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Adjustments 2: The Transfer
by: Jason Festa

As Ashley Hammond moved along the halls of Angel Grove High school, she observed everything around her. Since becoming a part of the legacy known as the Power Rangers, she tended to watch her surroundings very carefully. It was a habit that ALL of the Rangers had picked up. Off to Ashley's right, she noticed two teens, a boy and a girl. They were making out. Their hands were flying all over each other and they were unaware of anything but each other. Off to Ashley's left was a group of teens more commonly known as the freaks. They all looked depressed as always. Their black clothes made them look like shadows, trying to avoid light. The way that they moved around made them appear dead, and the make-up that they wore made them look even tackier than some of Divatox's monsters. Ashley chuckled to herself at the site of the people in front of her: valley girls. The cheerleaders to be more exact. They were, as ALWAYS, practicing cheers. Don't get her wrong, Ashley had nothing personal against the cheerleaders, she just thought that they were over enthusiastic. Not to mention a little IQ challenged. As Ashley moved along, she noticed the Principal, Mr. Caplan, giving Bulk and Skull detentions. As far as she knew, Bulk and Skull should have graduated already. But unknown to her, they had both failed a year and were forced to stay behind. Ashley chuckled at them as Mr. Caplan pulled them by their ears to the detention room. She looked over her shoulder as they whined about it. Suddenly, Ashley bumped into somebody and they both fell to the floor. Books went flying everywhere, and people all around were giggling to themselves.

"Oh, man!" A boy's voice conveyed from the floor. Ashley sat up and shook her head. _This'll make for one hell of a headache!_ Ashley thought to herself. She looked around her and at the boy she collided with. As he sat up she turned red and hid her face. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine." She said as she stood up. "Are you fine?" She smacked her self. "I mean you are fine." She smacked her self again. "I mean, are you alright?" She offered her hand and helped the African American teen off of the ground.

"I'm fine." He extended his hand to her. "I'm TJ Andrews." Ashley took his hand and tried to hide her embarrassment. She remembered TJ well. Only a week ago, he and an oriental girl had fought side by side with the Rangers, and had gotten rid of several schools of piranhatrons. Ashley also remembered how they had helped Adam out when he was surrounded and on the ground. For that, the Rangers owed them a lot.

"I'm Ashley Hammond." She said. She and TJ shook hands and then he picked up her books.

"Sorry 'bout that. I should've watched where I was going." TJ said.

"No, it was my fault. I was too busy laughing at Bulk and Skull." She giggled at the memory.

"Who's Bulk and Skull?" TJ asked, obviously confused.

"Resident flunkies. Trust me, you'll get to know them, and regret it." TJ eyed her warily.

"So, Ashley Hammond, what grade are you in?" TJ asked.

"I'm in 10th grade. You?"

"The same. Who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other again sometime." TJ stated as he began to walk off.

"I hope so." Ashley whispered to herself.

"Excuse me?" TJ asked. Ashley blushed.

"Nothing!" Ashley's voice squeaked. TJ flashed an award winning smile and continued on his way. Ashley almost fainted right then and there. But suddenly, the bell rang, telling Ashley that she was late for Mrs. Applebee's English class. Ashley silently cursed to herself as she ran for the class. She arrived at the door way as Mrs. Applebee was closing the door.

"Nice of you to join us Miss Hammond, but unfortunately, you need a tardy slip."

"Please, Mrs. Applebee, I was having feminine problems." Ashley whispered to her. Mrs. Applebee thought for a moment.

"Alright, come on in." She said. Ashley smiled and walked through the door.

"Thank you." She made her way to her seat, right next to her best friend Carlos Vargas.

"Feminine problems, nice touch Ash." Carlos joked.

"Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

At the other end of the school, TJ wandered around hopelessly looking for his class. The bell had rung five minutes ago and he knew that once he found his class, that he'd be in a bit of trouble. He continued to move along, looking at each doorway trying to find room 203. He turned a corner and found himself facing a wall. _I hate this school! Why do I have to come here!_ He turned back around and walked back up the hallway he came from. He double checked all of the room numbers trying to find his. _I really hate this school! The only good thing about it is Ashley._ He smiled to himself as he remembered bumping into her. He knew that he had done it on purpose. That thought made him laugh. For some reason, he had felt an attraction to her the moment he saw her. He also felt such familiarity when he talked to her. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he could've sworn that he had been around her before. As he turned another corner, he stopped. _I don't remember coming down here before._ He kept moving along, and looked at each room number. Finally, he saw the room. Room 203, Mrs. Applebee. _Interesting name._ He thought to himself. _But it's an English class. What fun!_ He thought to himself. He put his schedule away in his jeans pocket and turned the door handle. He opened the door and walked in. Mrs. Applebee was in mid-sentence when he did.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah. I'm TJ Andrews, new student." He said. He looked across the room at all of the faces and saw Ashley's smiling face. He also smiled.

"May I see your schedule?" Mrs. Applebee asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah!" TJ realized what she had asked. He dug through his pocket and brought out his schedule again. He unfolded it and handed it to Mrs. Applebee. She read the paper and then walked over to her podium. She opened her grade book and found first period's pages. She picked up her pencil and wrote TJ's name in at the bottom and student number. She handed TJ his schedule and closed her grade book.

"Welcome to English II, Mr. Andrews. Have a seat anywhere for today. I'll assign you a seat tomorrow." She told him.

"Okay." He responded dreamily. He walked to the back of the room and found a seat behind Ashley. He sat down and took his backpack off. "Hi." He whispered to her.

"Hi." She responded like a love struck school girl. Carlos chuckled to himself at the way she was acting.

"Hi, I'm Carlos Vargas." Carlos extended his hand to TJ, and TJ shook it.

"TJ Andrews." They shook. Mrs. Applebee cleared her throat and looked at the two.

"Sorry, Mrs. Applebee. Just getting to know my classmates!" Carlos joked.

"You will have time for that at the end of class. Right now, we have a story to finish. If you will all open your books to page . . . . . ten I think it is." Mrs. Applebee said. The entire class opened their books to a story called, "The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin. "TJ, why don't you share a book with Ashley for today."

"No problem." TJ said dreamily.

_Man, if these two aren't in love, I don't know what they are!_ Carlos thought to himself.

"Now, we can either read the story out loud, or we can read it on our own. What do we want?" Mrs. Applebee asked. The class decided, unanimously, that they would read to themselves. Mrs. Applebee agreed and took her seat. TJ pulled his desk up next to Ashley's and settled in. They smiled at each other and then began to read. _This will definitely be an interesting year._ TJ thought to himself.

"Diagnostic scan complete." The little robot known as Alpha 6 stated. He finished typing in the information and walked over to Tommy, who was sitting on a med table.

"And?" He asked.

"You're alright. Your Turbo powers are holding steady, and as long as you try not to strain yourself more than necessary, you should be fine." Alpha said. Tommy took in a breathe of relief.

"How much is more than necessary?" Tommy asked.

"You can morph and fight, but no Zords. You powers will go crazy. If they need the Rescue Megazord, then they'll have to do it without you." Alpha said. Tommy nodded.

"But you really should look into passing your powers along to someone else."

"Yeah, I know." Tommy said sadly.

"Tommy, you do have time to decide. As far as the calculations show, you can retain your powers for another week. After that, you will begin to feel the physical effects of the power." Dimitria said.

"Physical effects?" Tommy asked.

"Tiredness, weakness, you'll begin to slow down, it'll be hard for you to breathe, you may even pass out." Alpha said.

"Needless to say, I need to give up my powers in the next week."

"Yes." Dimitria said. She thought for a moment. "Alpha, contact Adam and Kimberly."

"Right away, Dimitria." Alpha responded in his New Yorker accent. He walked over to another console and pushed a few buttons. A few moments later, Kim's voice played across the speakers.

"Dimitria, what's up?" She asked.

"Kimberly, please find Adam and teleport to the Power Chamber." Dimitria said.

"Is something wrong?" She asked, concern filling her voice.

"No, but I need to talk to you and Adam. Please hurry." Dimitria said calmly.

"Alright, we'll be there in a few!" Kim said nonchalantly. Alpha closed the communication line and returned to Tommy's side.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked.

"I will tell you when they get here." Dimitria said. Tommy simply shrugged and put his flannel shirt back on. He removed the wires that were attached to his forehead, and stood. A moment later, pink and green light filled the Power Chamber. Kim and Adam landed on the floor and looked up at Dimitria, then to Tommy.

"What's going on?" Adam asked.

"Rangers, I have called you here for a specific reason." Dimitria began.

"Where's Justin and Ashley?" Kim asked.

"At school. They don't need to be here. This concerns only you three." Dimitria said. They all grew quiet. "As you all know, or should know, your lives are moving along swiftly. You each have developed interests in different occupations, and now that you are all adults, your social lives are more important. As Teenagers, Zordon chose you all to be Rangers because he knew that the powers would not have a profound effect on your lives. But now that you are adults, you can not get out of certain situations like you used to be able to. For this reason, I believe that it is time for you to pass your powers along to someone else." Dimitria finished.

"What if we don't want to?" Kim asked.

"Kimberly, it is time for you to move on with your life. You gave up a future in gymnastics just to come back and help us. That is not what Zordon wanted. And it is not what I want. You are all very smart, and wonderful people, and no one wants you to miss out on any of the things that you will if you keep your powers. Please, for your futures, you must choose replacements." Dimitria said.

"I will." Adam said.

"I have to." Tommy joked.

"I guess I will." Kim said sadly. "I just hate having to give up the power so soon after just getting it back."

"We understand, Kim. It's cool that you don't want to, but it is for the best." Tommy said.

"Yeah, you're right." Kim said.

"Always!" Tommy joked. Kim slapped his arm playfully.

"Adam, Kimberly, it would be a good idea if you could choose your replacements in the next week so that we could integrate them all at the same time." Dimitria said.

"Why not one at a time?" Adam asked.

"With the gap between your age differences, you wouldn't function well as a team. It would be better if you chose in the next week." Dimitria said.

"We understand." Kim said. Dimitria smiled underneath her cloth face mask.

"I'm glad to hear that. For now, you may go back to Angel Grove. For some reason, Divatox has been awfully quiet for the past week. We will try to figure out why." Dimitria said.

"Good luck!" Kim joked. They all raised their communicators and teleported away in a flash of light.

As the bell signaling the end of sixth period rang, Ashley quickly rose out of her chair and gathered up her books. She had tried to do some studying while in Study Hall, but with TJ in this class as well as four others, she found it very hard to concentrate. She had accidentally called the teacher TJ when he addressed her. It gave the entire class a laugh, and Ashley a red face. But all TJ did was smile. As far as Ashley thought, TJ liked her. She liked him as well. He had also had his share of slip ups all day long. He walked into a wall after second period while walking with Ashley. Luckily, no one saw. But at lunch, he accidentally walked into the ladies room with Ashley and caused a great deal of panic; mostly from the cheerleaders doing their mid-day change. Needless to say, he was embarrassed. But they had both learned a lot about each other that day as well. Ashley found out that TJ's parents had sent him out here to live with his uncle in hopes of him following a career in baseball. He wasn't as thrilled with the idea as much as his parents were. But he went to make them happy. TJ found out that Ashley's parents had separated and were seeking out a divorce. TJ felt sorry for Ashley, but she seemed okay about it. They both walked out the door at the same time and walked to their lockers. Coincidently enough, their lockers were right next to each other.

"So, how much studying did you get done?" TJ asked.

"Oh, I got a lot done!" Ashley lied. TJ laughed.

"I couldn't study either." He opened his locker and put his books away. "Ash, do you wanna do something after school?"

"Yes!" _Way to go! Now he'll think that you're a no life looser!_ He smiled.

"How about I come by your house later. Maybe we could go to a movie or something."

"Sure. I'll give you my address." She searched around in her locker for a piece of paper. When she couldn't find one, she just tore a corner off of one of her text book pages.

"Isn't that illegal here?"

"Only if they catch ya!" Ashley smiled. She wrote down her address and gave it to TJ. "So, how do you get home?"

"I walk." TJ said. He read the address. "Hey, this is right by my house!" He closed his locker and leaned against it. Ashley put her last book into her locker.

"Well then, let me give you a ride home." She offered.

"You have a car?"

"No, but I have a ride. He's very nice, and he'll give you a ride home." TJ thought about it for a moment.

"Okay, sure." He said. Ashley smiled. Carlos walked up just as she closed her locker.

"Hey Ash! Hey TJ." He said.

"Hey Carlos! Is Adam out there yet?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah. He's waiting for us now." Carlos said.

"Oh." Ashley quickly grabbed her English book and closed her locker. She took TJ's hand and pulled him along. "Come on." All three of them walked out the main doors to the school, and came out onto the parking lot. In front of them sat a green Amigo. Adam Park sat in the driver's seat. "Hey Adam, do you mind giving TJ a ride home?" Adam looked at the boy and then remembered who he was.

"Not at all." He said. Giving the boy a ride home was the least that he could do. Carlos climbed into the back of the Amigo and sat down. TJ opened the door for Ashley and she climbed in.

"TJ!" A girl's voice called. They all looked out to the parking lot and saw an oriental girl come running up.

"Hey Cassie!" Ashley and Adam immediately recognized her as well. "I didn't know that you were going here."

"I could say the same about you too." She said. She looked at Ashley, Adam, and Carlos. "Hi, I'm Cassie." She said.

"I'm Ashley."

"I'm Carlos."

"I'm Adam, resident taxi cab!" He joked.

"Ya up for one more passenger? My friend was supposed to give me a ride, but she had to leave early." Cassie explained.

"If you can fit in, I can drive you." Adam said, happily. Cassie smiled and TJ helped her into the back with Carlos.

"Hi." Carlos said.

"Hi." Cassie responded back. TJ climbed in beside Ashley and closed the door.

"Okay, who lives the closest to the school?" Adam asked.

"I do." Carlos said.

"Well, maybe I do." TJ said.

"I live two streets over." Carlos said.

"He does." Cassie and TJ responded in unison.

"Okay, Carlos' house first." Adam started up the Amigo and then drove away. He pulled out of the parking lot and went left. After passing two streets, he turned the corner and slowed to a halt in front of a two story house. "There ya go." Adam said. Carlos hopped out of the jeep and grabbed his bag.

"It was nice to meet you, Cassie." He said. He extended his hand and they shook.

"Likewise." Cassie said with a smile. Carlos walked up the driveway to his front door and waved back at everyone. He opened his door and disappeared inside. Adam pulled out of the driveway and came back out onto the main road.

"Who's next?" Adam asked.

"I am. My house is the next street over." Cassie said. Adam took a right onto the main road and drove along until he reached the next street. He turned down it and slowed.

"Which one?" He asked.

"That one." Cassie pointed over to a large three story house.

"Wow." Ashley said.

"My cousin's house. She's got some good money." Cassie said.

"I'd say so." Adam joked. Cassie climbed out of the back and took her bag with her.

"See ya tomorrow TJ." She said as she started up her driveway. "Thanks for the ride, Adam! Bye Ashley!"

"Bye!" Ashley said. Adam pulled out of the driveway and came back up to the main road again.

"Straight." TJ said before Adam could ask. Adam drove straight and on to the next street. He slowed down once again. "Second one on the right." Adam slowed more and turned into the driveway(If it could be called that) of a trailer home. TJ opened his door and climbed out.

"It may not be more than one stories tall, but it's all I've got!" He said. "I'll see you about seven Ash. Kay?"

"Yeah! I'll be ready." Ashley said. Adam waved and pulled out of his driveway and came back out onto the main road. He went left and drove on.

"So, you and TJ, huh?" Adam joked.

"Yeah. He's a very nice guy." Ashley said. Adam drove right by her street. "Adam, that was my street." Ashley said.

"I know, but we're having a Ranger meeting in the park." Adam said.

"About what?" Ashley asked, concerned.

"You'll find out." Was all that Adam said for the rest of the drive.

As Adam and Ashley walked through the park, they looked around for the others. Adam finally saw them all and pointed to them. Kim and Tommy sat at a bench table and were talking softly.

"So, are you gonna tell me what's up before we get there?" Ashley asked.

"Nope. We're gonna wait for Justin to show up, and then we'll tell you." Adam said. They approached the others and after a moment, they were at the bench with them. "Where's Justin?"

"We haven't called him yet. He has a test right now." Kim said.

"We were gonna wait a little while and then call him." Tommy said.

"Well, can someone tell ME what's going on?" Ashley asked, impatiently.

"I suppose that we could." Tommy said. "Dimitria has asked the three of us to pass our powers on. She thinks that it's time for us to move on with our lives and become normal adults." Tommy said. Ashley was stunned.

"That's what this meeting was all about?" She asked.

"Yeah. We wanted to tell you guys before we started to think about it." Kim said.

"What about the Soldiers? Do they know what's going on?" Ashley asked.

"Alysa does." Kim said. "But Michael and Sanchez haven't been informed yet."


"Well, for one, Michael is still on New Syberia, and second, Sanchez went scuba diving today and hasn't been told yet." Tommy said. Ashley sat down and let this all sink in.

"God, I didn't even get time to get used to being on the team and already you're leaving." Ashley said. "Have you had any thoughts about who you want to replace you?"

"We have a few ideas, but nothing solid yet." Kim said. Suddenly, a light bulb flashed over Ashley's head.

"What about TJ? He'd make a great Ranger!" Ashley said. Adam thought for a moment.

"That's true, he did risk his own life to help me." Adam said.

"So did Cassie." Kim realized.

"Looks like we've found our replacements." Adam said.

"No. TJ isn't the shy, sullen type. No offense Adam." Ashley said.

"None taken." He replied.

"TJ is more of a leader . . ." Ashley looked at Tommy.

"No way! I am not giving my powers over to someone that I don't even know!" Tommy said.

"Oh come on, Tommy! He's a great guy! He would really be a great leader!" Ashley pleaded.

"No." Tommy said. Ashley began to pout. Tommy became weak, emotionally. "I won't make him a Ranger . . . not until I meet him first." Tommy said. Ashley squealed with glee as she threw her arms around Tommy's neck. "You owe me big time!" Tommy said. "But," He began. Ashley pulled away, "I will not give him my powers if I think that he won't make a good Ranger."

"I understand." Ashley said. Tommy smiled.

"So where does that leave me?" Adam asked. Ashley thought for a moment.

"What about Carlos? He's a great guy, a good fighter, and he's really smart. He could make a great Ranger." Ashley said. Adam thought for a moment.

"You're right. He would make a good Ranger. I guess that I've found my replacement." Adam said. Ashley squealed with delight.

"This is just too good of a day!" She stated.

"Let's see if I can ruin it!" Elgar said as he appeared with a school of piranhatrons. All of the Rangers stood straight and dropped into defensive stances. "Tommy, you look a little sick buddy!"

"So do you!" Tommy spat.

"Really? Well, I haven't taken my vitamins in a few days . . . ." Elgar rambled on.

"You're gonna wish that you had!" Adam shouted.

"Piranhatrons, ATTACK!" Elgar cried. The small school of piranhatrons flew out from behind Elgar and raced towards the Rangers.

"Break guys!" Tommy ordered. Each Ranger flew off into different areas of the park.

Justin Stewart had raced through the test because he knew that there was a Ranger meeting in the park. Fortunately for him, he knew all of the answers and could speed through. When he had finished writing his name on the top of the paper, he got up and handed it to Mrs. Applebee.

"There ya go!" He said.

"Did you look it over?" She asked.

"Three times."

"It amazes me how fast you take tests." Justin smiled. He went back to his seat and gathered up his things. He picked up his book bag and then headed for the door.

"Bye Mrs. Applebee!" He stated over his shoulder.

"Good bye Justin." He walked out the door and then raced through the halls. He wanted to get to that meeting. He approached his locker and stopped at it. He quickly opened it up and threw his stuff inside. He closed his locker and then looked around. He was about to teleport when he heard the familiar six tone beep. He raised his communicator to his mouth.

"What's up?" He asked.

"We need you ASAP! Major attack in the park! Don't bother morphing, just get over here!" Ashley screamed through his communicator.

"Alright, I'm on my way!" He shouted. He hit the teleport beam and disappeared in a blue beam of light. Around the corner, Mrs. Applebee had listened in on the conversation. _Not Justin too. Can I not get one smart student who's NOT a Power Ranger!?_


"He is down on Earth with a school of piranhatrons." Rigog informed her.

"And you let him go?" She asked. Rigog nodded. "Then you're even more DIM-WITTED THAN HE IS!! GET HIM BACK UP HERE, NOW!" She screamed.

"Right away my queen." Rigog cried.


"Yes?" He asked as he waddled into the room.

"How is our 'special guest' holding up?" She asked.

"Zordon is fine. Wish I could say the same about Alpha 5 though."

"What's wrong with that little twit?"

"His memory chip was dropped by a piranhatron and accidentally stepped on."

"By who?"

"Um . . . . . . .me."


"I am so sorry, my queen." Porto quickly scurried out of the room.

"Uh. This day is giving me a HEADACHE!" She screamed.

"Boy, that sounds familiar!" Zedd's scratchy voice sounded over the speakers. On the main viewing window was a picture of Zedd and Rita.

"Get off it, Zedd!" Rita screeched.

"Can I help you?" Divatox asked.

"Yes. We hear that you have Zordon." Zedd said.

"Your point?"

"Is it true?" Rita asked.

"Of course it is. Syberia couldn't do it, but I did!" Divatox cried.

"Syberia? Why did you say Syberia?" Zedd asked.

"Oh yeah, that's right, you chickens have been in hiding for so long that you don't know." Divatox said. She then began to tell the story.

"Get away from him!" Kim cried as she pulled a piranhatron away from Tommy. It stumbled backwards and fell into two other ones.

"Kim, I can fight." Tommy said.

"Not if I can help it! Stay down!" She cried as she kicked the piranhatron down again.

"Kim, I can take care of myself!" Tommy cried. When the piranhatron got back up, he grabbed it by it's head and threw it across the park. "She said stay down!"

"You are so stubborn!" Kim said as she brought a piranhatron's head down to her knee and then threw him aside.

"Well, I learned from the best." Tommy said as he swept a piranhatron off of it's feet and sent it backwards. Tommy then ran off to help Adam.

"Tommy Oliver! Get back here! I'm not done yelling at you!" Kim yelled. "Jack ass." She stated as she stomped on the piranhatrons back and walked over to Tommy.

"Hy-ah!" Ashley cried as she flipped over a piranhatron's back and landed on the ground. She grabbed the piranhatron's back and threw it over her head.

"Tommy! Get back here!" Kim yelled as she and Tommy walked right by her. _Those two need help!_ Ashley thought to herself. Ashley raised her communicator.

"Justin come in." She said. She waited a moment.

"What's up?" His voice replied over the communicator.

"We need you ASAP! Major attack in the park! Don't bother morphing, just get over here!" Ashley screamed.

"Alright, I'm on my way!" Justin yelled. Ashley kicked a piranhatron in the stomach and then threw it to the side. Justin then appeared in a blue beam of light. "Hola." He joked. Ashley threw a punch into a piranhatron's stomach and sent it backwards.

"Thanks for coming!" She said.

"No problem, I had just finished my test anyway. Now it's time for my afternoon work out!" He joked. Suddenly, all of the piranhatrons disappeared.

"Huh? What happened?" Elgar asked. He stopped fighting Adam and moved away.

"Looks like your friends ran away." Tommy said as the entire team moved in on him.

"Uh . . . yeah. Uh . . .. I'm outta here!" Elgar quickly disappeared in a bright flash of light.

"We need to talk, Mr. Oliver." Kim said. Tommy plugged his ears.

"La la la, la la la, la la la" He said over and over again. He and Kim went off arguing.

"So what's the deal?" Justin asked Adam.

"Well, we all decided that it was time to give up our powers." Adam said.

"What? I just got these powers! Now I have to give them up?" Justin cried incredulously.

"No, only the senior Rangers." Ashley responded.

"Oh. Have you all decided who you're gonna pick?" Justin asked.

"Yeah. They have their replacements picked out." Ashley said.

"It's just finding out how to get them all in one place that creates a problem." Adam said. A huge light bulb went off inside of Ashley's head.

"I think that I may know how." The wheels in her head began to turn like crazy.

"What do you mean you can't let me in?" Michael asked. He was standing outside of Jc's quarters and he was having trouble getting in. He had finally remembered what Kimberly had asked him to do, and planned on doing it. The current guard standing over his door, didn't realize that Michael was Jc's brother.

"I'm sorry, sir, but the Queen's orders were that only family can see him for now." The pig-headed guard stated.

"I'm his brother!" Michael shouted, louder than necessary.

"Well, until I get clearance from the Queen, you don't get in." He said. Michael grew upset. He started to walk away, but then got an idea.

"You do know of the Power Rangers of Earth, right?"

"Yes, they saved Prince Jc's life, all know of the Power Rangers of Earth." He snobbishly replied.

"Well, I'm a Ranger." The guard smirked. "No really, I am! Want me to prove it?"

"Go ahead, kid!" Michael turned red. He hated being called kid by anyone. He attacked Jc when they were younger because Jc had called him kid. Michael backed up.

"Here's an award winning kick that split a mechanizer in half." Michael said. He spin kicked into the air and "accidentally" kicked the guard. He went down like a sleeping baby. Michael stepped over him and opened up Jc's door. He quietly walked in and looked around. "Jc?" He called.

"I'm here." Jc responded. Michael came around a corner and found Jc in his bed with a small lap top computer on his lap. Michael remembered how this device was re-teaching Jc everything about Syberian culture and his past. Michael also knew that it had no clue about more than half of Jc's life.

"If you're busy, I can come back." Michael said.

"No. I need a break, anyway!" Jc turned off the small device and set it aside. "What's up?" Michael chuckled to himself at how much this person in front of him reminded him of his brother.

"Well, do you remember how I told you about that girl Kimberly?"

"The human Ranger who I'm supposed to be dating?"

"Yes. Well, she asked me to give you something." Michael reached down into his pocket and pulled out a little, blue necklace. He dangled it in front of Jc's face. Jc extended his hand and caught it as Michael dropped it. He looked at it and the inscription for a few moments. He seemed mesmerized by it, or so Michael thought. Truthfully, Jc actually remembered giving this necklace to Kimberly the day that this all began.

"We . . . . should . . . . . probably . . . . . Go . . . . . . soon . . . . ." Kim said in between kisses. She finally pulled her lips away from Jc and looked him in the eyes. "The guys are expecting us at the beach."

"So, they can wait." Jc said as he began to kiss down Kim's neck. He stopped when he reached the collar of her shirt, and sat up.

"What?" Kim asked, concerned.

"I had almost forgotten." Jc stood up and walked over to the book case on the other side of the room. He opened one of the doors and pulled out a little pink box. He walked back over to Kim and sat down. "Happy one week anniversary."

"You remembered?" Kim asked. Jc nodded.

"So, open it!" Jc said excitedly. Kim ripped through the box and inside, found a necklace with a blue charm on it. The charm had the words 'Kim and Jc' inscribed into it. Kim became speechless, and just looked at Jc. She kissed him passionately and didn't stop. Finally, he had to pull away from her and laughed. "We should probably go soon." Jc mocked her. She smiled. They both stood up and kissed again. As before, they didn't stop.

"Hello?" Michael asked as he waved his hand in front of Jc's eyes. Jc snapped out of his trance and looked around. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I just . . . . I remember giving this to Kimberly." Michael looked at him. "I don't know how, but I do. We had just gotten back from church and we were supposed to go meet the others at the beach. That was the day this whole deal with the scatterer started." Jc zoned off again as he remembered more about that day.

"Do you want me to get mom?" Michael asked, concern filling his voice. Jc suddenly stopped remembering things.

"No, I guess seeing this necklace just brought up some memories that I had forgotten." Jc joked. Michael smiled. "Well, maybe you should get some rest." Michael stood up. Jc laid back down on his bed. Michael stopped. "Mother said that I can take you back to Earth with me tomorrow. I wasn't going to, but maybe going back will stir up some more memories." Jc nodded. Michael walked to the door, and shut off Jc's lights. He opened the door and faced a very mad Royal Syberian Guard. "Hi . . . ." Michael began.

" . . . . is Carlos here?" Ashley finished as she stood on the front porch of Carlos' house. His mother had answered the door, cheerful as always. She smiled at Ashley.

"Yes, he's in his room. You can go on in." Mrs. Vargas said as she opened up the screen door. Ashley smiled and stepped passed the elder lady and made her way up the stairs. She came upon Carlos' room and could already hear the sounds of the Spice girls, Carlos' favorite music group. She slowly, and quietly opened up his door and crept inside. She laughed to herself as she saw Carlos dancing around topless. He was singing along with the music as well.

"But now, we're going round in circles tell me, will this deja vu never end?" Ashley giggled, and this alerted Carlos to her presence. He quickly shut off the CD player, and wrapped a blanket around his chest. "Thanks for the warning MOTHER!" He shouted. Ashley continued to giggle.

"Aw, come on Carlos!! It's not like we never did that together!" Carlos blushed at the implication Ashley was hinting at.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Well, I wanted to ask you for a HUGE favor!"

"I'm not wearing a dress, again."

"Oh, but you looked so sexy!" Ashley teased. Ashley remembered why he had worn the dress. The night that he had carved their names into the large tree outside of Angel Grove, Ashley made him swear to repay her for letting it stay there. The next day, she made him wear a dress to school. He made a great impression on their first day of High School.

"Yeah, well, if you weren't so defensive about where your name went . . . ."

"Speaking of which," Ashley cut him off, "I took care of that little problem. Our names are forever removed from that tree." Ashley said.

_does she really hate the idea of being with me that much?_ Carlos asked himself mentally. "How'd you do it?" He asked.

"My secret." Ashley also remembered that night. They had almost lost Tommy that night.

"So what's this HUGE favor?" Carlos asked as he stood up and let go of the covers hiding his chest.

"Okay, do you remember Cassie?"

"The girl that we gave a ride home to?"

"Yeah. Well, TJ wants to go out with me tonight, but he only agreed if it was a double date. So I figured that I could set you two up and set us up at the same time!" Ashley lied.

"You lost me." Carlos said, bluntly.

"Will you go on a double date with me?"

"Oh! Why didn't you just ask that?? Of course I will!" Ashley shrieked in joy. She hugged Carlos.

"Okay, I'll be back over in about an hour." Ashley said as she ran out of his room.

"Ash! Where are we going? What do I wear??" He yelled after her. But she was out of the house before he had opened his mouth.

"Digitar actually ordered you to come back?" Zedd asked skeptically. He had been fooled by Divatox too many times before to let her words get to him.

"Yes, and Syberia stepped down. She must have known how powerful I am." Divatox boasted. Rita fumbled with a small device and looked up.

"Could you say that again? I didn't get that part on record." She stated.

"You're recording me?" Divatox asked incredulously.

"Well, yeah! How else can I prove to Syberia that you accused her of being a wimp?"

"I did nothing of the sort!" Divatox cried.

"But you just said that . . . . " Divatox ended the communication.

"Bitch." She muttered. She walked over to her periscope and lowered it. She turned it on and peered inside. On Earth, a little periscope popped out of Kimberly's soda can. It peered around and saw the Rangers sitting all alone. Divatox raised the periscope and looked around. "Rigog!!" She shouted. The large blue monster scurried into the room.

"You bellowed, my queen?"

"I want you to take a school of piranhatrons down to Angel Grove and attack the Rangers. They are missing one Ranger and all of the Soldiers. It should be easy for you to capture them." Divatox commanded.

"Yes my queen. Would you like me to plant a detonator while I am at it?" He asked.

"Not yet. I just feel like hassling the Rangers." Divatox grinned. Rigog bowed and quickly left the room. Divatox looked around the room and quickly got bored. She flipped on the communications line and waited. Rita came up on the screen a few minutes later. "So, do you still wanna get me on record?"

"Man, it's gonna be weird not having you guys on the team anymore." Justin said.

Adam nodded. "Yeah, but, it'll feel good to finally get away from all of the responsibility."

"I just wish that Jc could have been here to see us off." Kim said. Tommy nodded.

"Don't worry, Kim. He'll be back." Tommy said as he put his hand on the back of her neck. She smiled and looked up at him.

"So, um, what's going on with you and Alysa?" She asked.

"Really, are you two gonna hook up or what?" Adam joked. Tommy smiled.

"Alysa and I are just friends. Besides, I am still with Kat." Tommy said.

"Tommy, maybe we should face facts, Kat is coming back, but we know that when she does, she won't be Kat anymore." Adam said.

"I know. But I still owe it to her to stay faithful." Tommy said.

"Yes, but you know Kat would want you to be happy." Kim said. Tommy nodded.

"Hey guys." Tanya said as she walked up to the group. Adam stood and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Hey beautiful." He said. Tanya smiled.

"Wow, Tanya. You look great." Tommy said as he stood and hugged her.

"Thanks, I've been feeling a lot better since I gave up my powers. And I actually get some sleep now!" Tanya joked.

"Well, we will too. Very soon." Adam said.

"Are you guys giving up your powers?" Tanya asked. She sat down on the bench next to Kim and they hugged. Tommy and Adam sat as well. Justin just hung off to the side.

"Yeah, Dimitria said that since I have to give up my powers, that we should all do it." Tommy said.

"Yeah, we were gonna do it eventually, but Dimitria thought that it would be better if we did it all at once." Adam said.

"When are you gonna do it?" Tanya asked.

"Tonight." Kim answered. Tanya grew wide-eyed.

"You mean you've already chosen your replacements?" She asked.

"Yeah. Ashley is taking care of getting them all together at once so that we can do it." Tommy said. Tanya shook her head.

"How do you know that they'll all except?" Tanya said. "What if one of them says no, and then runs off and tells all of their friends who the Power Rangers really are?"

"Well, by the time that they do, the power will be switched, and we'll be free. But the people we have picked are all honorable people. Two of them helped us out the other night. They saved Adam's ass!" Tommy said. Adam blushed. "And the other one is a good friend of Ashley's and Adam's."

"Carlos Vargas." Adam said.

"Him?" Tanya asked incredulously.

"Yes him. He's a good person! He helped us evacuate people during Divatox's first attack. He would make a good Ranger." Adam argued.

"It's a shame that there won't be any Rangers left to pass on the powers!" Rigog said as he appeared with a school of piranhatrons behind him. All of the Rangers stood and took defensive stances. As Tanya stood, Adam pushed her back behind him.

"What do you want?" Adam asked, disgustedly. Rigog chuckled.

"Do you really have to ask?" He asked.

"Always have to make sure that you didn't acquire a brain overnight!" Tommy spat.

"ATTACK THEM!!" Rigog shouted angrily.

"Should we morph?" Adam asked Tommy.

"It's just Rigog and some piranhatrons! We can handle them!" Tommy boasted.

"Maybe you should go to the Power Chamber." Adam said to Tanya.

"I can take care of myself." Tanya replied as she took a defensive stance. The piranhatrons began to attack. One swung at Tommy and he ducked. He came back around and smacked it across it's face. It wavered slightly and then struck back with his knee. He caught Tommy in the stomach and elbowed him in the back. Tommy fell to the ground and laid on his stomach for a moment. He quickly jumped back up and swept the piranhatron out from underneath it's feet. Kim flipped by and slammed her foot into a piranhatron's stomach and sent it flying backwards. She came around and hit another piranhatron in the chest with her hand and it backed up. It swung back at her and caught her in the face. She fell back and into another piranhatron. It wrapped it's arms around her stomach and began to squeeze. Kim elbowed him in the stomach and he quickly let go. She spun around and kicked him away. She turned back to the other piranhatron and spin kicked it to the ground. Suddenly, a piranhatron that was flying through the air, landed at her feet. She looked up and saw Adam brushing his hands off. She smiled at him, but he began to run when four piranhatrons came running after him. Tanya flipped a piranhatron over her shoulder and slammed her foot into it's stomach. She barely looked up in time to see a piranhatron flipping towards her. She moved aside and instead of hitting her, like it had hoped it would, it fell on it's face in the mud. A small giggle escaped Tanya's mouth and she walked away from him. Justin threw his foot into a piranhatron's stomach and then threw it backwards into another. He crouched down and swept the first piranhatron off of it's feet. He stood back up and spin kicked the other piranhatron to the ground. Suddenly, the first piranhatron grabbed his feet and pulled him to the ground. Two more piranhatrons hopped on top of him and held him to the ground. "Justin!" Tanya cried as she saw this. Distracted, she was easily caught. A piranhatron slammed into her and she fell to the ground. They threw a net over her. She squirmed around but couldn't get away. She and Justin were caught.

"Hey Ashley." Cassie said as she opened her front door. Ashley smiled as she saw that Cassie was home.

"Hey Cassie! Can I talk to you for a minute?" Ashley asked. Cassie looked back over her shoulder, and looked back at Ashley.

"It's not exactly the best time. Can it wait until tomorrow?" She asked.

"Not really. It has to do with tonight." Ashley said.

"Oh, your date with TJ." Casie said.

"How did you know about that?"

"TJ called me. He was very happy about it."

"He has your number?"

"Yeah, ever since we came into town together, we've been pretty good friends." _We've been through a lot together._

"Oh. Well, anyway, my friend Carlos, you remember him, right?"

"The cute guy in the back of Adam's car? Yeah. What about him?"

"Well, I was kinda hoping that you would be willing to go on a double date with us. Me and TJ, you and Carlos. What do you say?" Cassie looked back over her shoulder and then stepped out onto her porch. She closed her door behind her.

"I would, but my boyfriend would get pretty upset." Cassie said.


"Yeah, Ricky Porter. He was one of the reasons that I came out here."

"Ricky Porter is your boyfriend? Your the Cassie he's been talking about for so long?"

"Are there any other Cassie's in this town?"

"Well . . . Look, Rick would understand because it's just four friends goign out." Ashley pleaded.

Cassie thought about it. Then she smiled.

"What time?"

_Yes!_ Ashley thought to herself.

"Let them go!" Tommy ordered as he, Adam, and Kim regrouped by their bench. The piranhatrons had Justin and Tanya held firmly in their grasps. Rigog swung his sword around and a cage formed around them.

"I'm sure that you are familiar with this metal, Rangers. It is Triforian silver. Nearly indestructable. The only way that they are getting out is by the key. But there isn't one!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Rigog laughed evily.

"SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Tommy shouted.



"RED LIGHTNING, TURBO POWER!" They immediately turned into the Power Rangers and dropped into defensive stances.

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER, TURBO POWER!" Justin shouted from within the cage. His body began to convulse and he fell to the floor. His body radiated with blue light for a minute, and then stopped.

"JUSTIN!" Tanya shouted. She knelt down by his side and craddled his head in her arms.

"HAHAHA! I guess that I forgot to tell you! There is a forcefield around that cage that prevents you from using your Ranger powers!" Rigog snickered. Tommy became enraged and ran at Rigog. He flipped over his head and turned. He grabbed Rigog's back and pulled him backwards. Tommy rolled on the ground and Rigog went soaring through the air. He landed at the foot of the cage and sat up. Tommy stood and ran at rigog. A piranhatron stuck his foot out and tripped Tommy. He fell to the ground and got pissed. He pushed himself up and swung at the piranhatron. It grabbed his arm and pushed it away. He threw his hand into Tommy's stomach and then his face. It then spin kicked Tommy. He went flying through the air and towards the cage. As he flew through the cage, his armor melted away and he hit the other side of the cage with a loud thump. He slumped to the floor, unconscious.

"TOMMY!" Kim and Adam cried in unison. Tanya moved Tommy closer to her and rested his head in her lap as well. Kim moved forward, but Adam held her back.

"Would you like to join him?" Rigog asked as he fired several rays from his eyes. The rays hit Kim and Adam in their chests and they fell to the ground in agony. "Put them in the cage as well." Rigog ordered. The piranhatrons picked the two Rangers up and drug them over to the cage. Kimberly retaliated and slammed her foot into one of her captor's stomach. The piranhatrons holding Adam flung him into the cage, and his armor melted away. He sat up, in the cage, holding his head. Kim threw her foot into the other piranhatron's face and then ran. Rigog raised his sword and aimed it at her. A minute later, an energy spike flew out of his sword and hit Kimberly in the back. She fell to the ground in a sparking heap of pain. She was then carried over to the cage and placed inside. She flashed pink as her armor melted away. Rigog chuckled to himself and ordered the piranhatrons to bring him a communicator. They brought it to him and he held it up. Divatox appeared in it a moment later. "We have captured the Rangers as you have asked, my queen."

"Goody!! Now, that little yellow twirp is still out there. She will be returning to the park shortly, so be ready. When she shows up, capture her and then bring them all back here." Divatox ordered.

"Yes my queen. Viva La Diva." He closed the communications line and faced the Rangers. "Your fellow Ranger is in for a surprise." He smiled as he turned away from them.

_Not if I can help it._ Tanya thought as she unstrapped Justin's communicator and brought it up to her lips.

"Thank you for doing this." Ashley said as she backed away from TJ's porch. He flashed her an award winning smile and she almost melted away.

"No problem! I know how hard it can be to find a date around here!" He said. Ashley smiled at him. "So, I'll see ya later?"

"Yeah." Ashley said. TJ smiled and closed his screen door.

"Bye then!" He closed his front door and Ashley began to walk away. Suddenly, beep beep beepbeep beep beep. Ashley raised her communicator to her mouth and pressed the open communication button.

"This is Ashley, come in." She said.

"Ashley," Tanya began.

"Tanya? What are you still doing with a communicator?"

"No time to explain, get the Rangers' replacements and bring them to the park immediately! We need help."

"What's going on?"

"We've all been captured and they can't use their powers right now, and we need the Power Rangers to get us out of here."

"Alright, I'll be there soon." Ashley put her communicator down and turned back towards TJ's front porch. TJ was standing in the doorway and was wide eyed.

"You're a P-power Ranger?" He asked. Ashley slowly nodded. "I have a date with a Power Ranger." TJ thought aloud.

"TJ, I need you to think clear for a minute." Ashley began. TJ became serious and looked at her.

"What do you need from me?" He asked.

:"The other Rangers were going to pass on their Ranger powers to different people today, and you were gonna be one of those people."

"Me?" TJ asked incredulously.

"Yes, and right now, we need you to take those powers. You helped us out the other night when you and Cassie saved Adam's butt! We need you two to help us again."

"Adam is a Power Ranger too?" TJ asked. Ashley became frustrated and grabbed TJ's arm. She pressed her communicator and they both teleported away in two flashes of light, one yellow one white. They re-appeared on Cassie's porch a moment later. "Whoa!" TJ cried as he stepped away from Ashley. Ashley knocked on the door, and a moment later, Cassie answered it.

"Hey Ashley, hey TJ. What's up?" She asked.

"We need your help." Ashley said bluntly.

"What can I do?" Cassie asked.

"I'm gonna be dating a Power Ranger!" TJ cried outloud.

"What's he talking about?" Cassie asked.

"Can I be Frank?" Ashley asked.

"Only if I get to stay Cassie." She joked. Ashley grew even more frustrated.

"Look, Cassie, I'm the Yellow Ranger and I need your help." She said.

"Excuse me?" Cassie asked. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"The other Rangers are in great danger and they need to pass on their powers so that we can save them." Ashley said. TJ finally slid into his new position as leader.

"They need our help, Cassie. I say we do it." He said.

"So, you want me and TJ to be Power Rangers?" She asked. Ashley nodded. "Well, okay."

"Good! We're in a hurry, so just latch on." Ashley said as she extended her arms. Cassie and TJ each took an arm and the three teleported away in a bright flash. They appeared in the park behind the cage. Ashley made them get down. Tanya noticed them and they crept closer to the cage. "Tanya, these are two of three replacements."

"What do you want me to do with them?" Tanya asked.

"TJ is red, Cassie is pink. Give them the morphers and teach them how to use them. I'm gonna go get Carlos." Ashley teleported away in a yellow flash of light.

"Hi." Cassie said to Tanya. Ashley appeared in Carlos' bedroom a minute later.

"Ashley!" He hopped up and closed his bedroom door. "I told you, don't ever just teleport in here!" Carlos remembered the first time she had done that. They were talking on the phone a week before school started again, and she had told him that she was the Yellow Ranger out of secrecy. She then teleported into his room to prove it. Unfortunately, Carlos was wearing boxers only, and they NEVER stayed shut.

"Sorry, but it's an emergency!" Ashley said.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"The Rangers are in trouble and we need help."

"What can I do?"

"We need you to take over as the Green Turbo Ranger." Carlos grew wide eyed.


"Look, I know that you can do this, and we need your help, bad! Please Carlos, they're in danger of dying." Ashley pleaded.

"Fine, but that's two HUGE favors in one day. You owe me!" Ashley grabbed his arm and they both teleported away in a bright flash. They appeared in the same spot as before, in the park, a moment later. Ashley forced him to croutch down and they scrambled up to the cage. Tanya handed Ashley Adam's morpher and then wished them all luck. Ashley and the others quickly stood up and backed away out of hearing range.

"Okay, you put the key in the morpher and turn. TJ, you call out, 'red lightning turbo power', Cassie, 'wind chaser turbo power', Carlos, 'dessert thunder turbo power'. Got it?" They all nodded. "Alright then, SHIFT INTO TURBO!"




"RED LIGHTNING, TURBO POWER!" In a bright flash, they all morphed into the Power Rangers and flipped over the cage and Rigog. They landed in front of him and his school of piranhatrons and took defensive stances.

"What? The Rangers? But you're all in the cage!" Rigog shouted as he turned around. He saw the others still in the cage and turned back around. Ashley stepped forward.

"The Rangers have just passed their powers on, Rigog!" She shouted. Rigog threw his sword to the ground and became enraged.

"ATTACK THEM!" He shouted, for the second time that day. The piranhatrons flew at the new Rangers at lightning speed. Each Ranger moved away from the group and took a few piranhatrons with them. TJ Ducked as a piranhatron swung it's fist at him. He came back up and threw his knee into it's stomach. He spun around and then spin kicked another piranhatron in the face and sent him sprawling backwards. Another piranhatron swung a broken branch at TJ and hit him in the back.

"TJ!" Cassie cried as she saw this. She pushed her way through a few piranhatrons and then flipped over to his side. She helped him to sit up. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, he just caught me unaware." TJ said as he stood up. "Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt at all."

"Not yet, anyway!" Rigog cried as he swung his sword at the two. They both ducked and Rigog's sword dug into a tree behind them, and stayed there. TJ came back up and kicked Rigog in the back, and sent him into the tree. Rigog slammed into the tree and then fell to the ground. Cassie flipped away as he tried to sweep her off of her legs, and then came back and hopped onto his back. He cried in agony as she began to jump up and down on him. She flipped away and allowed him to get up. He pulled his sword from the tree and swung it at her. It came within inches of her face before TJ threw his sword in the way. He used his sword to knock Rigog's sword away and then kicked him in the stomach. Rigog fell backwards into some piranhatrons, and they all fell to the ground. Rigog squished the piranhatrons with his weight. TJ and Cassie ran off laughing. Ashley flipped by and slammed her feet into a tree. She used the momentum to come back around and slam her foot into a piranhatron's face. It flew backwards and landed on top of the slowly rising hill of piranhatrons and Rigog. Carlos kicked a piranhatron in the stomach and it fell backwards. Ashley kicked it in the back and it flew back to Carlos. Carlos kicked it in the stomach again and he went towards Carlos. They continued kicking him back and forth until he fell to the ground, unconscious. Slowly, each Ranger flung several piranhatrons into the new pile and eventually all of the piranhatrons were in the pile. The four Rangers re-grouped and stood tall in pride. Rigog pushed the piranhatrons off of him and stood up, holding his arm. "You humans will pay for this!" And with that, he and the piranhatrons disappeared. The Rangers high fived and ran over to the cage.

"How do we open it?" Cassie asked.

"You can't." Tanya said. "It's made of Triforian silver, nearly indestructable."

"Well, it must have been destructable for them to meld it into this shape." Carlos said.

"Well, I don't know how to get out of it." Tanya said. Ashley raised her communicator to her mouth.

"Dimitria, come in." She said. A moment later, Dimitria's voice came through the speakers.

"Yes Ashley, I read you." She said.

"Do we have anything that will break through Triforian silver?" Dimitria thought for a moment.

"No, but the Soldiers do. The Galactic Defender could rip through the cage."

"Yeah, but we need all three Soldiers to make it." Tanya said from the cage.

"Since the Soldiers aren't morphed, all of their weapons are here. All that you need is the green, pink, and blue Turbo Rangers." Dimitria said.

"Justin's trapped in the cage as well." Ashley said.

"Why don't I take over his powers for now." TJ suggested.

"Nevermind, Dimitria." Ashley said. She lowered her communicator and walked over to the cage. Tanya unstrapped Justin's morpher and handed it to her.

"Power down!" TJ cried, instinctively. Ashley handed him Justin's morpher and key, and TJ handed her his. He strapped on the morpher and put the key in the ignition. A moment later, he stood as the Blue Turbo Ranger. "Let's do this." He said. Cassie and Carlos joined him.

"GALACTIC DEFENDER!" They all cried in unison. The massive weapon appeared above their heads and TJ grabbed it. He lowered it into position and Cassie and Carlos stood on either side of him. Ashley moved out of the way, and all conscious Rangers in the cage, ducked. TJ pulled the trigger of the weapon and each peice glew it respective color. Soon, only the discus was glowing blue. It suddenly shot out of the weapon and flew at the cage. It spun around over the top and little wires of light came down and surrounded the cage. The wires came in fast and the cage disappeared in sparks. TJ lowered the weapon, and they all ran to the Rangers' aides. The four morphed Rangers stood and powered down, then kneeled by each Rangers' side. They each began to awaken, slowly.

"What happened?" Tommy asked as he sat up.

"You were captured, but us lowly teenagers saved you." Ashley joked. Tommy looked up into their faces and smiled.

"So, they know that we're Rangers?" He asked.

"Were Rangers." Ashley corrected. Tommy looked at her confused. "We had to go through the transfer in order to save you guys."

"But you didn't transfer the powers." Tanya said. "Right now, they're each sharing power." TJ handed Justin's morpher and key back to him. Suddenly, they all disappeared in a bright flash of light and re-appeared inside of the Power Chamber.

"Tanya is right. The Rangers must go through the actual transfer of powers in order for it to be complete." Dimitria said. Each Ranger nodded.

"What do you mean they got away?! You told me that you had them!" Divatox screamed as she slapped Rigog over the head over and over again.

"They gave up their powers!" Rigog cried.

"They had their powers when you captured them! If you had been paying attention, then you would have seen them give over their powers, and you could have stopped them!" Divatox screamed again as she slammed her fists into Rigog's face.

"I am sorry my queen." Rigog cried.

"Go take a swim!" Divatox yelled as she clicked her fingers together. Rigog disappeared and re-appeared outside of the ship. He poumded on the nearby window, but then swam away as a shark swam after him.

"Ha Ha! Way to go Auntie D!" Elgar shouted as he slapped Divatox on the back. She growled and he backed away. "Uh oh." He said as she snapped her fingers again. He then appeared next to Rigog and freaked as the shark bit at him.

"I HATE working with relatives!" Divatox cried.

"Tell me about it!" Zedd agreed as he and Rita appeared on the bridge. Rita smacked him in the back. Divatox calmed a little.

"So, you wanted to talk in person." Divatox said. "So start talking."

"Well, we figured that since we both want the Rangers dead, and control of the Earth, that maybe we could work something out." Rita said.

"You mean an alliance?" Divatox asked.

"Yes." Zedd answered.

"But what about Digitar? He ordered me to take over Earth."

"We shall talk to Digitar. But we want this alliance. Do you realize how much damage we could cause working together?" Zedd said. Divatox thought for a moment.

"Let's step into my office." She said with a large grin on her face.

Deep underneath the Power Chamber, the Rangers all stood in awe and looked at the secret room. There were rocks all over the place, but in an ordery fashion. There was a warp tube in the middle of the room just like Zordon's. Inside, Dimitira waited. On the other side of the room, were the original Ranger costumes that were upstairs in the Power Chamber. The Blue and Pink Ranger suits were missing their helmets, and had the Soldiers' original, blank, helmets in their place. There were computer consols on each wall, and in one wall, there was a large opening. Inside, was the Sword of Power, standing tall in pride. Each colored jewel sparkled under the light, and cast off different shades of light throughout the room. The Rangers stood before Dimtria and she looked at all nine of them with warmth and love.

"Rangers of the past, you have all played a major role in the defeat of evil, and your help shall not go unnoticed. You have each been a valuable part of your team, and each of you have brought that little extra something into the group to keep us going. New Rangers, you are going to be excepting a great honor from your friends today, but it is a risky business to be a Ranger. Therefore, I am giving you each a chance to step down and revoce the power." Dimitria said.

"Dimitria, I think that I speak for each of us when I say that we're all in." TJ said. Dimitria smiled.

"Rangers of the past, please morph." Dimitria said.

"SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Tommy cried.





"RED LIGHTNING, TURBO POWER!" In one bright flash, they all morphed into the Powers Rangers Turbo, which for some, would be the last time in their lives. They all placed their hands onto the sword of power. TJ and Tommy put their hands on the red jewels, Carlos and Adam placed their hands on the green jewels, Justin placed his hand on the blue jewel, Ashley placed hers on the yellow jewel, and Kim and Cassie placed their's on the pink jewels. Each Ranger gleq their respective colors. Tommy glew red, and then his armor melted away. He continued to glow red, and his armor re-appeared on TJ. Adam glew green for a moment and then his armor melted away. It re-appeared on Carlos and Adam continued to glow green. Justin and Ashley just continued to glow their colors. Kim glew pink, and then her armor melted away. It re-appeared on Cassie, and Kim continued to glow pink. Each new Ranger; TJ, Carlos, Justin, Ashley, and Cassie; teleported away in their beams of light. They re-appeared on top of a large rock, and continued to glow. The other Rangers faced each of them, and the glowing ;lights lifted off of them and flew at the new Rangers. They each stopped glowing after a moment, and removed their helmets. Lights flashed through the room and they shrunk down to standby mode.

"World, I give you the new, Power Rangers Turbo!" Dimitria cried. From the other side of the room, in the doorway, Alysa, Sanchez, and Alpha six stood there watching.

"God, it's sad to see them give up their powers like that." Alysa said as she wiped away a tear from her face. Sabchez placed hi hand on the back of her neck and nodded.

"But at least now, they can move on with their lives." Sanchez said. Alysa nodded. A computer consol behind them began to blink. Alysa and Sanchez walked over to it and turned it off. "What is it?"

"It says that Michael's coming back in." She looked at it more. Then she smiled. "And he's got Jc with him!" Sanchez smiled and ran back to the doorway.

"GUYS!" He shouted. The Rangers and Dimitira all looked over. "Michael's coming back and he has Jc with him!" Kim almost fainted. They all ran back into the main room of the Power Chamber, new Rangers included. They watched in awe as blue and white light rained down from the ceiling. The two beams landed on the floor and melted away to reveal Michael and a blonde Jc. Everyone stared at them.

"Guess who's back?" Michael joked.

The End... for now