Disclaimer: All Characters, except males of the Crowmeowme family are the property of Saban Entertainment. The Crowmeowme males are my creations. The situations are based on the events of "From Out of Nowhere" parts 1 and 2.

Author's note: For this fanfic, I have chosen to use a first person perspective, depicting an entry in the personal log of Micron the Shrinker, aka Bart Crowmeowme.

Log Entry: Earthdate Feb 15,1998
From the Log of Bart Crowmeowme
as transcribed by Gold Astro Ranger

Earthdate: Feb 15,1998.

Log Entry: Forgive me for not updating in a while. As noted in my last entry, cousin Brian (Morphos) had requested I be ready to teleport to the Power Chamber. From the Power Chamber, the Rangers and I went to the NASADA Space Center. Brian gave me his communicator, making me his official replacement. TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Alpha 7, Ashley and I departed Earth in a space shuttle. Finally, I was back in my element, exploring the stars. We were heading to the planet Eltar, to rescue Brian's old friend, Zordon. During the course of the journey, Ashley and I grew slightly closer. I now consider her my best friend, on Earth. Once we emerged from a wormhole, we were drawn into a large vessel, not as elaborate at the Minutiae explorer-class vessels I'm used to. We explored the ship, eventually encountering a Red Ranger. At first, he didn't seem to want us on his Astro Megaship (That's what a sign said his vessel was called). Then came the battle.

We accompanied the Red Ranger outside his Megaship and battled creatures he called Quantrons. After the battle, he powered down. He was humanoid, from a space colony in a sector whose name I didn't recognize. Obviously, not a sector I had visited. He said he was called Andros, and Ashley seemed fascinated with him. Andros programed the shuttle to return us to Earth. He also fixed Alpha 6's damaged voice circuit. Brian would like it, an Ay-yi-yi like Alpha 5, whom Brian speaks fondly of, especially when talking about Alpha 6. Andros left us and the shuttle on the planet where we fought the Quantrons. We discovered Alpha was missing, and began searching for him. By the time we regrouped, the Quantrons returned, this time, they were not alone. They were accompanied by Astronema, a woman who made Divatox look like friendly. She wanted to know where Andros was, we didn't tell her. She was about to destroy us when Andros returned. This time, he was friendlier, and gave us "gifts".

Andros gave us devices which would morph us. By entering the numeric code 3-3-5, we morphed. Since Andros is red, TJ became the Blue Ranger. Carlos is now the Black Ranger. I was surprised that, instead of silver, as had Brian and Bob (Multus), I morphed into a Gold Ranger. We all had symbols appear on our helmets at the completion of the morphing sequence, mine is a surgical laser. We also received individual weapons. As is befitting the legacy of my cousins, my Cosmic Cannon is the most powerful. Alpha cracked the codes of Zordon's black box, allowing the shuttle to merge with the Astro Megaship to form AstroMegazord. After our first battle, Andros said he needed to repair the Megaship before we go looking for Zordon. Cassie told him NASADA would be able to help. (with Brian's contacts there, they just might.) Alpha, as opposed to the Megaship's computer D.E.C.A., set the course for Earth. Andros also gave us the extremely well designed flight suits. Ashley looks truly beautiful in her's.

We arrived home on Friday evening. The Megaship was parked in Earth orbit, and we used the shuttle to get to the surface. We arranged a semi-permanent loan of the shuttle with NASADA, then, we headed to the estate. Brian, Kim, and young Willy were pleasantly surprised by our return, but I was surprised to see Bob, his wife Katherine, and their son Alfred were visiting for the weekend. The reason for their visit, Kim's 22nd "birthday". (Brian exclaimed that humans celebrate the day of their birth. We on Minutiae simply mark it with a notch on our life staff every thousand years.) The day of Kim's birth is also a holiday called Valentine's Day. Brian told me that this day was a celebration of love. I asked if I should profess my love to Ashley, he said it might be a nice Valentine's surprise for Ashley. He suggested I buy her some confection called "candy" (which includes that wonderful substance called chocolate I praised in earlier entries) and some flora.

When my new teammates arrived at the mansion for the celebration of Kim's birthday. I had Ashley come into a room Brian called a "parlor". In the privacy of this "parlor", I gave Ashley the candy and the flora (Brian said they were called roses, yet the did not rise at all), and told her how I feel about her. Ashley, in turn, said that she was attracted to me as well. She moved her face close to me, and "kissed" me. (Kissing is the pressing of lips Brian and Kim do, on the average, fourteen times each day, not counting whatever they do in their sleep chamber, I mean bedroom.) However, during the party, even while she was holding my hand, she seemed to stare at Andros quite a bit. I wonder if she is attracted to him, as well as being attracted to me. (I asked Brian about this after the party, he said Kim went through the same phase, dividing her attentions between him and his old teammate, Tommy, TJ's predecessor. He suggested I may have the advantage, as Andros seems oblivious of Ashley's feelings.)

One Earth custom that truly intrigued me was the giving of gifts to the one whose birthday it is. Brian gave her twenty-two boxes of chocolates (a very expensive type named for some woman who rode naked through the country Bob and Katherine live in) and some very ornate jewelry, which he made by hand. (I hope Brian teaches me this skill.) Young Willy gave his mother a wooden box, which she placed the jewelry in. Bob, Katherine, and Alfred gave her a golden drinking horn, hand- made by Bob. Brian explained that he and Bob had used such horns for centuries and they had vowed to give one to their wives, either on their wedding day, or when their wives turned twenty-one. Brian said he had forgotten this, and so, Kim received her horn a year late. Brian and Bob said I would receive one in two and a half Earth years, when I supposedly turned twenty-one. At the end of the evening, I walked Ashley to the front door, the place where we first met. She kissed me again, saying it was a good-night kiss.