Disclaimer: All Characters unless an old ranger from the Series gets mentioned are mine. If not they are Saban's. I'm finding this to be a good series to write since it allows me to be a little more imaginative then I tend to be when I have to work within the confines of an established TV series. For the record since you won't learn it until the end of the fic but Kim's last name is Coltran. Also she is not based on Kimberly Hart the original Pink Ranger.

Power Rangers Demona
Help from the White
By Robert Gutheim

One day at the Terra Venture Youth Center Tyra was sitting with her teammates when Kim one of the waitresses walked over.

“How is everything. Word around the colony is that you five have been over at Dr. Collington's a lot,” Kim said.

“Kim, you have to consider Tyra has an internship there and I go over a lot to see my mother. The others are usually there because we are,” Sue said.

“Sue, you know what I heard. No offense Brianca but I heard a rumor that Brianca might be one of the Power Rangers,” Kim said.

“What makes you think that?” Brianca asked. “I hope no one saw us morphing even though we usually only morph when in the lab.”

“Easy Brianca, you arrived maybe the same day as the Power Rangers first appeared,” Kim said.

“Kim, trust me I am not and probably never will be a Power Ranger. I doubt my step grandmother would even enjoy thinking that if she was even alive today which she isn't,” Brianca said.

“What happened to her?” Sean asked.

“She died in a plane crash with my grandfather when my mom was nine. I looked at moving to Terra Venture as being a good break from having to look up to a relative I never knew. It was easy until I started High School not to think about her,” Brianca said.

“Why did it become hard after you started High School,” Sasha asked.

“Let me give you a hint I was attending Julie Fredericks High School,” Brianca said.

“In other words the fact that the high school was named for your Grandmother even if she was a stepparent was hard for you,” Sue said.

“You just hit the nail on the head Sue,” Brianca said.

“Hey look at what I have to put up with being descended from superheroes,” Sue said. “I look up with pride instead of shame at my grandparents.”

“Why is that?” Brianca said.

“Maybe because Sue's grandparents were Plastica and Headset,” Tyra said.

“Get out of here,” Kim said.

“Kim, she isn't joking,” Sue said.

“Kim, what is your opinion on the Monster attacks. You think there is any rhyme or reason to them?” Sean asked.

“Let me just say this. It is my hope that I never have to deal with a Monster attacking my house,” Kim said.

Meanwhile in Mechinack's lair Mechinack was talking with his Idiotic General Hankoid.

“So Hankoid, you think we can come up with a good reason to maybe attack that girl's house?” Mechinack asked.

“I think we should wait and see if any of the Rangers possibly go there with her. Since the Rangers can't morph when in Public she will be defenseless,” Hankoid said.

“Not a bad idea,” Mechinack said. “Glad I thought of it.”

Back at the Youth Center Sue and Brianca Waited while Kim went to clock out.

“This is going to a fun night. Thank god my mom let you two sleep over tonight,” Kim said.

“I know. About the only kids I know are Sue and her friends. It will give me a chance to get to know others,” Brianca said. “Especially others who aren't rangers.”

“Heck it will give me a better chance to get to know you two,” Kim said.

The three girls then headed for Kim's house. Soon as they made the turn to enter the house a platoon of Gearheads attacked.

“Nice timing Mechinack,” Sue thought.

“Oh great. The one thing I didn't want,” Kim said.

“These things aren't good. Where do you think the Rangers are?” Brianca asked.

“That is the question of the hour,” Kim said.

Meanwhile Stephanie and Alpha were monitoring the Battle.

“Doc, why don't they morph it would be more efficient?” Alpha asked.

“It's too risky with Kim there. You better see if you can get Sean, Sasha, and Tyra to help them out,” Stephanie said.

“Small problem. The communicators on their morphers don't work real well when they are unmorphed,” Alpha said.

“Oh great now you think to let me know that when we need to contact them,” Stephanie said just as the Gearheads left with Sue and Brianca in their arms. “Blast. Alpha watch the lab I'm going to try and find the others.”

“No problem Doc,” Alpha said as Powermatic appeared.

“The others are enroute. I informed them directly. WE will need to improve the communicators though since if I have to appear too often it might blow their cover,” Powermatic said.

Right then Tyra, Sean, and Sasha arrived with Kim right on their heels.

“Dr. Collington, some creeps kidnapped Sue and Brianca,” Kim said. “I already informed Security. I suspect who ever is behind the monster attacks might have done it. Only thing is the Rangers didn't show up at all.”

“Thanks for the news Kim but security already informed me. That's why I had the others come,” Stephanie said.

“Kim, how about if I walk you home,” Sasha said.

“I'll be all right,” Kim said as she went to leave.

Kim did leave the lab but she positioned herself in such a way as to monitor the goings on in the lab.

“Gang, I took the time to prepare these,” Tyra said grabbing five small watchlike devices that had what looked like TV screens on them.

“What are these?” Sean asked.

“Viscoms. It's short for Visual Communicators. I thought them up after I failed to contact Sue on our morpher communicators. They work a lot better then the ones on our morphers,” Tyra said.

“Oh Boy Monster at Twelve O'clock Low,” Alpha said glancing at a computer screen.

“Nice timing,” Tyra said. “Dr. Collington, you might want to check and make sure the coast is clear.”

“Already done. Your friend Kim is eavesdropping,” Powermatic said.

“Groan,” Tyra said.

“You can say that again,” Sean said.

Meanwhile Hankoid was locking Sue and Brianca into a cell at his base on the planet surface.

“You two should be nice a comfortable. Especially since you will never be leaving,” Hankoid said.

“Don't bet on it,” Sue said. “Bri, you ready?”

“As ready as I'll ever be,” Brianca said.

“Demona Ranger Power,” Sue said but when they hit the plungers on their morphers nothing happened.

“Mechinack placed an antimorphing field around the cell so you can't morph,” Hankoid said.

“Hankoid, tell your boss he can put his antimorphing field you know where,” Sue said.

“Now now be nice to your host,” Hankoid said. He then left.

“Brianca, there is something I don't understand. Why was Dr. Fredericks you step grandmother and not your actual grandmother?” Sue asked.

“Sue, if I knew I would tell you but neither my mom not my actual grandmother ever told me,” Brianca said. “What is the scoop with your family?”

“Plastica and Headset were actually my mom's 2nd set of parents. Her birth parents were murdered in New York City one day while the three of them were on a walk. She turned and ran into a police station a ways down. She ended up almost knocking the head of the crime lab over. HE listened to her story and then had a couple officers one of them with Homicide go with him and my mom to the scene. In the end the Crime lab scientist and his wife adopted her. A few years later she was kidnapped but as a precaution she had been outfitted with a special watch with a homing device and Plastica and Headset rescued her. She didn't even make the connection between The Duo and her parents. She did find out though during the Copernicus Crater Evacuation soon after that. During the next port of call she learned that the girl she thought was her cousin was in fact her twin sister. It was at the port of call after that that She became the Flitter. That port of call being Terra Venture. ”

“I hope the others find us soon,” Brianca said.

“So do I Bri, so do I,” Stephanie said.

Meanwhile back at the Lab.

“I'll lure her away you two morph,” Tyra said.

A couple minutes later Powermatic gave the signal.

“Demona Ranger Power,” Sasha said as she and Sean morphed. They were then teleported to the spot where Hornitoad A huge Frog like Monster with a Horn on his head was.

“What's this only two rangers this will be easy,” Hornitoad said.

“Don't count on it,” Sasha said. “My Cross bow isn't working.”

“Neither is my Stars,” Sean said. “We need Tyra or Brianca.”

“You call, Turbo Blast fire,” Tyra said.

“Nice timing Tyra, what kept you?” Sasha asked.

“Couldn't find anywhere to morph finally had to return to the lab,” Tyra said. “Dr. Collington and Alpha are working on finding Sue and Brianca.”

“I only hope they are successful,” Sean said. “Man I miss Sue already.”

“Tell me about it if we for some reason Need the Megazord then we are up the creek without a paddle,” Tyra said.

“Too bad one of us couldn't have had a minisub for a zord then we wouldn't have needed a zord,” Sasha joked.

At the lab the support team was monitoring communications.

“Sasha has a point. I think we might want to find someone to take on the White Demona Ranger power,” Alpha said.

“I think I have just the candidate in mind,” Powermatic said.

“Who do you have in mind?” Stephanie asked.

“You'll find out,” Powermatic said.

Meanwhile the battle wasn't going well.

“This is not good,” Sasha said as two things happened. To start a squadron of Enemy Air Fighters showed up. To further complicate matters Hornitoad decided to grow.

“We need Battlezord Power,” The Three Rangers said.

The rangers then took to their zords. Sean was stuck as the only ground based zord since the other two ground based Zords were utilized by the missing Rangers.

“Sasha, help Sean with Hornitoad I'll see what I can do about the Fighters,” Tyra said from the Airzord.

“You got it. Your lucky I have a nice clean shot as we speak,” Sasha said from her chopper.

“Your puny vehicles won't do you any good. I'll flatten them before you even know what happened,” Hornitoad said.

Meanwhile on the planet surface Sue and Brianca are surprised to find a ranger in a white suit with multicolored trim.

“Who are you?” Sue asked.

“A friend who cares. Come on your friends are worried about you,” The White Ranger said. “I'll take you back to the colony.”

By luck the White Ranger set them down at the battle sight.

“Demona Ranger Power,” Sue said soon as the White Ranger was out of sight. Within seconds Sue and Brianca were morphed as the Red and Blue Demona Rangers.

“Who was that with you,” Sean asked soon as Sue took her place in the Commandzord while Brianca was boarding the Emplacerzord.

“A White Ranger. You three know who he or she is?” Sue asked.

“That was the first I ever saw that particular Ranger,” Tyra said.

By that time Tyra had the last Enemy fighter taken out.

“What say we even things up,” Sue said.

“We need MegaBattlezord Power now,” the Rangers said in Unison. The Five zords then shifted and Combined. Just as the Rangers were Powering up a Plane came in and Changed into a second Megazord.

“What on Earth is that?” Brianca asked.

“Actually we are in orbit around Capsilon IX but this is the Strike Eagle Megazord. A little bit better of a zord then the Airzord.

“Let me guess the pilot of the Strike Eagle Megazord is the White Demona Ranger,” Sue said.

“Nice guess. Let's see if we can send this horny toad packing,” The White Ranger said.

”I agree,” Sue said.

“Hey it's Hornitoad not Horny Toad,” the monster said as he took a swipe at the Strike Eagle Megazord. But the MegaBattlezord was Able to grab him and Throw him. The battle between the two went on for a while. Eventually The rangers in the MegaBattlezord had an idea.

“We better try the Megacannon,” Tyra said.

The cannon when called for came from it's resting spot on the legs and headed for the hand attached to the Emplacerzord. The cannon weakened the monster but didn't destroy him.

“I call for the Eaglesaber,” the White Ranger said. A Quick swipe from the Eagle Megazord's sent Hornitoad packing.

The Rangers then regrouped at the lab. Sue was surprised that the White Ranger had joined Them.

“OK White Ranger you might want to let us know who you are,” Sue said.

“Not a problem,” The White Ranger said as She took her helmet off.

“Kim,” Brianca said with an amazed look on her face.

“You recognize me without my helmet,” Kim said since the other rangers hadn't removed their helmets.

“Of course,” Brianca said as she removed her own helmet.

“Why am I not surprised,” Kim said.

“One of the rules we have to follow is to not reveal our identity to non rangers so I had to try to deny it earlier,” Brianca said.

“Let's just get it over with,” Sue said. “Demorph.”

The look on Sue's face when Tyra, Sean, Sasha and Sue were revealed was one that would be called a Kodak moment.

“So this is the real reason you all spend so much time here,” Kim said.

“As a matter of fact it is,” Tyra said. “My duties during my internship are to work on a lot of our equipment. Since I didn't have any warning of a white ranger I only made up five viscoms but I'll get one to you at a later time.”

“No rush Tyra. Sue, Why didn't you and Brianca try to morph earlier at my house?” Kim asked.

“As Brianca said we couldn't reveal out identity to non rangers. Otherwise we would have morphed the minute Hankoid showed up,” Sue said.

“Are there any other rules we have to follow?” Kim asked.

“Yes there are two others. A never escalate a battle unless the enemy forces you to and B. never use your powers for personal gain. To violate any of those rules means that you loose the protection of the power,” Sue said.

“I don't think I could have worded it any better myself,” Powermatic said. “Kim Coltran welcome to the Team.”

“If you ask me this calls for a celebration,” Kim said. “Tomorrow at the Youth Center your order is on me.”

“Sounds good to me,” Sean said.

Closing Notes: How many of you saw that one coming. The reason Kim wasn't in the list back in the first adventure is that I didn't come up with the idea until after the fic was written and was sitting in my unsent mail folder waiting to go out. (When I prepare an e-mail offline it sits there instead of the outbox until I move it to the outbox for actual mailing. For the record I didn't bother to come up with a new title after It became a series from the Standalone It started out as.