Disclaimer: IF it's from one of the shows then Saban owns it. Otherwise I do. This story continues the secondary storyline in Aerial Assault in which Tyra Johnson (For readers who have visited TheRrealm her biography is under Tyra Jackson in the Storybook) finds an abandoned baby girl near her zord's hangar aboard Terra Venture in orbit of the Planet Capsilon IX. One thing I forgot to mention in the closing notes of my last fanfic Aerial Assault there is a real maneuver called a Split S. Those of you familiar with the Paramount Movie Top Gun would at least know that it is the last thing you should do. This opens a week after Aerial Assault ends.

Power Rangers Demona
The Search
By Robert Gutheim

One day a week after the rangers destroyed Airedale Tyra was sitting in the youth center with Kim and Megan while she attempted to feed the baby.

“Tyra, why do you think the yellow ranger asked you to take care of her?” Megan asked.

“I have no idea. Maybe because of her having a very similar skin color to me. I've certainly been enjoying the experience. I was certainly surprised by the request,” Tyra said. “Kim how come you aren't working today?”

“I was lucky and Matt gave me the day off,” Kim said. “I certainly needed one.”

At that moment Sean Crowning walked up.

“Tyra, Pedro is looking for you?” Sean said.

“Pedro Garcia or Pedro Damon?” Tyra asked.

“Pedro Damon,” Sean said.

“I'll go see him soon as I finish up here,” Tyra said.

“Megan, you know what surprises me Here your mother and Sue's mother are twin sisters who grew up as cousins and yet I find it hard to believe that you and Sue are cousins,” Sean said.

“Probably because of slight differences in our fathers. Sue's was a Caucasian Hispanic mix while mine was Asian American like my mother,” Megan said. “Speaking of Sue have you noticed how she always seems to have red on these days. I didn't even think she liked red.”

At that moment Matt Connorsen walked over.

“She is certainly a cute one,” Matt said.

“I agree, if only I knew more about her. Since I know almost nothing about her I've taken to calling her Tialla Janet or T.J. for short,” Tyra said.

“It looks like it fits her,” Matt said. “You all staying long?”

“I'm waiting for Sue so we can practice a little,” Megan said.

“I'm also waiting for her,” Sean said.

“I have to be going unfortunately,” Tyra said. “Kim you want to meet me at the Snack Bar later?”

“Sure,” Kim said. “Maybe Sue and the others will join us.”

“You all mind if I meet you there?” Megan asked.

“Yes we do you aren't cleared for the building the snackbar is in,” Kim said.

Soon as Tyra left the Youth Center she went back to her Apartment and teleported down to the Command Bunker. When she arrived Powermatic the Ranger's Demona mentor was sitting at a console in the War Room.

“Something up Powermatic?” Tyra asked. “Sean said you wanted to see me.”

“I'm not sure. I found a strange reading in one of the proximity detectors that Sasha placed near where T.J. was found,” Powermatic said.

“I recognize this reading. It's Hankoid, Mechinack must be up to something,” Tyra said.

“What ever it is it can't be good,” Powermatic said.

“I agree. When Sean gave me the message that you were looking for me he had to use your pseudonym since Sue's cousin was with us,” Tyra said.

“Probably a good move. Any idea what the other rangers are up to?” Powermatic asked.

“Sean and Megan were waiting for Sue so they could practice and Kim is meeting me at the snack bar here later and I didn't see Bri or Sasha at all,” Tyra said.

At that moment Alpha 8 walked out of the Med Chamber.

“Alpha, I'm going to check out that proximity detector problem. Would you have a problem with putting T.J. down for her nap?” Tyra asked.

“Not a problem Tyra,” Alpha said.

“Tyra, you going to morph before you go at all?” Powermatic asked.

“Probably a good idea. I think I'll do a full Morph,” Tyra said. “Demona Ranger Power.”

Tyra then teleported to the area near where T.J. was found.

Things look to be ok. Wait a minute. This one detector has been altered. Not good. That might be what Hankoid was up to,” Tyra suspected. “It will take me a good hour to get it fixed.”

Tyra heard her communicator go off right then.

“Tyra here.”

“Tyra, it's Sue. You busy?”

“You could say that. Hankoid slightly modified one of the proximity detectors that Sasha Placed. I'm going have to fix it and it will take a while,” Tyra said.

“Bri and Sasha just arrived here and since Megan wants to join us we won't be able to meet you at the Snack Bar at the Command Bunker so we'll be at my aunt Wang Chungs,” Sue said.

“I read you,” Tyra said before switching channels. “Powermatic, one of the detectors was altered. You think I should fix it here or replace it and do the repairs to the altered one back at the Bunker?”

“We better fix it. Dr. Collington just arrived so if you want I'll send Alpha to conduct the repairs while you take it easy. I can imagine that T.J. has been keeping you awake,” Powermatic said.

“Not all that much. She only wakes me maybe once a night,” Tyra said. “Sue and the others are going over to her Aunt's so I might head over there myself.”

“Good idea don't forget to demorph,” Powermatic said.

“You worried it would blow our cover if I show up in Uniform,” Tyra said.

“It probably would,” Powermatic said. “Dr. Collington and I should be able to watch TJ without too much trouble.”

“Thanks, I'll try not to be too late,” Tyra said. She then slipped into the Airzord's Hangar.

“Demorph,” She said. She then teleported into the basement of the Collins residence which luckily was empty.

“Tyra, You are almost slipperier then me,” Kim said after Tyra exited the basement into the main house.

“Kim you are the slipperiest person I know,” Tyra said.

“SO where is TJ hiding? Megan was telling me about her,” Wang Chung Megan's mother said.

“She is taking a nap. I figured I could easily leave her with a sitter,” Tyra said. “I only hope her biological mother is all right.”

“We all do,” Wang Chung said. “What are the chances of finding her mother at this point?”

“I'm not sure. I haven't talked with the Rangers since T.J. came into my custody,” Tyra said.

At that moment Megan walked into the room.

“Mom, the house is surrounded by those creatures we're always seeing on the news,” Megan said.

“Which creatures?” Wang Chung asked.

“The ones with gears for heads,” Megan said.

“Not good,” Wang Chung said.

Nice timing Mechinack,” Sue said as she headed for the bathroom. “Mom, we've got a situation.”

“What's wrong Sue?” Stephanie asked.

“Gearheads. They have Aunt Wang Chung's surrounded but unfortunately the whole team is here and we won't be able to morph even with our Ninja powers,” Sue said.

“Not good. Did Tyra arrive there safely?” Stephanie asked.

“She must have teleported from the Airzord hangar but yes she did. She teleported into the basement,” Sue said.

“Keep an eye on the situation while I discuss the problem with Powermatic. If they actually storm the house then you might have to risk a regulatory breach,” Stephanie said.

“Let's hope we don't have to risk that,” Sue said.

By the time she got back to the front room where the rest were Megan had apparently disappeared.

“How should we handle it?” Wang Chung asked.

“Our best bet is that we get some help somewhere somehow,” Sue said.

At that moment a timer in the kitchen went off.

“I better check on the pizza,” Wang Chung said.

Soon as she left the room Sue signaled for a huddle.

“I spoke with my mom. She is going to see what Powermatic thinks but for now we are to monitor the situation and only risk morphing if they storm the house,” Sue said.

“Let's hope it doesn't come to that,” Tyra said.

At that moment a purple clothed person started attacking a couple Gearheads.

“Bri, you didn't tell us Janet was back in town,” Sean said.

“She isn't I just spoke to her on Eltare this morning,” Brianca said. “Tyra, you spend a lot of time at the Bunker these days was the purple morpher given to anyone?”

“No it hasn't,” Tyra said.

Further discussion was halted by Sue's Aunt bringing the pizza's in.

“Anyone seen Megan?” Wang Chung asked.

“Not since she went upstairs,” Sasha said.

“Sue, could you go upstairs and see if she is all right?” Wang Chung asked.

“No problem Aunt Wang Chung,” Sue said. Sue then went upstairs and found her that her cousin was missing. Also she saw that one of the windows in Megan's room was open. The placement of the window was such that it was right over where the mysterious purple ranger had appeared.

Meanwhile Powermatic and Dr. Collington were watching the situation on the viewscreen.

“Powermatic you didn't select a purple ranger without me did you?” Stephanie asked.

“No besides the purple morpher is with Fucilla on Demona Prime,” Powermatic said. “The situation is getting grim we better do something. Sue and the other's might have to risk morphing in front of your sister.'

“I think I'm better off monitoring this battle from the Front Lines,” Stephanie said as she went over to where the Powereon Powerbands were and grabbing her old one.

“Stephanie, you can't be serious. IT is way to risky,” Powermatic said as he realized what Stephanie had up her sleeve.

“Sorry Powermatic but someone has to help that person out,” Stephanie said. “Time to Flit.”

A Few seconds later for the first time in almost eighteen years The Flitter came out of a Flit.

“What on Earth is Stephanie doing?” Wang Chung asked.

“What do you mean Mrs. Collins?” Brianca asked.

“That strange creature that just appeared is The Flitter,” Wang Chung said. “Stephanie was the bearer of those powers but she retired after she became pregnant with Sue.”

At that moment the communicator signal went off. The Rangers gathered together in the kitchen.

“WE read you Powermatic,” Sue said.

“You better risk morphing to help your mom out. Who ever the Purple Ranger is he or she doesn't have powers,” Powermatic said.

“Ninja Ranger Power,” Sue Whispered. Even this was enough to allow the rangers to morph.

The Rangers then Appeared outside.

“Nice Outfit Doc,” Sasha joked.

“Not funny Pink Ranger,” Stephanie said.

At that moment the Purple Ranger was slammed in the head by a Gearhead.

“Megan,” Sue called out.

“What?” Tyra called out.

“I think our friend might be Megan Collins,” Sue said.

“This is not good I'll see if I can get her to safety you six see if you can manage alone,” Stephanie said as she picked up Megan and Flitted off.

A Couple minutes later The Battle was over and the Rangers Teleported to the Command Bunker.

“Good work with those Gearheads. I tracked The Flitters movements. First thing she did was flit to her lab at R&D where she removed Megan's costume and then she flitted to Terra Venture Memorial Hospital. She is still there,” Powermatic said.

“We might want to head over there, Sasha, You, Sean, and Kim will have to remorph in a couple minutes,” Sue said.

“How come?” Kim asked.

“Easy that way it will show that the Power Rangers are concerned about Megan's safety. I would go morphed but I should probably be in civilian clothing,” Sue said. “Demorph.”

The six rangers then demorphed and right after that The White, Pink, and Green Rangers remorphed. All six Rangers then teleported to a secure area near the Hospital. A short walk brought them to the Emergency Room. Tyra kept her ears peeled for information that might clue her in to the identity of T.J.'s biological parents. Dr. Collington was talking with a doctor.

“How bad are my niece's injuries?” Stephanie asked.

“She had a serious skull fracture. Right now her survival chances are slim,” the doctor said. “We have her in the ICU on a ventilator.

“Mom is everything all right?” Sue asked as she and her friends approached.

“Not if Megan is hanging on to her life by a mere thread. Why she tried to help the rangers I don't know,” Stephanie said.

“Dr. Collington your niece was brave. We were stuck in traffic and couldn't get there right away. I don't know if it would have gone as well if she hadn't attempted what she did,” Kim said. “We should probably be glad that Mechinack didn't send a monster down at the same time. Any clue as to why your sister's house was targeted?”

“None, Wang Chung has nothing to do with the work I do. She is an innocent bystander. I'm not even directly involved in the fight against evil these days. The only reason I came out of retirement was to make sure Megan was safe,” Stephanie said. “She is seriously injured and might not survive.”

“You mind if we look over her injuries?” Sasha asked.

“I have some x-rays I can show you but I would prefer to wait until Megan's mother arrives providing Megan is still alive at that point,” the doctor said.

A couple minutes later Wang Chung and another man walked in.

“Mr. and Mrs. Collins, I'm Dr. Corbett,” The doctor said. “I was the physician who attempted to treat Megan for a skull injury.”

“How bad is she?” Mr. Collins asked.

“The way I'm looking at it is this if she survives till morning I have reason to believe that she will survive the injury,” Dr. Corbett said.

“If she does survive will she be all right?” Wang Chung asked.

“It's too early to tell,” Dr. Corbett said. “If you all could follow me I would like to show you the x-rays we took.”

While the Crew was walking behind the Doctor Tyra heard a doctor talking.

“Mrs. Hinnard is worried about her daughter. She remembers being attacked near the Tunnels to the Weapons Dome but her husband looked and didn't see the baby anywhere,” the other doctor mentioned to a nurse.

“Sue, I think I found a clue to my case so I'm going to follow up on it,” Tyra said.

“No problem we'll brief you later,” Sue said.

Tyra then walked up to the Doctor.

“Excuse me I couldn't help overhear you mention how a baby was lost near the weapons dome. I might be able to help you,” Tyra said.

“How do you figure that?” The nurse asked.

“I might know the location of the missing baby,” Tyra said. “I just want to confirm that it really is her baby.”

“That would make sense,” The doctor said. “I can take you to the Mother.”

“That would probably be good,” Tyra said.

The doctor then lead her to a room a couple floors up. Inside was an African American woman in her mid twenties.

“Excuse me,” Tyra said.

“May I help you?” the patient asked.

“Yes I'm Tyra Johnson I'm a laboratory intern for Dr. Stephanie Collington in Research and Development. A week ago while doing some research in that area in connection with one of her projects I found an infant. I'm kind of wondering if it might be yours.”

“It's possible, But hard to tell. Did you think to bring a picture of the baby with you?” The patient asked.

“No I didn't but part of the reason for that is I don't have a picture I could bring,” Tyra said.

“By chance I have a picture in my drawer. My husband was supposed to inform security but he had to go out of town to a conference on KO-35 and he didn't get a chance yet,” The patient said as she got a small photo of a cute little girl out of the drawer. Tyra took a nice look at the photo and easily recognized the little girl she had found in the shrubs.

“It certainly looks like the baby that I found. How long will you be in the hospital?” Tyra asked.

“I will be released tomorrow afternoon. Tyra by taking the baby in you did me a service since I was unconscious for a day and it was the next day before my husband was able to look for the baby,” The patient said.

“How about if I stop by tomorrow before you leave and I will bring her along. How old is she anyway?” Tyra asked.

“She is seven months old?” the patient said.

“I probably should be going but I'll stop by tomorrow,” Tyra said. Soon as she left the patients room she made note of the name on the door. Dora Hinnard. She then opened a channel on her communicator.

“Sue, what is your present location?” Tyra asked.

“We are in the parking lot preparing to teleport to the Command Bunker. How is your investigation coming?” Sue asked.

“It's coming good. I'll meet you at the snack bar,” Tyra said. She immediately located a secure area and teleported out ending up at the snackbar of the Command Bunker.

“How much luck did you have?” Kim asked by this time she, Sean, and Sasha had demorphed.

“I managed to locate T.J.'s birth mother. What this will mean as far as whether I will be able to keep T.J. I don't know. How bad was Megan's skull fracture?” Tyra asked.

“It looked to be bad. Dr. Corbett is worried she might need brain surgery before this is all over,” Sue said. “One thing I did determine is Dr. Corbett is the son of the Red and Pink Galaxy Rangers.”

“Very interesting,” Tyra said. “I thought I remembered seeing something about that when I was doing some research on Former Rangers.”

“We have a problem as far tomorrow goes. My aunt would like the six of us there but here is where the problem is. She also wants all six rangers there,” Sue said.

“Ouch,” Tyra said. “I'm supposed to visit with T.J.'s birth mother tomorrow and I was going to take T.J. with me.”

“Makes me think of a problem Sue's father once had. He had to appear at his high school graduation as himself but the principal wanted to know if Plastica was going to be there. The best he could do was say that Plastica might be there and then come up with an excuse why Plastica couldn't make it,” Powermatic said from the station where he liked to put his feet up.

“That just about describes our problem. Grandpa's solution though doesn't look plausible,” Sue said. “I don't think Wang Chung or Uncle Kenneth are as gullible as Grandpa's high school principal. Besides It's my guess that my aunt might suspect who we are and made the request so she could expose us. You have to consider my aunt knows of her former life as The Flitter.”

“There is a reason for that. One time Scorpius kidnapped Sue's Mother, her Aunt, and Sasha's mother. That was about the time that Sue's grandparents old team managed to catch up with them. Alpha XI clued Plastica in on The Flitter's Identity. When elements of the Steel Brigade pulled off an assault on the Scorpion Stinger Headset made sure to bring Dr. Collington's powerband and it was at that time that Sue's Aunt and Sasha's mother learned that The Flitter was their close friend Stephanie Gutheim,” Powermatic sad.

“Where were The Power Rangers during all that?” Kim asked.

“They were on the defensive with other members of the Steel Brigade. Power Ranger Rules of Engagement prevented them from taking part in the assault on Scorpius's ship,” Powermatic said.

“Powermatic, cut it out with the War Stories,” Stephanie said as she entered. Her old powerband was still on her wrist. “I happen to have news on Megan's condition.”

“How is she doing?” Sue asked.

“She is conscious but resting at this time. They are still going to evaluate her condition in the morning. Dr. Corbett felt that My bringing her directly in probably saved her life,” Stephanie said. “I worked it such that the Rangers would be there around Lunchtime and Megan's family and Friends a few hours before hand.”

“Slick thinking Doc,” Tyra said.

Tyra slept somewhat peacefully that night. The next day she had T.J. with her while They visited Megan who was a little groggy but at least awake. After leaving her friends she headed for Mrs. Hinnard's room.

“Oh hi Tyra. I wondered when you would be arriving,” Mrs. Hinnard said.

“I had to check on a friend first she was injured during an attack yesterday,” Tyra said. “I brought T.J. along.

“She is certainly cute. I missed seeing her all week. I almost thought she was dead,” Mrs. Hinnard said as a Tall Grayhaired man with a beard stepped into view.”

“Mrs. Hinnard, Miss Johnson,” He said.

“Greetings Commander,” Tyra said.

“Mrs. Hinnard, I received a message from the Senturions about ten minutes ago. It contained some bad news,” Commander Stanton said.

“What was the bad news?” Mrs. Hinnard asked.

“The Shuttle containing the GSA team that your husband was on had a accident. Your husband was killed instantly,” Commander Stanton said.

Mrs. Hinnard fainted at that point. The First thing Tyra did was hit the button to summon a doctor.

“Is she all right?” Commander Stanton asked.

“I don't know. I'm with R&D not medical. My best guess is that her condition might not have been good enough to handle the news you gave her,” Tyra said.

A Doctor followed by a couple nurses rushed in. Commander Stanton and Tyra waited in a lounge nearby. After a couple hours during which The Former Colonial Leader and the Yellow Ranger underwent all matter of small talk and T.J. slept away.

“We managed to get Mrs. Hinnard stabilized. She asked to speak with Miss Johnson and the infant is to be brought along.

“His news wasn't good. It did mean that I would have to rethink my whole life. Tyra, I made a couple decisions. Soon as I can get booking on a Shuttle heading that way I'm going to return to Earth,” Mrs. Hinnard said.

“What about T.J. I have so many questions that I need answers to?” Tyra asked.

“I'm sure as she grows you will discover the answers to the more important ones. Before I leave for Earth I'm going to see to it that she is transferred to your custody. Her birthdate is November 10th. I will make sure that any hurdles to your adopting her are cleared before I leave,” Mrs. Hinnard said.

“The only reason I named her T.J. which is short for Tialla Janet is because I wanted something to refer to her as. It might help if I knew her birthname,” Tyra said.

“In a way she started a new life when you opened up your heart to her. The name you chose for her looks to fit her,” Mrs. Hinnard said.

After a long conversation Tyra had to leave so she could drop T.J. off at the Command Bunker and then Return to the Hospital as the Yellow Ranger by lunchtime. She was the First Ranger to arrive at the Hospital Waiting area near Megan's room. Shortly after Tyra Teleported in her friends disappeared and Returned morphed. Wang Chung and Kenneth arrived shortly after that.

“I wanted to be able to thank all of you for the assistance you gave when our house was surrounded. I felt a little concerned when only three of you came yesterday after she was first injured,” Wang Chung said.

“The rest of us were doing paperwork or undergoing an after action review from the battle. I'm just glad we all could be here today and that your daughter is all right,” Sue said.

“The doctor's said that she might be out of the hospital later this week,” Wang Chung said.

“That is good news,” Tyra said. “Your daughter is brave to go after a whole Battalion of Gearheads on her own.”

“Don't even think of recruiting her for your army. I'd prefer she wasn't a ranger,” Wang Chung said.

“Even if we did you wouldn't know since we have to keep our identities a secret,” Kim said.

The Rangers left soon after that and Returned to the Command Bunker.

“Man the time since Megan was Injured has been hard,” Sue said.

“Why is that?” Powermatic asked.

“When ever I've been with my aunt having to word what I say such that I don't give away my identity,” Sue said.

“That can be difficult. You did good though. Soon as Megan is released from the Hospital I'd like to meet her,” Powermatic said.

“Wang Chung made it crystal clear that Megan is not to become a Power Ranger and I don't blame her,” Sue said.

“That wasn't my plan. I'm saving Janet's morpher for a later time but ultimately it will be Janet that takes on the Purple Demona Power. When this will happen I can't say,” Powermatic said.

“I'll try to bring her by after she is released. You realize that by bringing her here It will reveal who we are,” Sue said.

“I am aware of that fact but I think we can trust your cousin with your identities if necessary,” Powermatic said.

“Tyra, how did things go with T.J.'s birth mother this morning?” Sasha asked.

“It was going good until your grandfather stopped by. Apparently her husband died in an accident aboard a GSA Shuttle,” Tyra said.

“What's going to end up happening to T.J.?” Sean asked.

“Mrs. Hinnard who is T.J.'s birth mother is going to give me custody of her and help me along toward adopting her before she leaves to return to Earth,” Tyra said.

“That is great Tyra. How will you handle rangering as she gets older?” Stephanie asked.

“I'll probably hang up my morpher before then. I probably have another year and a half I can ranger before I have to worry about that,” Tyra said.

“She has a point,” Stephanie said. “Eventually though we might have to look for replacement rangers.”

“The replacement rangers like Brianca will probably come from a ranger academy Either The Triforian Academy or the one on Eltare,” Powermatic said.

“Gang, I have an idea how Powermatic can meet Megan but preserve our identity,” Kim said.

She then explained her idea. Powermatic liked the idea.

A few days later Sue and the others Stood by at the hospital as Megan was being released. You almost couldn't tell that she had suffered an almost life threatening injury. Soon as Megan arrived home Alpha teleported her to the Command Bunker.

“What the?” Megan asked.

“Greetings Megan Collins,” Powermatic said.

“Who are you and how did you bring me here?” Megan asked.

“I'm an Powermatic. I used to mentor such fine heroic people as Plastica, Headset, and The Flitter. Today though I mentor the Power Rangers.”

“Wasn't it the Flitter who saved my life by taking me to the hospital after I tried to use a Purple Ninja Ranger costume to fight the Gearheads?” Megan asked.

“The Flitter decided that it was necessary to come out of retirement for the battle at your house,” Powermatic said.

“Powermatic, Will you answer one simple question for me?” Megan asked.

“I'll try,” Powermatic said.

“Were the Rangers really stuck in Traffic the day I was injured or were they simply unable to morph when the Gearheads showed up?” Megan asked.

“Megan you just asked the one question I can't answer for privacy reasons. Unfortunately the rangers identities aren't to be revealed to non rangers except under dire circumstances?” Powermatic said.

To BE Continued.

Closing Notes. Even though I didn't include a monster battle in this fanfic there was a bit of a battle in this one but it was a mental battle as the rangers worked to get by after Megan was injured. Whether I continue the storyline as it ended in my next fic I haven't decided yet. One part of the mental battle was what Sue mentioned when she had to word what she told her aunt during conversations when she was morphed in her Aunt's presence. Another part was when the Gearheads first arrived when the Rangers felt they should morph but knew that by doing so they would risk revealing their identities.