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Timeframe: 3 days after "Turn of the Millennium"

Author's note: In that series, the Rangers haven't revealed their true identities. Comments of any kind are as usual welcome at zirkon@snafu.de !

The Secret
by : Vinny

It was a beautiful winterday in Angel Grove.

Zhane and Karone walked through the shopping quarter with Liz and Wayne. The Kerovans walked hand in hand, but their friends only looked at each other shyly as usual.

"Hey, handsome." Karone said. "You know where Tony and Mark are?"

"Yeah." her boyfriend replied. "They're relaxing at the beach."

"Nice idea." Karone muttered. "Why don't we join them - later."

"With pleasure." Zhane answered, but Karone's attention had already been drawn by one of the shop windows.


Evilor stood on the crowded bridge of his Devil Cruiser. Skinny controller-robots stalked around everywhere, but the conquerer didn't pay attention to them. He glared down at Earth like a snake, who tried to hypnotize a rabbit.

Suddenly, one of the controllers carefully patted the shoulder of his master.

"Yes?" Evilor asked without turning around.

"We've located the Astro Megaship." the machine reported. "It's hidden near Earth's moon and probably under repairs."

"Good work." Evilor grinned. "Is the monster ready?"

"Yes." the robot answered. "Monster Spike is waiting for your orders."

"Send him down to attack the Power Rangers." Evilor ordered. "He shall destroy or at least keep them busy. And set course to the moon. We'll produce some space trash today..."


Only seconds later, a small fireball streaked into the shopping quarter of Angel Grove, producing a hideous monster with yellow skin and dark green eyes. He wore a spiked vest, spiked gloves and spiked boots made of solid steel. Five long, curved horns covered his head.

The surrounding citizens began to scream and ran off, fearing Evilor's next attack.

"Power Rangers!" the monstrous male roared. "Where are you, cowards?"

He released black bolts from his head horns, wrecking numerous cars.

"Ranger Weaklings! Show up!"


"Oh gosh!" Liz whispered.

Countless people ran past the teens, screaming, yelling and choking. The crowded quarter became a deserted within a few minutes. Suddenly, something exploded not far away.

"Evilor's a real pain in the neck..." Zhane moaned, reaching out for his digimorpher. "All right then."

"Ready for the future!"


Four glowing streaks of light hit the ground near the monster, producing the four Power Rangers.

"Hey, who are you, ugly?" Liz, the Yellow Ranger, yelled

"I am Spike, warrior of Evilor!" the monster grinned, stancing. "But for you I'm the angel of death..."

The monster fired a spiked steel glove towards the team. It blasted through them, released sparks from their power suits - and returned to its owner. The next glove did also find its target, hurling the heroes to the ground...

"Oh, poor little jumping jacks." Spike taunted. "Already down?"

Just then, two energybeams hit the monster. He stumbled backwards and looked around surprised. Tony and Mark, the Red and Blue Ranger, stood atop a roof with their blasters drawn.

"Oh, so much toys!" Spike grinned.

"We'll toy with you!" Tony yelled as he leaped off the roof with Mark.


Alpha 6 and the former Astro Rangers were working to repair the Megaship, which had been heavily damaged during the last battle. Carlos and Andros were currently working on the bridge.

"Okay, please activate projecter number 2." Andros muttered as he pushed a short wire back into the fuse box of a control panel.

"All right." Carlos replied, pressing a few buttons.

The projecter rushed slightly and produced a shiny space map. Carlos happily clenched his fist.

"Andros you did it!" he smiled.

Just then, Cassie and Alpha walked onto the bridge.

"The Synthertron is okay." Alpha bleeped. "If anyone's hungry...

"Thanks, Alpha." Andros grinned. "What about the shuttle?"

"Trash." T.J. sadly announched as he walked in with Ashley. "The attack complety wrecked it. I don't we can..."

Suddenly, the alarm bells rang out, filling the room with red light...

"Attention! The Devil Cruiser is approaching!" D.E.C.A. reported.


Spike was surrounded by the Millennium Rangers. But he just raised his arms, shooting the glowing spikes of his vest in all directions. The small objects hit the surprised teens, tossing them around like dolls!

"What did you say about toying with me?" Spike laughed.

He jumped towards the Rangers, kicking them aside with his spiked boots.

"Lunar Lance!" Wayne yelled, drawing his weapon.

He flipped towards Spike, but the monster easily blocked the strike and knocked the Black Ranger straight into a shop window...


The Megaship raced into deep space, chased by the Devil Cruiser, which had opened the fire. Several blasts almost hit the fleeing space ship, but the somehow the teens always managed to dodge.

The Megaship already flew at high speed, but there was no way to escape. The Devil Cruiser was always close behind and didn't fall back.


One of the beams blasted straight into the turbines, shaking the Megaship. But instead getting slower, the ship became faster. Although it already was at high speed...

The ship shot forwards, leaving the enormous Devil Cruiser far behind. It blasted out of range, lit up white - and dissolved...


The Millennium Rangers laid on the ground and breathed heavily. The battle had been hard - and unfortunately, it was far from over.

Spike stalked towards his enemies grinning.

"That's it, folks." he laughed, building a spiked ball of energy in front of his chest.

"You won't get away with that..." Mark moaned.

"Oh, I think so." the monster sneered - and tossed the huge projectille towards its victims.

But just then, the teens disappeared. A split-second later, the ball hit their last location, causing a giant explosion!

The six teleportation streaks left Angel Grove, then America and finally Earth. They blasted through space, becoming faster and faster with every second. After some moments, the planet of Mars came into view and the six lights went down.

They entered the atmosphere and blasted into huge, hovering fortress. It was made of solid steel, but transparent crystals in black and white covered the walls.


The six Rangers reappeared in an extensive room.

"What the heck..?" Liz whispered.

The Millennium Rangers removed their helmets and looked around.

The room was covered in white crystals. The walls were lined with control panels and screens. In the center of the room, there stood a circular pedestal made of crystals.

"Now this is strange..." Karone muttered.

Suddenly, a big door slid open and Alpha walked into the room, followed by the former Astro Rangers.

"Oh, hi!" T.J. muttered. "Guys, do you know that place?"

"Sorry, no idea." Zhane sighed.

"You are in safety!" a calm voice said.

The teen spun around startled.

"Where are you?" Tony exclaimed. "Please, show yourself!"

It was quiet for a brief moment. But then, the crystal pedestal suddenly lit up and a shiny humanoid appeared atop the platform. It was a tall male, about 50 years old. He wore a white uniformand carried a silver staff. His friendly face was framed by a silver mane.

The teens quickly took their fighting stances.

"Don't be afraid." the humanoid pleaded. "I am not your enemy!"

"But... but how did we get here?" Wayne asked. "We have to protect Angel Grove!"

"I understand your confusion." the old man stated. "But don't worry. I'll explain everything. If you are willing to listen, my friends."

"Well... okay." Zhane replied.

"First of all, I am Zeltris, the Guardian." the stranger explained. "This is my base, the Grid Fortress. It's the center of the Morphin Grid."

"Did you give us those powers?" Tony asked.

"Yes." the Guardian stated. "I can't fight Evilor myself. So I searched for strong people to hold my power. After some time, I discovered you. Four brave teenagers to hold the power and two of the strongest Power Rangers to guide them."

"I understand..." Ashley replied. "But why can't you fight Evilor yourself?"

"I would, if I was able to." Zeltris sighed. "But I must stay here, within the Morphin Grid's center. I'm ist heart. Every wound I take could damage or even destroy it!"

"Wow!" Andros gasped.

"I knew you would understand it." Zeltris smiled.

"Errr... Excuse me?" Tony murmured. "I'm afraid that Spike is trashing Angel Grove as we speak."

"I know." Zeltris sighed. "You are still unfamilar with the power. But you are able to control it, if you just believe in yourself. You're strong and bright. Spike can't beat you!"

"I hope so." Mark muttered.

"We can do it!" Liz said firmly.

"Well, let's kick the spiked butt!" Zhane suggested.

With that, the six Millennium Rangers teleported out, leaving the impressive fortress behind.


The team arrived in down town Angel Grove, Spike's newest location.

"Ah, the little cowards are back!" he laughed as the Rangers ran towards him. "You never get enough, do you?"

With that, Spike shot his gloves at the teens once again. But this time, they gracefully flipped aside and the projectilles did only hit a wall. Producing a crack, they bounched off and flew back towards Spike.

Mark and Wayne drew their weapons - and crushed the spiked things with two quick blows!

Karone leapt towards the surprised Spike and broke his head horns with a mighty strike of her daggers. Zhane and Tony used that moment to shatter the spiked vest with their sabers.

"That's Impossible!" Spike yelled.

"Nothing's impossible!" Liz grinned, raising the Star Slinger. "Bye-bye!"

The Yellow Ranger jumped skywards and fired several blows at Spike, who didn't manage to dodge at all. He screamed and writhed as sparks erupted from his body. Smoldering all over, he finally fell to the ground.


"No!" Evilor screamed. "That must not happen!"

The invader pointed at Spike's limp body, which was shown on the screen.

"Hellmouth, open up!" Evilor yelled as his eyes lit up.


Red bolts of light hit the ground near Spike, opening a huge, flaming crack. The pit immediately swallowed Evilor's monster.

"Hey, what's happening?" Zhane muttered.

Suddenly, a huge explosion erupted from the crack, tossing the Millennium Rangers backwards. As the smoke faded, they looked up - and gasped.

Spike stood above them, enlarged to the size of a sky scraper!

"Well?" the monster roared. "Who has got the upper hand now?"


"I think they could need a hand!" Andros, who was watching the fight stated.

"Good idea." Zeltris said. "Your ship is waiting in teh southern hangar."

"Alright, let's go!" Carlos shouted.


Spike stamped his foot, shaking the buildings heavily.

"All right, big mouth!" Zhane shouted. "Silver Star Shock!"

The mighty blow hit Spike's forehead and exploded, sending the monster stumbling backwards.

Just then, the Astro Megaship appeared above Angel Grove with the former Astro Rangers onboard.


"C'mon guys." Andros exclaimed, looking at the others on the command bridge. "Let's finish the job!"

"Weapon systems ready" Cassie stated.

"Canons adjusted." T.J. announched.

"Fire!" Andros commanded.


Three powerful energyblasts hit Spike square in the chest.

"Nooooo!" he screamed, slowly falling over.

A huge explosion occured, emphasizing Spike's destruction.

"Yeah!" Tony yelled.

"We did it!" Zhane added, as he rejoined his friends. "Power down!"

The teens demorphed and teleported back to the Grid Fortress.


"Spike is defeated." Evilor muttered. "But I'll win, oh yes, I'll win..."


"You did great work, my friends." Zeltris stated. "From now on, the Grid Fortress will be your base of operations. The Megaship would be too much of a target for the Devil Cruiser. If you need help, I'll be always there for you. "Together, we'll defeat Evilor and his army!"

Alright!" Karone threw in. Let's save the world - But first I wanna go shopping!"

The End

And... next time in PR 2000: Evilor comes up with an "icey" plan... And with another wicked monster! Will the Rangers managed to save the day again?

All that and much more in the next episode!