Disclaimer: All characters, with the exception of the male members of the Crowmeowme Family, are the property of Saban Entertainment. The Crowmeowme Family, except those who married into the family are my creations.

Note: This story starts at the party mentioned in my version of "Passing the Torch" and ends with "Chase Into Space" part 2.

Cousin Bart
by Gold Astro Ranger

The GoodBye/Hello Party was in full swing at the Crowmeowme Estate in Angel Heights, the exclusive, upscale neighborhood just outside Angel Grove proper. Bob, Kat and Alfred's belongings were all packed for the flight to England. Old and new Rangers were mingling and eating the sumptuous feast prepared by Brian. Ashley was passing by the front door when the bell rang. "I'll get it, I'm closest," said the newly empowered Yellow Ranger. Ashley opened the door and saw a rather handsome young man standing there. He looked like Brian and Bob, but younger. He was dressed in a strange silver outfit. Finally, he spoke: "I'm looking for my cousins, Morphos and Multus. I am called Micron." Bob then passed by, "Micron? By the Lords of our homeworld, what are you doing here, young cousin?" Micron embraced his cousin Multus (Bob) and said, "It is something I must tell you and Morphos together." "I understand," said Bob, "and we have Earth names now. I am called Bob and Morphos is called Brian." Micron replied, "Then I shall try to find an Earth name as well."

Bob went and got Brian and took him into the den. "Micron!" Brian was excited to see his young cousin, "What in the name of the Homeworld are you doing here?" Micron spoke, "My mission here is to tell you that your father, my namesake uncle, Micron the Shrinker, has passed on. He would have summoned you, but he knew your presence was important to this planet." The two brothers comfort each other over the death of their father, the man who taught them all that was good and just in the universe. Micron presented them a vessel, "Here are the remains of Uncle Micron, your father." Inside the vessel are the ashes of Micron, father of Brian and Bob. Micron then tells his cousins, "The method that brought me here was an experimental process, and cannot return me home, thus I wish to live with you here." Brian says, "Of course, dear cousin. Bob, his wife and their son shall be leaving this continent tomorrow, but there are many rooms here." Micron interrupts, "You have married a native and have a child?" Brian says, "We both have, and my wife is expecting our second child. Come, cousin, meet our family and our friends." Micron replies, "I especially wish to meet the one who answered your door."

Brian and Bob went into the ballroom, where the party was being held. Brian spoke, "Everyone, Bob and I would like you to meet someone. This," motioning Micron forward, "is our cousin, Micron the shrinker. He will be living with us, as he has no way to return home." Bob continues, "He came here the bearer of sad tidings, for our father, also called Micron the shrinker, has passed on." Bob struggles to hold back the tears. Micron's gaze seems fixed on Ashley. Brian and Bob introduce their wives and sons to Micron, then introduce the others to him. Justin brings up an interesting point, "So, why are you called 'The Shrinker'?" Micron explains to everyone, "On our homeworld, one male every generation is born with a power that is shared only along family lines. My father was also called Morphos, like Brian, and had the same power Brian has. The power I have is to reduce any item in size, though I cannot re-enlarge them." Micron demonstrates his power by shrinking a bag of trash down to the size of a Tic-Tac. Everyone is impressed.

The next day, after seeing Bob, Kat, and Alfred to their jet, Micron sets himself to chosing an Earth name. He secludes himself in the manor's TV room, trying to find a name among Earth's pop culture icons. Occasionally, he interrupts himself with thoughts of Ashley, he has never seen any woman so beautiful. He hopes that she may be as intrigued with him as he is with her. Returning to his task, he decides that, like his cousins, his name should start with the letter B. He goes through many possibilities, none of which truly appeal to him. He tries, Barney, Boo-Boo, Bamm-Bamm, Bo, Brad, Bruce, Bryce, Bentley, Brad, Brom, and Buster. Finally, watching a prime-time animated series, he finds the perfect name, he will be Bartholomew J Crowmeowme, Bart for short. He informs Brian of his choice, which Brian uses to create a history for his cousin; birth certificates, Social Security Number, et al. Brian sets Bart up with a job as Junior VP in charge of marketing for Bon Doi, Brian's toy company. He also gives Bart 15% interest in Crowmeowme Industries, in stocks and bonds.

Bart became an invaluable secret ally to the Rangers. He either shrank P-Trons or dispatched them using a fighting form which developed on his homeworld since his cousins left, a style called Tor Ek Nal, of which Bart was a master. If he saw a P-Tron was about to attack Ashley from behind, he made that P-Tron his priority. All the while, Brian began training Bart to be his replacement, should something require him to give up being a Ranger. Bart was able to detect something was amiss with the jacket Ashley designed, thus he prevented Brian and Kim from buying them. He helped Brian build Fury Skies, hovering skies which, with a magnetic cord, allowed Brian to follow behind either Lightning Cruiser or Storm Blaster. Bart also took time to learn about Earth things from the other Rangers. TJ taught him about baseball and Carlos taught him about soccer. Cassie taught him about Earth music and Justin taught him about soap-box derbies. Bart learned alot from Ashley, auto mechanics and fashion design among them. Bart, in turn, taught the Rangers Tor Ek Nal.

When General Havok took the Turbo Megazord, Stretched Fury, in Limozord Warrior mode, was heavily damaged. Bart, being a technical whiz, supervised the repair work while Brian and the other Rangers planned their next move. Brian recieved the Fury Chief RescueZord. Fury Chief was a silver Fire Chief's car with five colored lights on the roof:Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Blue. These lights would be used to coordinate attacks by the other Rangers. Bart began working on a way of merging Fury Chief and the newly repaired and upgraded Stretched Fury into a Mega-Limozord. Mega-Limozord poseessed two Antenna-Rang launchers, which was used in a variation of the holding pattern manuever when the Rescue-Megazord used Artillery Power. Bart also posed an interesting question to Brain. "Cousin, I've noticed Cassie seems attracted to this Phantom Ranger, but what if Phantom Ranger should turn out to be a woman?" Dimitria herself had never offered so intriguing and powerful a question.

Bart soon became interested in esoteric lore, such as mysticism, alchemy, and vampires. It was this last part that proved most helpful when Count Nocturne arrived. Bart had learned of ways to detect vampires and was the first to determine there was a vampire on the loose in Angel Grove. Armed with wooden stakes, Bart set about tracking the nosferatu. He encountered Justin, who told him his suspicions about Carlos. Bart quickly headed towards Angel Grove High, to stop Carlos, if necessary , and save the woman of his dreams, Ashley. He arrived just as Carlos and Ashley were talking about getting a bite. As he saw Carlos bare his fangs to sink them into Ashley's lovely neck, he drew a stake. He prepared to drive the stake into Carlos' heart when Brian and the other Rangers arrived. Bart put the stake away when Brian told him they would try to cure Carlos. Bart set himself out to try and find Count Nocturne, knowing that killing the main vampire will cure any of his victims who have yet tasted human blood, with a kiss from either Cassie or Ashley, warrior maidens pure of heart, as a last resort.

Then came the final battle against Divatox. Both Meagzords were destroyed and Mega-Limozord was critically damaged, with Je.E.V.S. destroyed by a control panel exploding. When Divatox's forces surrounded the Power Chamber, Brian used the teleportation systems to bring Bart there. As the battle began, Bart began shrinking P-Trons left and right, dispatching a few with nearly lethal Tor Ek Nal moves. When Divatox's forces left Earth for the Cimmarian planet at Dark Specter's "request", Bart gathered up the two dozen P-Trons he shrank and threw them into the rubble. After Alpha dug up the black box and Justin came up with the idea of using NASADA's shuttle to chase after Divatox, Brian knew he could not go with his teammates. Brian was able to get them into the base. Crowmeowme Industries had supplied much of the special equipment for the last shuttle mission, and used his credentials to get onto the base, with a legit cover story about having to examine the equipment he had supplied. As the others left the limo, Brian gave Bart his communicator, telling his cousin "May the Power Protect You." Bart knew that was the passing of the torch. As the shuttle lifted off towards Eltar, with Brian and Justin watching from the ground, four Rangers felt unsure what the future held, but not Bart. He just felt excitement, for Ashley was holding his hand...

The End