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Foreseen Shadows
By Crystal Maiden

"Hey babe," Zhane greeted Karone as he walked into her room and sat down by her on her bed, "You okay?"

"Yeah, just really confused." Karone murmured sleepily, rubbing her eyes.

"Are you sure your okay?" Zhane asked, concern in his voice.

Karone smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek, "Don't worry, I'm fine."

"Well, that's good." Zhane smiled.

"Zhane, I think I'm going crazy." Karone admitted putting her hands over her face.

Zhane laughed a little, "What?"

"I said I think I'm going crazy." She said, her hands still over her face, then added, "And what's so funny?"

Zhane laughed and pulled her hands away from her face, and she looked up at him, "You are not crazy. A little strange," he smiled, "But definitely not crazy."

Karone cheered up a little and tilted her head to one side, "Maybe your right."

Zhane straightened up; "You think so?"

"Well, as cute as you are you've gotta be right about something." She said with a devilish smile and he started tickling her.


"Cassie, there is something I need to talk to you about." Quinn told her as they walked hand in hand along the beach on Earth.

"Okay." She smiled back at him delightfully.

There was nothing more that she wanted in the whole world than to talk with him, and he was pretty quite so opportunities like this didn't come up very often. But when they did she jumped at the chance to learn more about him, and tell him more of her.

"I am leaving." He admitted and they stopped walking.

"What?" Cassie asked him, as if she didn't believe what he had just said.

"I am leaving to go back to Eltar." He told her again, this time she understood.

He stood there looking into her pain stricken eyes for a moment, then she whispered, "When?"

"Soon. Most likely within the next few days." Quinn told her and he could feel her getting angry with him.

"You did it again." She blamed him, shaking her head in disbelief, "I can't believe you did it again."

Quinn shook his head, "No, no Cassie this is not like that at all."

"You've said that before, and I didn't see you for months. For months Quinn. Months." She felt tears come to her eyes and she turned her head.

"Cassie this time is different I swear." He pleaded with her, but she let go of his hand, crossed her arms, and continued walking.


"Quit tickling me!" Karone yelled as she rolled over laughing on the floor, with Zhane right beside her, still tickling her viciously.

"Nope, sorry. Can't do that." He laughed.

"Zhane this is so not fair!" she yelled, rolling trying to avoid his fingers.

"Why, Miss Lanrydan, I think it's very fair." Zhane stopped tickling her and helped her sit up.

She sat up and calmed down, her heart rate creeping down to the regular beat.

He looked at her as she re-poised herself. Straightening her hair, her clothes, so everything was perfect once more.

"You are absolutely beautiful you know that?" he asked her in all seriousness.

She smirked doubtfully, "Beautiful? Not hardly."

"You are." He smiled, "It's the truth."

"Well, thank you for saying that even though it isn't the truth." She smiled back at him; "You aren't too bad yourself."


"So where are you going?" Cassie asked coldly as she continued walking with Quinn with her arms crossed in front of her.

Quinn took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly, "Eltar."

That was not the response Cassie was expecting. She was expecting him to say 'Cassie, I am the Phantom Ranger, there is no set coordinates on where I will be.' But, he didn't. He had given her an exact location.

She raised her eyebrow, "Why are you going there?" she asked concerned, then added coolly, "Not that I care or anything."

He cleared his throat and answered, "The Eltarians need me. Not for fighting, but to rebuild their government. They have asked me to be the Lord of Eltar."

Cassie's eyes widened, "Lord of Eltar? As in, you would be the ruler of Eltar?"

"Yes, that would be correct." He said, then added with a smile, "But, not that you care or anything."

Cassie realized he wasn't buying the mean act, and sighed, "I'm sorry I was rude it's just, I never get to see you that often. This time I thought.... I thought maybe we would actually have a relationship, but now...." her voice trailed off.

"Maybe there is a way.... For us to have a relationship." Quinn suggested and Cassie turned to him with a curious look on her face.


"Yeah, I know." Zhane smiled at her compliment.

"You sound pretty sure of yourself," she mused, and smiled mischievously, "What if I were lying?

"Were you?" he asked.

"No." She admitted simply.

"Well then, looks like I don't have anything to worry about." He smiled put his arm around her shoulders and they cuddled close together, both their backs against the bed, sitting on the floor.

"I like this." Karone said, feeling content.

"Like what?" he asked curiously, as she laid her head against his chest and relaxed, "Not getting kidnapped?"

Karone laughed, "No! Well, that too, but that's not what I meant."

"What did you mean?" he pressed.

"Just being here, with you, and not having to worry about anything. Just, feeling safe." She said softly.

Zhane smiled and rubbed her shoulder, and she lifted her head up to his.

"There is only one thing that would make this moment even more perfect than it already is." Karone whispered and moved her head towards his to kiss him.

He smiled and leaned in then.... WHAM! She grabbed her feather pillow and whacked him on the shoulder. The pillow split open and feathers went flying everywhere, leaving him covered in feathers, and Karone rolling on the floor laughing.

"Oh, You think this is funny, do you? I'll show you funny!" Zhane yelled and started tickling her again.


"What do you mean? How? You'll be on Eltar, and I'll be on the Megaship. I've heard of long distance relationships but, this is really long distance Quinn." Cassie reasoned.

Quinn took a deep breath, "Cassie, I want you to come with me."

Cassie stood there in total shock. Not moving, not even breathing.

"Cassie? Are you okay?" he asked worriedly as she breathed slowly.

"Wh-What did you ask me?" she stuttered.

"I want you to come with me...To Eltar." He said he saw the shocked reaction on her face, then shook his head, "No, forget I asked. That was incredibly selfish of me."

Before he could walk away Cassie grabbed his arm, "No Quinn, it's just.... This is so sudden. Of course I want to go with you. It's just that, I have duties here. I'm the Pink Power Ranger. I'm a part of the team, I can't just pack up and leave."

"I know, I just...had to ask." Quinn told her, ashamed of himself that he had put her in this awkward position, "I'm sorry, I have made you uncomfortable. I'll leave immediately."

"Quinn!" Cassie grabbed his arms gently and made him look into her eyes; "You can't leave."

"I must Cassie. It is time for me to go home. To...resume my normal life." He argued, and she knew he had to.

"Quinn I -" Cassie tried to think of something to say, but couldn't, "I...don't want to say good bye."

"Neither do I." He admitted sadly, and they hugged, both of them not wanting to let go.

Cassie shut her eyes tight, imagining what it would be like once he left. She couldn't, it was too painful. She opened her eyes, now determined on what she was going to do.


"Zhane this little tickling me till I have a heart attack thing has got to stop." Karone laughed as she and Zhane rested, sitting on the floor.

"I love to see you smile, and this is the best way to get you to do it." He smiled and kissed her softly on the lips.

Karone smiled back at him, then felt a sharp pain hit her eyes, and she moaned, covering her eyes.

"Oh no..." she moaned, as the images came back.

"Once a ranger, always a ranger." Cassie smiled.

"Promise, you'll come back and visit us." Karone begged.

"I promise." Cassie declared.

"Karone, are you okay?" Zhane asked, then realized she was having more flashbacks.

*This is getting a little too familiar. * Zhane thought to himself.

Karone rocked back and forth, trying to get rid of the flashes.

"I'm going to miss you guys so much!" Ashley exclaimed sadly, trying not to cry.

"Yeah! There are only gonna be 2 girls left!" Karone observed sadly, putting and arm around Ashley.

Then, as quickly as the flashes came, they were gone.

Karone sat up, breathless and whispered, "Cassie."


"I'm going with you." Cassie declared, and Quinn looked at her unbelievingly.

"What?" Quinn exclaimed.

"I said, I'm going with you." She stated.

"Cassie, you can't! You said it yourself, you're a Power Ranger, you can't just pack up and leave." Quinn reminded her, but she still looked determined.

"I can live without being a Power Ranger, I can't live without you being in my life." Cassie told him and he looked into her eyes, knowing she was telling him the truth.

"You-You really want to come with me?" Quinn asked.

"Yes." Cassie smiled, and they kissed.


"Where's Cassie?" Karone asked as she ran onto the bridge, where the others had all gathered for a meeting that Cassie and Phantom had called.

"She's not here yet, what's the matter?" Andros asked his sister.

"I had them. The flashes, I saw Cassie and she was-" Karone started, then saw Cassie and Phantom walk onto the bridge so she ran over to them, "Cassie are you...Are you leaving?"

Cassie looked at her in shock, "How did you-How did you know that?"

The color drained from Karone's face, and Cassie helped her sit down.

"I saw it, the first time I had the flash spells. I saw someone leaving but I couldn't see who, and now, just a few minutes ago, I had it again. But this time I saw you leaving." Karone explained in a rush.

"You had another spell of flashes?" Ashley asked worried and Cassie shot Quinn an uneasy look.

"Maybe I shouldn't leave..." Cassie suggested.

"No!" Karone protested and stood up, "I think, I think it's like you were supposed to leave. I think this is what is meant to happen."

"Yes Rangers," Zordon interrupted them, "I believe Karone is correct. I have talked with her about these flashes and so far some of them have come true. It is as if someone is giving Karone the ability to see into the future, but we don't know who the source is."

Cassie nodded her head, "Then I'll go."

The other rangers saddened and TJ asked, "Where are you going?"

"To Eltar, with Quinn." Cassie said and all the rangers nodded their heads sadly.

"Well, I wish you the best guys." Tommy said and gave Cassie a hug, and shook Quinn's hand. Everyone followed his lead.

"I'm going to miss you so much!" Ashley exclaimed sadly, fighting back tears.

Karone had the sense of Deja vu, then added, "Yeah, there are only gonna be 2 girls left!" she put her arm around Ashley's shoulder, comforting her friend.

"I don't think I'll be needing these anymore..." Cassie's voice trailed off as she took off her Astro Morpher and communicator.

Andros took them sadly, and laid them on the table.

"It just, won't be the same without you here." Carlos mused.

"Yeah, I know." She agreed.

"We'll see you again, soon." Karone smiled, feeling the Deja vu again and gave Cassie a hug.

"Once a ranger, always a ranger." Ashley smiled, still fighting back tears.

Cassie shook her head and a few tears escaped, "You guys are the best." She said and they all had a big group hug.

"Well, you better leave, and beat that mid-day space traffic." TJ said, trying not to cry.

"Yeah." Cassie smiled, and picked up her luggage and got onto the elevator, with Quinn behind her.

"See you guys soon." Rocky said and they waved good-bye to them as the elevator door closed.

The others stood there, not knowing what to say.

"Guys, what are we gonna do now?" Karone asked, breaking the silence.

They all shrugged their shoulders.

Andros looked over at Cassie's Astro Morpher, and communicator.

"We don't have a Pink Ranger anymore." He said sadly.

"But, we need a pink ranger, so she can call on her zord to form the Thunder Megazord...what are gonna do?" Ashley asked.

Tommy picked up Cassie's morpher and communicator and looked at everyone, "Karone could be the Pink Ranger."

Karone shot him a crazy look, "Huh? How? I'm already the Purple Ranger."

Andros nodded his head; "Yeah, but...the Purple Powers are controlled by us. See, our Power gives you Power, but if you were to be the Pink Ranger, you would have your own Power."

Karone took Cassie's stuff and observed it, "But.... This was Cassie's. I'd feel weird taking it."

"I don't think Cassie would've trusted anyone but you, to take her Morpher." Ashley said confidently.

Karone took off her purple Morpher and Communicator and replaced it with Cassie's.

"Looks like you have a new Pink Ranger." Rocky mused and smiled.

Karone smiled, then asked, "What should we do about the Purple morpher?"

Andros took it, "Destroy it. If it gets in the wrong hands, it could definitely be used against us."

"But, couldn't we give it to someone else?" Carlos asked.

"We would be much stronger if we had all our strength." Andros said and they all headed towards the engine room.

"Why are we going here?" Ashley asked as they entered the engine room.

"We can through the Purple Morpher and communicator into the engine. It'll destroy it with the heat." Andros said and opened the vent.

"Wait, let me throw it in." Karone said and grabbed them from Andros.

Karone looked at the faithful devices that had saved her life on many occasions, and tossed them into the flaming engine. Andros shut the vent door, and patted Karone on the shoulder.

"Wow, we're beginning a new era." Ashley observed and smiled then added; "I've been saying that a lot lately haven't I?"

They all laughed and walked back towards the bridge.

"Man, I just thought of something." Zhane said and Karone looked at him funny, "I'm not gonna have anyone with me on the Tiger Zord."

Karone laughed, "Good! It was getting kinda cramped in the control room!"

Andros smiled, and Alpha came running into the room waving his arms up and down.

"Ay yi yi yi yi! Rangers! There's trouble on Earth!" Alpha screeched.

"Alright guys, let's go!" Andros commanded and they ran towards the gliding bay.

They ran up the steps and Karone stood in front of the Pink tube.

"Let's Rocket!" Andros yelled and they all slide down.


"Anyone see anything?" Karone the Pink Ranger asked.

"Not yet." The yellow ranger responded.

"Look guys, over there!" Zhane yelled as a monster ran across the street.

"Let's get him!" Andros yelled and they charged the monster.

They fought the monster for a few minutes, and then it grew enormous in size.

"Looks like we need more power to shut this lone wolf down!" Carlos said.

"We need Thunder Zord Power, Now!" they yelled at once and a bolt of lightening crashed in front of them.

"Mastodon - Lion Thunder Zord Power!" Carlos yells.

"Pterodactyl - Firebird Thunder Zord Power!" Karone yells.

"Triceratops - Unicorn Thunder Zord Power!" TJ yells.

"Saber toothed Tiger - Griffin Thunder Zord Power!" Ashley yells.

"Tyrannosaurus - Red Dragon Thunder Zord Power!" Andros yells.

"Tiger Zord!" Zhane yells and they all teleport onto their zords.

"Alright guys, let's bring them together!" Andros commands and the zords begin transforming.

The zords lock and everyone yells, "Thunder Megazord, Power Up!"

Both zords fight the monster for a few minutes, and the Tiger Zord is knocked down.

"Guys, any assistance here would be really great!" Zhane's voice said over the intercom.

"No problem!" Karone said.

The Megazord drew out the Thunder Saber and they rangers yell, "Thunder Saber, Battle Ready! Yah!"

The Thunder Saber crashed down onto the monster, blowing it to pieces.


"That fight was so easy!" Karone exclaimed.

"Yeah, too easy." Andros quietly, "Almost way to easy."

"You know, I think not having to use some of our Power for the Purple Power is really helping us." Ashley observed.

"Yeah me too." TJ agreed and Carlos also nodded his head in agreement.

Karone threw her hands up in the air, "Oh! Now you tell me it was a pain for me to have been the Purple Ranger."

Ashley laughed and put an arm around Karone, "We still love ya."

They all laughed, and then DECA interrupted them, "Incoming transmission."

"From who?" Andros asked as they walked in front of the viewing screen.

"Location Unknown." DECA replied.

"That's weird," Karone said and took a sip of her glass of water, then noticed something strange, "Guys, where's my morpher?" she asked as she looked at her empty wrist.

The others looked at her, then looked at their wrists, empty.

"Our Morphers, they're gone!" Ashley exclaimed in shock.

"The monster must have took them when we weren't watching!" Andros realized.

"Rangers, I have foreseen this event, and have prepared for it." A voice said and all the rangers looked at the viewing screen, which had a picture of a man in a dark cloak on it.

To be continued....