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timeframe: Some days after "Rise of Evil"

by Vinny

It was a warm and sunny day in Angel Grove. The citizens were bright and hilarious. The Surf spot was visited very well. And so were the Park, the zoo and the adventure parks of Angel Grove.

But the Rangers were in bad mood. Andros and Cassie were still missing and there was no sign of live from them. That was the worst thing, but not the only problem. The Astro powers were about to extinguish and there was no way in sight to refresh them... The current situation was simply horrible! The four Rangers stood on a small foot bridge at the water and talked about the fateful events.

"How could the evil rise again?" T.J. asked. "All evil has been destroyed by Zordon's energy!"

"Of course it has." Zhane noticed. "But we don't know very much about these powers. Perhaps there was a way to hide from it!"

Suddenly Zhane communicator started to bleep.

"Yes?" he asked. "What's up, Alpha?"

"Rangers!" the robot cried. "I need your help! Somebody attacks the Power Chamber! I - argh!"

"Alpha!" Zhane gasped. "Oh my god, Alpha! Let's go, Rangers!"

The four teens arrived at the base after some seconds. They heard rumbling sounds from the ceiling. Explosions! The lights constantly swichted on and off. Alpha had taken cover behind a control desk and bleeped in fear.

"Alpha!" Ashley yelled. "Who is the attacker?"

"It's the Delta Megaship! It attacks from the sky!" Alpha replied

"Oh no!" T.J. gasped. "The Megaship is too strong for the forcefields! We have to do something!"

"All right!" Zhane answered. "T.J., Carlos, you'll help Alpha! Ashley, we'll try to get into the Megaship!"

"Good!" Alpha said. "But... please be careful, Zhane and Ashley!"

"Of course!" Ashley smiled. "Thanks Alpha!"

Alpha opened a secret door in the mountains and the two teenagers left their last bastion. The Megaship was in fact attacking. It fired countless beams into the mountains! There already were lots of craters in the ground... Zhane and Ashley tried to teleport into the spaceship but it didn't work.

"There must be force field around the ship!" Zhane noticed. "We have to brake through!"

The Megaship suddenly started to shoot at the Rangers!

"Look out!" Ashley cried and pushed her friend behind a hill.

Just in time. One of the blasts hit their last location and produced a horrible explosion! Several other beams hit the ground, so the Rangers had to stay hidden. But they weren't in safety... A bunch of Piranhatrons appeared behind them from one moment to the next!

"Oh no!" Zhane shouted. "Not these guys again!"

The teens started to fight but they soon realized that there was no chance to win without morphing. The Piranhatrons were too strong and the attacks of the Megaship made it even worser. The Rangers had no choice.

"Ashley!" Zhane yelled. "Let's rocket!"

The humans quickly morphed into Power Rangers and continued the battle. The fight was still hard and dangerous but now the Rangers were able to use their weapons. Zhane used the Super Silverizer. It destroyed four Piranhatrons but every defeated monster seemed to be replaced by two others... Their was no way no get them all. One of them finally grapped Zhane from behind and took him to his knees! Three others joined the monster and disarmed the helpless Ranger... After that they started to beat him without any sign of mercy! So his powers finally vanished...

Ashley used her Star Slinger to fight the Piranhatrons. She was very successful and also tried to help Zhane. But one of the monsters surprised the Yellow Ranger. It hardly kicked her chest and managed to throw her over the edge of the steep hill! Ashley rolled down, screaming, panic-stricken and scared in death! When she hit the ground for the last time the Yellow Ranger automatically demorphed. But the Piranhatrons didn't care about that. They started to beat and kick her...

Alpha, T.J. and Carlos watched the situation on the screen.

"We have to help them!" T.J. yelled. "They're going to be killed!"

"Wait!" Alpha pleaded. "There is an incoming message - Oh my god..."

"What's up?" Carlos asked.

"That's horrible!" Alpha whined. "Three of the Psycho Rangers are in Angel Grove!"

"Oh no!" T.J. gasped. "Zhane and Ashley need our help but we also have to stop the Psychos!"

"We have to split up!" Carlos said. "I will try to get rid of the Psychos and you'll try to help our friends, okay?"

"Okay!" T.J. answered. "Let's rocket!"

Carlos had morphed and teleported to the harbor, where three Psycho Rangers did their destructive work. The attackers wore red, yellow and black.

"Hey!" Carlos shouted while raising his mighty Lunar Lance. "Why did you return? Want to be trashed again?"

"This time we'll trash you!" Psycho Red laughed. "We are better than ever before now!"

"Prove it!" Carlos yelled when the Psycho Rangers started to attack him.

But he only pretended to be self-cofident. There was no chance to defeat the Psycho Rangers without full power and the help of his friends. But Carlos was ready for anything! He blocked the attacks, kicked, punched and swung his lance! But the Psycho Rangers did a great teamwork and Carlos had to take countless hits. His lance was useful to protect himself and also a powerful weapon but the Red Psycho Ranger finally managed to brake it...

T.J., the Blue Ranger, meanwhile tried to save Zhane and Ashley. He fought the Piranhatrons with his might and smashed a bunch of them with his Astro Axe. Of course it was desperate fight and T.J. took some hits himself, too, but the monsters weren't able to take him down. The Blue Ranger was already winning, when two figures appeared from out of nowhere...

"Hi there!" one of them roared. "Do ya remember us?"

T.J. did. The scary figures were the Blue and the Pink Psycho Ranger! They didn't waste much time and began to attack him... And T.J. wasn't more successful than Carlos. The Blue Ranger's powers got weaker and weaker during the fight... The Psycho's realized that and of course they used their chance to torture T.J....

Carlos was nearly unconscious. He lay on the hard ground and sighed in pain, taunted by the Psycho-trio.

"You... arghhh... You won't win!" Carlos panted.

"That's your opinion!" The Yellow Psycho Ranger laughed. "But we know the truth!"

At this moment Carlos' power suit started to glow. The power was leaving and there was nothing he could do. The suit finally vanished and Carlos felt weaker than ever before.

"So that's that!" the Black Psycho Ranger giggled. "Let's take that great hero! You know, she wants him next!"

Alpha was still in the Power Chamber, which was still attacked by the Delta Megaship. The lights had switched off , as well as the screens. Countless blasts rumbled over the ceiling, smashed the hills and melted the steel...

"Rangers..." Alpha whispered. "I hope you're okay... You are the best friends a robot can wish for"

Crash! A burst of energy broke through the ceiling! Debris of steel fell down onto Alpha 6 and the computers. The next extensive blasts hit the room and trashed it! Flames flickered everywhere, sparkles flew around and clouds of dark smoke went up to the sky!

The whole chaos finally ended with a heavy explosion...

"Noooo!" T.J. screamed, when the Power Chamber exploded. "Alpha! No!"

"Oh yes!" the Pink Psycho Ranger shouted.

T.J. was unable to fight and an easy victim for the Psycho Rangers. They disarmed and hit him easily. T.J. not even tried to fight back, he was simply unable to. So the Blue Ranger was knocked down. He quickly lost his power, along with his consciousness.

"Let's take T.J. and Ashley!" the Blue Psycho Ranger said. "I'm tired. We can trash this planet later!"

"All right!" the evil Pink Ranger replied. "Let's refresh our energies first."

The evil duo grapped the unconscious Rangers and teleported away.

The End

author's note: Well, I know that's another open ending but I didn't want to reveal the secrets so early. ( I'm not stupid enough to give that up yet! ;-) ) So please tell me what ya think about this story.