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Good News, Here to Stay
by Gold Astro Ranger

Our story begins in 1995. Brian Crowmeowme, out of boredom during a lull in fighting the forces of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, writes a screenplay for a movie centering around a character to be played by his beloved wife, Kimberly. The story involves a teenage girl, played by Kimberly, who, in the 1950's, is killed in an automobile accident on the way to a formal dance. In the 1990's, her ghost appears to help a teenage boy protect the house she grew up in, which he now occupies. Filmed f or
under one million dollars, using actors who were mainly known for television work, the movie, titled Sally Sue, was made, but never released theatrically. A major cable network, run by a popular Hollywood studio known for it's family films, bought the rights to air Sally Sue, and had done so occasionally.

It is now August 4, 1997. Earlier that day, Sally Sue aired on said cable network. Not having seen it in some time, Brian and Kim, along with their hyper-intelligent son, Willy, watch it while visiting Angel
Grove. The three of them arrived in early June and stayed in Angel Grove, in the mansion currently occupied by Brian's brother Bob, his wife Kat, and their newborn son, Alfred. One reason for the long visit was the fact that Brian loved taking his family, as well as his former Power Ranger teammates, to the movies. Since they arrived, Brian had taken a group consisting of himself, Kim, Willy, Bob, Kat, Tommy, Adam, Tanya, Justin, Jason, and Rocky to see The Lost World, Batman and Robin, Hercules, Men in Black, and George of the Jungle. After the movie, Willy went to play on his computer, while Brian and Kim began talking.

One month earlier, Kim's grandmother had passed away, and ever since, Kim's dad had felt a bit down. The only times he felt better was when Kim and Willy came to visit him. That, combined with the fact that her gymnastics coach, Gunther Schmidt, went back to Germany on family business, gave Kim an idea, "Honey," Kim said, "since we don't really have any reason to stay in Florida, why don't we move back here. That way, Willy and I can visit Dad whenever he's feeling really blue. And you could take over as the Silver Turbo Ranger, should Bob, Kat and Alfred move to England,"

"I don't know, baby," responded Brian, "if Bob and Kat don't move to England, this place could be awful crowded, especially with Justin living here, so that the other residents of Little Angels Haven wouldn't get suspicious about him disappearing all the time."

"Well," said Kim, in an extremely seductive voice, "maybe I can help convince you, tonight." With that, Brian's curiosity was piqued.

When Brian entered the room that night, he was surprised to see Kim was dressed in the formal dress that was her first costume in Sally Sue. "Is this how you're going to convince me, Kim?" asked Brian.

"Not quite," responded Kim, as she tore it away to reveal the second outfit she wore in Sally Sue, a bit more revealing and, to Brian, a lot more arousing. "Feeling convinced yet?" Kim inquired.

"A little," said Brian. Kim then proceeded to remove that outfit as she moved towards the bed. At
that point, Brian turned off the light. He slipped into bed and embraced his beloved, as they let passion carry them away.

In the morning, Brian told Kim, "If you want, I'll fax the Florida mansion and have all of our stuff packed and shipped back here, we could have it here within, three weeks. It could get here sooner, but we'd have to send the jet back to Florida."

Kim responded, "Let's wait for it to arrive. That way, if we want to fly anywhere, we can. I guess I really convinced you last night, huh lover?"

"I've never felt so convinced, my pretty pink pterodactyl," said Brian. Kim was surprised, for Brian hadn't called her that since they received their ninja powers. Last night must have been better than she thought. Soon she would find out just how much better last night was.

Fast forward to August 18. Brian had taken everyone to see Steel the previous Saturday, and surprisingly, they were the only people in the theater. Kim hadn't been feeling well the past few mornings, and she had her suspicions why. She and Brian went to the family doctor, the clone of
Brian and Bob made by Bob shortly after the Power Rangers were re-formed in 1993. The doctor soon confirmed Kim's suspicions, she was pregnant. Brian decided that they would tell everyone the double dose of good news that night, when they gathered for their weekly ritual of watching
professional wrestling.

It was 8 pm PST, and the usual group was assembled. Kat was giving Alfred his bottle while Bob was roasting peanuts. He had discovered the perfect way to roast peanuts when Tanya was playing baseball. Being a baseball fan since the invention o f the game, Bob knew you just couldn't enjoy a game without fresh roasted peanuts. He occasionally roasted them for the Monday night wrestling get-togethers, and tonight was one of those occasions. Brian was playing against Adam at billiards while Rocky and Tommy were going against Jason and Justin at Ping-Pong. Tanya was still at the guest house, and Kim and Willy were at one of Kim's favorite malls, on the other side of Angel Grove. Brian decided that as soon as Kim and Willy got home, they would make the announcement, then he showed off his billiards skills by banking the cue ball off all four rails to sink the 8-ball and beat Adam for the second game in a row. "How about we throw darts, instead?" Adam suggested. Brian smiled devilishly and used his power, which once helped form the Morphin Grid, to create a dart and
successfully threw it into a picture of the original seven Rangers, where it hit Tommy right in the crotch. "Ouch!" remarked Tommy, "remind me not to get you mad at me."

Kim and Willy got home at 8:30, with seven shopping bags filled. At 8:45, with everyone gathered in the TV room waiting for the wrestling to start, Brian and Kim stood up. "Everyone," Brian started, "Kim and I have a few announcements. First of all, since Kim's father has been rather depressed since her grandmother died, and so that, in case Bob and Kat move to England the Silver power will stay within the family, we have decided to move back here. Our belongings will arrive from Florida in
about a week." Everyone seemed rather excited about the news. "Our second announcement," Kim continued, "is that, well, in about eight and a half months, Willy is going to be a brother." An even greater response came from those assembled, including Willy. Bob came over to his brother, "I guess I'll begin training you in the Turbo powers within a few days," Bob told Brian, "and your first lesson will be proper arm movements right before sticking the key into your Turbo Morpher." Giving a nod to his
fellow Turbo Rangers, Bob, Kat, Tanya, Adam, Tommy and Justin demonstrated the rather rhythmic motions, as if they were about to shift into turbo. "I could do that hand thing, if not for my back injury," Rocky told Jason. Jason responded, "I'd ask if they need a Gold Turbo Ranger, but I doubt I could master that. I had a hard enough time getting used to the Gold Rush." He and Rocky began to laugh at their statements.

Brian's training began the next day. Bob and Kat showed him time and again the exact hand movements. It took him a week and a half before he managed to get it right. Kim was glad she wasn't going back to being a Ranger, because of how long it took Brian to master those movements. She
would stay at home with Willy, so as not to risk her pregnancy. After finally mastering the hand movements, Brian began training in the various Turbo powers, as well as practicing with the Fury Pike. Being a grandmaster of all fighting skills, Brian had no problem with the Pike, and there was not much difference between the Turbo powers and the original powers, so not much training was required. Bob and Justin began working on a simulator so Brian could get the feel of Stretched Fury, the limozord. Even though Je.E.V.S handled most functions, there are some things that Bob still does, such as the Turbo shift, and weapons controls. It took only a few days for Brian to complete the rest of the training, giving him free time to practice.

The End