Disclaimer: Power Rangers and related characters are properties of Saban Entertainment. The Crowmeowme males are my creations.

Author's note: I have written this story to describe the "incident" which is mentioned in the first paragraph of Log Entry III. Any similarities between the incident and Robin # 41 published by DC Comics are intentional. I have not read said issue, but have read enough about the events to be inspired by it.

Log Entry 2.5 - (The Beverly Hills Incident}
From the Explorer's Log of Bart Crowmeowme
as transcribed by Gold_Astro_Ranger

Explorer's Log- Earthdate 32698:

Log Entry: Well, I am just returned from a six Earth day stay at Brian's newest mansion in Beverly Hills. (The city where the funny television program takes place, the one with Jethro) Ashley accompanied me, since she was on what is called "Spring Break". Brian had given me his yearly invitation to the Academy Awards, which is a very elaborate ceremony held in Hollywood every year to honor the best motion pictures. Unfortunately, cousin Bob's documentary, Turbo, was not nominated. Ashley and I had the good fortune to be seated near the star of one of my favorite motion pictures, Austin Powers himself, Mike Meyers. We enjoyed the ceremony tremendously. Ashley arranged for TJ, Carlos, and Cassie to arrive yesterday, and so, we spent all of the day sight-seeing. Andros didn't come, because he was searching for clues about his missing sister in a very dangerous sector of space, where Ashley and Cassie could have been abducted into slavery. Speaking of Ashley, our relationship had a turning point Sunday night.

As I was preparing to go to sleep Sunday night, I noticed a piece of reading material out of position. I guessed Ashley had been reading it, a guess which proved correct moments later. I placed to book back into it's position when Ashley knocked on my door. I opened the door, Ashley was wearing a robe which she had bought the day before on a street called Rodeo Drive. We had bought the necessary clothing for attending the ceremony on Rodeo Drive, but, unknown to me, Ashley had purchased some other things. I asked her if she had come to give me a good-night kiss, to which she replied "Yes, and no." I was confused. We kissed, quite passionately, and then, she removed her robe. Underneath was something that she called lingerie. She told me she wanted to make love to me. I was unsure, part of me wanted to make love to her, but part of me wanted to wait. The latter part won out. I told Ashley that, although I love her more than anything else in the universe, I was not ready. She understood, and we agreed this would be a secret.