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Power Ranger Transformers
Super Ranger Masterforce
Episode 4: Target: Kat!
by Frankie Rodriguez

Previously on PRT: SRMF- As the newly empowered Power Rangers Return to Earth, they find that their teammate and friend, Andros, is down about not having new powers like the rest of the team. Carlos tries to cheer Andros up, but he pulls away from the group. The other Rangers, now also known as Pretenders, have gone to town.
In the meantime in Angel Grove, Rocky buys a new boom box that is revealed to be an Autobot known as Twincast. Rocky is surprised but takes Twincast to the Rangers. On the dark Fortress, Astromena has decided that the Rangers have to pay. She has master bracelets and transforms into Scorpinok, the new Decepticon Empress. She then motions the Decepticon Pretenders, Blood and Gilmer to attack the Rangers in town while she and the other Decepticons destroyed the Rangers' new battle station. The plan nearly succeed as the Rangers in town were kept at bay and the Battle station was still not in full power yet. Twincast held off the Decepticons till Andros finds a second pair of master bracelets. He puts them on and the station lights up like crazy. A voice tells Andros to say masterforce, becoming Fortress, an Autobot headmaster. With the station at full power and the Ranger Pretenders joining the fight, Scorpinok/Astromena, orders a retreat.


Inside Fort Max., Andros and Carlos are having a friendly sparring session. Both are blocking the other's assault any way they can. Andros does a sweep off of Carlos's feet. Carlos hits the ground but jumps back up. Carlos then gives a fiendish smirk to his teammate.
"Let's make things interesting," Carlos tells Andros, with his devious smile intact.
Andros looks at him. "What do you have in mind?"
"Well, you know I need a little more practice with my Lander form. And I am sure that you can use the training of your new headmaster transector and body. So . . .let's have a little fight."
Andros raises his eyebrow. "The technology of both our new forms are experimental at best. You sure about this?"
Carlos nods. "C'mon Andros. You could use the training. You don't want to fight Bludgeon with out comfortably understanding your new form, right?" Andros nods. "Get On! Pretender . . .Lander!" Carlos goes from regular human to armor form to Transformer form.
Andros takes a breathe. " Masterforce!" He was in his new black and yellow armor. Andros jumps, "Transform!!! . . ." Andros twist and turns becoming a head for his transector, that has become a body. "Head on!"
Rocky watches the display of Martial arts done by two metal men. Even in their transformer bodies, the two of them are good. Really good, Rocky thinks to himself. Fortress and Lander counter moves but Lander gets the best of Fortress on a few occasions. Rocky looks at them. Almost reminds me of Tommy and Jason or me and Adam. They know the others moves so well that they have it down like second nature but Fortress is still getting use to his new body, giving Lander the advantage. Geez . . . I am beginning to sound like Billy.
Rocky gets a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and sees Cassie. Cassie , Rocky found, was spunky. She was full of life and wanted to go out and take life in her hands. Rocky thought, Cassie reminds me of myself sometimes.
"Yeah . . .hey Cassie."
"Hi Rocky! I was wondering if you can answer a few questions for me."
Rocky looks at Cassie with a look of surprise. "Sure. What would you like to know?"
Cassie smiled. "Have you heard from any of the old Rangers recently?"
"Sure. I talk to Adam a lot. I just got a letter from Tanya the other day. Tommy has written me about twice in the last few months. . ."
Cassie interrupts. "What about Kat? Have you heard from her?"
"Not for sometime. She has been working hard in the academy. But I am sure she and the others will come around soon. Especially when we tell them about Zordon."
Cassie asks the next question slightly nervously. "What was Kat like . . . as a Power Ranger."
Rocky looks at Cassie. "What's with all the questions?"
"It's nothing. Forget I asked," Cassie says as she walks away.
Rocky then understood. "She was a strong person. A little restraint at times. For a little while, I thought that she would need Tommy to always rescue her. She proved me wrong on a few occasions. She is very strong. She was also a good leader." Cassie smiles as she begins to walk away. Rocky says one more thing. "Don't worry. You are doing a fine job. Kat would be proud of you." With that last comment, Cassie walks away. Rocky gives a smile. Unfortunately, on the ceiling, is a purple and black cassette that just recorded their whole conversation.

Steve Cardenas as Rocky
Tracy Lynn Cruz as Ashley/Diver
Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie/Phoenix
Christopher Khayman Lee as Andros/Fortress
Roger Velasco as Carlos/ Lander
Selwyn Ward as TJ/ Metalhawk
Melody Perkins as Astromena/Scorpinok
Catherine Sutherland as Kat

A metal bat returns to the Dark Fortress to give news to the Decepticon Empress, Astromena. Astromena stands firmly in her slick outfit. Ratbat transforms into his cassette mode, landing in Soundblaster. Soundblaster transforms into a black cassette recorder. A compartment opens from his side, connecting with the viewing screen. Soundblaster plays back the scene with Rocky and Cassie.
" 'What was Kat like . . .as a Ranger? . . .She would need Tommy to rescue her . . .made a good leader. . . you are doing a fine job.' " Soundblaster stopped at that point.
Astromena had a smile on her face. "So Cassie has a soft for the former Pink Ranger. We can use this to our advantage."
"How so my empress," states the ever loyal Ecliptor.
"We shall kidnap the former Pink Ranger. We will use her to destroy Cassie and lead the other Rangers to doom. Find this Pink Ranger named Kat." Astromena orders. Elgar trips at her feet.
"Oh! Oh! I know where she is," Elgar says with his face to the floor and his left hand raised.
Astromena gawked at him. "What are you talking about?"
"I know where she is. Divatox had us keep tabs on the old Rangers when they gave their powers to the new kids," Elgar comments , picking himself off the floor. "She's at some fancy dance school."
Astromena smiled. "Elgar . . .you did good for once. Elgar take the Quantrons and get Kat. We will use her to lure out Cassie."
Elgar says, "Gotcha boss! I am on my way." Elgar teleports out.


Kat was dancing with grace. She was practicing for the production she was to perform and choreograph for Angel Grove dance Academy. Her steps were light yet strong. Slow yet graceful. She had embodied the spirit of the music that had played. Kat was twirling around with a ribbon in her hands. When she stopped, she had gained applause.
"That was wonderful Katherine. You have done a marvelous job in your dancing," a teacher proclaimed to Kat. Since her time at the Dance School, Kat's teacher had been impressed at the amount of talent Kat had for dancing. It seem the hard she was on Kat, the more determined Kat became. It was that determination that made her an excellent dancer , thought the teacher.
Katherine grabs a towel. " Thank you Miss Romanova. That means a lot."
"You will be represent us well in Angel Grove during your time off,"Miss Romanova states, "You will bring prestige to our school. I am very proud of you."
Katherine smiled. She had thoughts of the Power Rangers every so often. Especially Tommy. Tommy and Kat have had a long distance relationship going and she began to wonder if Tommy will dump her. Kat did recently see Tommy at a race about two months ago. That was their last date since then. She had missed him terribly. She then smiled at the hopes that Tommy will be with her again soon. The racing season was nearly over. Kat would have three months off.
Tommy would be back during the second month. Kat went to her room to pack some things. As she left the build that has been her home for nearly 9 months, she waves it and her classmates good-bye. Kat stands outside waiting for a cab. Of course, she is not so lucky, because Elgar appears with the Quantrons.
"Hey there Pinky! It's been a while!" Elgar states, pulling out his sword.
Kat moves into a defensive stance. It has been a few months since she practiced her martial art but she felt prepared. "Elgar! What does Divatox want?"
"I don't work for my Aunt anymore! I work for the Decepticons now! As to what I want , maybe be a sandwich with ham and peanut butter, but the boss wants you!" Elgar points at the Quantrons to attack.
Kat runs her hands to the chest plates of the Decepticons. Her kicks bring a few Quantrons down but her lack of battle and training has made her slow to counter moves. Kat is knocked down by a Chondrin while Elgar watches overhead. Elgar mocks the fallen Ranger.
"What's the matter? Out of Shape?"
Kat smirks at him. "Like your head." Kat delivers a blow to his cranium that makes him fall to his feet. Kat's cab had arrived across the street from her, so she makes a break for it. She jumps into the cab and drives off. Elgar, slightly dazed, is not happy.
"Oh! Why didn't you Metalheads stop her?! Now Astromena's gonna cook us for this." With that Elgar teleports out. Back in the cab, Kat look through her things. She takes out a few objects from her purse. Kat grabs something metallic with joy. It was her old communicator.
"I hope this still works." She presses a button, giving out a distress signal.


Rocky and Cassie both went out for lunch. Cassie had a lot of questions regarding her predecessor. Rocky seemed more than happy to oblige. Penny was out of town for a family get together, so Rocky enjoyed the company. Rocky was about to talk about Kat's and Tommy's relationship when Twincast decided to join in.
"Um . . .Rocko, I am picking up a distress beacon." Twincast says bluntly.
Cassie inquires, "From where."
"I can't pinpoint just yet."
Rocky then got out his old communicator. It was flashing the same way the signal Twincast picked up was. "It is an old Power Ranger frequency. One of the former Rangers are in trouble."
Cassie began to get worried. "Can you make out the message?"
"Yeah! I got it all ready. It repeats. Help! SOS Kat!" Twincast replies to the two Rangers.
"Kat?!" This had taken both Rocky and Cassie by surprise.
Rocky clenched his fist. "This is too weird. Astromena must of spied on us. Twincast, see if you can contact the Rangers."
Twincast nods. "I already tried. Ashley is on her way but TJ and Carlos are in a middle of a Baseball game.'
"We can't wait for them! Any sign of Andros?" Cassie asks.
Twincast shakes his head. Cassie and rocky look at each other. "Well, I am not going to wait for anyone else. The shuttle is still intact. We can take that and track Kat down." Rocky says with assertiveness.
Cassie and Twincast agree, heading out to the station.


Kat goes on a plane. She takes a deep breathe. Her heart begins to race. She had narrowly escaped the Quantrons and Elgar. Kat wondered why was she a target for now. She was no longer a Power Ranger. It has been a year since she was a Ranger. Now, after all this time, her former instincts that she acquired as a Ranger have resurfaced. She thinks that this is only the beginning. Whatever was the reason to take her is not over yet. Kat will have to be on constant guard till the Rangers arrive. She prays that her signal has made it to the others. Then a loud crash is heard.
Quantrons had appeared inside the jet. With them were the Decepticon Pretenders Blood and Bludgeon. Bludgeon/Ecliptor announces commandingly, "Everyone fall to your feet. You are now all prisoners of Astromena.
Kat had stood up to walk away, when she is then suddenly dragged by her arm. She turns to face her attacker, Blood. "Where do you think your going, Pretty lady?"
"Anywhere you're not," jamming her foot on Blood's. Kat drop kicks Blood away, heading to the back of the plane. The Quantrons begin to attack her. Kat did her best too repel them. She sweeped a few at one point, knocking the rest down like dominos when from behind her, Frenzy grabs her.
"She 's a feisty one huh," Frenzy says.
Bludgeon replies, "yes. Quite the fighter. Soon we shall use her trap the other Rangers."


In the meantime, the shuttle is nearing the plane, tracking down Kat. Inside, Rocky, Cassie, Ashley and Twincast are awaiting to find their friend. Cassie feels nervous. She blames herself what has happened. The Decepticons may not have gone after Kat if she and Rocky had not talked early.
Ashley goes to her. "Kat will be fine. Don't worry. The Decepticons are just bad news. They always are."
Cassie smiles at her. "Thanks but I don't like it any better."
Rocky is somewhat lost in thought. He is worried that he has set off a chain of events that will endanger anyone and everyone that was a Power Ranger. He keeps his head down. What if the Decepticons kill all his old friends. It would be his fault. Twincast taps his lightly with his metal finger.
"We found her. She is on a plane coming our direction."
Rocky sighs. "That's great."
"But the Decepticons are there too."
All the humans on the shuttle exclaim, "WHAT?!"
"We need to get on that plane fast."
"But we could endanger everyone inside," Cassie replies, getting more worried at the moment. Rocky thinks. He turns to the tall blue Autobot. "Twincast, can you fix the console to teleport me and maybe two more people onto the plane."
"Hmm. . .yeah. I can have it done in about five minutes."
Rocky nods. "Good. Cassie , Ashley . . . can you two distract the Decepticons in your Autobot forms? That way I can go and get Kat."
"Can't we just Teleport her out?"
Rocky shakes his head. "Not without reveal her old identity to the world."
"Teleport me in," Cassie says, "You guys can distract the Decepticons. Please."
Rocky nods in agreement. "Fine. But not with out back up."
Twincast smiles. " I can handle that. Yo! Steeljaw, Eject! . . .join Cassie's party." Twincast opens his tape deck, launching two cassettes out. One transformed into a yellow lion and the other to a robot. "Well . . .I am almost ready."
Cassie yells, "Right . . .It's Morphin Time! Get On!" Her Red and black armor appears. After that instant transformation, she and the two cassettes teleport into the plane.


On the jet, Bludgeon and blood are preparing to leave with Kat. Then, they heard gun fire.
Bludgeon asks, "What was that?"
Blood answers, "There is a power brat outside."
"They are here but they are too late."
"Wanna bet?!' Phoenix appears in her armor. Eject is to her left and Steeljaw to her right. Steeljaw jumps on to the arm of Bludgeon. Eject grapples with Frenzy. Phoenix does battle with both Decepticon Pretenders. Phoenix does her best with her kicks, since they are fighting in such close quarters. Blood is knocked down , while Phoenix faces off with Bludgeon. Bludgeon was about to make a speech when Kat steps on both his feet. Phoenix runs to her side.
Phoenix says softly, "hey . . .good job. I am so sorry.'
"You don't have to be. But before we continue, let's take out this garbage." The two former Pink Rangers look at each other and smile. Bludgeon gets up. He prepares his sword to deliver a final blow to the girls but they beat him to the punch. Kat and Phoenix kick him with all their might and throw Bludgeon off the plane.
Bludgeon is on the wing when he is rammed by Diver. "Hey pal. That was for our megaship."
Bludgeon falls off the wing, transforming into his robot form; using his power to retreat.
The jet begins to go down fast. Phoenix , Kat and the Autobots on the plane . Phoenix and Kat look at each other . "Blood!"
The two run immediately towards the cockpit. As they get closer, the plane juggles around with them inside of it. Kat falls to her feet, followed by an unwilling Phoenix. Frenzy kicks off Eject from him; heading directly for the girls. He goes in front of them.
"Hey babe! Why don'tcha stay and have a shake with me!," converting his arms to the pow drivers. Frenzy knocks his drivers to the floor, shaking the plane even more than before.


On the outside, Rocky is stirring the shuttle towards the plane. Rocky plans on getting the shuttle under the plane and support it so the plane can land safely. Twincast is helping as much as he can but since he can not fit in robot mode in the cockpit, he issues Rewind to assists Rocky.
"Rocky . . .you are quite impressive with the stirring out the shuttle. As a Power Ranger, you have flown before, correct?" Rewind asks.
Rocky smiles. "Well, I have help fly a Megazord in my day. Heck, My first zord was able to fly, although it has been a while. Um . . .nearly Three years."
Rewind and Twincast cry, "What?!"
Rocky laughs. "This ain't so bad. Being a former Ranger, I have a good sense of technology."
Rewind yells, "Oh! Something is shaking up the plane from inside. It's probably one of the Decepticons Rumble or Frenzy."
Twincast, in radio mode, plugs in to the radar and scanners on the shuttle. He finds a few anomalies. "Yo! We have a Problem. There are a group of Decepticon jet fighters and Decepticons coming this way. "
Rocky jumps in shock. He presses a button in the comm console to contact Diver. "Hey Ashley . . .I mean Diver! We have a trouble coming your way."
"Great! What kind?" Diver answers. She then turns around to see five Decepticon Jet Fighters and the other Decepticon Pretenders, led by Bludgeon. "Oh boy! Transform!"
Diver turns to her sea/air craft mode to face off against the Pretenders and the jet fighters. Diver rips through the jet fighters with ease, destroying all but one. Rocky tries to pilot the shuttle to join the fight. He finds a problem when he does.
"What do you mean there are no weapons on this thing?!" Rocky yells at Twincast and Rewind. "Man , you are not deaf! Neither are we. They did not equip this baby with weapons .But that may not be a problem." Twincast and Rewind move out the door. They open the door hatch. "Fly us steady. We'll deal with the Decepticons."
Diver battles Gilmer and Dauros and Bludgeon attempts to enter the plane. A laser blast stuck the back of the robot Bludgeon. Bludgeon turns to find himself facing off blast from Twincast and Rewind. "Take that you herb!" Twincast yells.
"You've been listening to too much Earth American slang," Rewind comments.


Phoenix and Kat tumble around with everyone else on the plane because of the shaking. Steeljaw and Eject get behind two chairs. Frenzy laughs at the two former Pink Rangers for a moment.
"And I thought you Ranger gals were suppose to be tough? Haha!" Steeljaw and Eject jump at Frenzy to only be shot at. Frenzy laughed again. 'You didn't think I was that stupid did you?"
"Actually. . ." Phoenix delivers a spinning whirlwind kick that knock down Frenzy who is flipped by Kat out of the door. Eject runs to the door and closes it. Kat and Phoenix enter the cockpit to see Blood messing with the controls. Blood takes Kat by her arm and hold her sword on her face.
"Make the slightest move and I will slit her throat Phoenix," Blood holding Kat aggressively.
"You don't want to be the one who kills her."
Then a flash of light appeared. Outside Diver had ducked a blast to find a sight worth getting a glimpse of. It was Fort Max, in all its glory. From a hatch opening Metalhawk and Lander, both in robot form, join the fight against the Decepticons. Metalhawk slams into Bludgeon in jet mode , then transforms to robot mode to give a sandwich punch. Lander jumps on Daruos and sweeps him, making him fall of the wing of the plane.
"You guys could have waited for us," Carlos/Lander says freely.
Diver smiles at him and Metalhawk. "I am just glad you made it."
The last jet fighter was about to crash into the jet. The Ranger Pretenders still had to contend with the Decepticons to do anything. Metalhawk yells, "Can you stop that jet fighter Fortress?"
"I don't have a clear shot!" Fortress replies.
Diver cries, "But that would destroy the plane and everyone on it!"
Then the Rangers shuttle whizzes by them. On top of it was Twincast and Rewind who were aiming for the jet. They too had a problem with shooting at the jet fighter. "We don't have a clear shot. Its flight pattern is too crazy. We need to stop it now!"
Rocky hears this and yells, "Hold on!" He takes the shuttle controls firmly. He begins to sweat. Rocky is nervous but knows that what he is about to do maybe the best way to take out their enemy. He ignites the thrusters to full power. Rocky aims directly for the jet fighter. He rams the shuttle to the point and left wing of the jet fighter, destroying the rest on impact. Rocky looks at the console as he hears a yell.
"Are you nuts?! Why didn't you tell us you were going to ram the jet fighter," Twincast scolds Rocky.
"You would have talked me out of it," Rocky states, letting out a deep breathe.
Back on the cockpit of the plane, Blood had Kat firmly in his grasps. Phoenix watches, feeling bad that she may have failed Kat after all. Eject and Steeljaw were closely monitoring the movements of the Decepticon. Blood let himself smile at the Autobots and Ranger.
"Well, I do Have to say it's been fun but I think me and the misses here are going to leave. Haha"
"No!" Phoenix cries in pain of failure.
Kat takes the arm that Blood has with the sword and knocks him to the console to his left. Phoenix follows up with a Kick that makes Blood fall out of the cockpit. Phoenix , Eject and Steeljaw had their guns pointing at the Decepticon Pretender.
"Never mess with the Power Rangers! . . .And the Autobots!"
Blood gives a shout of frustration. "There will be another time Phoenix!" Blood teleports away.
Phoenix runs to Kat in the cockpit.
"Are you okay?"
Kat smiles. "I've had better days but yes. Oh. How are we going to land the plane with the pilots knocked out?"
After those words had left the lips of the blonde, the plane had stabilize. The two females looked out to see what was doing it. Metalhawk and Diver were on the wings while, the shuttle was under the plane.


The flight that Kat had taken had finally landed safely in Angel Grove, thanks to the help of the Power Rangers and Autobots. Kat had join the group at the Surf Spot to celebrate their latest victory against the Rangers. Cassie and Rocky sat down with Kat while having some juice. Kat smiled at both of them.
"I want to thank the both of you for all that you've done today," Kat says, looking at both of them.
Cassie starts to speak. "It was our fault that you were in this position in the first place. We owe you an apology."
Rocky concurs, "yeah. We didn't mean to endanger you again unwillingly."
Kat sighs. "Both of you look. What happen today was not your fault. It was the Decepticons'. They were the ones to chase me and terrorize the plane. It was not you Rocky or you Cassie."
"But I almost got you killed," Cassie says with her face looking at her glass.
"Wrong again. You came to my defense again Cassie. I owe you now for two times that you have rescued me. That takes courage to save a person you don't even know. It takes even more to do what you've done today. You and Rocky should be proud of yourselves. I am."
Rocky and Cassie smile. Rocky then whispers, "Well, I guess the craziness is back in our lives."
"And you know something Rocky, I wouldn't have it any other way," Kat proclaims.
"To Kat's return," Cassie raise her glass. The other two friends do the same.
"To Kat's return!"


Inside the new headquarters of the Power Rangers, Andros is alone. Twincast and the cassettes are doing a surveying mission. TJ is with Carlos at a game. Ashley went to see her grandmother. And Cassie, Kat and Rocky are at the Surf spot. He heads for a corridor inside the mighty Fort . Andros rubs his first pair of bracelets, which opens a hidden door. Inside is a room with all sorts of technology. Andros takes a few steps forward then lights flash. He looks up to see a chamber of some kind. Within the chamber lies a person, who looks like he's sleeping.
"Don't worry. Soon you will be free again. I promise."


NEXT on PRT:SRM- Astromena is fed up with the Autobot Rangers. She plans to get more help under her empire. So, Elgar is sent to gather reenforcements for the Decepticon cause. The Autobot Rangers here about this, prompting Andros to reveal three more cases with master bracelets on them.
Rocky and Kat are asked to return to the team, becoming headmasters. In the meantime, Soundblaster calls forth the Seacons to attack the Earth. With them, the Decepticons attack only to meet up with problems. . .the new Headmaster Rangers. But can the Autobt Rangers stop the Decepticons from rampaging all over Angel Grove. Plus, who is in the chamber and the last Headmaster Ranger? Find out in the next Ranger Masterforce: The Birth of the Headmaster Rangers.