Rise of Evil 2
by Vinny

"Unmorph yourself!" Zhane yelled.

It was the last chance. The Rangers desperatly deactivated their Astro powers and transformed into ordinary humans again. So they were able to use their powers a little bit longer. But wasn't that just a drop in the bucket? Of course it was!

"We have to refresh our powers!" T.J. said. "If we don't, it will extinguish sooner or later!"

"You're right!" Zhane sighed. "But fist we need a place to go! Any ideas?"

"Perhaps..." Alpha started. "Perhaps we could use the original Power Chamber beneath the ground. The forces of Divatox have only attacked the ground level. I won't bet on it, but the original control room possibly still exists!"

"Do you know where the entrance is?" Carlos asked.

"No!" Alpha replied. "But I know a secret transport code. It allows us to teleport into the original control room on the direct way! Please get ready!"

With these words the small robot pressed some hidden buttons on his right hand and bleeped some words in a foreign language. After that six streaks of light in different colors left Angel Grove.

After some seconds the Rangers and Alpha 6 arrived at the Power Chamber beneath the mountains near Angel Grove. It wasn't completly destroyed but not very well at all. The heavy plasma tube was smashed, as well as some monitors. Besides there were some cables hanging from the ceiling and the control consoles.

"It's not much..." Zhane noticed. "But that's all we have at the moment! Alpha, would you check the systems, please?"

"Of course!" the robot answered. "Let's hope the best!"

Alpha walked across the room to a fuse box on the wall. He carefully opened it, pushed down a red lever... and went to his knees with a cry of shock! Some of the ceiling lights exploded, as well as a single control desk! A burning splinter of steel flew across the room and smashed one of the monitors!

"Alpha!" Ashley screamed. "Alpha, are you all right?!"

The small robot lay on the ground and struggled around... But with Ashley's help he finally managed to get up.

"Oh, big bytes!" Alpha bleeped. "What a shock! But... I'm okay. But the systems here are heavily damaged! I'll try to fix them put that will take some time."

Suddenly the Power Chamber's alarm rang out! The monitor began to blink and finally showed a bunch of strange creatures. But the monsters seemed familiar to Alpha and the Rangers... Piranhatrons!

"Let's go!" Zhane ordered.

The Piranhatrons attacked the park of Angel Grove. Fortunately the Rangers blocked their way soon. Now the villains attacked the five teens! It had never been hard to defeat a few Piranhatrons before but today it was... The monsters were stronger than ever before... Their moves were very fast, their strikes and kicks were very strong and the Piranhatrons seemed to be more intelligent than usual...

The unmorphed Rangers had no chance. The monsters were too mighty! Zhane took a brank from the ground and tried to fight them! But the wood was broken by the monster after a few seconds of fighting! Meanwhile T.J. was hold by one and hit by another Piranhatron! Carlos was still free but that didn't help him very much. He was surrounded by four monsters! There was no chance to fight for power teen... Cassie and Ashley were already beaten. But the Piranhatrons still tortured them with kicks and strikes...

Finally a deep voice from out of nowhere rang out!

"Enough!" it said. "Finish the game! Take the Pink Ranger to my base and finish the game!"

"Who are you?" Zhane panted in pain. "Who are you? Show yourself!"

No answer. The Piranhatrons surrounded the screaming Cassie. She desperately struggeled in the hands of the monsters but there was no way to get away!

"Nooooooo!" Carlos shouted and tried to get up from the ground... Without any success.

Cassie started to cry. She kicked and hit her kidnappers, but they didn't about it.

"Let go of her!" Zhane roared and desperately turned to the others. "Let's rocket!"

But it was too late. The Piranhatrons vanished. Together with Cassie...

Meanwhile the four Rangers had returned to the Power Chamber. Ashley sat on the ground and cried like a little child. Zahne went over to her.

"Shhhh!" he whispered in her ear. "It's okay, Ash! We'll find Cassie and Andros!"

"But..." Ashley gasped with tears. "But in which condition? Do you know, what our enemy will do to them? His voice was so cruel... What if he... if he tortures them... or if..."

"He won't!" Zhane whispered. But he wasn't sure of course... "He won't dare!"

"It's so horrible!" Ashley cried loudly.

She looked around. The other Rangers stood behind her and Zhane. They looked to the ground but Ashley saw their wet eyes and the tears in their faces... Zahne was trying to cheer up Ashley and the others. But everybody saw he had cried before... Alpha was very silent. The lights on his helmet were dark and the others knew:

If the robot would be able to... he would cry too...

The End

author's note: The End? Yes, that was no typing mistake! This story ends with destroyed zords, weak powers and two missing Rangers. But don't worry! The plot will be continued.

But please tell me what ya think about my first fic, too! You can aslo guess who the mysterious villain is.