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Overcoming the Odds
By Crystal Maiden

"Hey Rocky, can I ask you a question?" Karone asked as she and Rocky ate breakfast at the table.

"Sure, go ahead." Rocky said, munching on his plateful of eggs.

"I know you can overwhelmed and you can be under-whelmed, but can you ever just be...whelmed?" she asked curiously.

Rocky stopped eating for a moment and pondered her question, then answered, "No, I don't think so."

Karone nodded her head, "I didn't think so either. I mean, I've never heard someone say 'Hey you know what? I'm feeling a little whelmed today!' have you?"

Rocky shook his head; "Nope I don't think so."

"See there!" Karone said enthusiastically, "Ya learn something everyday!"

They continued their breakfast in silence until Alpha interrupted them.

"Incoming private transmission for Karone Lanrydan." Alpha told her.

Karone looked at the camera funny, "From who?"

A moment passed, then Alpha responded, "General Cameron Syidion."

Karone closed her eyes and moaned, "Oh no..."

Rocky raised an eyebrow, "I take it you don't exactly like this guy."

"I despise this guy. He is totally in love with me. And I hate him. Do me a favor let's just keep this transmission between you and me. I don't want Zhane finding out about it and getting jealous." She said and slid off her seat.

"No problem." Rocky agreed and Karone left the room.


"My lady! My love!" Cameron shouted to Karone as soon as she accepted the transmission.

"What do you want Cameron?" Karone asked angrily, crossing her arms.

Cameron acted like he was hurt, "Oh! So you think your so tough cause your a Power Ranger now. Well, I've got news for you honey, you're not so get over it!"

"Is this transmission going to serve a purpose or are you just using up the last of your minutes on an intergalactic calling card?" she retorted.

"Now now, that is no way to talk to your boyfriend." Cameron shook his finger at her, "Tisk Tisk."

"You're not my boyfriend! I already have one thank you very much." Karone boasted.

Cameron rolled his eyes, "Oh your not talking about that silver haired Kerovian are you?"

"I like his hair!" she yelled at him, "And what does him being Kerovian have anything to do with this?"

"Kerovians are so-- oh what's the word?" Cameron asked, searching for the right word.

"Better than you?" Karone quipped and smiled.

"No!" Cameron snapped, "Low class, conniving, poor, wretched beings is more like it."

"Hey! I'm Kerovian you moron!" Karone shouted at him.

"Oh Karone, please just because you were born on that planet doesn't mean that's were you're from!" he laughed.

Karone rolled her eyes, "Oh yeah? And just exactly where would I be from then Sherlock?"

"Rytan of course!" he said as if she were an idiot.

"I am Kerovian. And I love it!" she shouted at him, "And I love Zhane, so there!"

"Have you gone completely mad? You.... A Rytan...in love? Ha!" Cameron scoffed.

"Look Cameron, I don't really appreciate you contacting me. I thought I made myself very clear on Rytan but I guess I didn't. I told you. I love Zhane. He is so great and wonderful and he's a terrific person. And we're together; we're a couple. You're just going to have to accept that." Karone explained to him.

Cameron shook his head, "No. I will never accept that. I don't care what it takes! You will be mine Karone! You will!" he declared and cut off the transmission.

"What a wacko." she muttered and turned around to walk out of her quarters.

She reached the door and pushed the button to open it. The door slid open and a person wearing a black cloak was standing there.

Karone jumped back and the person jumped into her room and locked the door.

She inched back until she hit the wall and had no where else to go.

"Who...Who are you?" she asked scarily.

"Soon, you will know everything. And bow down to us." The manly voice growled and grabbed her arm and they teleported away. But not before the man left a piece of paper on her bed.


"Hey Rocky, have you seen Karone?" Zhane asked as he walked onto the Gliding Bay.

"Uh...." Rocky stuttered, remembering the deal he made with Karone about not telling Zhane about the transmission, "Last time I saw her she was going to her quarters for a while."

Zhane nodded his head and grabbed and apple off the table, "Thanks bud." He said and left.

He walked down the hallway munching on his apple and came to Karone's door and knocked on it gently, "Karone? Can I come in?"

There was no answer and he knocked again.

Zhane shrugged and took another bite out of his apple, "Hmm... She's probably asleep. I'll just come back later." He put his face up close to the door and whispered, "Sleep well princess." And with that, he walked towards the bridge.


"I can't believe this! There was barely any damage done to the zords in the last battle! And most of the galaxies were hardly even effected by this attack!" Cassie said cheerfully looking over the results of yesterday's attacks.

"Those new zords are really helping us out." Andros added.

"Yeah, but doing everything without DECA sure isn't easy." TJ mused.

"You've got that right." Ashley agreed.

"We'll have to keep working on her. There's got to be some way to make her speech audible again." Said Andros hopefully.

"Hey guys!" Zhane said to them as he got off the elevator.

"Hey Zhane," Andros greeted, "Where's Karone? I thought she'd be coming with you."

Zhane shrugged and threw his apple core in the trashcan; "She's asleep."

Ashley gave him a funny look, "Asleep? How can that be? I just saw her a few minutes ago going into her quarters wearing a weird black coat."

Tommy shot her a confused look, "Coat? Why was she wearing a black coat?"

Ashley shrugged her shoulders, "I dunno, it was kinda weird actually. She didn't even say anything when I passed her. She just stood there in front of her door. After I turned the corner I heard her door open and I guess she went in."

They all exchanged worried glances and Rocky said, "We better go check this out."

They all agreed and got on the elevator.


"Karone?" Andros asked as he knocked on her door.

"The last time we did this something bad happened." Cassie said sadly, looking at the floor.

Ashley put a supportive hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure she's okay."

"I hope so." Cassie said quietly.

Andros opened the door manually and they all looked inside, finding a small note on her bed, just like they did with Phantom's.

"Oh no... Not again." Andros said shaking his head, "I can't deal with this again."

Tommy slowly passed Andros and picked up the letter, reading it.

"This doesn't make any sense." Tommy said shaking his head, trying to understand the letter he was reading.

"What? What is it?" Rocky asked.

Tommy looked at the letter and read it, "Dear Everyone, I have gone to Yobi to help the Rytan's build their home again. I am not coming back. Next to this letter you will find my morpher and communicator. I will not need them anymore. I quit being a Power Ranger. It is not what I intended on doing and it is not what I am going to do. As for Zhane well, we were never that close anyways. And Andros well, I thought that if I had a brother, he would be nice, and caring. But all Andros is just a jerk and incredibly mean. So good bye and good luck. Karone."

The rangers looked at him in complete shock, and then Cassie shook her head, "HUH?"

"Ditto." Rocky said amazed.

"That is not Karone." Andros stated angrily, looking at the letter Tommy held.

"Andros, man, it's signed by her." Tommy reasoned, but still not wanting to believe it himself.

"No, don't just read the letter. Look at it. It's on the exact same paper as Phantom's letter." Andros observed, and got Phantom's letter out of his pocket and compared the two.

The letters were almost identical. The writing, and the paper. One person wrote both letters.

"Phantom didn't really die!" Cassie said unbelievingly.

"They must have been kidnapped!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Hey, if they were kidnapped then...what about the Aquatian Rangers.... And Aquitar?" Cassie asked.

"You can't just kidnap a whole planet, Cass." Carlos reasoned.

"But you can cloak a whole planet." She reminded him.

"None of this makes any sense! Who would do this? And why?" Rocky asked.

"That's exactly what we're going to find out." Zhane said and they all ran towards the bridge.


"OUCH!" Karone moaned as she rolled over onto her side in what seemed to be a dark dungeon or jail cell.

*This little, waking up and not knowing where I am, deal is getting a little old, * she thought to herself angrily.

She slowly got up onto her feet and walked around slowly in the pitch darkness. She couldn't even see her hands in front of her, but managed to feel her way to a hard, brick wall.

"There's gotta be some way out of this place." She whispered under her breath as she felt the walls some more.

"Trust me there's not." An exhausted voice said from behind her.

She quickly turned around and thought she recognized the voice, but couldn't quite place it.

"Who are you?" Karone demanded.

"Don't worry Karone, it's just me, Phantom." The voice responded.

"PHANTOM??!! It's really you?" she asked incredulously not believing it.

"Yes, It's me." Phantom replied, and she hinted pain in his voice.

"Are-Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine, just a little bruised. Are you okay?" he asked her.

"Yeah, Yeah I'm fine. My cast was chipped, but other than that I'm alright." She said and sat down against the wall, "So, do you know where we are?"

"The dungeon on Dark Specter's ship." Phantom stated.

"How do you know?" she asked.

"I have been here before." He replied.

"Oh," she nodded her head, then asked, "Are you sure you're okay? You sound a little...different."

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm just not wearing my armor." He said.

"Oh!" Karone said surprised, then hesitated to ask something, but then asked anyways, "What - What's your real name? If you don't mind me asking."

"No it is alright. My name is Quinn. Quinn Vindrada." Phantom told her.

Karone did not know what else to say, this was so unexpected.

Suddenly a big overhead vent opened up, and Vixrothia was standing at the edge, looking down. This action allowed some light to spill in the dungeon, and Karone got a glimpse of the real Phantom Ranger. He was tall, dark, and extremely handsome.... She quickly shook her head, clearing those thoughts. *Well, Cassie sure is lucky. * She thought to herself, then looked up at Vixrothia.

"What the heck do you want?" Karone shouted up at the evil villianess.

"My dear, it is quite simple...I'm very surprised you two pathetic life forms haven't figured it out yet." Vixrothia said, filing her nails.

"Do you evil idiots ever get to the point?" Karone retorted.

Quinn half smiled at the Purple Rangers remark. He had been around the other rangers for almost a week now and was picking up some of their 'ways of talking'. The Earth rangers were so different than he was. Always joking around, and making fun of the monsters they faced. Not minding protocol at all. He wasn't quite sure staying on the Astro Megaship was a good idea, but there was no time to mess around with his feelings. His job was to help defend the universe, even if it meant being uncomfortable emotionally.

"What are you smiling about Quinn-ie Boy?" Vixrothia snarled.

Karone looked at him and smiled, then smiled at Vixrothia, "Maybe it's your innate sense of humor." She suggested, then shook her head, "No no...That can't be it."

"Laugh all you want kiddies! Soon me and Astronema will rule, and you will bow down to us!" Vixrothia raised her fists in the air confidently.

Karone shook her head and sat back down against the wall, then muttered, "Keep dreaming girl."


"Cassie, get a energy lock on Dark Specter's ship. Then scan for Karone and Phantom's bio-readings." Andros commanded.

"Scanning now." Cassie said and the scanning images came up on the main viewing screen.

"I've found something!" Ashley exclaimed and showed everyone the readouts; "There are 2 life forms in the dungeon that match Karone and Phantom's bio-readings."

"Alright, we know they're in there but...how do we get them out without anyone seeing us?" TJ asked.

"Here's a map of Dark Specter's ship that I got from the Rebel base." Zhane said and spread the map on the table.

"The only entrance is the cargo bay, from there we can go down this hallway," Andros said, then noticed something, "The only way to get to the dungeon is to go through the throne room."

"So, we'd have to get passed Dark Specter himself..." Ashley's voice trailed off.

"This is impossible. We can't do this." Cassie said shaking her head.

"It is possible Cass. And we are doing it." Andros corrected her firmly, then instructed, "Alright guys, listen up. Me, Zhane, and TJ will go through the outer air ducts on the left side. Ashley, Cassie, Tommy, Rocky, and Carlos will take the Astro Megaship and go to Aquitar to check everything out and make sure everyone is there. We'll contact you if we need backup. The less people we have going into Dark Specter's ship, the less of a chance we will be noticed."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement to the plan and Andros cleared his throat, "Are you ready?"


"So, where are you from?" Karone asked Quinn as they sat in the dark once again.

"I come from the planet of Eltar. That is where I lived, until I became the Phantom Ranger." He told her.

Karone nodded her head, not that it did any good without the lights though. Eltar was a close neighbor of Rytan's. They helped each other out in attacks and such, but she had never met Quinn before.

She suddenly shivered as if she were cold. But it was anything but cold in the dungeon.

*Why do I always shake when I'm scared? * She thought to herself, *Guys, where are you? *


"Ok, guys it's safe." Andros said as he surveyed the room.

Zhane and TJ jumped from the opening of the air duct and landed beside him.

"Alright, now the plans say if we follow this hallway all the way to the core of the ship, and go down the elevator 1 floor, we'll be in the throne room." Andros said, looking down the empty hallway.

"Easier said than done." Zhane said seriously.

"Well, I guess we'll find out if there's any truth behind that comment." TJ remarked and they started walking down the silent hallway.

They walked down the hallway without any problems. But with every step each of them took, they got more and more worried that they were going to be caught.


"We're arriving at the Aquitar site, everyone." Alpha told them.

"Thanks Alpha. Omit the cloaking jammers now." Tommy commanded and the empty space came up on the main viewing screen.

"Now we'll find out the truth." Cassie said and a bright burst of light went across the screen, then revealed Aquitar exactly as it had always been.

"Oh my gosh!" Ashley exclaimed happily, "It's been there the whole time!"

"I can't believe this!" Carlos shouted joyfully, "DECA- I mean, Alpha send a transmission to Aquitar, explaining to them what's happened."

"You got it, Carlos!" Alpha chirped.

"Dark Specter must have cloaked Aquitar to make us think that he destroyed it so our team spirit would break!" Ashley realized.

"Well, he was wrong! As always!" Cassie said cheerfully.

"I've sent the transmission to Aquitar! But, I have some bad news on the scanners." Alpha reported.

"What is it Alpha?" Ashley asked, concerned.

"Astronema has sent the Chargerk monster to Earth and it's destroying downtown Angel Grove! We also have an old communicating signal coming from Angel Grove." He told them.

"We've better head back guys." Carlos suggested.

"What about Andros?" Ashley asked.

"They'll teleport back when they have Karone and Phantom. We've gotta take care of this monster. And find out who is using an old communicating signal to contact us." Cassie told her urgently.


"My loyal servants, the day of reckoning has come...." Astronema voiced as she and Vixrothia stood in front of millions of quantrons; "Dark Specter will be no more. You all know of his talk of these so-called Siths coming back and ruling. Well it is all nonsense! He knows me and Vixrothia will overthrow him and rule the universe, he just doesn't want to accept it! You must not let him fool you too. From now on you obey only Vixrothia's commands or mine. As of right now, there is no more Dark Specter."

"All hail, the Queen's of this Universe. Queen Astronema, and Queen Vixrothia." Elgar bellowed and all the quantrons kneeled before their new masters.


"Dark Specter my lord, you were right. Astronema and Vixrothia are holding a summit right now rallying against you." Darkonda reported to the supreme leader.

"Those imbeciles! Bring them before me, and we shall show them who rules this universe." Dark Specter grumbled.

"As you wish, my lord." Darkonda bowed, walked into the elevator, and left.

Dark Specter turned back around in his chair and stated, "No one tries to over throw me and gets away with it. They will learn to obey me, or be destroyed."


"Yes, yes! Bow down before us, or die!" Vixrothia reveled in the glory.

"This is masterful! Look at how they adore us!" Astronema marveled.

Vixrothia shot her a scornful look, "They're obeying me you whiny little brat."

Astronema jerked her head towards the other villianess angrily, "They're obeying me!"

Vixrothia rolled her eyes, "Please, you didn't actually think I was going to let you rule this universe with me now did you?"

"What are you talking about? Why would you think that I would let you rule with me?" Astronema retorted.

"Get a life princess there is only one Queen. And that is me." She said confidently.

"We'll see about that, now won't we?" a woman voiced asked from behind them angrily.

Vixrothia and Astronema exchanged worried glances, then slowly turned their heads towards the person standing behind them.

They both gasped at who they saw.


"Alright rangers, we've reached Earth!" Alpha reported to them.

"Thanks Alpha, Let's Rocket!" Carlos yelled and they all morphed.

"You guys stay here and try to find out where that signal's coming from, we'll take care of the monster." Ashley said and Tommy and Rocky nodded their heads.

The rangers teleported to the park and saw the monster terrorizing little kids.

"This overcharged battery needs to learn some manners!" Carlos yelled.

"Let's do it!" Cassie encouraged and they charged at the monster.

Chargerk quickly noticed the multi-colored teens running after him.

"Are you rangers ready to be charged up to the max?" the monster growled and shot off electric blasts.

"Ah!!!" Cassie yelled as she was hit in the stomach.

"We're gonna need more power for this wacko! Lunar Lance!" Carlos yelled and it appeared in his hand and he ran up to the monster, "Hi-ya!" he yelled and struck it dead center.

"Star Slinger!" Ashley yelled.

"Satellite Stunner!" Cassie yelled and they both hit the monster.

"You rangers aren't done with me yet!" the monster laughed and grew in size.

"We need Thunder Zord Power, Now!" They yelled and a bolt of lightening crashed in front of them.

"Mastodon - Lion Thunder Zord Power!" Carlos yelled.

"Pterodactyl - Firebird Thunder Zord Power!" Cassie yelled.

"Saber toothed Tiger - Griffin Thunder Zord Power!" Ashley yelled and they all transported to their zords.

"Ha Ha Ha! You rangers don't stand a chance against me!" the monster yelled.

"Alright guys, teamwork!" Carlos yelled and shot multiple lasers at the monster.

"Now it's my turn!" Cassie yelled and the Firebird shot missiles at the monster, knocking it backwards.

"I'll finish him off guys!" Ashley said confidently and the Griffin Zord fired a huge fireball at the monster, exploding it to pieces.

"Yeah!" Cassie yelled triumphantly and raised her fist in the air.


"Ok guys, I think we just have to turn on more corner, and we'll be up to the elevator that leads to the throne room." Andros whispered.

Zhane and TJ nodded their heads, and they slowly turned the corner.

There were in the middle of the dead end hallway when the elevator door opened and someone walked out.

The monster stopped when it saw them and TJ whispered, "Busted."


"You guys had any luck with the location of the unknown communicator yet?" Ashley asked Tommy and Rocky as she, Carlos, and Cassie walked out of the elevator on the Astro Megaship.

"Alpha is tracing it now. He'll teleport whatever it is here." Tommy said, then added, "And we've just received a transmission from Aquitar."

They all walked to the front of the main viewing screen and a picture of Billy appeared.

"Billy!" Tommy exclaimed, overjoyed to see his friend.

"Rangers, we have been unable to communicate with anyone for the past 2 weeks because of the cloaking device Dark Specter put on us. Thank you for helping us, and saving the planet. The Aquatian rangers are deeply in debt to you, and will repay you. I must go now, but always stay in touch." Billy said, then the transmission ended.

"At least we know they're safe." Cassie reasoned and they all sat down in a chair.

"I wonder how Andros, Zhane, and TJ are doing." Ashley wondered, a hint of concern in her voice.

"I'm sure they're ok. They took along panic signals in case anything happens, and the alarm will go off is something bad does happen." Carlos reminded her.

Ashley nodded her head in agreement, but her emotions spoke differently. *Andros hurry back.... * Her thoughts were interrupted, however, with someone behind all of them clearing their throat.

They all turned around, confused and saw a strange person standing there.

Tommy jumped up and ran over to him, "Jason! You were the person signaling us?"

"Yeah, I used my old communicator to try and contact you. I guess it worked." Jason smiled and gave Tommy a quick hug.

"Hey Jason!" Rocky greeted, hugging his friend, then introduced everyone; "This is Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos. They're a part of the current ranger team."

"Please tell us your here to help." Cassie pleaded hopefully.

"Of course I am. So, what's going on?" Jason asked.

"2 rangers have been kidnapped, 3 of them went onto Dark Specters Ship, and DECA is all messed up." Cassie updated him fastly.

"Who's Dark Specter?" Jason asked confused, and they all exchanged glances, knowing it was going to be a long talk.




Ashley suddenly sat up straight and interrupted Cassie talking, "Did, did you guys hear that?"

Cassie shrugged, "I heard something very faint, probably just the thrusters. Carlos is working on them."

Ashley nodded her head and leaned back in her chair, relaxing. _______________________________________________________________________


The End