Disclaimer: Power Rangers and related characters are property of Saban Entertainment. Bart and other Crowmeowmes are my exclusive creations.

Author's Note: This presumes the Rangers arrive on Earth on a Friday and rested up before going into Angel Grove. I also acknowledge Sir Stack's Spoiler on Save our Ship for some info contained herein. If you do not want to know what happens, don't read this until after watching today's episode.

Log Entry II: Earthdate 2/20/98
From the Explorer's Log of Bart Crowmeowme
as transcribed by Gold_Astro_Ranger

Explorer's Log:Earthdate 2/20/98:

Log Entry: Forgive me for not updating since Sunday, but this week has been both hectic and exciting. Only hours after my last log entry, when my teammates and former Rangers came to the estate for the monthly wrestling pay-per-view broadcast, I took Ashley back into the parlor. Brian had told me how the first step in building a romantic relationship is a "date." So, in the parlor, I asked Ashley out on our first date. She said yes. Our date is tonight. I have made reservations at the finest eatery in Angel Grove, one that Brian and Kim go to frequently. Apparently, the Crowmeowme name is enough to cut through the long waiting list. After dinner, we will return to the estate to watch movies in the private theater. One thing I have noticed is how often Ashley is with Andros, who revealed himself to be telekinetic. (Probably an amateur, all on Minutiae are telekinetic.) I only hope she just wants to teach him about Earth customs as she taught me. I hope our date goes well.