Disclaimer: The concept is owned by Saban, THE IGPF by Ellen Brand and about Ninety-Five percent of the characters by me (I'm giving Saban some credit for the Alpha series of Androids even though the Highest he has gone is Alpha Six). This takes place a couple weeks after the Power Rangers Christmas Special. Located within is a small preview of the next Fanfic see if you can find it.

Power Rangers Demona
Even Bigger Trouble
By Robert Gutheim

One day IGPF officer Andrew Hammond better known as the Black Demona Ranger was on duty in the War Room of the Command Bunker.

“Personally FREDA I can't figure out why I got stuck with the Duty. After all is there any reason you can think of why Dr. Collington and Alpha had to spend the day in the Orbital Station on the Same day Professor Damon was leading an expedition in the Mountain Dome that doesn't even have a ranger or wind guardian on it,” Andrew said.

“It's completely beyond my comprehension Officer Hammond but if you want to know something a call from IGPF headquarters is coming in to your apartment over in the Colony,” FREDA said.

“Patch it through but make sure that the background isn't visible,” Andrew said. “Captain, something wrong?”

“You could say that. Haradomous has escaped from the IGPF prison facility on Titus III. According to reports when he was imprisoned he had sworn revenge on a certain wind guardian,” the captain said.

“I think I know who he was referring to. Who knows I may need back-up on this one,” Andrew said.

“Your best bet for immediate back-up is to contact Sue and her friends. Beyond that I have a Senturion unit enroute. It is my theory that Mechinack might have provided him with a few gearheads so you and the others better be careful,” the captain said.

“We will have the Senturions hold orbit near Triforia,” Andrew said. “I'll brief the others.”

The call then ended.

“FREDA alert the other rangers I'm calling a team meeting in one hour.”

Meanwhile the other Rangers along with the last remaining wind guardian were sitting around their usual table at the Youth Center with the exception of Kim Coltran who was working the counter.

“You look excited Bri,” Sue mentioned to her other Asian pal.

“I got a letter from Janet this morning. She finishes up her year training recruits at the Academy next month and guess what she plans on doing after that?” Brianca asked.

“I have no idea,” Barakus the teams resident Triforian said.

“She is hoping to transfer here only the Academy Headmaster is a little reluctant to authorize it,” Brianca said.

“Hey come on we could use her even though Mechinack is behind bars and his attempt to join forces with Haradomous halted,” Sean Crowning the green ranger said.

“I'm sure something can be figured out,” Sue said. “I'll discuss it with my mom and Powermatic later.”

At that moment a communicator sound was heard. The Rangers got up and signaled to Kim.

“Something up?” Sue asked.

“Andrew has called a team meeting in the War Room in a little less then an hour,” FREDA said.

“Have my mom and Powermatic been informed yet?” Sue asked.

“Not yet. I called you all first,” FREDA said.

“What exactly is up?” Sasha asked in the background.

“From what I was able to gather there was a prison break from a IGPF facility on Titus III,” FREDA said.

“Not good,” Brianca said.

“We are on our way now,” Sue said. “Alert my mom and Powermatic immediately.”

“You got it Sue,” FREDA said before closing the connection.

“Kim, inform your boss that there is a problem then meet us in the Bunker,” Sue said.

“No problem Sue,” Kim said as she separated from the others.

A short time later the team was fully assembled.

“So what is the emergency?” Powermatic asked.

“It isn't really an emergency but Haradomous has escaped from prison. From what my captain said he is looking to get revenge on Megan for his original capture. When Megan kept him occupied long enough for IGPF to arrest him was the only time he ever lost a battle. If I was calling the shots I would transfer all operations including sleeping to the Bunker,” Andrew said.

“That would work well for you, Barakus, Tyra, Sue, Powermatic, and myself but the others all have families who don't know they are rangers,” Stephanie said.

“I'll have to do some checking but I doubt circumstances would allow you all to reveal your identities. We might have to come up with a cover plan,” Powermatic said.

“My mom as it is would have a coronary if I became a ranger. Imagine what her reaction would be if she found out about my having been born with the powers of a wind guardian. Especially a wind guardian with a price on her head,” Megan said.

“You especially might want to move down here if we can find a way to explain it away,” Andrew said.

“I'll have to go before the Ranger Council to get special permission for what we will have to do. Andrew, just to be on the safe side I want you and Sue to join me on this mission. The only twist is while I'm away would be a good time for Tyra to take you and Barakus through the process needed to awaken your secondary powers so you'll have them when needed. Note you can't call for your zords when working secondary,” Powermatic said.

“I can take them through the Ceremony before you go. At least Andrew or they can always do it the way we were originally going to do it,” Tyra said.

“I think it would be best to do it the way the rest of you did it,” Powermatic said. “Unfortunately we will have to leave within the hour.”

“Tyra, what does the ceremony involve?” Andrew asked.

“It involves a special meditation to find and draw power from your spirit animal,” Tyra said.

“So in other words I would have to learn how to draw power from a Kerovian Bat something My parents had me do shortly before I entered the IGPF Academy,” Andrew said.

“Basically yes. Why didn't you inform us of you having ninja powers before then you could have used them when we were helping my grandfather fight the Sting Wingers?” Sue asked.

“No one ever informed me of how our secondary powers worked,” Andrew said.

“I will have to undergo the ceremony though because I didn't have any kind of power or knowledge of many besides the powers that my dad and brother had along with the powers belonging to his friend Gulermo but Gulermo's powers consisted of a strange suit that had some kind of a cloaking device,” Barakus said.

“Your dad is good friends with the Phantom Ranger,” Powermatic said.

“You didn't know that?” Barakus asked.

“No I didn't. One time Divatox thought Plastica was the Phantom Ranger because both were capable to turning invisible,” Powermatic said.

Forty Minutes later Powermatic opened a portal to the Planet Rangero where the Ranger Council sat.

“Powermatic of Demona. What brings you here. We haven't seen you since you requested permission to place a ranger team on Capsilon IX,” An Eltarian Noble said.

“I know Zendar but we have a problem. You all probably received my report when Mechinack and Haradomous were taken into custody. Well Haradomous has sense escaped. Our current plan is to transfer full command to the Command Bunker where our headquarters is. Unfortunately most of the Rangers as is regulation didn't inform there family of their being rangers. AS you know Matt Connorson the Youth Center owner knows but was sworn to secrecy,” Powermatic said.

“Does any of the rangers have any family who knows?” Zendar the Council Chair asked.

“Yes I'm Sue Collington the Red Ranger and my mom knows but she helped develop our powers which is why she knows. Andrew Hammond, Tyra Johnson, and Barakus are either considered adults or don't have any family on either Terra Venture or Capsilon IX so for them moving to the Bunker isn't a problem in fact Tyra already lives there but maintains an apartment as a cover residence and using special equipment transfers her calls down to the living quarters of the Bunker but the other rangers which is four right now but could become five don't have that luxury because they are mostly sixteen.”

“Why are you informing of us of all this?” one of the other council members asked.

“For one reason. We want permission for the other four members the Blue, Pink, White, Green, along with the last known surviving Brakenien Wind Guardian to inform their immediate families of their identities. Haradomous could attack Capsilon IX at any time. The Rangers along with the Wind Guardian will be safer living in the Command Bunker but we can't move them easily unless their parents know,” Powermatic said.

“You have a point Powermatic,” Zendar said. “Of course this will require bending the rules but there are many planets where the rangers identities are known in part because they don't report to the council or because of similar requests. Are their any other requests before we deliberate?”

“Yes I was going to discuss this with Powermatic but Janet Cranston the Purple Ninja Ranger on Eltare stationed with the Academy there is hoping to transfer to Capsilon IX. Is there any chance that the council could assist in her getting a transfer?” Sue asked.

“Yes there is. In fact the council handles all transfer requests for rangers. Usually the ranger in question will put in a transfer request and the council will check with the ranger's current mentor and also with the mentor of the team that the ranger is transferring to. Powermatic, what is your opinion on this?” Zendar asked.

“I'm a little surprised that Janet is interested in transferring but then I am holding a spot on my team for her. If the Headmaster at the Eltarian Academy can spare her then I can certainly use her,” Powermatic said.

“I will look into it after we deliberate on the identity issue,” Zendar said. “If you three will wait outside the council chamber.”

Soon they were outside the chamber.

“Sue, how did you know that Janet wanted a transfer?” Powermatic asked.

“Brianca received a letter from her in which Janet mentioned how she was hoping to transfer over to our team but apparently she was running into difficulty,” Sue said.

“Teleport back and get the letter since it might count as a transfer request,” Powermatic said.

Sue was back within minutes by then Powermatic and Andrew were in the Council Chamber.

“Powermatic, we decided to grant your request. During Deliberations we checked with the IGPF and they confirmed the information about Haradomous and his desire to go after the Purple Wind Guardian,” Zendar said.

“Zendar, I have here a letter from Janet addressed to Brianca Chang who is our Blue Ranger. IT mentions Janet's desire for Transfer. For the record Janet and Brianca knew each other before they went into Rangering with Janet attending the Ranger Academy of Eltare and Brianca because she didn't have the proper ancestry attending the Triforian Academy. It was the common bond as rangers along with Janet having visited at one point that they each know of the other being a ranger. In other words a ranger rules aside will tend to reveal their identity to other rangers,” Sue said.

“Which is a good point,” Zendar said. “In fact the council actually encourages it.”

They returned to the Colony soon after that.

“OK gang the council approved it and Brianca Janet's transfer request is being processed at this time. The council handles all that,” Sue said. “Those of you who really need to do it I suggest going Morphed.”

“Makes sense,” Kim said as she, Brianca, Sasha, and Sean Lined and went into the Morphing stance. “Demona Ranger Power.”

Shortly after that Sasha teleported into her grandfather's house.

“Ah hello Pink Ranger. What brings you by?” Commander Stanton asked.

“Terra Venture is soon to go under attack from evil again and the Ranger Council has given us permission to reveal our identities to a chosen few. You are one of those people,” Sasha said as she started to unlatch her helmet.

“Well who exactly are you and is my granddaughter one of the chosen few?” Commander Stanton asked.

“Of course I am Grandfather,” Sasha said as she removed her helmet and her long knee length hair spilled out.

“I never even suspected you were one of the rangers,” Commander Stanton said. “Do your friends like Sue and Tyra know you are secretly a ranger?”

“Grandfather, Sue and Tyra are two of the other rangers. The other rangers are Sue, Tyra, Brianca, Sean, Kim the waitress at the Youth Center, and two newcomers Barakus who is Lord Trey's son and Andrew Hammond who is from KO-35,” Sasha said. “It was Andrew's recommendation and Professor Damon whose real name is Powermatic of Demona Prime and is one of our mentors agreed that the rangers should move in to the living quarters of our base on the surface which is why we are revealing our identities to a chosen few,” Sasha said.

“How will Sue explain her identity to Professor Collington?” Commander Stanton asked.

“Actually Professor Collington helped develop our powers so she always knew. Only Kim, Sean, Brianca, and I really have to reveal our identities,” Sasha said.

Sue meanwhile along with Stephanie were at Megan's parents house. Sue was morphed and Megan was in her wind guardian uniform.

“SO what brings my sister and two power rangers here?” Wang Chung asked.

“The Ranger Council gave us permission to reveal our identities to a chosen few and you and your husband are two of those few,” Sue said.

“This will prove interesting,” Wang Chung said.

Sue then removed her helmet while Megan worked to take her hood off.

“Sue, This is a surprise it explains why my sister is here but Why is Megan dressed like a ranger?” Wang Chung asked.

“Mom is dad fully human or is he part Brakenien?” Megan asked.

“I'm not sure why?” Wang Chung asked.

“Mom somehow I was born with the powers of a Brakenien Wind Guardian. In fact according to what I've learned I'm the last surviving wind guardian. A villain known as Haradomous was arrested a couple months ago by the IGPF. HE was wanted by them for destroying all the Wind Guardians who were on Brakenous IV. Right now he is especially made at me since I used my powers to keep him Mechinack, and their generals at bay after the Rangers disappeared but before the IGPF could arrive in large enough numbers,” Megan said. “In fact according to our findings he has escaped and is heading this way.”

“I hope you all have a plan to protect her,” Wang Chung said.

“The Rangers will be moving into our base on the surface and it would probably be good if Megan also moved down there. She knows that she is to be careful in fact we usually try to talk her out of taking part in our battles,” Sue said.

“Sis, for the record I've known since the beginning that Sue was a ranger having helped develop the powers that she and the others have. When the Gearheads were attacking your house Megan using costume but not powers as you know tried to take them on. Since all the rangers at that point were here it made things interesting and that's why I used my old powers,” Stephanie said.

Sean meanwhile was in the middle or an argument with his dad.

“Dad, At the time I didn't have a lot of options. The colony was already under attack. Besides according to Powermatic who you know as Professor Pedro Damon I'm one of the few who can even hold these powers. If I left Rangering it could cripple the team at a time when we need all the rangers we can get,” Sean said.

“Sean when your mother died I promised her I would try to do everything I could to keep you safe. Everytime There was word on the news of Mechinack attacking I worried about you getting caught to close to a battle and getting hurt,” his father said. “The funny part is if there is a battle next time you are out with your girlfriend how would you explain that?”

“Dad, Sue is our leader so she would probably be the one to go Demona Ranger Power as we were morphing,” Sean said.

“How do you handle it at the Youth Center if you have to morph?” His father asked.

“Luckily Matt is in on the secret and he helped Kim find a good corner that is somewhat safe and we use that. Of course most of the time we simply wait until the place is clear before we morph,” Sean said.

Brianca of course was at home waiting for her mom to get home from the store. She decided to do it with her helmet off. Finally though she did arrive home.

“Brianca, why if you had to drop out of the Academy are you in a ranger uniform?” Robin asked.

“IT's real simple. After I arrived here within a couple hours as you know was the first attack by the Gearheads. It was shortly after that I received my ranger powers. Glendow because of Powermatic's influence noted in my files that I had graduated early due to my being needed elsewhere. I didn't even know I was going to receive my powers upon arrival. Due to a upcoming planetary crisis the Rangers are revealing our identity to our families. Ordinarily though we wouldn't be able to because of regulations but our plan is to live at our base on the surface and to make it easier is why we are revealing our identity,” Brianca said.

“Personally I'm glad you did end up getting powers. Do me one small favor will you?” Robin asked.

“What's that mom?” Brianca asked.

“Do try to visit your poor decrepit mother occasionally,” Robin said.

“I'll even try to visit you before you reach that point,” Brianca said not seeing the joke.

Soon after that Four groups of people teleported into the snack bar of the Command Bunker. The other Rangers morphed helmets off were waiting Brianca had brought from home a huge batch of soy noodles that she had made that morning which were well received especially by Andrew since he was a vegetarian. The idea was so the parents could learn who the other rangers were and each other along with a briefing on security. At one point Andrew was giving a briefing on Haradomous when Alpha walked in.

“Here is one person who we would be almost lost without Alpha 8,” Andrew said.

“There are a bunch of Jet Fighters and Gearheads attacking the Planet portion of the Colony,” Alpha said.

“Then we better get to work,” Sue said. By this time the rangers were demorphed. “The way we morph is to swing our morphers just a bit to the Plungers pop out and then we bring them up in front of our face hand raised and with the other hand press it while doing DEMONA RANGER POWER.” Even as part of a sentence the powers activated with their colorful auras. Soon as the Rangers were morphed. Sue gave a quick order.

“Andrew, you and Barakus check the sensors see if there is a body of water large enough for Airtron and the Sub zord. The rest of you man your zords,” Sue said.

The rangers then went about their business with Megan heading for the lower level with the families so she could show them the pool, gymnasium and living quarters. Of course she knew that she probably should have called upon her powers but she also knew that her cousin wouldn't like it especially since Megan was less popular then the rangers with their new foe.

“This is like shooting monkeys in a barrel,” Sean joked as he fired shot after shot from the Tankzord. The Air Force was over head taking out the jet fighters just as the Gearheads and jet fighters were taken care of Scornia and a monster showed up.

“Count Jockula attack,” Scornia said.

“With pleasure Scornia,” the monster which looked like a Vampire for the University of Toledo Rockets.* Right after that He grew.

“Oh great,” Sue said. “Go Mega.”

With that the Command Zord, Tankzord, Rotorzord, Emplacerzord, and Airzord formed the Demona MegaBattleZord and the Strike Eaglezord and Subzord changed into their own Megazords. Andrew continued to monitor things from Airtron since he couldn't get close enough to do anything.

The battle was tough and in the end Sue could think of only on way to stop him.

“It will be a good demonstration but Go Ultra,” Sue said.

With that the Demona MegaBattleZord and the Strike Eagle Megazord changed back into zord mode and the Airzord and Strike Eagle Megazord formed the Super Airzord which the ground zords than attached to the Commandzord to the Front and the Tankzord and Emplacerzord to the underside of the wings and the Rotorzord to the roof for additional lift. They then fired everything and Count Jockula was finished.

The Rangers then teleported back triumphantly.

“Not bad work Cousin. If I hadn't been busy giving tours of the Creature Comforts I might have given you a hand,” Megan said.

“We didn't need you on this one though,” Sue said.

Closing Notes First off there is a reason I left you all hanging when it came to Janet Cranston and the reason is the subject of my next Fanfic. * For those of you readers who are fans of the Toledo Rockets make note Syracuse University is not too far from my house of course SU is even closer to Le Moyne College where I attended college from August 1993 to December 1997. I chose them simply to show that this particular Vampire looked like a football player. You see Count Jockula was a play of Count Dracula.