Disclaimer: The basic concept is the property of Haim Saban but the Rangers themselves along with all characters belong to me. Those of you who have read both my series will recall how in Power Restored (A fanfic from my other series)we learned a little bit about the origin of the Powerbands that empowered Plastica, Headset, and The Flitter. In the next Fic Plastica had a personal weapon. Where did it come from. Also Why did Powermatic decide not to give the purple morpher to Sue's cousin. All that will be explained here.

Power Rangers Demona
The Power Explained.
By Robert Gutheim

One day five of the rangers and a few other students at their high school were undergoing an archeological dig in the mountain dome of the Old Colony. At one point Kim came across something.

"Dr. Collington, I think I've found something," Kim called out to the scientist in charge of that sector of the dig.

"I haven't seen one of these in a long time. I better inform Professor Damon," Stephanie said referring to her partner in mentoring the rangers.

"What is it mom?" Stephanie's daughter Sue asked as she walked up.

"It's a Demona Powerblade. I know this because your grandfather used to have one. I'm not sure if it is his old one or not," Stephanie said.

"You want me to take it to Professor Damon for analysis?" Sue asked.

"Yes either he or Tyra can run the analysis," Stephanie said.

Meanwhile Mechinack was scheming.

"I must get that weapon. It might be what I need to destroy the Power Rangers. Hankoid," He called.

"Yes Master," Hankoid said as he approached.

"The White Ranger has just uncovered a very powerful weapon. Go to The Old Colony and steal it for me," Mechinack said.

"At once My Lord," Hankoid said.

Hankoid soon arrived at the Dig site. Thankfully by then Sue had already left to consult with Professor Pedro Damon a.k.a. Powermatic of Demona Prime.

"What is Mechinack's lackey doing here?" Megan Collins asked.

"I don't know Megs," Kim said. "I don't know."

"One of you has a very powerful weapon and my master demands it," Hankoid said.

"Tough Tamales Hankoid," Kim said. "Battle Tactic Alpha 1 engage."

At that call two other women and a man came running toward her. Everyone else ran for cover not wanting to know what Kim was talking about. Megan even disappeared.

"Demona Ranger Power," Kim called out. Kim and her friends then underwent a change and when they finished changing were dressed in almost the exact same outfits except for the colors for Kim and her friends Sasha, Brianca, and Sean were four of the Power Rangers Demona.

Meanwhile on the surface of the planet below Sue was in a conference with Tyra Johnson and Powermatic.

"Sue, your mom was correct that this is a Demona Powerblade but it wasn't Plastica's. All Demona empowered people have one but not all of them have a ability to use it. When your grandfather had his powers restored the ability to call upon the Powerblade and form it into a sword was added to his warrior mode. I think this belonged to Katu who was the Demona protector of Centaurus Three a thousand years before your grandfather was born," Powermatic said.

"Does this mean that we might be able to call upon them?" Tyra asked.

"Friad not Tyra. Only the Black Demona Ranger has that ability. Stephanie, Fucilla and I created nine Demona Ranger powers. Red, White, Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Black, and Titanium. Only Fucilla and I know who the nine chosen ones are," Powermatic said.

"Powermatic, it looks like Kim and the others need help," Alpha 8 said as he walked into the war room.

"I agree Alpha," Sue said. "Tyra you ready."

"Let's do it," Tyra said.

"Demona Ranger Power."

Megan during all this was watching the action and saw Kim and the others change into their ranger identities.

"Nice try Professor or should I say Powermatic," Megan said. "I call upon the Power of the Wind."

Megan then changed back into her Purple clothed self for Megan had been born with the powers of the Purple Wind Guardian.

"Need a hand?" She asked.

"Megan, what are you doing here?" Sue asked.

"I'll explain after the battle. Don't worry Professor Damon knows about this," Megan said.. "Our mothers don't though."

"I expect a full explanation later," Sue said.

Hankoid at that moment decided to flee. The Rangers then Teleported to the Command Bunker. Megan joined them.

"I didn't actually use my powers in battle until today. I know it looks like I used my powers that time the Gearheads had my house surrounded but I didn't instead I used the costume but not the powers. Sue remember how my hair seemed to dry within a couple minutes of getting out of the water in the ocean dome or the shower for that matter yet I never used a hair dryer?" Megan asked her cousin.

"Yeah you always joked that the wind dried it even on days when the air wasn't even moving," Sue said.

"There is a reason. I was born with Brakenien powers. You familiar with the Wind Guardians of Brakenous Four?" Megan asked.

"I learned about them at the Triforian Academy," Brianca said.

"Apparently I ended up being born with the powers of the Purple Wind Guardian. How I don't know. I must have been using my powers without realizing it to dry my hair. Too bad the rest of my body didn't dry as well by using them," Megan said.

"Powermatic, before Tyra and I left you said something about the nine Demona Powers. What did you mean by that?" Sue asked.

"To fully explain this I must explain the Origin of the Demona Power Guardians which is what Fucilla and I along with my brother Etmire are a Part of," Powermatic said.

Thousands of Years ago even before the Great Battle between Rita Repulsa and Zordon of Eltare There was a planet with amazing energy. This energy when it interacted with living beings gave them great powers. To monitor and distribute the Powers properly the Power Guardians were formed. The largest group is the Harnessers. They harness the energy and develop the Powers. The next largest group is the Watchers like Etmire and I. The Fusers make some kind of a vessel for the powers and enfuse the vessel with the powers. Different Fusers over time have used different means. The powerbands and your morphers are the most recent vessels and Fucilla created them. It is thought that the ranger powers might have originally come from Demona Prime. That isn't the case though. Ranger Powers can be handed over to new people as time goes on. The Kerovan rangers and the Triforians are two good examples where Rangering is almost hereditary. AS I learned after the death of Sue's grandmother Demona Powers are linked to their owner so tightly that they can't be passed on. For a long time I thought maybe one of Jessica's sisters probably Ali would be able to take over as Headset but it was after Jessica's death that I learned that it wouldn't be possible. Fifteen years ago before the research into your powers I sensed that nine individuals and only nine would be able to hold special powers so I had a couple fellow watchers keep an eye on them. Normally Watchers keep an eye peeled for a spot where Demona intervention is needed and then passes along appropriate powers to someone who can handle the powers and is destined to receive them. I gave Plastica and Headset their powers myself. As I told Sue and Tyra there are nine Demona Ranger powers. Your six powers plus purple, black, and titanium. Unfortunately because of the fact that like other Demona powers and unlike most ranger powers they can not be passed on to another person we will probably have to create more powers for when you all eventually retire," Powermatic said.

"It is almost obvious who the Purple Demona Ranger probably is but what about Black and Titanium?" Sasha asked.

"Given time you will learn the answer to your question," Powermatic said.

"If you ask me the powers have to have some sort of adaptability since there are so many different races. OK so Kerovans are just as human as the People on Earth or even down below on Capsilon IX," Megan said.

"Megan, the command Bunker is located on Capsilon IX," Sean said. "Powermatic, how could you tell that say I was destined for these powers but someone like Megan isn't."

"There were several markers within your genetics. One marker is connected to your spirit. Another Marker is connected to your ranger color. Still others help your body to use the power efficiently," Powermatic said. "Some have one or two of the markers but not the others. Megan for instance has a marker for purple but is missing the marker that allows her to channel the power through her body. She also is without the marker that allows the power to bind with her so it can be channeled through the other marker. You on the other hand Sean have the marker for green along with the other markers?"

"What is the spirit marker for?" Sue asked.

"This marker allows the powers to work alongside your spirit animal or animals as was Plastica's case," Powermatic said.

"Powermatic, the marker for a rangers color. Does it mean that The marker seeked out the pink power in my morpher and allowed me to be the Pink Ranger?" Sasha asked.

"Actually no. The reason you ended up the Pink Ranger is because of your having the marker for pink. What this basically means is that there is no way Sean could have ended up with pink. After you rangers left for the first battle Stephanie told me how she tried to prevent you five from using the morphers. I informed her that it was your destiny to be rangers just like it had been her destiny to Flit," Powermatic said.

"You mean to tell me that it was my Aunt Stephanie who delivered me to the hospital after the battle at my house. Oh boy I wish I'd be able to tell my mom this," Megan said.

"Actually Megan your mom has known since Brianca's mom was a baby that I was the Flitter," Stephanie said as she entered the war room. "Tyra, I think T.J. is crying and it sounds like her diaper cry so I don't think Alpha can handle this one."

"No problem Doc. IT's interesting how he can work sophisticated equipment but changing a simple diaper is beyond him. Alpha would never make a good domestic servant," Tyra muttered just as the alarm went off.

"This is not good," Sue said. "Mechinack sent Jax and a platoon of Gearheads to attack a beachhead in the Ocean dome."

"I agree. We won't have a easy time using our zords," Kim said.

"What we need is some kind of a boat zord," Sasha commented. "I admit if necessary I can use the Rotorzord to buzz him but being on the water we need a zord capable of being used under those conditions."

"DO your best. Megan, I suggest you help your aunt with things here. You can start by going downstairs and getting Tyra," Powermatic said.

"You got it," Megan said.

Megan eventually located Tyra.

"Tyra, trouble," Megan said. "Mechinack sent a monster and a ton of Gearheads to the Ocean Dome."

"Not good. You coming?" Tyra asked as she took the Morphing Stance.

"Powermatic wanted me to help Stephanie out," Megan said.

"Tell you what you can keep an eye on T.J. for me," Tyra said. "Demona Ranger Power."

A Yellow Aura came around her shortly before the yellow of her shirt bled out over her body before forming her ranger uniform. She then teleported to the Battlefield were she saw that the Rotorzord was providing air support for the Rangers on the Ground. Tyra sent a Turbo Blast right at the monster only The monster with a ball shaped head and the rest of his body looking like a set of jacks.

"He is good," Kim noticed as she went after him with her Eagle Talons.

"I noticed. None of our weapons are even affecting him," Sue said. "I think we need help."

"You mean we should have Powermatic summon one of the other rangers," Kim said.

"It wouldn't hurt. I also think we need a certain wind guardian," Sue said.

"She is babysitting T.J. right now," Tyra said.

"I bet if I used my zord I could knock some sense into him," Sean said.

"I'd prefer not to use zords if they aren't needed," Sue said. "Let's head for the Bunker."

"Sue, I see a old friend of mine over there so I think I'll go greet him," Brianca said. "Call me when we go back into battle."

"Sounds good," Sue said.

"Demorph," Brianca said exchanging her Blue Ranger suit for a Blue Short sleeved blouse and a paisley skirt. "Barakus, what brings you here?" she called out to her friend.

"Bri, is that you. Why did you leave early?" he asked.

"Duty called. Why are you here anyway?" Brianca asked.

"One I came to see you. Two I have a message for a Professor Pedro Damon of Rangertech," Barakus said.

"I can take you to Professor Damon but your presence there might anger a few people," Brianca said.

"That may be but the Message is from my dad," Barakus said.

"Tell you what I'll call him and see if I can get you in to see him," Brianca said.

"Sounds good," Barakus said.

Brianca then grabbed her communicator.

"Professor Damon," Brianca said.

"Yes Brianca," Powermatic said.

"King Trey sent a messenger from Triforia to see you about something," Brianca said.

"Bring the messenger here immediately," Powermatic said.

"OK I have clearance to bring you now," Brianca said. "Hold on tight."

Brianca then activated her teleport and took Barakus to the Command Bunker.

"Brianca, why is your friend here. You know the rules," Sue said.

"Sue, I checked with Professor Damon before I brought him here. Besides the Gold Ranger happens to be his dad," Brianca said.

"That she did. I've been expecting him for some time," Powermatic said as he approached. "Barakus of Triforia son of King Trey. I am Powermatic. My cover Identity for when I venture among the denizens of the Earth Colony on Capsilon IX or above on Terra Venture itself is that of Professor Pedro Damon."

"Powermatic, my father sends his love. He also thinks I might be of use to you," Barakus said.

"That you are," Powermatic said. "Is Grenadine doing well in his training to someday assume the Gold Ranger Powers from your father?"

"Yes he is. Sometimes I envy his being Father's chosen heir," Barakus said.

"You carry within your genetic code several key markers that make you the perfect candidate to receive a very special Power. For you Barakus of Triforia are the one person who can safely yield the Powers of the Titanium Demona Ranger," Powermatic said.

"You have got to be what the People on Earth call joking," Barakus said.

"'Fraid not Barakus. Why do you think your father sent you in particular. The messenger bit was a decoy after all if it was a mere message he could have called me. I remember when forty Years ago I had to help one of my Powereon Soldiers regain his powers your father kept Scorpius's shock troops busy while a ship carrying Plastica landed on Demona Prime. Only you can take on those powers," Powermatic said.

"Let's face it Barakus we need all the help we can get out there. Mechinack's latest Monster is one tough cookie," Sue said.

"Well Let's prepare for Battle," Barakus said.

"There isn't time to awaken your secondary powers but We can activate your primary powers," Powermatic said.

"Then let's do it," Barakus said.

"Barakus, we'll meet you on the battlefield," Sue said. "Back to Action."

Five of the Rangers teleported out.

Powermatic also teleported out and returned five minutes later with a small morpher.

"Here is your morpher Barakus."

"I thank you Powermatic. May the gods of Triforia bless your family line," Barakus said.

"Demona Ranger Power," Brianca said.

The Aura around Brianca was pure blue but Barakus's aura was a silvery white. Soon they both teleported out. Brianca headed right for her Emplacerzord which was in it's hiding place on the upper colony near the university. Barakus though was teleported to a secluded cave in the waters of the ocean dome where his zord based on a minisub was waiting for activation.

"This is so cool," Barakus said. "Grenadine you might have a pyramid for a zord but my zord was made for the water."

Meanwhile The Rangers were having a rough time even with two zords deployed.

"Where is Barakus?" Sasha asked from above in the Rotorzord.

"I'm not sure," Brianca said. "I know he teleported out with me but I teleported right to my zord."

"Never fear Rangers the cavalry is here," Barakus called out over the comm system as he surfaced his zord.

"Whoa just what we need," Tyra said.

Jax of course decided to grow right then.

"You look a lot Punier Now," Jax joked.

"We need Demona MegaBattleZord now," The Rangers called out.

From their garages and hidden hangars the Tankzord, Airzord, Strike Eaglezord, and Commandzord rolled out or took off and headed for the battlefield.

"Strike Eaglezord convert to Warrior Mode," Kim said.

"Subzord, Robo Mode initiate," Barakus said. The Two ends folded down as the Subzord lifted out of the Water. The Upper part which formed a sort of sail rated around to form the head and after the two ends folded down the split in half with one half folding down more to form legs and a par of arms pushing out of the other half.

"This is something else. Now if we only had a good breeze," Sue said.

"Need a hand cous," Megan said as she appeared on the beach. She was powered down but was ready for action.

"Go for it Megan," Sue said.

"I call upon the power of the Wind," Megan said as a breeze came up and converted her into the Purple Wing Guardian after which Megan sent a breeze right at Jax sending him careening right toward the Subzord.

"Leave this guy to me. Subzord Titanium Staff Activate," Barakus said as a Huge Staff similar to the Gold Power Staff appeared in one hand of the Zord.

"Time for a burst of Titanium," Barakus said.

Within seconds Barakus was defeated. The Rangers then returned to the Command Bunker.

"You were a big help today Barakus," Sue said.

"I just fought alongside of all of you yet I barely know who you are," Barakus said.

"I'm Sue Collington the Red Demona Ranger and leader."

"Sasha Stanton Pink Demona."

"Tyra Jackson Yellow Demona and the technical mind."

"Sean Crowning and let me just say this Barakus, It's nice to have another male on the team."

"Kim Coltran, White Demona. My boss at the Youth Center is the only person not in the room who knows our identities. I will let him know about you so that you can get the proper discount on your food purchases at the Youth Center."

"The minute you tell him that my father is the King of Triforia he will probably insist on giving me my food for free," Barakus said.

"I'm Dr. Stephanie Collington. I helped develop the Demona Powers. Also My lineage is such that Plastica and Headset were my parents. Sue happens to be my daughter. My main lab is over in Terra Venture R&D but I normally work down here in the Command Bunker. Tyra is my lab intern and Alpha 8 over there when he isn't helping Tyra take care of her daughter is my lab assistant. For the record I came up with Powermatic's cover identity."

A short time later Brianca was showing Barakus around the Command Bunker.

"How many people actually live down here?" Barakus asked as they entered the snack bar.

"For the Most part just Alpha and Powermatic but Tyra uses her quarters to leave TJ in when she is down here which is most of the time although she does have an apartment on the Upper Colony," Brianca said. "Most of us live with our family's on the Upper Colony. I'm assuming you came alone so you could probably just live down here in your quarters," Brianca said.