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Easy Come, Easy Go
By Crystal Maiden

"Power Rangers! You fools!" Darkonda growled as he drew out his sword, "You thought you could rescue your pathetic friends without anyone knowing! Ha!"

"What are we going to do?" TJ hissed.

"Stay calm, we'll get them." Andros said reassuringly.

"Uh, Andros. Incase you haven't noticed, Darkonda is standing right in front of us!" Zhane reminded him.

"Well Rangers, I'm sure Dark Specter would love to see you. As a matter of fact, he's right this way, but I guess you already knew that, now didn't you?" Darkonda snarled and pointed his sword into the elevator, "Now, get in!"

The Rangers slowly walked into the elevator with Darkonda. At least they were a few feet closer to Karone and Phantom.

The elevator ride was only a few seconds, and the door slid open and they all peered inside.

"Do I sense.... Power Rangers?" a deep voice asked from a dark chair in front of them.


"Divatox!" Vixrothia yelled, "What are you doing here?"

Divatox sashayed over to them; "Dark Specter called me up telling me 2 little girls were trying to overthrow him. So of course he asked his most loyal villianess to come take care of them."

"I will overthrow him!" Astronema stomped her foot on the ground, "Even if it's the last thing I do!"

Divatox rolled her eyes at the two of them and then stepped up to the podium, speaking into the microphone, "Ok, Um...Faithful little metal thingies, Dark Specter is still and always will be in power so uh, I'd re-think your priorities a little bit."

All the quantrons quickly stood up and saluted Divatox and she smiled.

Astronema and Vixrothia's eyes widened in shock.

"This cannot be happening!" Astronema whined and stomped her foot.

"Well it is happening missy! And Dark Specter knows about it!" Divatox scowled.


*I wonder how Andros is doing.... * Ashley thought to herself as she lay on the bed in her quarters. It was one o'clock in the morning; the group should have been back by now. Although Andros had said that it could take them longer than expected if they ran into complications...

"But if something would've went wrong, he would've contacted us." Ashley reassured herself.

"I don't know what I'd do without you." Andros admitted and smiled at her softly.

She would never forget that moment for as long as she lived. She smiled at that memory, and how different things had been when he had said that.

*It's hard to believe he said that only a few days ago.... * Her thoughts trailed off.

*Andros, please come back. Hurry. * She thought to herself as she slowly drifted off to sleep.


*Andros please come back...hurry. * Andros was looking at the back of Dark Specters chair when he heard that faint voice in the back of his mind. He straightened up and recognized that voice. It was Ashley...but she was on the Astro Megaship.

*How could I be hearing her? * He asked himself, *She doesn't know telepathy, she's from Earth. *

Zhane nudged him in the stomach with his elbow and hissed, "This is not a time to be day dreaming Andros. What we going to do?"

Andros shook his head, as if it would clear his thoughts.

The enormous chair started turning around towards them, then fully revealed Dark Specter.

None of the rangers had ever come, face to face with the evil lord, but they had heard of them, and that was enough to make each of them un-anxious to meet him.

"Power Rangers, what an unexpected surprise. Welcome to my ship." Dark Specter growled, and added with a devilish smile, "Your final resting place."


"What was that?" Karone asked Quinn as they sat down in the dungeon. "I think someone is with Dark Specter." He told her, and they both felt their way to the center of the room.

"Who do you think it is?" Karone asked.

"Maybe a squad of quantrons, or Astronema and Vixrothia. I'm not sure. I can't really hear anything." He said.

Suddenly, they both heard a very familiar voice.

"I don't think so boulder boy!" the confident voice said to someone.

"TJ!" Karone exclaimed and jumped up, "It's TJ!"

"It's about time someone rescued us." Quinn said with a smile.

"TJ we're down here!" Karone yelled as loud as she could, "WE'RE DOWN HERE!!!!!"

"Wait, wait, stop." Quinn commanded her and covered her mouth, muffling her screams for help.

"What are you doing?" Karone asked him when he took his hand off her mouth.

"Shhh. I think I know a way out." Quinn told her and took out a little gun type thing from his shirt pocket.

"Why didn't you tell me you had something to get us out of here with??!!" Karone accused him.

Quinn ignored her and pointed the gun type thing up to the ceiling and fired it.

Karone covered her ears, expecting a loud bang, but all she heard was a slight clicking sound.

"Alright, you go first, just climb up there and see if you can get the covering off." He told her and she started climbing.

She reached the top quickly and found a latch to open the door. She felt around and found a lever and tried to turn it.

"Ugh! It won't budge!" Karone said, disgusted.

"Try again!" Quinn encouraged.

Suddenly, Karone jerked the lever with all her might and it gave way, opening the hatch.

"Yes!" Karone yelled in achievement.

But suddenly, the walls of the dungeon began closing in.

"Karone, hurry! The walls are closing in! You must have triggered off a security device!" Quinn yelled in urgency.

Karone quickly jumped out and Quinn started climbing the rope. With every little inch, the wall closed in a little faster.

"Hurry Quinn! Hurry!" Karone yelled down at him, holding her hand out in case he needed help.

The walls were almost a foot away from his legs and his head finally poked out of the hole. Karone pulled him and brought him up onto the ground, just as the walls completely closed, can bricks covered the opening.

"Whew. That was close." Karone breathed with a sigh of relief.

They looked around and saw a door, leading into Dark Specter's throne room.

"Let's go." Quinn said and helped her up.

They both ran through the door, bursting it open. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Andros, Zhane, and TJ standing in front of Dark Specter.


"So Jase, what have you been up to?" Tommy asked his friend as they scanned on the bridge.

"Not too much man." Jason replied, looking over the scanners.

"So, you're living in Austin now?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah but, I'm moving back to Angel Grove." Jason told him.

"Really?" Tommy asked, excitement in his voice.

"Yeah, Austin just isn't my home. Angel Grove is." He told him and the both smiled.


The elevator door opened again in Dark Specters throne room and Divatox, Vixrothia, and Astronema walked in.

"What is this? An intergalactic party or something?" Divatox asked as she looked at the Red, Silver, and Blue Rangers, then to Karone and Quinn.

"We've just had some, unexpected visitors. That's all. I see you have brought the puny villianesses that were trying to overthrow me." He observed, glaring at Astronema and Vixrothia.

"We're so sorry Dark Specter. It will never happen ever again! You have our word!" Vixrothia pleaded.

"Your word means nothing to me. I'd believe some Power Ranger over you 2 pathetic life forms!" he yelled.

Zhane, TJ, and Andros exchanged glances with Karone. Zhane looked at her and motioned his head towards Quinn, who was standing next to her.

"Phantom." She mouthed.

Their eyes widened when they realized it was Phantom, unmorphed.

"Well, okay. Our rescuers are here, and it looks like you guys are pretty busy, so I think that we'll just uh...go." Karone said simply and took a step towards the other rangers.

Dark Specter held up his hand, "Stop. I have not said that you can leave. I have already made plans for both my prisoners. Phantom Ranger," he growled and threw Phantom his morpher, "You may go."

Quinn put his morpher on and walked over beside Andros.

"Well, I guess that means I'm free to so buh bye!" Karone said happily and took another step.

"No, I'm afraid not. I would've let you go but...someone made me an offer, that I just couldn't refuse." Dark Specter growled and a door slid open, revealing General Cameron Syidion.

"Cameron! What are you doing here?" Karone yelled.

"You are now mine Karone. I've paid for you." Cameron smiled at her.

"Paid for me?" Karone asked, backing up.

Cameron walked towards her, "Yes, You belong to me now."

Karone kept backing up and hit the wall. Cameron walked up to her and his annoying smile was right in her face.

He whispered, "You are mine."

Karone smiled and looked past his shoulder to Zhane, who was nodding his head and giving her a thumbs up sign.

She smiled at Cameron and whispered into his ear softly, "Never slime ball." She kicked him in the stomach and he doubled over, then banged his head into the wall.

"Ow.... You stupid -" Cameron started in pain but Karone interrupted him and grabbed a hold of his arm and slammed him against the wall and held his throat.

"Listen Pal, I belong to no one. You understand me?" she growled and tightened the hold on his neck, "No one."

"Yeah-Yeah-I understand." Cameron replied, choking.

"Good." She smiled and let go of his throat and ran over to the others.

Zhane handed gave her Astro Morpher and communicator to her.

"Oh be gone with you Power Rangers!" Dark Specter said reluctantly, waving his hand.

The rangers froze in shock.

"What? Aren't you going to kill us?" TJ asked.

"If I killed you, I would have nothing to do. You almost...amuse me. Now be gone with you, before I change my mind." Dark Specter grumbled.

Karone smiled, then before they teleported asked, "Who kidnapped us?"

"We didn't. Someone brought you two here, we found you both in the docking bay." Dark Specter told her and she teleported off, confused.

As soon as the bright lights disappeared, Dark Specter turned his attention towards Astronema and Vixrothia, "Now...about you two.."




"I'm so glad you guys are back!" Ashley beamed happily as the gang sat down at the table eating.

"It's great to be back!" Karone smiled.

"I can't believe Dark Specter let you guys free!" Cassie exclaimed.

"Me neither but, I know it won't change anything." Andros said sadly.

They all nodded their heads quietly, and then Quinn tapped on Cassie arm, and motioned his head towards the hallway.

She nodded her head and smiled and they both got up and walked out.

"There's something I don't understand about this whole thing." Karone told them.

"What is it?" Zhane asked as he ate an apple.

"Well, before we left Dark Specter said they didn't kidnap me and Phantom. That they found us in the docking bay." Karone explained.

"If they didn't kidnap you then, who did?" Zhane asked curiously.

"I have no idea." Karone said, trying to comprehend the past events.


Cassie and Quinn walked into the hallway and he took her hands in his and she smiled.

"I'm sorry." He said sincerely.

She smiled at him, "For what?"

"For not telling you how I felt sooner." He said and closed his eyes. He had regretted not telling her even before their first conversation.

"Well, you can tell me now." She smiled.

"I -" he started, then stopped.

"You what?" she pressed.

"I really really like you." He smiled and she laughed.

"That's good, cause I sure like you a whole lot." She smiled and they gave each other a huge hug.


Ashley walked onto the bridge with a bushel of pretty gold roses and Andros walked up to her, eyeing them.

"What are those for?" he asked curiously.

"Trey. I thought we should go visit his grave at the Ranger Memorial." She suggested.

Andros nodded his head sadly, "That would be a good idea. We'll all go. Oh by the way, DECA is up and working again."

"Thank god!" Ashley exclaimed.

"DECA, set a course for Eltar, coordinates: Ranger Memorial Site." Andros commanded.

"Affirmative. Course set. Approximate time till arrival, 30 minutes." DECA's voice responded.


"Hey Karone, what'cha up to?" Zhane asked Karone as he walked into the engine room.

"Cleaning the sub-ion panels." She replied drowsily.

"You don't sound very happy." He mused, and smiled.

"Oh sorry." She said un-enthusiastically, then said really cheerfully, "I'm cleaning the sub-ion panels!"

Zhane laughed and sat down beside her on the floor and watched her work.

Suddenly Karone doubled over and images flashed before her eyes.

She and Zhane were smiling.

"This is awesome!" Zhane exclaimed.

"It's incredible!" TJ agreed.

"Karone? Karone what's wrong?" Zhane asked worriedly, as his girl friend covered her eyes in pain.

"Ow..." Karone moaned as the flashes continued.

"We'll see you again, soon." Karone smiled and gave someone a hug.

"Once a ranger, always a ranger." Ashley smiled.

"Andros! Get in here!" Zhane yelled to his friend as he tried to snap Karone out of whatever was going on.

"Pink Ranger Power!"

Andros came running into the room and knelt down by Karone, "What's going on? What's happening to her??" he asked frantically.

"These will help you." A man told her and handed her 2 objects.

"Karone? Karone answer me!" Zhane said, gently shaking her. She just kept covering her eyes and moaning in pain.

"Powers, Lost Powers that have been used before." The dark man told them.

Suddenly the images and sounds stopped, and Karone sat there for a minute.

"Karone? Karone what happened?" Andros asked her.

"I.... I don't know. These, images and...Talking. I saw us talking. But, none of it, happened." Karone told them confused.

"Maybe you need some sleep. You've been working pretty hard today." Zhane suggested and helped her stand up.

Karone agreed, still confused, "Yeah, Yeah sleep's good."

Zhane held her hand and walked her out of the room while Andros stayed sitting on the ground, deliriously worried about what had happened.


"We have reached Eltar, landing by Ranger Memorial Site now." DECA confirmed.

"Thanks DECA. By the way, it's great to have you back." Ashley chirped and Andros walked onto the bridge with a worried look on his face.

Ashley frowned, "Is Karone better?"

"She still mumbles about visions. I don't know what happened, but I know it scared her." Andros told her.

"Well, we've reached Eltar. Do you think she'll come with us to Trey's grave?" she asked.

Andros nodded his head, "Yeah, she's getting ready right now."

And with that, they walked towards the ship exit.


"Wow, look at all these graves. I bet some of these are millions of years old." Ashley observed as they walked down the graveyard.

Karone and Zhane walked behind the others, holding hands.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Zhane asked as he squeezed tighter on her hand.

"I'm fine. It was so weird when it happened. It was like I was seeing the future or something." Karone told him as they continued walking behind the others.

"Was it bad?" Zhane asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"No, it was good but, that's what scared me. There was something about someone leaving and, someone handed me something. But...I couldn't see what any of it was." She admitted.

"I'm glad it's over." Zhane said and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Me too." She smiled.

"Here it is guys." Cassie said as they stopped at Trey's grave.

"He was a great fighter." Tommy said sadly.

"And a great friend." Rocky added.

They all kneeled down to Trey and bowed their heads in a moment of silence.

When it was over Ashley placed the gold flowers over his grave, "We'll never forget you."

They all stood up and looked at the grave some more.

A cold breeze swept through the Memorial and each of the rangers shivered.

Karone suddenly closed her eyes tight, and the visions returned.


*Rangers...Rangers...Listen to me...*


"Oh no guys, It's happening again!" Zhane said as Karone stood with her hand over her eyes. They all raced towards them.

"You!" Karone yelled and raced after someone.

"What's happening to her?" Tommy asked frantically.

"She must be having the visions again!" Ashley realized.

"Pteradactl - Firebird Thunder Zord Power!"

Karone moaned and the visions kept coming.

"Power Bow!"

Then, just like the time before, they suddenly stopped and Karone breathed hard.

"Are you okay?" Zhane asked worriedly.

Karone stood up straight again and her eyes focused. She looked around her, and felt a sudden sense of Deja Vu. She looked at everyone confused, then saw a dark figure move about behind a tree.

"You!" she yelled and pointed at the dark figure and raced after it.

Everyone saw what she was running after, and followed behind her.

"Get back here you freak and tell me what's going on!" she yelled at the person who was now only a few feet within her grasp.

"You will know soon enough!" the weird voice told her, then it vanished.

"Who was that?" Andros asked, out of breath.

"I saw this! All of this! In my visions! I knew someone would be here! That person knows what's going on!" she exclaimed.

"We better get back to the Megaship, and sort all this out." Carlos said and they all walked towards the Megaship.


*Do not worry, you will know soon enough Rangers...*

To be continued...