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Old Friends
By Crystal Maiden

Knock, Knock, Knock. Was the sound of Karone's hand gently knocking on Tommy Oliver's apartment door in the afternoon. It was a bright sunny day in Angel Grove, and it was the first time that Karone had gotten a chance to look around the big beautiful city without people around her.

She heard a few muffled voices, and then a guy with long hair in a ponytail opened the door.

"Can I help you?" the guy wearing a white T-shirt asked.

"Yeah, Um...I need to speak with Tommy Oliver, does he live here?" she asked politely.

"I'm Tommy." he smiled and stuck out his hand and shook hers, "What can I help you with?"

"I need to speak with you about your uh...past employment with a certain uh..." she looked around to make sure no one could hear her then whispers, "Morphological being."

Tommy caught the hint then turned and yelled up the stairs, "Hey Rocko come here we got company!" he turned back to Karone and saw her worried look, "Don't worry, he was a Ranger, too."

Karone let out a sigh of relief and Tommy invited her inside.

"Rocko we have a very important guest, get in here!" Tommy yelled.

"I've just fixed the biggest sandwich ever, this better be good!" the voice shouted back and Karone saw another guy come into the room.

"Rocky, this is-- Sorry, I didn't catch your name." Tommy said with a smile.

"Karone. Karone Lanrydan. You're Rocky DeSantos aren't you?" Karone asked as she shook his hand.

"Wow, are you psychic or something?" Rocky asked amazed.

"She's one of the new Power Rangers." Tommy said as they all sat down in the living room.

"Oh! Ok, now everything makes sense. So uh...what brings you here? Don't tell me one of us is under spell or something!" Rocky joked.

"No not quite actually.... Umm...we're in trouble.... The Power Rangers.... We.... We need your help." Karone admitted and Tommy and Rocky exchanged worried glances and listened intently.

* * *
"Hey!" Ashley said cheerfully to Andros as she walked up to the breakfast table.

"Hey, you look like you slept pretty good!" Andros told her and smiled.

"I did! Where's Karone? She's usually up by now." Ashley observed, not seeing Karone by Andros was an odd sight since they were so close.

"I sent her down on a little mission." Andros said nonchalantly.

"Mission?" she asked him confused.

"We're trying to get as much help as we can so we can maybe predict what Dark Specter is going to do next. She went to talk with Tommy Oliver this morning." he explained.

"Oh Tommy! I know him! He gave his Turbo powers to TJ!" she chirped, "Tommy lives with Rocky DeSantos so Karone will probably come back with both of them!"

"That's good, we can use all the help we can get." Andros said as he munched on a piece of bread, then added, "Oh yeah, and Trey of Triforia is coming this afternoon."

Ashley looked at him funny, "Isn't he the --"

"Gold Zeo Ranger?" he finished for her, "Yes."

"Wow, we're turning into an intergalactic Hotel!" Ashley laughed and Andros cracked a smile.

* * *
"Then that morning I was looking over the readout's and Aquitar was gone. Later that day we figured out that they had been using cloaking devices for weeks." Karone said shaking her head sadly.

"But...Aquitar was alright, wasn't it?" Tommy asked.

Karone shook her head sadly, "No... I'm sorry I...I thought you guys knew. Aquitar was completely destroyed."

Tommy and Rocky's face were shock stricken with that sentence.

"And the Aquatian Rangers?" Rocky asked quietly.

"They all died." Karone told them sadly and saw the pain in their eyes, "I'm sorry, did you have a friend there?"

The only word Tommy could say was, "Billy..."

* * *
"Hey, has anyone seen Karone?" Zhane asked as he walked on to the bridge for their team meeting.

"She's not back yet?" Andros asked then sighed, "She's probably still at Tommy's house."

"Tommy? Who's Tommy?" Zhane's voice had a hint of jealousy in it and both Cassie and Ashley noticed it.

Ashley smiled and laughed, "Chill out Zhane! Tommy is a retired Power Ranger! Andros sent her to Earth to ask him if he could help us out a little."

Zhane straightened up then rolled his eyes, "Oh...uh.... I knew that.... I just forgot."

Cassie laughed and taunted him singing, "Zhane is jealous, Zhane is jealous."

"Who's Zhane jealous of?" a voice asked from behind them.

Everyone turned around and saw Karone standing in the doorway with 2 other guys.

Zhane shot a 'I'm gonna kill you if you embarrass me' look to Cassie and Ashley and they both took the hint.

"Oh, nothing! Nothing at all!" Ashley covered and smiled.

"Guys, this is Tommy Oliver," Karone said and Tommy shook their hands, then turned towards Rocky, "And this is Rocky DeSantos."

"Hey Tommy! I haven't seen you in a long time!" TJ mused and shook his friend's hand. "Nice to meet you guys." Andros said as he shook Rocky's hand.

"Well, it would've been nice if we would've met under different circumstances." Tommy said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah so, you guys think you could help us out a little?" Cassie asked hopefully.

"We'll definitely try." Tommy said then took a double look at Zordon, "Z...Zordon? Is that you? When did you get back?"

"It is good to see you both again-" Zordon started to talk but a blaring alarm set off.

"What is it DECA?" Karone asked as she ran to the controls.

"Enemy ships approaching. Estimated time till arrival, 1 minute." DECA informed them.

"They must be attacking Trey! We've gotta hurry and help him!" Ashley said and they all grouped in the middle of the room.

"Let's get the zords and handle this one. Tommy, could you and Rocky stay here and guard the ship?" Andros asked.

"Yeah sure, no problem man." Tommy said and patted him on the shoulder.

"Alright, Let's Rocket!" Andros yelled and they all morphed.

"A monster has been spotted on the planet Mars." DECA reported.

"Trey must have crash landed! They probably sent the monster to finish him off! We really gotta hurry!" Ashley exclaimed.

"The satilasers have been fired." DECA told them.

"Looks like we're taking our new zords on another ride." TJ said and they all teleported to the Mars surface.

Before they left, Carlos gave Tommy and Rocky a thumbs up signal, then teleported away.

Tommy and Rocky looked around, not knowing quite what to do.

Then Rocky asked, "You think they got a kitchen on this thing?"

* * *
"Look! The monster has almost completely destroyed Prymidas!" Ashley pointed to the half-wrecked zord that was laying on the planet surface.

"Alright guys, Let's show this monster what a little teamwork can do!" Carlos said.

"We need Thunder Zord Power, Now!" they yelled in unison and a bolt of lightening crashed before them.

"Mastodon - Lion Thunder Zord Power!" yells Carlos.

"Pterodactyl - Firebird Thunder Zord Power!" yells Cassie.

"Triceratops - Unicorn Thunder Zord Power!" yells TJ.

"Saber toothed Tiger - Griffin Thunder Zord Power!" yells Ashley.

"Tyrannosaurus - Red Dragon Thunder Zord Power!" yells Andros.

"White Tiger Zord, Warrior mode!" Zhane yells and all the rangers appear in their zords.

"Let's take this weasel." Karone encouraged as she looked at the ugly, weasel looking monster.

"Alright Rangers, Let's bring 'em together!" Andros yelled and the zords began transforming.

When the transformation was complete, they all yelled at once, "Thunder Mega Zord Power up!"

"We've gotta get the monster away from Prymidas before he destroys it!" Ashley said as she looked at the monster that was still attacking Prymidas.

"Hey weasel, over here!" Zhane yelled on the outside speakers.

The monster quit attacking Prymidas and looked at the two zords, "Oh so you want to join in on the fun! Well that's fine! There's plenty of misery to go around!" the monster laughed and ran towards the Thunder Mega Zord.

Then suddenly turned back towards Prymidas and fired a huge laser at it, bursting it into a million pieces.

"Oh no!" Ashley yelled.

"He's destroyed Prymidas!" TJ said unbelievingly.

"This can't be happening!" Andros whispered, not believing it himself.

"Trey..." Cassie said sadly, realizing Trey had been in the zord when it exploded.

"You'll pay for this slime ball!" Karone yelled at the monster angrily.

"Thunder Saber Battle Ready!" all the rangers yelled angrily and struck the monster, destroying it.

The rangers remained silent for a few minutes, not knowing what to say. Finally Andros said sadly, "We better get back to the Mega Ship, Tommy and Rocky might need help."

The rangers nodded their heads in agreement and teleported back to the Mega Ship, and the zords returned to their hiding places.

* * *
"Now Trey and Billy are dead." Rocky said sadly shaking his head; "This isn't a good day to be a retired ranger."

The other rangers stood there with their heads facing the ground.

They remained quiet a few more minutes, until Cassie looked around and noticed someone was missing, "Hey you guys.... Where's Phantom?"

Andros looked up and looked around, "I don't know."

"Now that you mention it," Ashley said looking at everyone, "I haven't seen him all day."

They all exchanged worried glances and then Andros said, "We better go see if he's in his room."

The all nodded their heads and walked towards Phantom's quarters.

When they got there the door was shut. Andros knocked on it a few times and waited for Phantom's voice to be heard, but it wasn't.

"Phantom? Are you in there?" Andros asked as he kept knocking.

After the fifth try he looked at the others worriedly, "I don't like the sound of this."

"Funny, I didn't hear anything." Rocky joked, and Tommy elbowed him in the stomach.

Andros opened the keypad to the door and punched in the door code. The door slid open and the room was completely empty. Except for a note on Phantom's bed.

They all walked into the room and Andros picked up the note and skimmed over it.

"Oh no...." Andros sighed sadly.

* * *
"Dark Specter!" Vixrothia exclaimed at the evil lord on the viewing screen as she and Astronema ran into the room.

"Have you two completed your assignment yet?" Dark Specter grumbled.

"Well...technically...we did destroy a power ranger. But not all of them." Astronema said.

"Which one have you destroyed?" Dark Specter wanted to know.

"The Gold Zeo Ranger." Vixrothia declared confidently, "It was all my plan."

Astronema stomps her foot on the ground and yells, "Your plan! I don't think so grandma! This was my plan!"

"Oh put a lid on it Miss priss." Vixrothia rolled her eyes.

"ENOUGH OUT OF YOU TWO!" Dark Specter yelled at them, causing the Dark Fortress walls to shake, "Without the Gold Zeo Ranger the Power Rangers will be weakened and have a limited source for help. This is an unexpected but nevertheless good turn for our plans. You two have surprised me. But why do I sense that you are not telling me everything?"

Astronema and Vixrothia exchanged innocent glances.

"Why, whatever do you mean my lord?" Vixrothia batted her eyelashes innocently.

"You couldn't think we were up to something that was...behind your back...could you?" Astronema asked as if she were hurt.

"No on second thought you two are too stupid to do anything smart." Dark Specter growled and the girls gasped, but he continued, "I'm beginning Phase 3. It is against my better judgement, because the Power Rangers are still here. But they are weakened and I will use this to my advantage. Keep trying to destroy the rangers. One at a time if you have to. I will contact you again."

With that, he was gone.

"Do you think he suspects anything?" Astronema asked her.

Vixrothia gave her a wicked smile, "No....not a thing."

* * *
"What does it say?" Ashley asked worried.

Andros closed his eyes and said, "Phantom's dead."

"WHAT??!!" they all yelled in disbelief.

"Phantom is dead." Andros said, still having his eyes closed. He gave the letter to Ashley and she read it.

"Oh my god...." Ashley said as she read it.

"What does it say? How do you know he's dead?" Cassie demanded, tears forming in her eyes.

Ashley cleared her throat, and read it sadly, "Rangers, Trey has just entered the Milky Way Galaxy and is asking for my help. I am teleporting there immediately. The team needs to stay here and watch out for things. I'm sure this is only a minor disturbance. But, if you are reading this letter, it most likely means I'm dead. You are a great and strong team, one that will go down in the history books. Stay strong and always remember that teamwork is the only way to overcome evil. Signed, Phantom Ranger."

Cassie covered her mouth and fought back the tears in her eyes. Everyone looked at her sadly, knowing she had special feelings for Phantom.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore, and ran out of the room. Their eyes were full of pity and sorrow that it was just to overwhelming for her. She ran into her room and locked the door behind her. As she sank down onto the floor with her knees covering her face, she began sobbing.

* * *
"First the Aquatian Rangers, then Trey, now Phantom? How is all this happening?" demanded Andros as he and Ashley talked in the Engine room.

"Andros look. These attacks were so out of the blue, that there was no way any of us could have known what would happen." Ashley said, trying to comfort him.

"I'm tired of this. I'm just so tired of this." Andros said and slammed his fist into the wall.

Ashley walked towards him and put a tentative hand on his shoulder, as if her touch would instantly calm him down. And it did.

His sad brown eyes looked deep into hers and the next 3 words he said to her completely shocked her.

"I love you." He declared, his eyes still staring straight into hers.

*Are my ears playing tricks on me? Did he just say what I thought he said? * She thought to herself, then said, "W...What did you say?"

"I said...I love you. I've always loved you Ashley. I've just been too scared to tell you." He admitted to her.

Ashley couldn't even move she was so shocked. She put her hand over her heart and Andros looked away, then she softly replied, "I love you too."

Andros's head jolted back to her, and he smiled, "You do?"

He took her hands into his and they moved closer to each other and she responded, "Since the moment I first saw you."

They were both smiling now and sealed that precious moment, with a kiss.

* * *
"Cassie?" TJ asked as he knocked on his friend's door.

"Go away!" Cassie sniffed.

That had been her reply for 3 days now and everyone was starting to worry.

"Cass please come out. I just want to talk." TJ pleaded.

"I said Go Away!" Cassie snuffled.

"Alright but, if you need me I'll be on the bridge." TJ said and reluctantly walked towards the bridge.

* * *
"Hey TJ," Andros said as TJ walked onto the bridge, "Is Cassie coming today?"

"Nope." TJ shrugged, "She won't come out."

Everyone sighed heavily and stood there.

"She's been in there for the almost 4 days now." Tommy said.

"Yeah I know, I wish there was some way we could help her but...I can't think of anything. Everyone of us has tried talking to her but she won't listen." Ashley told him sadly.

Suddenly, a blaring alarm went off.

"DECA, what's wrong?" Andros asked the camera.


"DECA what's wrong?" Andros repeated.

DECA responded with the same beeping sound and this got everyone worried.

"Ay yi yi yi yi! Rangers! DECA has been overloaded with to much information!" Alpha said waving his arms in the air.

"What are you saying Alpha?" Ashley asked him frantically.

"DECA isn't functional anymore! Ay yi yi! There must be too many evil forces headed our way that it overloaded her censors! This will take day's to repair!" Alpha whined.

"Did you say enemy ships? We'll have to start scanning manually then." Andros said and they all got to their stations.

"Uh oh guys, we've got another universal attack on our hands!" Carlos said looking at the radar screen.

"What are we gonna do? Last time we split up we were almost completely destroyed!" TJ exclaimed.

"I have an idea that just might work." Tommy said and they all listened intently.

"You guys could form the Thunder Mega Zord and go to the Kerova system. It is the most threatened. Karone and Zhane could go and defend the Illisar system with the Tiger Zord, and me and Rocky could stay here and defend the Milky Way with the Astro Mega Zord." Tommy suggested.

Andros looked over the radar and nodded his head approvingly, "That would cover all the hardest hit galaxies. Great plan. Let's go guys!"

All the Astro Rangers lined up and Andros yelled, "Let's Rocket!"

"What about Cassie?" Ashley asked worriedly.

"Don't worry about me," the pink rangers voice said from the doorway, "I'll be fine."

The rangers looked up and saw Cassie, fully morphed and ready for action standing in the doorway.

"Alright! Guys! Let's do it!" Andros yells.

"We need Thunder Mega Zord Power, Now!" they yell and teleport onto the already transformed Thunder Mega Zord while Zhane and Karone teleport to the White Tiger Zord.

"Alright Rocko, let's do this!" Tommy said and they walked over to the controls.

"Alpha, let's transform this ship into a lean mean fighting machine!" Rocky told him excitingly.

"You got it! Astro Mega Zord, online!" Alpha said and the ship transformed.

Rocky and Tommy appeared in the control room and looked around.

"This is awesome!" Rocky exclaimed.

"Man, I never thought I'd be doing this again!" Tommy said looking around.

Rocky looked over the controls questioningly, "I wonder which one is for the weapons." He said and punched a button and a laser went flying into space, bursting an unexpected enemy plane into oblivion.

"Looks like we've got company!" Tommy said and motioned his head towards the fighters that were coming towards them.

"Let's toast these losers!" Rocky said and he and Tommy got to work.

* * *
"Alright! I'm beginning to love those new zords!" TJ exclaimed as he high fived his friends in the gliding bay.

"They are awesome!" Ashley exclaimed.

"They always were good." Tommy's voice said from behind them, "But they're even better now!"

"I can't believe the fighters retreated! We must have scared them to death!" laughed Carlos.

Andros walked up to them shaking his head, "No..... We didn't scare them. Someone told them to back off...I just don't know who."

* * *
"Our plan is working absolutely perfectly." Vixrothia said to Astronema as they ate dinner.

"For once, things are taking a turn to our side." Astronema replied as she sipped on her drink.

"That brimstone Dark Specter won't know what hit him." Vixrothia laughed.

"And sadly, neither will the Power Rangers." Smiled Astronema.

Vixrothia got up and looked out the window, "Yes, it will be sad not to have those Power Brats around anymore. They're almost...amusing." she said with a wicked smile on her face.

Suddenly, a group of quantrons came into the room, and bowed at them.

"Your highnesses, everyone is ready for your announcement." One of them said to them, then they all exited the room.

Vixrothia and Astronema exchanged wicked smiles.

"Let us go and tell them our plan." Said Vixrothia.

"It is the end of Dark Specter's reign," Astronema said and added with a mischievous smile, "And the beginning of ours."

* * *
"Darkonda! Get in here!" Dark Specter growled.

Darkonda came into the room, and bowed to him, "Yes my lord?"

"I have a feeling Astronema and Vixrothia are hiding something from me. Find out what it is, and tell me immediately." The sorcerer grumbled. "My lord I'm sure they are not that stupid -" Darkonda started.

"They are that stupid. They think they can over throw me. I can feel it. They think I am stupid, but they are wrong. I've been around too many millenniums to be undermined by 2 pathetic excuses of villianesses. Many years ago when the Sith ruled I was their god, and now look. They treat me as if I was a peasant and nothing more. They will soon learn that the Sith's are still alive, and will rule once again." Dark Specter told him.

"But my lord, you know what happens when talk of Sith coming back gets out-" Darkonda reasoned.

"The Jedi no longer exist in this universe. And they never will. Never speak of the Jedi in front of me ever again." Dark Specter scowled, "Now be gone with you, and carry out your mission."

Darkonda bows, "Yes, my lord."

* * *
It was a very hot summer afternoon in Austin, Texas at the local gym where Jason Scott was working out. It was just another, regular, normal day. But that was just the problem.

*Man, nothing exciting ever happens here. I miss Angel Grove.... * His thoughts trailed as he sparred with one of his friends.

But that wasn't what he really missed.

*Who am I kidding? I miss Angel Grove, yeah, but.... I really miss being a ranger. * He thought as he took a break and drank some water.

A small television was sitting near by and had been on all morning, but out of the corner of his eye he saw what looked like the Thunder Mega Zord on the screen. He did a double take and walked over to the television, turning the volume up.

"The Power Rangers have went back to their old zords! The famous Thunder Zords were spotted yesterday in Angel Grove, California. The Rangers released a world-wide quote yesterday that read, 'Anyone that has ever been a Power Ranger in the past, we need your help.' The Rangers did not mention any major problems, but some speculate that things could get a little rough in the ever-growing town of Angel Grove. This is Scott Shaw reporting for Fox 4 news, in Angel Grove." The reporter said, then it switched to the weather report.

Jason leaned back on the counter and knew what he had to do.

"Hey, Steven!" Jason yelled to his buddy on the other side of the room.

"Yeah man?" Steven asked as he ran up to him.

"You still got those contacts at the Travel Agency?" he asked.

"Yeah sure man. Why? You going somewhere?" Steven asked, wiping the sweat off his face with a towel.

"Yeah, Yeah I am. I might be gone for awhile too. Try and get me the earliest possible flight you can get, make it a one way ticket." Jason said in a tone of urgency.

"No problem. Where ya goin?" Steve asked as he picked up his cell phone.

Jason sighed and looked at the television screen, which had images of the Thunder Mega Zord and Tiger Zord on it, "Angel Grove California."