned by someone a long time ago, so he entered. He found a knife, short bow with a quiver and arrows, and a quarter staff. They were in good condition and he put them on and continued on his journey. He had to reach the mountain ahead of him. It looked steep and high in the mountains. An arrow was shot at him barely missing.

"What the hell?" Tommy asked.

He looked around him, but saw nothing that could have shot the arrow. Then a knife was held at his back.

"Move and do like I tell you and you'll stay alive. Who are you and what are you doing here?" The being asked.

"I am Thomas Christopher Oliver. I am on a quest to find myself. Could I ask who and what you are and why you attacked me?" Tommy said.

"You can turn around. I attacked you because you wandered to close to my hiding place." The being said.

"You're an elf." Tommy said as he saw what had captured him.

"And you're half human. Oliver, meaning of the olive trees. Only an elf would have a name like that, you have my respect." He said as Tommy looked at him.

"I don't know who my ancestors were. I was orphaned when I was young and I never bothered to look down the line. I was adopted by my uncle." Tommy said.

"Any experience in the woods?" The elf asked.

"Some. I only stayed in the woods for a camping trip with my twin and older brother and even then we weren't far from the house. No one taught us how to survive." Tommy said.

"It's a shame. You would have learned very fast. How long do you wish me to teach you?" The Elf asked.

"As long as it takes. What's your name?" Tommy said.

"I am called Tiacled. I am going to start with the basics. This may take a month to learn, but I will accompany you. You have several friends to meet before this is over." Tiacled stated flatly. As they prepared for bed that night, Tommy began to practice the spells that he was taught while walking. He attempted Burning Hands for the fire, chill touch on a piece of wood, and shocking grasp, at the insistence of Tiacled, on Tiacled.

"You learn fast. So far you are doing well. Tomorrow I will teach you the spells comprehend languages, find familiar, shield, and charm person. Do not worry, the spells I taught you today and will teach you tomorrow are all first level spells. Better get some sleep, you'll need it." Tiacled said.

The next day, they ran into creatures that looked like a bird with human arms. They stood upright and each had a quarter staff.

"Remember the charm person and comprehend languages spells I taught you earlier? You're going to need them. This race likes to cause trouble sometimes." Tiacled said with a hint of danger in his tone.

"What is this race called?" Tommy asked.

"They are called the Kenku. They are basically neutral. You never know what they will do. Here comes the leader, be ready for anything." Tiacled said.

The lead Kenku was using sign language to try and communicate with them. Tommy quickly used the spell comprehend languages to see what he was signing.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He signed. "My name is Tommy Oliver. I am on a quest that lead me here." Tommy answered.

"Then there is one among us who wishes to join you. His name is Gavin. He is our white hawk. It is his destiny to join you. We take our leave of you now." He signed and all but one stayed behind.

The small group continued on as the day became night. As they settled in for a nights rest, Tommy looked up at the sky in the direction of the Earth's moon where Michael was.

In the palace, Michael was chained to a wall waiting for the three great evils to figure out how they would tip him to the side of evil. He sent his thanks to Tommy for the scenery he received and his assurances that he was okay. Having received this, Tommy went to sleep with his mind at peace. A week had passed as they neared the mountain. Tommy was learning more and more spells each day. Even though he had to practice every spell every waking hour, he enjoyed them. As they came upon the first hill leading up to the mountain, they encountered a half lion-half eagle creature.

"I thought griffins were myths." Tommy said.

"Not on this world. This one used to be tamed." Tiacled said.

"How do you know?" Tommy asked.

"It's my second level spells I received while training as a cleric for a short time. You can do it. I believe I taught you the spell Speak with Animals. Ask him." Tiacled stated.

The griffin walked over to Tommy and put him on its back and flew up toward the heavens. Then it landed with full grace. The griffin had made itself clear. Tommy was now its master. A hippogriff wandered up to Gavin and put him on its back. Somehow Gavin knew he was now the hippogiffs master.

"Strange. Usually griffins eat hippogriffs. It's as if they have put it aside." Tiacled observed with curiosity in his voice.

The griffin allowed Tiacled to mount up with Tommy and both the hippogriff and griffin began their flight. When they reached to peak of the rounded over mountain, they found a small group of what looked like red bird-men. They were five feet tall with a wing span of twenty feet. About halfway along the edge of each wing was a hand with three fingers and a thumb.

"The Aarakocra. They are intelligent and good creatures. They won't attack us." Tiacled said.

"This for Tommy." One said as he handed Tommy a piece of a medallion with half of what looked like a griffin on it. "Must find other half through test. Crimson Death Mist have other half. Call if you in need." It said.

"Do they all speak like that?" Tommy asked.

"No unfortunately. The ones who do are gifted because they are the only ones who can. It's sad." Tiacled said.

"What is the Crimson Death Mist and what does it do?" Tommy asked.

"Some say it is a vampire's lost soul and some say that it is a destroyed vampire or what's left of it, and some say they are extremely evil air elementals who were cast out. The reason people think they have something to do with vampires is because it feeds on the bodily fluids of its victims. Whatever the legend, it is very dangerous. Your test is to survive its attack. You have to venture into that bog to find it. You'll be on your own and if you survive, your destiny will be accepted and we will see a full grown man before us. Good luck Tommy." Tiacled said.

Tommy ventured down the mountain and into the bog. He had stopped where he saw a hole in a group of trees that let the sunlight in. He made camp and went to sleep. He did not see the fog creeping into his campsite bringing the Crimson Death to him. He had sat straight up as the Crimson Death began to suck his fluids out of him. As it finished, Tommy fell back to the ground buried deep into his weaken state.

He was unaware of the giant eagle that flew down and took him to his nest. Tommy awoke when he was fully restored. When he realized where he was, panic emerged into his tightly controlled center. He remained calm even though his mind screamed to escape. As if it were possible. Then he heard it.

"Do not be frightened. I am the other half of your bond. You have already bonded with the griffin and now it is time to bond with me." The voice said.

The giant eagle moved a piece of the nest and there laid the other half of the medallion. Tommy attached it to the other half he acquired and watched it become whole. On one side, was the griffin, on the other was the giant eagle. He understood. His body glowed with the white found only in the clouds and returned to his true age. He noticed that he was wearing a white robe, with his medallion hanging around his neck, a white vest, white wrist guards, white boots, and white leggings. The giant eagle picked him up and flew with him in its talons back to Gavin and Tiacled.

"You have found your other half. This is great. A good step forward." Tiacled said.

"What do you call this creature?" Tommy asked.

"It is called a Roc. We must begin to finish your learning of spells. You had better tell your friends on Earth that you'll be gone at least one of your months." Tiacled said.

Back at the Command Center, Alpha began jumping with glee.

"A message from Tommy." Alpha said with excitement in its voice.

"Hey guys. I'm back to my full age but I won't be back for at least a month. I'll be learning some new stuff that will be of use to us." The message said.

"Three down and four to go. I hope Michael doesn't do what I think he's going to do." Mariah said. "Don't worry Mariah. I've seen him handle worse than this." Adam reassured.

"He can be such a bastard sometimes. Him and his brother are always making me worry for nothing." Mariah said.

Katherine landed in a field with short grass covering the landscape. She began walking and it wasn't long until she came upon a big stone with an engraved language she had never seen. It looked familiar to her. She did not see the creature on two legs with brownish red fur that looked like a leopard.

"That's the language of the feline lycanthropes. Only they can read this inscription." The leopard creature said.

"Where can I find the feline lycanthropes?" Kat asked.

"I don't know. Maybe with the great cats. All felines are friendly toward them." The creature said.

"What do you call your species?" Kat asked.

"We are called Tabaxi. I should take you to our Tabaxi Lord, but I know what he'll do to you. Believe me, you don't want to know." The Tabaxi said.

"Where can I find the great cats?" Kat asked.

"Toward the mountain ranges. The closer we get, the more we'll see. The first will be the cheetahs and lions. The next will be the jaguars and then the mountain lions. It is possible they are there." The Tabaxi said.

It was an hour before they got really close to the mountain. A cheetah came running up and pounced on Kat. "Help!" She cried out as the cheetah began to rough her up. As soon as she cried out, the cheetah got up and laid next to her while it was purring.

"It purrs. I've only seen that reaction once. You're a lycanthrope. It must belong to your father's side. If it was your mother's, you would look more like the lycanthrope." The Tabaxi said.

"I'm not sure I understand." Kat said.

"Feline lycanthropes always look like their mothers. If your mother was a lycanthrope, you would have been recognized at first sight. If it is your father who is the lycanthrope, you will look human until adolescence. Now do you understand?" The Tabaxi said.

"Then I must journey on and claim my destiny. Thank you." Kat said.

"May I come with you?" The Tabaxi asked.

"I don't see why not. What is your name?" Kat said.

"I am Anselma. In my language it means 'the guardian'. I don't see how I can be a guardian." Anselma said.

"My name is Kat. Shall we continue our journey?" Kat said.

"Yes we shall." Anselma said.

They walked across the plains until a creature with the body of a lion and a human torso emerged. He was about seven feet tall, covered in a dusky golden fur, with a tail tipped by a brush of long black hair, and a black mane that covered the top of his head that extended to the neck and shoulders. His eyes were gold with vertically slit pupils and with all fingers and paws ending in claws.

"What is that?" Kat asked.

"That is a Wemic. We should leave this area." Anselma said.

"Wait. Something tells me that we should stay put for a minute." Kat said.

"Okay." Anselma replied.

"What are you doing here?" The Wemic asked.

"We're looking for feline lycanthropes. My name is Kat. What is your name?" Kat spoke in a friendly voice.

"I am called Wotec. I am a wanderer. You'd best be on your way." Wotec said.

"He's an outcast." Anselma spoke harshly.

"You're on a quest that I am to join you on. You are a Weretiger." Wotec returned.

"Then join us. We need all the help we can get." Kat invited.

"I shall join you, but beware the path you take." Wotec cautioned.

They reached the great cats, and sure enough, the feline lycanthropes were among them. One leaped out to join the group of three. "Kather-r-rine, I presume?" It purred.

"Yes." Kat answered.

"You are one of us. All you need do is focus and your form will change. Try it." It purred.

Kat fell forward as her feet became longer and more cat-like. She flinched as her tail grew out and her ears became a little longer. Her face became a cross between a cat and human. As her fangs grew in, so did her fur with the tiger stripes. She had become a Weretiger.

"Now it is time for your test. You'll have to do this alone. In that cave, you'll find a vampire. You'll have to kill it to get your power. Take these holy wafers to help you. Now go, and may fortune be with you." It said.

She accepted the holy wafers and walked into the cave. Before she got two feet in, she felt a prescience following her. When she was very deep into the cave, she saw what looked like a coffin. She opened it and there lay the vampire. She broke off a sharp piece of the coffin and began driving in the stake. The creature began squirming and screaming in pain as it died. Suddenly, another creature snuck up behind her.

"You didn't think I would make it that easy, did you? You only killed my servant." The vampire hissed.

"I will stop you!" Kat screamed. She broke another piece of the coffin and drove it into the heart. The vampire hissed as its body became racked in pain. Then Kat took a moment to rip the head off as she thrust the holy wafers into its mouth and the body into the nearby water. She walked out triumphet and with her pink medallion with the Weretiger on it shinnying brightly in the light. Then she teleported to the Command Center.

"Go with her. It is your destiny." The Weretiger said as Wotec and Anselma were teleported.

As Kat landed in the Command Center, Adam and Mariah were shocked to see two other creatures right behind her. Adam and Mariah helped Kat up still shocked at what they see. Kat was still in a Weretiger's form with only a cloak and her medallion on.

"What are they?" Mariah found her tongue first.

"I am a Wemic and my name is Wotec." Wotec responded.

"My people are called the Tabaxi and my name is Anselma." Anselma followed suit.

"This just keeps getting stranger and stranger." Mariah said.

"Cool." Adam said.

Young Billy found himself in what looked like tropical mountains. He didn't know what to think. He traveled for a few feet before he came to water. He was very thirsty for some reason. He did not know that he was in a land called Zakhara. When he looked up to see where he was according to the position sun and saw a falcon flying over him. The falcon looked down, saw Billy and decided to land. Billy was in awe as the falcon turned into this beautiful women wearing a feathered garment. She looked at him and smiled.

"Hello William. You are here on a quest that I am to aid you on temporarily. What you are searching for can only be found in Elysium, which is in the Astral Plane. I am to help you reach the Astral Plane and then you'll be on your own again." She explained.

"I understand. What should I do?" Billy said.

"First you'd better lay down and get comfortable. Then you must relax your mind and let yourself go. The rest will flow and you must go with it." She said.

Billy did this and quickly found himself in the Astral Plane. He walked until he found this cave-like opening. He entered and had to immediately had to hide as he saw what looked like a large wolfhound with the head slightly human in appearance, with forepaws that are adaptable, dark colored fur, and amber eyes.

"Please help me. I got caught in this cage that I cannot break out of and it's guarded by a skeleton. I cannot get out on my own." A male voice in his head spoke calmly and clearly.

Billy walked slowly up to the cage to let the dog-like creature out. He did not see the skeleton moving behind him.

"Billy, watch out behind you." The male voice inside of his head warned.

As the skeleton raised it's sword bearing arm to slice his back, Billy turned around and moved before the blow hit. Realizing that the skeleton couldn't move as fast as him, he began moving this way and that while avoiding the blade. "Billy, in the corner to your left is a bow staff." The voice told him.

He quickly got the bow staff and began attacking. As he blocked, he kept trying to knock the skeleton off its feet. Instead of accomplishing that, he used the staff to uppercut and knock the skeleton's head off. Then he proceeded in destroying the rest of the bones in the skeleton. Once this was done, he unlocked the cage and the creature stepped out.

"I am called a Moon Dog. I have a personal name, but you do not need to know it. Helping me get out of that cage and fighting the skeleton was your test. It is time for you to return to your plane and claim your prize. Be well Billy. You have much to do." The Moon Dog said telepathically.

It was then that Billy opened his eyes and found himself once again on Zakhara. As he began to get up, he saw a blue medallion with a Moon Dog on it laying on the ground near him. When he put it on, blue light engulfed him and he found himself back in the Command Center at his correct age. He had on a blue tunic, his medallion, brown leggings with a black utility belt, blue shoes, and blue wrist guards.

"Whoa, who are they? What are they?" Billy pointed at Wotec and Anselma.

"I am Wotec and I am a Wemic. This is a Tabaxi named Anselma." Wotec answered.

They filled each other in as Billy became accustomed to the Wemic and the Tabaxi as well to his new uniform.

Rocky found himself in a forest that was much like the ones that he knew, but different. It was a temperate forest and young Rocky landed right next to a tree. A creature with a man's torso and face on a horse's body is standing in front of him with an arrow notched in the bow aimed at young Rocky.

"Whoa! Talk about a rough ride. I bet you're wondering what I'm doing here. My name's Rocky and I'm unarmed." Rocky said.

"Spy! I should kill you where you are, but because I don't know if you're a god or not, I am forced to take you prisoner. I am putting this blind fold on you. You will not know where you are going." The Centaur said.

It was then that Rocky was knocked out. When he awoke, he sat in a small cell with a different Centaur for a guard. He decided to stay put for a moment.

"So the little spy has awakened. Don't go anywhere, my young spy." The Centaur spoke in a malicious tone.

It wasn't long before the Centaur who caught him and another Centaur who appeared to be the leader came into sight.

"Who are you?" The leader asked.

"My name is Rocky. I'm looking for something." Rocky replied.

"Maybe we should take him to the Treant. I have a feeling that he will know of this." The leader spoke.

Rocky was taken to a tree that had brown bark, with a human face.

"Who is this creature that you have brought to me?" The Treant asked.

"We think that it may be a god." The leader said.

"He is neither god nor human. He is mortal." The Treant said.

"Wait, I can change my shape." Rocky stated, not knowing why.

"Show us." The Treant commanded.

Rocky became a tree, then a rock, a deer, a rabbit, and then another Centaur before reverting back to his own form.

"You must go to the temple in the mountains, there to your right. It is there that you shall find what you seek." The Treant spoke.

"Our apologies for calling you a spy. We will take you to the base of the mountain. It is there that you must continue on your own." The leader spoke.

"Thank you for the ride, and don't worry about it. I get attacked all of the time. I think it's because they're scared of me." Rocky stated.

"I understand. Good journey friend. Be safe." The leader spoke.

Rocky began his long climb up the mountain to the temple sitting on a flattened ledge with the temple embedded in the face of the mountain. As he looked at the entrance, he saw a stone wolf with white-hot fire opals for eyes. He thought nothing of it and proceeded to enter. As he passed by, he did not notice the stone wolf begin moving as if it was alive. It pounced on Rocky and trapped him.

Rocky shape-shifted into a Rhino which caused him to roll to his side and knock the stone wolf off of him. As Rocky was returning to human form, the stone wolf wasted no time in grabbing a hold of Rocky's arm with its mouth and began mauling him. Rocky used his other arm to change it into a hammer and smashed the other opal. With that, the stone wolf disintegrated into a pile of dust.

He entered the temple and saw the medallion at the end of the room. In that same room, he saw a steel suit of armor standing completely still. He approached the medallion, but did not see the armor changing into a humanoid with a blade for lower arms. Rocky heard the foot steps and turned around in time to dodge the swing. As Rocky dodged each of the attacks, he saw a sword in the stone wall. He rolled to dodge another attack and get to the sword. As soon as he unsheathed the sword, he stabbed the creature and it disintegrated. The medallion glowed and before Rocky stood a black Pegasus. It glowed as the medallion appeared on Rocky and it flew into Rocky and the medallion both taking Rocky back to the Command Center and returning him to his correct age.

"Now that was a kick ass ride!" Rocky shouted.

"We'll deal with you later." Mariah teased. "Ha, Ha." Rocky returned.

Aisha landed in a temperate region with plenty of trees. She was near a cabin that had a small river flowing next to it. A large, stout, well muscled, and hairy black man walked over to her.

"Who are you and how did you get here?" The man asked. "I'm Aisha and I'm not sure how I got here. Who are you?" Aisha said.

"I am Gesian. What are you doing here?" Gesian asked.

"I'm looking for something. I'm not sure what it is, but I'll know when I find it." Aisha answered.

"I sense that you are a werebear. But it's not possible. You would have showed it by now." Gesian spoke. "I haven't got a clue." Aisha stated.

"I know who we can talk to. He's a Saurial. If he can't explain it, then we'll never know." Gesian stated.

Once they had reached the Saurial's home, they knocked on the door. A giant beast, looking like a Triceratops, with sharp horns protruding both from its head and bony plate stepped into the doorway. On site of Gesian, it cast a spell.

"Hello my friend. What can I do for you?" He said.

"I need you to see why she comes across as a werebear, but shows none of the signs." Gesian said.

"Simple enough." He said.

The Saurial cast another spell that allowed him to see into Aisha's past. He started with Aisha's childhood and kept going through her past reincarnations until he found what he was looking for.

"I found your answer. She was a werebear in her past life. To regain that power you must go to the temple of insight in this valley. Good luck to you." He said as they left.

It took only an hour to get to the temple of insight. It was there that Gesian stopped.

"Aren't you coming with me?" Aisha questioned.

"No. This is your quest. You must do this on your own. I will be here when you are done." Gesian said.

As Aisha climbed the steps of the temple, the two stone lions came to life and roared. This caused Aisha to jump and turn around. They began biting and clawing at her until she picked one up and sent one flying into the other. They quickly returned to their positions and became statues once more.

"Next time, I won't be so nice." Aisha grumbled.

Gesian chuckled as he heard what Aisha said. Aisha walked into the temple toward the main room. A panel opened on Aisha's right with plenty of holy water and holy symbols. Something inside her told her to take them and she did. As she walked into the main room, she saw the medallion sitting at the back of the room with light shining on it. Behind her, a skeleton clothed in a flowing brown robe came to life and stood up. Aisha heard bones moving behind her and turned around. She saw a skeleton clothed in a flowing, brown robe and the eye sockets was lit by a fierce, red pinpoint of light. She felt the tug of an attempted teleportation that failed. Seeing that it failed, the skeleton began clawing at Aisha. As if by instinct, Aisha grabbed all of the viles of holy water and began emptying the viles on this creature. It saw the holy symbols and all of the holy water being dumped on it and disintegrated. Aisha turned back to medallion as it began to glow. A ghost of a werebear reappeared next to the medallion.

"You have proven yourself worthy. I hereby restore your power to become a werebear at will and give you this medallion. Guard it well Aisha. It has many secrets you have yet to discover." The ghost said and disappeared.

Aisha walked out of the temple wearing the medallion proudly. She did not see the small dragon-like creature following her.

"You've done it. Congratulations Aisha. It would also appear that you've made a friend as well." Gesian said.

A small flying lizard that resembled a red dragon with fine scales, sharp horns and sharp teeth. The scales were red-brown and the tail was two feet long and barbed.

"Hello Aisha." The dragonet said telepathically.

Aisha seemed overjoyed at the sight of this creature.

"I give my highest word that I'll take very good care of you." Aisha said.

"Then I guess we're partners. The name is Suedo." Suedo said.

It was then that Aisha and Suedo were returned to the Command Center. By then, Aisha had regained her age.

Kim landed in the deep region of a sea. The water was already in her lungs and were filling fast. If she didn't find land soon, she'd drown. As she was passing out and sinking to the bottom, she could have sworn that she had seen a man with silvery skin and a trident in his left hand. When she was taken to shore, he waited for her to awaken. Normally, he would have taken off once the land-dweller was safe on shore, but this one intrigued him. She was not like the other land-dwellers. He had to speak with her. It hadn't taken Kim long to wake up. When she saw the man sitting in the water watching her, she began to back away in fear.

"Wait. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you." A male telepathic voice said.

"Who and what are you?" Kim asked.

"My name is not important, as to what I am, I am a Triton. What you seek cannot be found here, but you may want to try the middle of the swamp behind you." The voice answered.

It was then, that the Triton disappeared into the water and that Kim got up. She faced the swamp and began her trek into it. She walked until she came upon the ruins of a forgotten city. She was drawn into an old home with a long bow that had metal ends with string going into a small hole in the metal ends. The arrows hung there next to the long bow. As she took a step toward the long bow, an eruption of fire appeared and there stood a male human ghost.

"Hello Kimberly. I've seen you several times in my visions. You still have a lot to learn physically. The two powers you are ready for I will tell you about. The first one is where you can make an inanimate object or undead creatures explode. You can't use this on the living, sorry." The ghost said.

"Oh darn. I can't use it on Michael." She said sarcastically.

"The second one will allow you to charge an object and use it as an energy weapon. To find what you seek, you must find the shrine in these ruins. Luck be with you Kimberly." The ghost told Kim before disappearing.

Kim took the long bow and began searching every doorway she found until she found the shrine. A medallion was floating over a pedestal in the center of the room. Kim began her approach, but was stooped when a skull that was on fire appeared before her. It spit fire at her as she jumped out of the way. As soon as she was upright, she pulled out the long bow along with a silver arrow and began focusing her energy on the arrow. The arrow appeared to be on fire, but it glowed pink. She released the arrow and the arrow landed between the flaming skull's eyes. Then she focused on where the arrow was lodged and the skull exploded. She recovered her arrow and stood there for a moment as if waiting for something to happen. She returned the bow to hanging on her back remaining still.

The medallion glowed for a moment and then an energy outline of a creature with the head and forepaws of a lion and the body, and the tail of a fish appeared. As it used its tail to power itself toward Kim, Kim raised her hands into the air and it entered her body, surrounding her body with pink energy. As she was teleported back to the Command Center with the medallion and the bow and the arrows, she had returned to her proper age and wearing a pink dress.

Tommy thanked Tiacled and said goodbye as he was teleported to the Command Center.

"Now that we are all assembled, we are ready for what may come. We must be prepared for Michael's return. It is possible that he would have returned to the side of evil." Zordon said.

Michael had been sealed behind a high level force field and had a guard on him night and day. At the same time, Master Vile and Lord Zedd had called Dark Specter and told him that they had captured Michael. Dark Spector had just arrived and Michael could hear footsteps of someone coming in his direction. Dark Specter had just arrived and Michael could hear the footsteps of someone coming in his direction.

"When they open the door, I'm making a break for it." Michael thought.

Master Vile and Darkside stood before the door to Michael's cell door. As Darkside began disengaging the force field and said, "Don't try anything. We were sent because we can handle you. If you try anything funny, we will blast you ahead of time."

Michael was taken to a dark room where he was thrown to his knees. Darkside and Master Vile left the room, leaving Michael to wonder what was going on. A few minutes later, Dark Specter appeared.

"You know you belong on our side and yet you fight us. The time for forgiveness is over." Dark Specter spoke sternly.

"I'm not returning to your side." Michael mumbled.

"You can't escape your fate Michael. You can't run from it. Become one with the darkness in your soul." Dark Specter lectured.

Michael's response was sent to Dark Specter with a ball of lightning being thrown at him. Dark Specter deflected it with ease and just stood there, while Michael kept trying.

"Haven't learned yet? I'm to strong for you at this time. Give in to the evil that flows through your veins." Dark Specter said.

"Kiss my ass!" Michael screamed as he sent another ball of lightning towards Dark Specter.

Michael began feeling his body being crushed as Dark Specter began punishing Michael for his actions.

"Think long and hard Michael. Next time, you might not be given a choice." Dark Specter warned as Darkside and Master Vile took Michael back to his cell.

"You would do well to turn." Darkside said unusually calm.

"Yes, Dark Specter rarely gives anyone this many chances." Master Vile spoke.

Michael let the darkness come and slowly drifted off to sleep.

"Michael." a sweet female voice spoke.

Michael slowly opened his eyes to see who was there. He saw no one. He was about to close his eyes and return to sleep when a spirit of a young beautiful women dressed in white with a heavenly glow all around her. Michael recognized her as his long dead mother.

"It's okay Mikie. You can give in just this once. You're about to do something wonderful." She said.

"Yes mother. I will let go just this once. May God forgive me for what I'm about to do." Michael spoke, not seeing Master Vile in a dark corner.

"You've been summoned by Dark Specter, bro." Darkside said as he stepped into the room.

"Where are we going?" Michael asked knowing that this was not the same way as before.

"You'll know soon enough." Darkside answered.

Michael was thrown into another dark room, where even his vision could not penetrate the darkness. A group of Cogs grabbed him and threw him into a chair. They held him firmly in the chair while other Cogs strapped him down and put a harness on his head.

"Dark Specter has ordered me to give you an upgrade. When I'm through, you'll not only be reprogrammed, but you'll be a type of cyborg as well!" King Mondo said as he laughed evilly.

"No!" Michael screamed.

Mondo turned on the machine and Michael jerked in pain. As the pain grew and darkness took over his eyes to knock him unconscious. When Michael awoke, he was dragged into a darkened room. As he was thrown onto the floor, he saw a younger version of his mother walk up to him.

"It's okay to be evil every once in a while." She said and vanished.

Then a small girl appeared. Michael could not see what she looked like.

"Who are you?" Michael asked in confusion.

"I'm the sister you never had. Mom was pregnant with me when she died." She said.

"If I hadn't killed mom...." Michael stopped in the middle of the sentence.

"Then you would have had a baby sister. You did such a lovely job of killing mom and dad, you should become evil once again." She said and then disappeared.

"Time does not matter, Turn his good side into dust. Allow the good in him to be even flatter. He shall bow and obey me, as he must." He heard Dark Specter chant in his mind.

Michael jerked as if in pain. He ceased feeling the goodness in himself and began feeling only the evil. With this in place, Michael rose as one of Dark Specter's evil minions.

Michael's eyes opened and glowed red for a second. Mondo had Michael released. Michael rose with a twisted grin. Vicious thoughts flowed through his mind.

"The brain washing worked! What are your thoughts young prince?" Mondo said with cold glee.

"I wish to see my master so that I may know how to best serve him." Michael snarled.

Michael was taken to Dark Specter.

"What are your orders, master?" Michael asked in a malicious voice.

"I want you to destroy those pathetic Rangers. Do not return until you complete your mission." Dark Specter commanded.

"Yes master." Michael responded.

Michael teleported back to Earth and stood there morphed.

"Okay Rangers. Time to come out and play." Michael stated maliciously.

The Command Center's alarms were blaring. The sensors had picked up Michael. "Rangers. The worst has happened. Michael has returned and is making preparations to draw you out for battle. Be warned. Even though Mariah and Adam both possess the power of a dragon, Michael can still over power all of you. Be careful and may the power protect you." Zordon warned.

"I call on the power of the griffin and the Roc!" Tommy shouted.

"I call on the power of the gold dragon!" Adam shouted.

"I call on the power of a Weretiger!" Katherine shouted.

"I call on the power of the Moon Dog!" Billy shouted.

"I call on the power of the black Pegasus!" Rocky shouted.

"I call on the power of the Sea Lion!" Kim shouted.

"And I call on the power of the silver dragon!" Mariah shouted.

They still appeared to be normal Rangers wearing spandex, but their equipment changed. On Rocky's back, he had metal covering the upper part of his wings, while the rest was feathered. Adam had a small device on his wrist that was black with an extended silver circle attached. Aisha wore metal gloves, that could smash through anything, on her hands. On Kat's hands were a tiger's claws that would allow her to rip through anything. Billy wore a miniature computer on his left wrist. On both of Kim's gloves, there was a small triangle that strengthened her psyonics. Tommy wore a portable shield on his chest that could be extended around anyone. Mariah wore a visitor that allowed her to pier into anyone's mind and soul.

"Now that you have morphed, I will teleport both you and your friends to battle. Please be safe and try not to kill Michael." Zordon spoke, more to Kim on the last part.

"Why would you tell us not to kill Michael, Zordon?" Adam asked.

"I wish I could answer that question, Adam." Zordon thought.

When the Rangers arrived, Michael turned to them and said, "At last. I thought you guys would never get here."

"Cut the act, Michael. We know that you're evil once again. Let's get started." Tommy spat.

"On the contrary, dear brother. I'm here for something else. I'm here to open a portal and to unleash a terrible evil." Michael remarked calmly.

"Now you know we can't let you do that!" Adam shouted.

Michael erected a force field that none of them had the power to break and opened a portal.

"I call on the following creatures into this world. You shall report to my step-grandfather at once. Of the Tanar'ri, I call a Marilith. I call a Harpy to enter this world. Of the Rakshasa, I call a Ruhk to enter this world. I call a Troglodyte to come forth. Of the Yuan-ti, I call one of their purebloods. I call a Bugbear to come forth, and lastly, I call a Drow of the Dark Elves." Michael shouted into the portal. Before Michael left for the palace with the evil creatures, he turned to the Rangers to speak.

"These seven warriors of evil will be your undoing. Sleep well and pray. For by the end of this month, you'll all be dead or worse. Goodbye Rangers. See you on the battlefield." Michael said and began laughing maniacally as he returned to the palace.

The Rangers returned to the Command Center after Michael had left. In the palace, Michael stood there listening to the plan and watching. When he had heard enough, he left for his quarters. As he sat down on his bed to think, he heard several voices speaking in languages he could not understand.

"Descendant. You have another way out. You don't have to be evil. Think about it. The voices will not go away until you've made the correct choice." A male voice spoke.

Michael's brainwashing was undone with those words. With that, Michael teleported to the Command Center.

"Aye-yai-yai. Michael is on his way here. What do we do?" Alpha said in excitement.

"Wait for him to materialize. Then, erect a very powerful force field around him." Zordon commanded.

Alpha made the preparations and was ready when Michael appeared. Michael had a look of confusion on his face when he noticed the force field up around him.

"Guess I deserve this. Standing by to be scanned." Michael stated calmly.

Katherine picked up the scanner and began the scan. Without saying a word, she began to scan him telepathically as well. When she was done, she found that he was clean of the evil that had possessed him. The force field was quickly dropped.

In Switzerland, at the site of the peace conference, a Marilith of the Tanar'ri holds it's ground looking at the building. This particular Tanar'ri had the body of a giant snake, with huge, green, scaly coils. From the waist up, it appeared to be a beautiful, comely female. In two hands were two different kinds of swords, in two other hands were two different kinds of axes, and in her last two hands were two different daggers. She watches the building as fireballs begin raining down on the building both destroying the building and killing everyone inside. Her job done, she returned to the palace. No one in the Command Center knew what had occurred. The siren wailed as six monsters and Darkside appeared at separate locations. Kim and Aisha had already teleported to Florida to prepare for the Pan Global Games.

Kim was practicing on a balance beam when a monster with a snake body, human arms, and a snake-like head appeared. Kim almost fell and hit her head for a second time as she joined the other people in running, completely forgetting about her newly acquired power. Aisha had found a secluded corner and morphed. It was then that she stepped forward to face the creature.

"Okay, time to send you back from where ever you came from!" Aisha challenged.

"I, a full blood Yuan-ti, shall kill you and take your friend to my master for judgment." The Yuan-ti answered. "Over my dead body!" Aisha yelled.

"That would be the point." It hissed.

In Africa, the same Tanar'ri that took out the Peace Conference appeared. In Europe, a six foot tall lizard-like creature with leathery scales and a lizard-like head appeared. It wore a leather weapons belt with a small bag of semi-fresh meat. In Australia, a six to seven foot tall humanoid creature with the bodily features of a tiger appeared. Its hands had palms that curve backwards, away from its body, and wore human clothing of the highest quality. In Canada, a giant creature, who was a hairy cousin of a goblin, stood seven feet tall with yellow brown to brown hair with greenish white with red pupils, their ears wedged shaped, with a mouth full of long sharp fangs. Its nose resembled a bear's. In Angel Grove, a dark elf with black skin and white hair appeared from out of nowhere ready for a fight. Somewhere in the Orient, Darkside appeared almost mocking every person on the planet. At the same time, Master Vile was busy conjuring a beast for the seventh monster. A giant bull-like monster with a hide made of thick metal scales appeared in Northern California.

"Go my Gorgon, destroy everything." Master Vile said maliciously.

"What's with the sirens, Zordon?" Adam asked.

"Darkside and seven monsters have appeared, each at separate locations. You must each pick a location and do the best you can to defend it. Michael, Darkside is in the Orient. I sense that this battle is meant for you alone to fight. There are monsters in Northern California, Angel Grove, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Canada. Aisha and Kim are already in Florida. You must each choose. I fear that this is the last battle I may be able to assist you on. I'm proud of you all and would be glad to call each of you my own. Good luck and may the power protect you." Zordon said.

"I'll take Canada." Rocky said.

"Got Europe." Mariah chimed in.

"I know Australia, so I'll take that one." Kat said.

"I guess I can handle Africa." Adam said not sounding so sure.

"I volunteer for Northern California." Billy spoke at last.

"I guess that leaves me with Angel Grove." Tommy said seeing the irony in this fate.

They were each teleported to begin one of the final battles of Earth, each morphed. Aisha had stopped the chit-chat with the monster and began the battle. The creature let her get in a few punches and kicks.

"Okay, now the fun begins." The creature said.

It hurled its spear at her, the weapon was to strong for the Ranger suit to protect her and impaled her in the stomach, catching her off guard. As the creature began its second attack, it stopped in shock as the Yellow Ranger became a Werebear. Her wound healed, she clawed twice at the creature. Both times hitting the creature. Before it could provide a proper defense, the Werebear grabbed the creature in a bear hug, trying to break its spine. In defense, the creature bit the Werebear in the head. As the Werebear let go, the creature grabbed his spear and once again imbedded Aisha in the gut. The damage done, the creature once again bit down on Aisha's head, cracking her skull. When it let go, she fell to the floor with a thud that made Kim stop in her tracks before exiting the building. It was then that Kim remembered her new powers. As Kim walked back, she heard a radio announcer say over the radio that monsters were attacking the planet. She heard them also say that the Rangers were doing every thing they could to stop all of the monsters. She approached where she saw Aisha begin the battle. What she found was Aisha, laying on the floor, returning to human from the Werebear form, dead. She ran up to her friend, ignoring the pain, and picked up the communicator. No monster, she had to be quick. She told Alpha the dreadful news, but before she could get out another word, she was caught by the creature. Due to her panic, a psyonic blast hit the creature and sent him flying backwards into a wall with a thud.

It was then that she made her bow and quiver of arrows appear. She pulled out an arrow, notched it in the bow, and held it as she glared at the creature, waiting for it to move. The fire began blazing brightly in her eyes as her hatred for the creature rose up. As the creature got out of the imprint that he had made in the wall, Kim let the arrow fly and charged it with some of her energy. She did not count on the creature being fast enough to catch the arrow and grab her all at once. The moment he had her, he teleported her to Goldar's Dark Dimension. No one saw Aisha's body vanish without a trace.

Adam landed in the middle of a desert on the continent of Africa. He saw the Tanar'ri standing ahead of him. Before he could morph, the tail snapped in his direction and wrapped around Adam and began crushing him. Then she used her telekinesis to throw a few rocks at him. It was then that Adam set himself on fire, causing the Tanar'ri to drop him. This gave Adam time to morph. He immediately called on the power ax to help him fight. The communicator came to life.

"Aye-yai-yai, Rangers, I'm sorry. Aisha is dead." Alpha said sounding sad.

The message was sent to all of the Rangers. That was all Adam needed to be sent into a blind rage. The Tanar'ri slashed at Adam with each blade, each causing damage. Adam just didn't care anymore. The Tanar'ri kept this up until Adam demorphed and laid on the ground alive, but unconscious. They teleported back to Lord Zedd's palace.

In Australia, Kat, Anselma, and Wotec appeared. The creature just stood there, obviously not impressed.

"I am a Rakshasa Ruhk. You shall die." He said.

"I like to see you try." Kat replied.

Kat quickly morphed and watched the creature more carefully. A wall of fog appeared from out of nowhere. The trio could not see in any direction. The Rakshasa Ruhk took the moment to change into a bear and gave both Wotec and Anselma severe injuries. Kat found the bear and returned the slashes. The fog dissipated and Kat saw a cave nearby.

"Go over to that cave! You'll be able to heal while I fight." Kat said. The Ruhk had his thumbs touching with the fingers spread. His hands sent out five foot length of flame from his fingertips. It sent her flying backwards into a rock face. The next thing she knows, the creature is right next to her. He touches her and an electric jolt shoots through her body, weakening her morphing powers. The Ruhk walks away for a moment and she takes the chance to become invisible. The Ruhk uses a spell called Faerie Fire to out line where she was. The Ruhk called up a magical arrow and sent it flying toward Kat. Once it hit her, acid began eating at the suit. It was then that Kat realized that she needed Michael's help.

"Mikie, help me." Kat sent telepathically.

Michael appeared somewhere in the Orient and felt a familiar presence. He knew that Darkside was here somewhere.

"Come out and face me you coward!" Michael screamed.

Suddenly, Darkside appeared out of nowhere and slashed Michael with his sword. The wound sealed up almost immediately. He quickly morphed and stood ready. Darkside reappeared directly in front of Michael.

"Glad you could make it little brother. This should be our last battle for awhile. Better enjoy this while you can." Darkside hissed.

"Can the chit-chat and get this started." Michael snapped.

"I'll let you take the first shot." Darkside said.

Michael took a step forward and then lifted his right leg. He swung it from outside of his personal space to the inside, hooking it as he did so and kicking Darkside in the face. Darkside sweeps Michael's legs out from under him in retaliation, causing Michael to land on the ground. Michael rolls onto his stomach and spins, kicking Darkside in the right knee, sending him to the floor. They get up simultaneously, and Michael side kicks Darkside in the gut followed by a punch in the face and finishes off with a hammerfist to the cheek. Before Darkside can retaliate, Michael pulls his right hand back parallel to his side and puts his left hand just above his right. An electric ball of light appears and is sent toward Darkside. It hits Darkside dead on as the current of electricity keeps flowing into him as Michael pushes his right hand forward and brings his left hand back toward his left side. Michael was forced to stop when he was distracted by Kat's telepathic plea for help. Michael tries to shake it off and sweeps Darkside's legs out from under him. As he lays on the ground, Michael puts his right foot on his throat.

Once again, he is distracted by Kat's plea for help. Darkside takes this opportunity to grab Michael's leg and twist, flipping Michael to the ground as he uses the momentum to roll to his feet. Darkside stands there prepared to block while keeping his eye on Michael. Michael rolls backwards and gets up with both hands up, left leg forward, and right leg back. Michael moves his right leg behind his left leg, kicks Darkside in his right knee, uses the same leg in mid-air to kick his stomach, and uses that same leg to kick Darkside in the face, knocking Darkside back a few steps.

"Tell me Darkside, do I have your attention yet?" Michael snidely remarked.

The Ruhk had disappeared for a moment and Kat took the chance to get up. She saw Michael, unmorphed, walking in her direction. She ran up to Michael to embrace him. While in the embrace, he began to levitate off of the ground to very high in the air and returned to his true form.

"Glad to see you care. Unfortunately, I can't share the same sentiment. Your flight is about to begin." The Ruhk grinned evilly.

He forced Kat to let go and then let go himself. If Kat hadn't been morphed, the fall alone would have killed her, as it is, it cracked her helmet. He landed with grace and began tracing runes in the air. Explosions erupted all around Kat and threw her into several rocks. It was then that Kat demorphed. She shifted into her Weretiger form just as the Ruhk sent fireballs at her, landing all around her and sending her into the forest. He waited until she was in a part of the forest full of vines. When Kat took to many steps backwards, she fell into one of the Ruhk's traps. As she fell into the hole full of vines and stones, she hit her head and was knocked unconscious. The Ruhk began creating water inside the hole. Once the hole was filled, he had the vines wrap around her throat and squeeze until she was dead. He took her back to the area they had started from and stabbed her several times. Once he had done this, he left. Anselma and Wotec came out, using almost all of their strength. There they stayed, by Kat's side, guarding against the local predators and scavengers.

Michael had just noticed that he and Darkside had a small audience.

"It doesn't matter if you have my attention, because I'm going to kill the people watching us." Darkside stated maliciously.

"Don't! You're after me, remember, not these civilians." Michael pleaded.

Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Master Vile stood outside the Command Center.

"So this was the Command Center. Not anymore!" Lord Zedd spoke maliciously.

They fired a blast, and all that was left of the Command Center, was ruins. Michael felt the death of Zordon. After that, a sharp pain and the feeling that he was alone in his mind told him that his link with Kat had been severed. Darkside took the moment and killed the spectators.

"See, you're weak. You're not even worth my time." With that said, Darkside left.

Michael teleported to Australia where Kat was. He kneeled down to hold her in his arms and began using his power to call her soul back. The soul had never left her body and she could do nothing. After a few moments, it became apparent that Michael wouldn't stop. It was Wotec who stepped in.

"Stop Michael. She's not coming back. I know what you're feeling. I've been down that road." Wotec stated.

"I want you to stay in that cave. If and when our side loses, you must form some sort of resistance. Do you understand?" Michael stated.

Wotec nodded and Michael teleported back to the Command Center. He was shocked when he saw the ruins. He found a left over status pod and laid her into it. It was to badly damaged to use as it was intended, so he used it as her coffin. He teleported to his underwater base to wait out the outcome of the rest of the battles. Without his beloved Kat, he had lost the will to fight.

In Europe, the six foot tall lizard-like creature was reeking havoc in a small village when Mariah popped up.

"Okay, you've had your fun. Now it's time to pack it up and go home." Mariah said.

"I don't think so. It's time for you to die." It grunted. "Just cut to the chase." Mariah snapped.

The creature charged with its javelin aimed at Mariah. Mariah quickly turned invisible, jumped out of the way, and shot off a few rounds from her laser gun. The creature easily dodged the shots and used its sense of smell to find Mariah right where she was hiding. Once it found her, it struck her several times successfully. Once she was forced to remain visible, the creature struck several more times, knocking her unconscious and mortally wounded her. Thinking she was dead, the creature returned from whence it came. Survivors of the village attack came and took Mariah to a safe haven while they cared for her wounds. Once she was healed, she disappeared.

In Canada, a giant, hairy cousin of a goblin stood waiting for his opponent to appear. Rocky landed right in front of this creature and for a few minutes, they stared each other down. The creature threw a mace at Rocky, which he easily dodged. Rocky's arm changed into a sword as the creature drew his sword from its sheath. As sword met sword, the creature's strength was applied to the sword and began pushing Rocky to the ground. In one swift movement, the creature pushed the sword to the side and stabbed Rocky. Rocky screamed in pain as the creature knocked him out. The creature teleported back to his base with his captive.

In Angel Grove, it was now night. A dark elf with black skin and white hair stood and awaited battle in the park. Tommy appeared after searching the city and finally found his opponent. The dark elf cast a spell that lit up his aura in her eyes so she could see him no matter where he went. Somewhere in the distance, someone's portable stereo cuts on and begins to play Pink Floyd's "On the Turning Away".

"On the turning away. From the pale and downtrodden. And the words they say which we won't understand. Don't accept that what's happening is just a case of other's suffering or you'll find that you're joining in the turning away. It's a sin that somehow light is changing to shadow. And casting its shroud over all we have known. Unaware how the ranks have grown. Driven by a heart of stone. We could find that we're all alone in the dream of the proud."

Tommy used a light spell to cause a luminous glow of light to light up the area up to and beyond the dark elf.

"So, Tiacled has been teaching you. I hope you are prepared to die!" She shrieked.

The dark elf charged and Tommy raised his hand and water began pushing the dark elf back. Then he called lightning and had it strike her. Then the wind picked up and began blowing up to nineteen miles per hour and blew the dark elf into a tree.

The song continues where it stopped. "On the wings of the night, as the daytime is stirring. Where the speechless unite in a silent accord. Using words you will find are strange, and mesmerized as they light the flame, feel the new wind of change on the wings of the night." Then the song stopped again.

As the wind died down, the dark elf used the opportunity to levitate a bench and some sharp sticks and throw them at him. Tommy just lifts his hand once more. From his palm, fire shoots out and destroys the objects flying at him. He then conjures a flame blade and strikes down the dark elf, ending the battle.

The song continues once more, this time until it is done. "No more turning away from the weak and the weary. No more turning away from the coldness inside. Just a world that we all must share. It's not enough just to stand and stare. Is it only a dream that there'll be no more turning away?"

Tommy teleported to the Command Center and silently observed Michael putting Kat in a cryostatus chamber. He also noticed that the Command Center had been destroyed. He teleported to a cave in Angel Grove to hide for safety.

In Northern California, a giant bull with thick metal scales was trashing the forest. It was already zord size. Billy teleported in and saw this creature. First, he morphed and then he called his zord. The wolfzord powered up and the battle began.

The giant bull breathed a cone of gas and the wolfzord quickly moved out of the way. As the gas hit the ground, the forest became stone. Billy notices this. Seeing that the wolfzord dodged this attack, the giant bull charged, horns aimed at the wolfzord. The wolfzord leaped out of the way and then onto the giant bull, sinking his teeth into the back. The damage is effective, but as the wolfzord leaped off, the giant bull made contact with the zord through its horns. The battle went on like that until the giant bull was destroyed. Unfortunately, the blast also hit the zord, destroying it. Billy was nowhere to be found.

At this time, Lord Zedd began casting a spell. Dark clouds covered the Earth's surface, volcanoes erupted, tidal waves took out cities, winds blew up to a hundred miles per hour and faster, and the big one hit California, causing many explosions. It was on that day that the human race surrendered. The day of darkness had come.

Michael saw the clouds cover the planet and quickly reentered his water base.

"It's here. The prophecy has come true. Now, it's up to what's left of the Rangers to stop this evil, but I must find them first." Michael said to himself.

Once the destruction was over, Lord Zedd's palace landed in the center of what was left of Angel Grove. Master Vile quickly took Adam and Rocky to the UFE (United Federation of Evil) for judgment.

"Adam, for your crimes against the UFE, I sentence you to the prison planet. On which, I know you won't last long. Get him out of my site. Now for Rocky. For your crimes against the UFE, I also sentence you to the prison planet. Not even a shape shifter can escape that planet alive. Take him away. Teleport Kim here!" Dark Spector ordered.

Kim sat in Goldar's Dark Dimension waiting for her fate when she was teleported to the UFE version of a court room.

"Kimberly Harte, for your past crimes against the UFE, you are to rot in Goldar's Dark Dimension. We will place a powerful force field to ensure that you stay there. No one will get in or out. Get her out of my site and then instruct Lord Zedd to either find or kill those other renegade rangers. They must all be punished." Dark Spector spoke.

To be continued in "The Fight for Freedom"......................