Disclaimer: All Power Rangers characters, with the exception of the Crowmeowme males, are property of Saban Entertainment. The Crowmeowme males are my exclusive creations, though if Saban wants to use them, I would sell the rights to them for a reasonable sum of money, plus storyline approval. Charles is a throwaway character. This story is based on the situations of the Power Rangers Turbo episodes "Passing The Torch", parts 1 & 2. Please note that I use 'tron instead of typing out Pirahnahtron after the first few instances.

Passing the Torch
by Gold Astro Ranger

It is early September in Angel Grove. Bob and Katherine Crowmeowme are packing for a camping trip. "Well Kat," says Bob, "this camping trip will be our last hurrah as Power Rangers, seeing as we leave for England on Saturday morning."

"Yes," replies Kat, "by this time next week, I'll be a student at the Royal Academy."

"And we'll be living in a real English castle," Bob reminds her, "which now features a room where you can practice your dance, for which I will provide the music."

"Oh, Bob," says a surprised Kat, "you truly are the most wonderful man in the world, I am so glad I married you." And then she kisses him. Kat continues packing while Bob goes up to the roof of the mansion. He has a feeling that change is in the wind for the Rangers, more than just he and Kat leaving. Bob looks up at the stars, as he often does, and tries to divine an answer.

* * *

The next day, Bob, Kat, and Charles the chauffeur begin loading the luggage into the limo. "Not everyone takes a limo camping, huh Kat?" Bob asks, to which Kat replies.

"Probably not. Are you sure Brian and Kim don't mind taking care of Alfred?" Bob looks up to the nursery window, where he sees his brother Brian, who Bob had designated as his successor to the Silver Turbo power, Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger, who doesn't wish to resume active Ranger duties, especially since she's pregnant with their second child, and, in Brian's arms, Bob and Kat's young son, Alfred.

"They didn't mind taking care of him during the clean-up drive, which was good considering how things turned out," Bob says.

Charles soon interrupts, "We have a problem sir. With all of Mrs. Crowmeowme's luggage in the car, there is only room for one passenger."

"No problem," Bob says, pointing to the driveway, as Tommy's pick-up pulls through the gate. "Hey guys," Tommy says, "are you two ready to go?"

"We have a slight problem," Bob says, "perhaps you could drive Kat to the campsite. I'll be right behind you in the limo."

"Sure, man," Tommy replies, "no problem, man." Bob then pulls Tommy aside,

"Don't try anything, Casanova," Bob tells Tommy, "otherwise, Dimitria will be looking for TWO new rangers, if you get my drift." As he says that, Bob motions to the bow and arrow case in the back seat of the limo.

"Uh, sure man," Tommy replies nervously. Bob was thinking back to when Tommy was Brian's leading rival for Kim's affections, and how Tommy always looks at Kat. Soon, the two cars pull out of the estate grounds, heading towards the campsite, where Adam, Tanya, and Justin have started setting up camp.

On the way to the campsite, Divatox's motorcycle riding Pirahnahtrons attack Tommy's pick-up. After Kat jumps from the truck, Bob tells Charles, "Stop the car, she can ride on my lap if necessary." As Charles is getting ready to stop, the Pirahnatrons head towards Kat. "I've got to stop them," Bob thinks to himself, "but how?" As he thinks, the bow case slides into him, giving him a sudden inspiration. "Charles, open the moonroof, I'm going to get in a little archery practice," Bob tells his driver. As Charles opens the moonroof, Bob readies his bow and grabs a few arrows. He stands up through the moonroof and takes aim at one of the bikes. With Robin Hood-like accuracy, Bob sends an arrow right into the rear wheel of the bike. After disabling the rest of the bikes, Bob tells Charles, "Drop me off here, then head to the campsite and alert the others."

As Charles heads towards the campsite, Bob unsheathes his trusty fillet knife, which he has carried with him since the first Pirahnatron attack, during the graduation ceremonies. He low-crawls through the tall grass, as he prepares to stealthily take out the 'trons. T.J. and Cassie don't see him, so they think Kat is all alone against the 'trons. Bob, using ninja techniques which Brian taught him, carefully takes out several 'Trons, as T.J. and Cassie help Kat finish off some others. Soon, Adam, Tanya, and Justin, all Morphed, show up. After T.J. and Cassie leave the scene, Bob calls Charles on his cellular phone and tells him to return to the mansion, as the five Rangers teleport to the Power Chamber.

* * *

In the Power Chamber, Dimitria shows the Rangers the hourglass. Bob deduces what that means and has Alpha 6 contact Brian back at the mansion, so that Brian has enough time to get to the Power Chamber. Soon, the Rangers shift into turbo and try to stop Flameite. Bob would have called out Je.E.V.S. and Stretched Fury, except for one minor problem. Stretched Fury is parked at the rear of the TurboZord storage bay, thus it cannot be used unless the other TurboZords are used. In the meantime, Brian has arrived at the Power Chamber, where he prepares to once again become the Silver Ranger.

Dimitria tells him this, "If all Rangers but Justin were replaced, who would be the most experienced Ranger? And should the leader of the Power Rangers be determined by color of costume or amount of experience?"

Brian, being a master of riddles, easily determines this to mean that, unless Tommy chooses a former Ranger to replace him, Brian would be the most experienced Power Ranger, and as such would be the true leader of the team. Brian also determines Justin should be second in command.

Eventually, Tommy arrives at the scene. The Rangers call forth their TurboZords. Once Stretched Fury transforms into LimoZord Warrior mode, Bob and Je.E.V.S. begin their portion of the TurboMegzord spin-out maneuver. The Antenna-Rang, LimoZord's primary weapon, is thrown and begins encircling Flameite in what Bob dubbed the "Holding Pattern" technique. With the Antenna-Rang keeping Flameite in one spot, TurboMegazord easily finishes off Divatox's latest minion.

Bob then realizes something and tells the others, "This is the first time since the graduation ceremony that Divatox hasn't planted a detonator anywhere." With Flameite defeated, the Rangers head to the Power Chamber, for a solemn ceremony.

As the ceremony begins, all are pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Alpha 5 and Zordon, especially Brian, who considered Zordon to be like a second brother. Brian only wishes Kim could be there, as she considered Zordon to be like a father to her. Bob notices that Kat and the others each say something to their replacements, which include their reasons for selecting them as their replacements. When it's Bob's turn, he says this:

"Well, Brian, I guess it's just to keep the power in the family, thus I make you, my brother, my best friend, the old new Silver Ranger, or is it the new old Silver Ranger, well, you get the idea."

As the ceremony concludes, Brian tell all, "My friends, I want everyone to come to the mansion Friday night for a party where we shall bid farewell to Bob, Kat and little Alfred as the prepare to move to England, and welcome to the four newest Rangers." Brian then teleports to the mansion, and returns moments later with Kim, so she can see Zordon and Alpha, and meet the new Rangers. Zordon and Alpha feel honored that Bob and Kat's son is named for them, and congratulate Brian and Kim on their impending arrival.

The End