Disclaimer: Any references that are related to the Power Rangers Show belong to Haim Saban. All other things belong to me. This is the seventh fanfic in the series. For those of you just tuning in maybe twenty thirty years after PRLG A new villain Mechinack has started a series of Attacks on the planet Capsilon IX and it's orbiting Colony Terra Venture. Six Teenagers are enfused with Demona Powers that enable them to become Power Rangers. In a pinch though they can call on ninja powers instead of a full morph. Their zords are based on late Twentieth Century Military hardware. Their primary base is known as the Command Bunker and it is located on the Surface of Capsilon IX. It is run by a computer system known as FREDA. Recently a zord maintenance and design specialist from Eltare developed some new configurations for the battlezords.

Power Rangers Demona
Aerial Assault
By Robert Gutheim

One day Tyra Johnson was sitting at the Terra Venture Youth Center working on a list. Her good friends Sue Collington and Sasha Stanton were sitting with her and another friend Kim Coltran was standing overhead. Kim wasn't sitting down because she was on the clock.

“Tyra, you really think we need all this for the Command Bunker?” Sue asked.

“It wouldn't hurt. FREDA did a good job with the original construction but your mom, Powermatic and I went through it and we kind of found a few things especially food stocks that we want to put into the Bunker so we can use the snack bar there. Also we may try to make use of the sleeping quarters so we will need to stock some supplies for that purpose. I gave Brianca a list of supplies for the more public areas to procure,” Tyra said.

“If you ask me some of the food stocks should be procured as we need them so they will stay fresh,” Kim said.

“I agree,” Sue said.

“Most of these foodstocks are non-perishable stuff so that isn't a concern. I'm going do a lot of the food shopping later and then Fly it down to the bunker in the Airzord. Thankfully Powermatic let's us use our zords for general use. Don't worry Sue I'm going to morph before I take the Airzord from it's hangar,” Tyra said.

An hour later Tyra is going through a Warehouse Club buying the bulk of the food stuffs on her list. She had a problem finding Brianca's soy based noodles but she figures that the blue ranger would know where to find them. After she loads the purchases into a van to take them to the storage bay near the path to the weapons Dome where her zord was stored. Shortly before she entered the tunnel that lead to weapons dome and the secret entrance to the Airzord's hangar she heard a faint crying sound.

“I better investigate,” Tyra said. “Thankfully the food is non-perishable.”

She then placed her hands in a quick kata.

“Ninja Ranger Power,” She said before changing into the Yellow Ninja Ranger. Around the area were the tunnel was were a bunch of bushes. She called upon her spirit animal of the elephant to see if it could pick up anything. While checking the bushes she found a small human baby.

This doesn't look good. Especially since there is no one nearby. I better take the baby back to the bunker with me,” Tyra thought.

She then loaded her cargo and took off going full morph first. Soon as she arrived at the bunker she saw Dr. Stephanie Collington step out into the Zord Hangar.

“Doc, glad to see you. I have the non-perishable food supplies for the snack bar but I also found something else,” Tyra said as she took her helmet off.

“What did you find Tyra?” Stephanie asked.

“This cute little thing,” Tyra said as she went into a narration on how she found the baby.

“It was probably a good idea bringing the baby here. It will probably be safer here then in the bushes as it is,” Stephanie said. “I'll at least bounce a small call off the comm unit in my lab at R&D and inform Security of the discovery of the baby. Who knows the parents might have reported her missing.”

“Doc, it's my guess that the baby was abandoned. In other words we might not find her parents,” Tyra said.

“I'll cover all the bases anyway. I'll also have Sasha monitor the area where you found the baby from her zord. One thing we need to figure out is what to do with the baby,” Stephanie said.

“I started thinking along those lines while coming back here. If we don't find the baby's family I may raise it myself,” Tyra said.

“I hope you know what you are getting into,” Stephanie said.

“What do you mean?” Tyra asked.

“You really think you can handle a baby on top of your other responsibilities?” Stephanie asked.

“Doc, all I normally have to worry about is my work for you,” Tyra said. “I just finished high school and I don't necessarily have to attend college right away. Besides I planned on getting an apartment and all I would have to do is secretly transfer my phone calls to a room in the Command Bunker's living quarters. The apartment would be a front for my real address.”

“I'll discuss the situation with Powermatic but don't get your hopes up,” Stephanie said.

She then went to the communicator in the War Room the baby with her while Tyra stowed the supplies. Her first call on a normal circuit was to Sasha.

“Doc, something up?” Sasha asked.

“Just a routine Patrol near the Airzord's original hangar. I want you to use the chopper for this one,” Stephanie said.

“That means I'll have to morph. I kind of left my morpher at my Grandpa Stanton's last night. It was accidental,” Sasha said. “What do I have to look for?”

“Someone looking through the bushes as if they lost something. Tyra was heading for her zord when she found a baby girl in the bushes near the tunnel to the weapons dome,” Stephanie said.

“Where is the baby now?” Sasha asked.

“It's here in the Command Bunker,” Stephanie said. “Tyra brought it with her.”

Just as Stephanie finished her call to Sasha Alpha walked in.

“Doc, is everything all right?” he asked.

“I'm not sure Alpha. Could you take this infant to the Medical Lab and examine it. I will need an idea of how old it is and also if there are any identifying marks,” Stephanie said. “You might also want to see if you can change it's diapers.”

“No problem Doc. I'll get right on it,” Alpha said.

A couple minutes later Tyra was walking by the medical lab when she heard muttering

“How on earth can humans do this so easily?” Alpha said.

“Alpha, is there a problem?” Tyra asked.

“Not exactly Tyra. Dr. Collington asked me to examine the baby and at the same time change it's diaper but the last part isn't going real well,” Alpha said.

“Watch me on this one,” Tyra said as she quickly put the new diaper on.

“Thanks Tyra. You humans do make it look easy,” Alpha said. “Now I just have to run a few tests.”

Alpha ran a scanner over the infant. He then inputted the info into a small flat computer.

“Now to take these results to Dr. Collington,” Alpha said.

Alpha and Tyra then went to the War room. Just as they arrived the alarm went off.

“Nothing major just a few jet fighters attacking the Capsilon IX Colony here on the surface,” Stephanie said.

“I wouldn't bother to alert the others I think I can handle this one,” Tyra said as she grabbed her helmet. “Back to Action.”

Tyra then teleported to her zord. A Short battle and the Jet fighters were history. Tyra returned to the War Room just as Brianca walked in. Dr. Collington was talking with Colony Security about the infant.

“Bri, Where exactly do you buy your soy based noodles? The Warehouse Club didn't have any,” Tyra said.

“That isn't a problem. I brought a bunch and they are drying now in the snack bar kitchen. What my mom and I do is we make them from scratch normally,” Brianca said. “I hear I missed a battle.”

“It was nothing more then a squadron of jet fighters. I had them outnumbered so it was a short battle,” Tyra said.

“You fought them alone?” Brianca asked amazed.

“You bet,” Tyra said.

Meanwhile Mechinack was steaming.

“That Yellow Ranger is a little too smart. She was able to knock out a whole squadron of jet fighters. I better get a real good monster ready. Maybe Airedale. That way he can take out the Rangers Air Force,” Mechinack said. “Hankoid, Take a battalion of Gearheads and keep the rangers occupied while I prepare Airedale for battle.”

“Yes master,” Hankoid said as he turned to leave.

The Alarm went off Again.

“Hankoid and a ton of Gearheads are attacking,” Alpha said.

“We better see about taking them on,” Tyra said.

“I agree,” Brianca said. “Alpha summon the other Rangers.”

“You got it Brianca.”

“Ninja Ranger Power.” Brianca said.

The Yellow and Blue Rangers then Teleported to the battle sight.

“It looks to be right now about 300 to 1,” Tyra said. “What's your opinion.”

“I don't think it's fair for them after all they are slightly outnumbered,” Brianca said as she sent a Gearhead flying into about twenty of its companions. Just as they went down.

“GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL,” came a voice as the Red, White, and Green Rangers came into the battle.

“Where's Sasha?” Brianca asked.

“She's tied up with a patrol run. As it is she has to control her zord unmorphed after leaving her morpher at her grandfather's last night,” Sue said.

The Battle went on for a while. Suddenly A large plane came dive-bombing in. Just as it looked like the plane was going to crash a light flashed and it became Airedale.

“It looks like Ugly has gotten desperate,” Sean joked.

“I think it's time to break out the Heavy Artillery,” Sue said.

“I agree,” Kim said.

“I'll let you make the next call,” Sue said.

“In that case I can think of only one call to make,” Kim said. “Demona Ranger Power.”

The Rangers then hit the plungers on their morphers.

“Rangers, Use your primary weapons,” Sue said. “Sword of Power.”

“Crimson Stars, Power Whip,” Sean said.

“Turbo Blast,” Tyra said.

“Ball Blaster,” Brianca said.

“Eagle Talons,” Kim said.

“Demona Crossbow,” Sasha said as she landed. “I managed to talk Powermatic into teleporting me into my grandfather's house so I could retrieve my morpher.”

“Well your timing was perfect,” Sue said.

“Thanks Fearless Leader,” Sasha joked.

“You Rangers better have your will's up to date,” Airedale said.

“I agree but in my case it's your will that better be up to date,” Sue said.

Airedale wasn't amused. He started to go after Sue only twin blasts from Tyra and Brianca made him think twice. In fact the Blasts almost took him out but he then grew.

“This is Clearly not good,” Kim said.

“We need Battlezord power now.”

“Command Zord,” Sue said.

“Tankzord,” Sean said.



“Strike Eagle Megazord Plane mode,” Kim said.

“Rotorzord,” Sasha said.

“Kim, how about if we combine our two zords into the SuperAirzord,” Tyra said.

“Sounds good,” Kim said.

The two zords then combined.

“I hope we won't have to Form the Megazord while the two jets are combined,” Sue said.

“According to Janet The portion of my zord that is the actual head will separate from the SuperAirzord if the Demona MegaBattleZord is needed,” Tyra said.

“Let's give it a Try,” Sue said. “Go Mega.”

The attempt proved successful. All it did was mean that the Demona MegaBattleZord would be without it's jetpack which was part of the SuperAirzord. After ten minutes Kim had an idea.

“Sue, I think we better separate and maybe use the Strike Eagle Mega Battlezord,” Kim said.

“Sounds good we haven't used it yet as it is,” Sue said.

The SuperAirzord then separated and the Megazord also separated. Kim quickly took her zord to Warrior mode while Sean, Brianca, and Sasha prepared their zords. The Legs of the Strike Eagle Megazord folded in Half to combine with the two half's of the Tankzord and the Emplacerzord and Rotorzord then took their usual spots on the Megazord. Tyra flew a few rings around Airedale to keep him occupied almost like a mosquito would fly around a human looking for a good place to bite. Sue did her best to monitor everything from the Commandzord.

“You Rangers and your erector sets won't stop me,” Airedale said.

“Why is it that Monsters like to diss our zords all the time,” Sean asked.

“I don't know,” Kim said from the small cockpit that had the two of them Brianca and Sasha aboard. All Airedale did was knock the Megazord down.

“Ranger's regroup,” Sue said.

The Ranger's then teleported back to the Command Bunker.

“That is one tough opponent. I don't think even the Ultrazord can take him out,” Sue said.

“I agree. We almost had him after I used my ball blaster energy weapon combined with Tyra's Turbo Blast energy weapon,” Brianca said.

“What if there was some way to use our energy weapons on a grander Scale,” Tyra said. “Like tie them into one of the Megazords.”

“I think it might work,” Alpha said. “Unfortunately the one to use it with is the Strike Eagle Mega Battlezord which doesn't require the Airzord.”

“Alpha has a point,” Powermatic said as he made his appearance. “The Trick will be to get Airedale to change back into a plane and then take it out using the SuperAirzord.”

“It might work. All we have to do is figure out how to get him to become a plane again,” Tyra said.

“Leave that to us,” Sue said referring to herself, Brianca, Sean, and Sasha.

“I'll monitor things from the Rotorzord,” Sasha said.

“Sasha, You might want to get back to work keeping an eye on the area near the Airzord's Upper Colony Hangar. Also try not to leave your morpher at Commander Stanton's in the future,” Powermatic said.

“Good idea we can call you there if necessary,” Sue said.

“I'm going to check on the baby,” Tyra said.

“I think she is sleeping. I managed to teach Alpha how to feed her but he is still having trouble changing diapers,” Stephanie said.

“Thanks doc,” Tyra said.

Half an hour later the alarm went off.

“Oh Boy Airedale is Attacking the Old Colony,” Alpha said.

“Where exactly is he?” Sue asked.

“Near the tunnel to the Mountain Dome,” Alpha said.

“WE better get going then,” Sue said. “Demona Ranger Power.”

The Ranger's then morphed. Soon after that Red Blue and Green light appeared.

“Hey Airedale have you ever done stunts?” Sue asked.

“Oh course,” Airedale said.

“I bet you can't perform a split s,” Brianca said.

“I sure can,” Airedale said.

“Yeah right. You don't look quite good enough to do that,” Sean said.

“I'll show you rangers,” Airedale said. He then Converted his body to plane mode and attempted to perform the stunt only to get fired upon by a blast from the Airzord. Anyone who looked closely could see that the canopy was raised. Brianca then hit him hard with her ball blaster. Kim was just arriving in the Strike Eagle.

“We need SuperAirzord now,” Kim and Tyra said. Shortly after that the SuperAirzord was formed. Tyra used the main cannon to send a few extra shots from her turbo blaster at the Monster. After that they fired all the weapons which caused him to almost crash but he landed and grew.

“I think he is weak enough for one last shot but we better make it count,” Tyra said.

“I agree. Sue, I think he is weak enough that we can take him using the Demona Ultrazord,” Kim said.

“WE better work fast then,” Sue said.

Luckily the ground zords were there.

“Go Ultra,” Sue said.

The Rangers then began to form the Demona Ultrazord. At the last minute Sasha came flying in and took her place on top.

“Lock on All Weapons and Fire,” They said from the Ultrazord's cockpit which had Kim and Tyra on top near the Canopy and the others below in the part formed by the Commandzord.

Before they knew it Airedale was history.

“That was a close one. Looks like Janet helped us score another one,” Brianca said. “I only wish she had accepted Powermatic's offer.”

“So do I she is a good help. I don't think I would have even thought of those new zord configurations,” Tyra said. “Sasha did you have any luck near where the baby was found?”

“Not yet but I did take a couple proximity detectors and placed them near the tunnel. We might want to place proximity detectors near each zord bay in the orbital station,” Sasha said.

“Good thinking. What say we head for the Youth Center,” Sue said.

“I'll see if the baby is awake who knows someone there might recognize it,” Tyra said.

A short time later the Rangers were sitting at their usual table where Tyra was busy feeding the baby a little bit of cereal.

“Tyra, where did the baby come from?” A Tall Dark haired girl asked.

“It was found by the Yellow Ranger and she asked me if I could watch it until the baby's mother is found,” Tyra said.

“Do you think the ranger's will find the baby's mother?” the girl asked.

“I have no idea Megan. In a way I want the mother to be found but She is so cute that I would almost prefer to keep her,” Tyra said.

“Maybe you will get to keep her. I'll keep my ears peeled and who knows I might here something?” Megan said.

Closing Notes: This was a tough fanfic to write. For one thing I had a tough time thinking of a title. Readers at The Realm keep an eye peeled for a Character Biography for Megan. Next Fanfic hopefully I can include more from the search for the baby's mother. Just so you know I already know how the search will turn out.