Disclaimer: Power Rangers and related characters are properties of Saban Entertainment. The Crowmeowme males are my creations.

Author's note: This is the official tale of Bart and Ashley's first date, as well as an interesting anecdote of Brian Crowmeowme's past. Certain names were changed to protect copyrights. This presumes the Rangers arrived at Earth on a Friday, but did not go into town until Monday.

First Date
by: Gold Astro Ranger

Our tale begins on Sunday, February 15 at the Crowmeowme estate. Past and present Power Rangers were gathering to watch the monthly wrestling pay-per-view broadcast. When Ashley arrived, Bart, who just twenty-four hours earlier had admitted his love to Ashley, took her back into the parlor, with something on his mind. "Ashley," Bart began, "I asked Brian for some advice on how to treat our relationship, and he said the first step was usually a date. He explained the concept to me, and now. I want to ask you out on our first official date. I was thinking of this coming Friday night." Ashley blushed, "Well, my schedule is clear, so, why not." The two of them shared their third kiss. Bart told her, "I think we shall go out for dinner and then come back to the mansion to watch a movie." "Back here?" she asked. "Yes," Bart replied, "While we were off planet, Brian had the most comfortable theater in Angel Grove built here at the mansion, he has a vast library of past and present movies."

The next day, the Rangers went into town. They went to the newest hang-out in Angel Grove, The Surf Spot. Bart was not impressed with the french fries, "Brian makes them much better," he thought to himself. Bart was in a much better position than Ashley to notice Andros' use of telekinesis, to which he thought to himself, "Amateur." It seems that on Minutiae, everyone is born with telekinesis. Thus, Bart has had several millennia of practice. From The Surf Spot, the Rangers journeyed to the electronics shop, where Bart used the credit card Brian had given him to pay for the needed parts. "Interesting that this is a gold card," Bart mused to his teammates, seeing as Bart was the newly empowered Gold Ranger. After battles with Quantrons and Ecliptor, the Rangers went to work on the Astro Megaship. When the repairs were done, he noticed the setting Ashley had created on the Simu-deck. The juke box intrigued him more than the pool table, although he enjoyed watching Ashley make her opening shot.

Bart studied the juke box, and noticed a song he had become fond of. He remembered a television show he had watched, back when he was chosing his name. He recalled how a character on the show could start a juke box just by hitting it. This being the first juke box Bart had ever seen in person, he wondered if it would work. He concentrated, and then, using a fraction of his Tor Ek Nal skills, tapped the juke box in a certain spot. To his, and everyone else's, surprise, it worked. Music filled the simu-deck, and Bart danced, all the while watching Ashley and Andros play pool. He had seen Brian play pool at the mansion, though Brian's table was much more intricate than this one. When the Rangers returned to the surface, Bart asked Brian to teach him how to play pool. Brian took him to the game room and gave him a cue stick. Brian then removed the cover from the pool table, revealing the master craftsmanship used to make this table. "When the table is this expensive, you call the game Billiards." Brian joked.

Brian and Bart spent the next twelve hours in the game room. Brian taught his cousin everything there was to know about the game of billiards. Brian had been playing pool since it's inception. He taught Bart simple shots and trick shots, from the simplest break techniques, to advanced moves which would only be of use in an exhibition of trick shots. By the time they emerged in the morning, Bart knew as much about pool as Brian, and Brian knew more than any living pool player could ever hope to know. When Brian left for the office, Bart went back to the game room to practice his newly acquired skills. Kim and Willy came down to watch him, and he amazed them with the various trick shots Brian had taught him. "Not bad, Bart," Kim told him, "If I wasn't six and a half months pregnant, I'd play you a game. But, it's just to hard to set up a shot when you're with child. Believe me, I tried when I was carrying Willy," and then she kissed her son on his head. "Mother!" replied nearly three year old Willy.

That night, Bart asked Brian and Kim what would be a good restaurant for the big night. Brian and Kim both thought of the same place at the same time, "Chateau de Cuisine," they replied in unison. Chateau de Cuisine was the most expensive eatery in Angel Grove, one that Brian and Kim had dined at many times since they started seeing each other. It was where they had their own first date, and where they celebrated their engagement. Chateau de Cuisine hosted their wedding rehearsal dinner, a party celebrating Willy's impending arrival, and Kim's many gymnastic triumphs. Bob and Kat had celebrated there as well. Chateau de Cuisine had one table they kept open just for members of the Crowmeowme family, or those who mentioned the Crowmeowme name. Brian and Kim knew both chefs, Pierre and Henri, and could tell who was cooking just by how long it took to cook the food. And Jean-Paul, the maitre'd, knew better that to tell them the specials, Brian and Kim always went with the best.

With dinner taken care of, Bart then turned his attention to the movie. He spent most of Wednesday looking through the film library, trying to find the perfect film. That night, at dinner, Bart asked Brian and Kim what they recommended. Kim said, "I've heard Titanic is a good date movie, yet Brian has never taken me to see it." Brian responded, "There's a reason, a very good reason. I don't want to re-live a near death experience." Kim was shocked, "Near death?" she asked. Brian sighed, "I guess I should tell you. I was on the Titanic, and nearly died in the cold Atlantic." Kim was stunned, "With all the Titanic mania around, why didn't you tell me sooner, or write a book, or something?" Brian responded, "Because the memories are almost too painful." Bart interrupted, "Cousin, do you not remember what we say on Minutiae: If a memory seems painful, sharing it can ease the pain." Brian agreed, "You are right, dear cousin, perhaps I shall share with you, and the rest of the group, how I almost died that cold April night back in 1912."

When the other past and present Rangers arrived at the mansion after supper, Brian began to tell his tale. "Back in the early 1900s, when my main business was steel, I had supplied some steel to build the Titanic. In exchange, I was given free passage on her maiden voyage. With Bob safely in charge of the business, I readied myself for the trip from South Hampton to New York. I was given a luxurious stateroom, and I rubbed elbows with the Astors and Rockefellers, and the unsinkable Molly Brown. I dined at the Captain's table, before heading back to my cabin. Then, it happened." "The iceberg?" asked Tanya. "Yes," Brian continued. "I knew I would not get into one of the first lifeboats, women and children first after all, but I never suspected that some greedy fool would actually shove something across the front of my door, keeping me from exiting. I didn't find out until the water started coming into my cabin. I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. The hallway was too crowded for me to tear down the door with sheer strength."

"So how did you get out?" Rocky asked. Brian replied, "As the water filled my cabin, I opened the porthole. It was just big enough for me to slip out. When the water was high enough, I used the current to help propel myself out. The ship broke in half just after I got out. The current outside the boat was a different matter. I consider myself a fine swimmer, but the current was stronger than I could handle. I was pulled under by the force of the water. The cold was nothing, compared to winter on Minutiae. But there was still the risk of drowning. I knew I could hold my breath a good ten minutes, but the nearest boats were at least a twelve minute swim away. Then, it passed over me. The very iceberg responsible for the disaster. I noticed it had a pocket of air in a cavity of the iceberg. As I swam up, I noticed the cavity was actually more like a passage. I took a nice long breath, then made my way though the frozen passage. I found myself just above the surface, and from there, made it to a nearby boat, and back to dry land."

With Brian's painful memories comforted, Bart still had to pick a movie. After going through the entire film library three more times, Bart decided to use one of Brian's directorial masterpieces, Sally Sue, which starred Kim. When Bart told Brian and Kim of his choice, they glanced at each other, remembering the last time they had watched Sally Sue. It was just hours before they conceived the child Kim was now carrying. For them, it was truly the most romantic movie in the world. It was now Thursday, and, as they did every afternoon, Bart's teammates came over to the mansion. Brian took it upon himself to help Andros blend in on Earth. Bart and Ashley strolled through the estate's vast gardens. "Well," Bart told her, "I have made all the preparations for our date tomorrow night. We have dinner reservations at six, and I have selected a movie which Brian and Kim consider quite romantic." "Sounds good," Ashley replies, "I guess you should pick me up at five, that way, you can have time to meet the family. Daddy always closes the garage at five."

Finally, the big day arrived, yet Bart still had one problem, what car to drive. Brian and Kim taught Bart how to drive shortly after he arrived on Earth, but the selection of cars available to him at the estate was just too vast. Brian, however, had the perfect car for him. Brian told him, "Back in the fifties and sixties, Crowmeowme Industries had an automotive division. We made cars the way television networks make shows; with specific demographics." Brian led his cousin to a section at the rear of the massive garage/car museum. They stopped in front of the most interesting vehicle Bart had ever seen. Like all the cars Brian owned, it was silver, but what was strange was that it had no back seat. Brian told his cousin, "This is the Crowmeowme Motors 1955 Teen Dream Special. We designed this as a first car for teenage drivers. The lack of a back seat makes it the perfect car for a first date. We only made one-hundred of these, of which I have two; this one and the one behind it . The second one has no miles on it, and is in pristine shape."

At 4:40, with a full tank of gas, and a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers on the dash board, Bart pulled out of the estate, heading towards Ashley's house. The Hammond residence was right next to Mr Hammond's garage, where he made a decent living. Bart pulled up at 4:59 on the dot, just as Mr Hammond turned the closed sign. Bart got out of the car, the bouquet in his hand, and headed to the front door. The moment he stepped on the porch, Ashley opened the door. "You certainly are prompt," Ashley told him. Bart responded, "It's a habit, one I don't intend to break." Bart gave Ashley the flowers, as she led him into the family room. Mr Hammond had just slipped out of his work coveralls, and sat with the rest of the family, ready to meet the young man who was interested in his little girl. Ashley introduced Bart to her family, "Mom, Daddy, JJ, this is Bart." "Nice to meet you, son." Mr Hammond said, "I understand you've got quite an IQ?" Bart responded, "Yes sir, it runs in my family." "You gonna marry my sister?" interrupts JJ. "Julius Joshua!" Mrs Hammond admonishes.

Bart continued, "I graduated High School by age 13, went to Harvard, and completed business school last June. I considered several offers before deciding to move here to work for my cousin. " Bart was glad he and Brian worked out that cover story. Mr Hammond asked, "Was that a Teen Dream you pulled up in?" "Yes sir, my cousin loaned it to me. His father was the man who designed it." Mr Hammond was impressed, "I haven't seen one since I was in high school. My best friend had one, but I was stuck with an Edsel my father bought for me. That Teen Dream was the beauty that got me interested in being a mechanic. In that condition, it must be worth a pretty penny." Bart replied, "I wouldn't know, sir, but my cousin has two, this one, and one that he never drives. He keeps both in factory condition. Like yourself, he's quite good with cars, he keeps all the cars on the estate in perfect working order." Mr Hammond smiles and says, "Anyone who has family that keeps a classic like that in working order can't be too bad."

As the young couple prepares to leave, Mr Hammond tells Bart, "I'm sure Ashley will be in good hands with you. Have her home by ten, and we'll get along just fine." "That shouldn't be a problem, sir." Bart and Ashley walk out the door, Bart earns extra points by opening the car door for Ashley. With seat-belts safely buckled, the two head off towards Chateau de Cuisine. They arrived at the restaurant at five till six, Bart again opens the door for Ashley, rather than let the pimple-faced valet do it. They enter the establishment, and walk up to Jean-Paul, the maitre'd. "Crowmeowme, party of two." Bart says. "Ah, of course. Right zis way." Jean-Paul tells them, and leads them to the best table in the restaurant. Bart and Ashley study the menu, "Remember," Bart tells her, "Price is irrelevant, order whatever you want." They soon place their orders, and while they wait for their meal, Bart summons the restaurant's violin player to entertain them. After a magnificent feast, Bart and Ashley depart for the mansion at 7:25.

They arrive at the mansion at 7:49. Bart leaves the car in the parking circle out front, since he will need it to drive Ashley home. The two of them head directly to the theater, Brian and Kim never knew they came in. Bart uses a remote control to start the film, which Ashley had never seen. Being a gentleman and a being of honor, Bart doesn't make a move unless Ashley encourages it. It takes him half an hour just to wrap his arm around her. Ashley was surprised, she didn't know her former teammate Brian was such a good director. "You should see the movie he made about the Rangers," Bart told her. Brian's Power Rangers movie was one of the things Bart studied in order to prepare for becoming Brian's replacement. Ashley was further surprised when, half-way through the film, a robot, less sophisticated than either Alpha, entered the theater with a variety of treats. Bart took a box of Snow-Caps, Ashley grabbed some popcorn, both of them got root beer, then the robot left as suddenly as it arrived.

After the movie, which Ashley thought was wonderful, Bart, noticing they had roughly half an hour before she had to be home, led her to the game room. "I noticed you seemed to enjoy this game," Bart said as he uncovered the pool table, "perhaps a quick game before we leave?" Ashley responded, "OK, but I'm pretty good with a cue." Bart racked the balls, with expert skills, Ashley noted. Being a gentleman, Bart let Ashley break. Ashley sank four balls before missing a shot. Bart, however, using his newly acquired skills, didn't miss a shot. "I had Brian teach me everything there is to know about this game. He said that with a table this expensive, you have to call the game billiards." Ashley chuckled at the joke as they headed to the car. They arrived at her house at 9:55, giving them five minutes to say goodnight. "I had a wonderful time, Bart." "As did I, Ashley. I hope that we can do this again soon." "So do I, Bart." "Well, Ashley, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." "Yeah," Ashley said, right before they kissed.