Disclaimer: The concept of the Rangers is from Haim Saban. The Intergalactic Police Force is from Ellen Brand. The characters though are mine.

Power Rangers Demona
Big Trouble
By Robert Gutheim

One day at the headquarters of the Intergalactic Police Force.

“Hammond, my office now,” A Senior officer said.

“Something up Captain?” Officer Andrew Hammond asked.

“Yes it looks like our old friend Haradomous plans on joining forces with Mechinack,” the captain said.

“Where is Mechinack's base right now do we know?” Andrew asked.

“Word from an informant out that way is that he is causing trouble on Capsilon IX. There is an Earth Colony there named Terra Venture. The reason I chose you for this mission is A because of your ancestory and B because you are young and not well known. If you find evidence of Haradomous getting ready your best bet is to summon the Senturions. You'll be working undercover for the most part but this girl can probably help you. Her name is Sue Collington,” the captain said showing a picture of The Red Ranger.

“She looks pretty,” Andrew said.

“She has a boyfriend this person here a guy named Sean Crowning. Even though you will be undercover Sue has a very select group of people that She hangs with. You can only tell those people who you really are,” the captain said.

A week later Andrew walks into the Terra Venture Youth Center Matt Connorson the owner spots him.

“Hi can I help you?” he asked.

“Yes I'm looking for a Sue Collington,” Andrew said.

“She isn't here right now. She usually comes here after school,” Matt said. “Tell you what you interested in a soda right now?” Matt asked.

“Sure,” Andrew said.

“I'll give you a complimentary one. Soda's normally are half a credit a piece but I have a special recipe that is complimentary,” Matt said. “By the way I'm Matt Connorson I own the place.”

“I'm Andrew Hammond I'm from KO-35 in the Kerova System.”

“Your last name sounds familiar,” Matt said.

“My paternal grandparents were Active Rangers during the Battle that resulted in evil being temporarily eliminated. Of course with Mechinack causing Trouble it could get ugly. Thankfully there aren't as many villains as there used to be,” Andrew said.

“Interesting,” Matt said.

Half an hour later Sue, Barakus, and Sasha walked in along with Kim who headed for the counter so she could work a shift.

“Andrew, this is Kim Coltran one of my employees,” Matt said. “Andrew just arrived here from the Kerova System.”

“Kim, do you know Sue Collington?” Andrew asked.

“As a matter of fact she is the Asian looking girl over there,” Kim said indicating the table where her teammates were seated. Andrew then walked over.

“Sue Collington,” Andrew said.

“Yes,” Sue said.

“I have something important to discuss with you and your friends. It concerns Mechinack,” Andrew said.

“Let me make a quick call and see if I can find a better place to talk,” Sue said.

“Who ever you call if you could mention Officer Andrew Hammond IGPF,” Andrew said.

Sue then went into the Rangers private corner and got on her communicator.

“Professor, I was just approached by a cop with info on Mechinack his last name is Hammond,” Sue said.

“Who from the rangers is with you?” Powermatic asked.

“Barakus, Sasha, and Kim just started her shift,” Sue said.

“I'll alert Tyra, Sean, Brianca, your mother and Megan. You gather up the others and bring them and Officer Hammond to the Bunker, We'll meet in the snack Bar instead of the War Room,” Powermatic said.

“Got you,” Sue said.

“Something up Sue?” Sasha asked as Sue responded.

“I'm not sure but the Professor wants to see us in the Snackbar over at Rangertech and we are to bring him,” Sue said indicating Andrew.

“We'll take him there while you grab Kim,” Barakus said.

A Couple minutes later Andrew began a briefing.

“OK first off what I'm going to tell you is highly classified. My name is Officer Andrew Hammond with the Intergalactic Police Force. AN IGPF informant somewhere in this area slipped word that a Villain named Haradomous who is on our Most Wanted List might try to join forces with Mechinack. If this happens then it could ultimately lead to a battle the likes of which the Universe hasn't seen since the death of the Great Eltarian wizard Zordon. While as you probably know Mechinack likes to occasionally use Jet Fighters in his Battles Haradomous uses Jet fighters almost exclusively. In fact Haradomous doesn't have footsoldiers like Putties, Cogs, Tengas, Sting Wingers, or even the Gearheads that Mechinack likes to use.”

At that moment Alpha walked in.

“Sue, Gearheads are causing trouble at the beach,” Alpha said.

“This isn't good,” Sue said. “Barakus, suit up and see what you can do from the water. Megan, monitor things in the main chamber, the rest of you let's see if we can knock some sense into them.”

“We going to you know?” Sean asked.

“My paternal grandparents fought in the war against Dark Specter so I know what it's like,” Andrew said “I won't even tell my captain who you are.”

“In that case Let's do it,” Sue said. “Ninja Ranger Power.”

“Demona Ranger Power,” Barakus said since he was still without his ninja powers.

A Mule made it's way towards Sue before jumping into her and merging to form the Red Ninja Ranger, it was the same for Sasha with the Hyena, Sean with the lion. Brianca with the Puma, Kim with the Snake, and Tyra with the Elephant.

“Whoa, I wonder when I might get lucky and have powers like that,” Andrew joked.

“I can probably help you. I've been expecting you,” Powermatic said.

“I don't get it,” Andrew said.

“Come with me,” Powermatic said.

A couple minutes later.

“You have got to be kidding. Me able to hold your powers,” Andrew said.

“Only a select few have what it takes and you are one of them,” Powermatic said.

“IS this because of my paternal grandparents were part of the Ranger team that was defending Earth from Dark Specter's forces during the last battle,” Andrew asked.

“No it has nothing to do with your heritage. There is only two other Demona Rangers Barakus who's father is the Gold Ranger and Janet Cranston who has her secondary powers because of her station on Eltare but hasn't accepted her primary powers yet who are descended from Rangers,” Powermatic said.

“Who is Professor Damon?” Andrew asked.

“That is a cover identity that the rangers came up with so I can interact with the Denizens of the colony instead of being cooped up here in the Bunker but even at that all it is used for is in conversation between the rangers and non rangers,” Powermatic said.

“What about the other Rangers?” Andrew asked.

“Sue's grandparents on her mother's side were two of my greatest students Plastica and Headset and Sue's mother was the Legendary Flitter. Brianca's step grandmother was the equally legendary Wheelchair Warrior in fact Brianca's Aunt Katie was once rescued by the Flitter. Sasha's grandfather and legal guardian was once the Administrative Leader for Terra Venture which is the original Colony before it arrived on Capsilon IX. Kim, Tyra, and Sean don't have anything fancy in their ancestory.

“Powermatic, things are getting worse. I think Airtron might be needed,” Alpha said.

“I agree but Airtron unlike previous carrier zords requires a captain. Right now she is without a captain,” Powermatic said.

“Then what are we waiting for,” Andrew said. “Powermatic empower me.”

“Here is your Morpher use it wisely and Let the Power Protect you,” Powermatic said.

“Demona Ranger Power,” Andrew said.

Andrew then morphed into his uniform. From there he headed right to the Bridge of of Airtron the Carrierzord.

“Let's Rock and Roll,” Andrew said.

Meanwhile at the battlesite.

“We need some help,” Sue said.

“I call upon the Subzord,” Barakus said.

“Strike Eaglezord power Up,” Kim said.

“Airzord prepare for Flight,” Tyra said.

“Kim, Tyra, teleport to my location,” Andrew said.

“We read you,” Kim said.

Meanwhile Andrew prepped the catapults to launch the zords. Kim and Tyra soon arrived on the Bridge of Airtron.

“WE are getting pummeled out there. We almost had the Gearheads taken out but then Jet Fighters galore showed up.

“I noticed from the Bunker. Your Zords are ready for Takeoff. I'll try to get close enough to launch you and then fire the guns. IT looks like Haradomous is in the area,” Andrew said.

“WE should probably have Janet make a few more modifications to the zords,” Kim said.

“I agree,” Tyra said. “Super Airzord.”

“You got it,” Kim said as she boarded her zord.

“We need Super Airzord power now,” Kim and Tyra said in Unison.

The Two zord's then merged. Of course by the time they arrived Hankoid along with another ugly beast had arrived.

“Hello Rangers meet my new Partner Scornia,” Hankoid said. “She is a servant of Haradomous.”

“I don't think so Hankoid,” Andrew said as he teleported in.

“Well well looks like Powermatic and his friend have been working overtime Gearheads attack,” Hankoid said.

“Powerblade,” Andrew said. A small gauntlet appeared on his left wrist with a small circle sticking out. Pressure on the circle sent it out to reveal a handle. “Form Demona Sword.” Andrew said as he ran his Left hand in a circle over the blade causing it to expand.”

“That was one of my dad's favorite tricks,” Stephanie said from the war room of the bunker.”

“Looks like trouble. Hankoid did mention that Scornia worked for Haradomous,” Powermatic said.

“This is ridiculous my being stuck here when there is a battle going on,” Megan said.

“Megan, The Rangers know the risks besides if things get out of hand they all have zords. You don't,” Stephanie said.

“That may be Aunt Stephanie but I at least have more battle experience then Andrew he just got here,” Megan said.

“If you got yourself killed your mother would probably tan both our hides,” Stephanie said. “I can't always use my powers these days to look after you.”

“Powermatic, contact the Senturions tell them I need backup,” Andrew said.

“You got it Andrew,” Powermatic said.

“Why do you need backup from Senturions, Black Ranger?” Scornia asked.

“It's quite simple Scornia. You're under arrest,” Andrew said. “Intergalactic Police Force.”

“This could prove interesting,” Sue said.

“I agree,” Barakus said as he fired a missile at the jet fighters.

After twenty minutes of Hard Battle Mechinack himself along with a Black Cloacked man who looked like a magician arrived on the scene.

“Ah Haradomous, looks like the rangers are running into problems,” Mechinack said.

“I agree. Forces of Evil Pour Forth Your Might and send the Rangers to the Isle of Fright,” Haradomous said.

The Rangers then disappeared from the Battle Field but the Gearheads remained.

“This isn't good,” Powermatic said.

“I can tell. It looks like it's up to us,” Megan said.

“Yes but working from here,” Stephanie said. “Alpha start scanning for the rangers.”

“I'm working on it Doc. This is not good,” Alpha said.

“I think I'll get some fresh air before I get to work,” Megan said.

“OK but don't take too long we have a lot of work to do,” Stephanie said.

“I'll be gone for ten minutes tops Aunt Stephanie,” Megan said. Merely because that's how long it will take me to free the rangers.

Megan then secretly teleported to the Ocean Dome where the Battle was.

“I call upon the power of the Wind,” Megan said.

“What's this I thought we had all the rangers,” Haradomous said.

“Easy she isn't a ranger. She's the Red Rangers pesky cousin one of those rotten Brakenion Wind Guardians,” Mechinack said.

“I'm familiar with those weaklings. I managed to kill every single one of the ones on Brakenous Four just last year. I thought they were an ancient memory,” Haradomous said.

“No wonder you are on the IGPF's ten most wanted list,” Megan said as she used her powers to hold herself off the ground a few yards.

“I'm not afraid of you. You'll go down as easily as your former teammates,” Haradomous said.

Meanwhile on the Isle of Fright.

“This is not good. Not good at all,” Sue said.

“I know. What I want to know is how we get out of here,” Barakus said.

“I definitely need to get back so I can make sure that Scornia gets taken into custody,” Andrew said. “And possibly her boss as well. This man personally took out every single one of the Wind Guardians on Brakenous Four.”

“Oh no Megan,” Sue said. “My cousin who was at the briefing she has the powers of the Brakenien Wind Guardian.”

“I hope she is careful,” Andrew said.

“Yeah right her favorite trick is to jump into battle without thinking. One time she tried to take a whole platoon of Gearheads on by herself without using her powers. If my mom hadn't flitted in she could have gotten killed,” Sue said.

“We better split up so we can cover more ground but stay in touch via communicator,” Sue said.

Sue took headed off and checked the North. Eventually she came across a small housecat.

“Oh no this is not good. Not good at all,” Sue said. “Last time I held a housecat he scratched me good.”

The cat rubbed against her ankles for a few minutes. Sue decided to pick him up.

“You don't look like you have a mean bone in your body,” Sue said.

“Congratulations Red Ranger you've conquered your greatest Fear,” A voice said as she was teleported out.

Sean meanwhile was not impressed.

“Sue, no this can't be. You mean everything to me,” Sean screamed.

“Sean, you must go on. It's better this way. I'm sure Kim will find a competent 2nd in command to take her place now that she will be the new Leader,” Sue said.

“Sue, I can't just leave you,” Sean said.

“You have to now go this is an order,” Sue said.

Sean then grabbed Sue and Took her with him.

“This wasn't what I had in mind,” Sue said.

“That may be but technically I was following your order since you told me to go. I simply decided to take you with me,” Sean said.

“Good work Green Ranger,” A voice said after Sue disappeared.

“Who are you?” Sean asked.

“I am the spirit of the Isle. You did well conquering your fear of losing Sue,” the Spirit said.

Brianca meanwhile was in the middle of a nightmare.

“You will never amount to anything. You couldn't even get into the best Ranger Academy in the Quadrant,” Brianca's combat instructor said.

“Hey like it was my fault I have the wrong bloodline,” Brianca said.

“Maybe you should have lied on the application now you will never be a Ranger,” he said.

“Watch me,” Brianca said.

A strange Vortex came threw and Brianca was in the office of the Headmaster for the Triforian Academy.

“Good work Cadet Chang. You have exemplified yourself. Unfortunately your orders to report to Capsilon IX came through today. You will have to leave in the Morning unfortunately you will be unable to graduate so it looks like you won't be becoming a ranger,” The Headmaster said.

“But Glendow isn't there anything you could do?” She asked.

“Not really. Rules are Rules,” Glendow said as Brianca stormed out. “Except when the request comes from someone as well known as Powermatic of Demona Prime.

“That is so Bogus,” Brianca said. “I succeeded in becoming a Ranger and I've exemplified myself in battle many times. I'm not a failure.”

“That you aren't but Failure has always been your greatest Fear,” The Spirit said. “Yet when ever you've looked Failure in the eye you always saw success behind him.”

“That's because true failure isn't in this Ranger's dictionary. Besides I later spoke to Glendow and he said how in fact I graduated Early,” Brianca said.

She was then Teleported Out.

One by one The Rangers met their fears and conquered them. Eventually they reappeared on the Battlefield just as several IGPF officers were teleporting in.

“Not bad work Hammond. You handed us a real prize,” the Captain said.

“In what way Sir?” Andrew asked his IGPF uniform showing since the Rangers had demorphed upon landing.

“WE managed to Bag Scorina and Haradomous along with Hankoid and Mechinack,” the Captain said. “Ready to Return to Headquarters?”

“Not really Sir. I was hoping to remain here,” Andrew said. “I feel I can be of best use here just in case anyone else tries to attack the Colony.”

“Understandable,” the Captain said. “Just remember to call if you need help.”

“I will but only if it is really needed,” Andrew said.

The Rangers then returned to the bunker.

“What happened to you all?” Stephanie asked.

“Haradomous sent us to the Isle of Fright where we had to conquer our greatest fears in order to get off the Isle. The Bad guys really looked Wind Blown by the time we arrived,” Andrew said.

“I kind of had something to do with that one,” Megan said.

“I don't get it,” Andrew said.

“It looks like I'm the only surviving Wind Guardian,” Megan said.

“That's true Haradomous killed the ones on Brakenous Four,” Andrew said.

Closing Notes. This is not the last Power Rangers Demona Fanfic. I doubt the IGPF have a cell that can hold Mechinack. Next Fic Spoiler. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in two different Time Periods. But when a certain Powereon is having trouble he gets help from the Demona Rangers.