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Power Ranges Demona
Return of the Purple
By Robert Gutheim

One day at the Terra Venture Youth Center the rangers along with Megan Collins were enjoying a round of the owners homemade complimentary sodas when a reddish blond haired girl walked in waved to Matt Connorson the owner and walked right up to the rangers table whispering Gearheads in the ear of a Dark haired Asian American Ranger.

“Janet, you are no where near funny about now,” the ranger said. “But I'll let you sit down anyway.”
“You are next to impossible to find these days Brianca,” Janet said.

“Well things have gotten a little interesting lately. You know most of these people but Mr. Red and Blond hair is Andrew Hammond and Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome is Barakus. This creature right here is Sue's cousin Megan the last known surviving Brakenien Wind Guardian. Andrew and Barakus joined up since your visit,” Brianca said.

“Janet, I could have used you after Barakus and Andrew joined up coming up with new zord combinations,” Tyra said.

“When I spoke to Miss Chang she was saying Brianca normally isn't at home these days. What do you do live at the bunker?” Janet asked as Matt brought another round of sodas over making sure to bring Janet one.

“As a matter of fact we do. We also have a new extremely ruthless foe named Haradomous to deal with,” Andrew said. “We arrested him once at the same time we bagged Mechinack but Haradomous must be part Houdini because he escaped along with his General a Villainess named Scornia”

“Andrew used to be an active IGPF officer but he is inactive right now since he is a ranger,” Sue Collington explained. “Of course now that you are back we are at full strength and can prepare for anything.”

“Which of you helped insure my transfer went through?” Janet asked.

“Part of it was Brianca but mainly Andrew, Powermatic and I,” Sue said. “We took it to the council while preparing to transfer command to the bunker. The one thing that made it difficult was our families not knowing we were rangers and the council part was so we could get permission to do that.”

“It does make sense though. After all we have all those living quarters so we might as well make use of them. Heck I was wondering which room I would end up with. Megan do Wind Guardians have different colors like rangers do?” Janet asked.

“Yes they do Mine being purple of course,” Megan said.

“In fact the first time we saw her in her costume which was a simple costume and not the one that came with her powers we thought you were back in town,” Tyra said. “Of course we were all at Megan's house unable to morph since we were still bound by the don't tell anyone rule. We didn't even know Megan had powers at that point.”

“I probably should make my appearance at the Bunker,” Janet said.

“I should be getting back there as well Alpha is limited in his capabilities,” Tyra said.

The two rangers then headed for the bunker. When they came out of teleport they were in the living quarters.

“I'm going to stop off here and check something,” Tyra said. Janet was surprised when she saw T.J.

“Where did that cute little thing come from?” Janet asked.

“I found her in the bushes near the weapons dome which is wear my zord's old hangar is. Eventually I did manage to find her mother but that was right after her father was killed in a shuttle accident. Her mother decided to let me adopt her after that. Since then I've lived down here at the bunker. Alpha helps out a lot as a babysitter but unfortunately he hasn't learned yet how to change a diaper,” Tyra said. “I think your zord is all figured out but I'm not sure.”

“Which is it the sub, the Carrierzord, or the other chopper?” Janet asked.

“The chopper, the sub is Barakus's zord, Airtron which is the Carrierzord is Andrews and the other Chopper which I think is the Chopzord as Sasha dubbed it to distinguish it from the Rotorzord which is her zord. Just so you know Kim and I a few times in battle have used the Super Airzord without the other components of the Ultrazord,” Tyra said.

“Have you used the SuperZord at all?” Janet asked.

“No probably because we didn't know about it,” Tyra said.

“It combines the Subzord with the Commandzord, the Airzord, the Emplacerzord, the Tankzord, the Strike Eaglezord, and the two choppers. You have to really be careful because it is extremely powerful. The way it works is the Strike Eaglezord and the Airzord combine into the Super Airzord and attach to the Subzord and the Emplacerzord and Tankzord attach themselves to the Sail of the subzord. The Commandzord attaches to the same spot it does for the Ultrazord and the Two choppers attach to the Top of the Subzord one over the bow and the other over the stern for Maximum Lift. Of course you could almost attach that whole structure to Airtron only it's not always easy to get an Aircraft Carrier into place,” Janet said. “I designed it last time I was here only it wasn't relevant at the time.”

“Did you mean for the two planes to be used independently of the full Ultrazord at all?” Kim asked as she passed through.

“As a matter of fact I did. There is also a mode where the two choppers can combine into a SuperRotorzord but we will probably never need it,” Janet said. “What to do next A see Powermatic about getting my morpher or B get my luggage from Brianca's.”

“Either one would probably work?” Kim said.

“I'll go grab my luggage. I simply put it in her living room since that is where Miss Chang suggested I put it,” Janet said.

Janet and Tyra then teleported up while Kim watched T.J. Brianca's mom was there luckily.

“Brianca invited me to live with her on the surface,” Janet said. “Therefore I'm here to retrieve my luggage.”

“Not a problem. You'll probably be back in battle soon,” Miss Chang said. “Where is your morpher?”

“I haven't seen Powermatic yet to get it. Decided to get moved in first.”

“Have you met T.J. yet?”

“She quickly met her but T.J. was still asleep,” Tyra said. “She met everyone else that was new though.”

An hour later Janet was moving her last purple colored article of clothing into a closet when Alpha walked in.

“Powermatic sends this and his regards and is hoping you will swing by the War Room at some point,” Alpha said.

“That is my next stop actually I wanted to get moved in though,” Janet said as she picked up her morpher and put it on her wrist. The plunger was all set for it's first morph.

“Your wardrobe looks appropriate,” A voice said from the doorway.

“Oh Hi Andrew is it?” Janet asked.

“That's right,” the Black Ranger said. “I was a little fascinated by you at the Youth Center today. Having just arrived you probably don't have much planned tonight do you?”

“Not really I'll probably spend time catching up with Brianca since we haven't seen her since my last visit. As it is I tend to sneak up on her. Last time she didn't even know I was coming and I had to track her down at youth center. This time She knew I was coming but not when I was arriving but I at least knew where to look for her,” Janet said.

“I could tell that you were whispering something to her but I couldn't tell what you said,” Andrew said.

“I whispered Gearheads in her ear. I wanted to get an idea of her reaction. If you ask me she took it well,” Janet said.

“You might have gotten a better reaction if you had shouted it,” Andrew said.

“That would probably have been on Terra Venture the equivalent of yelling Fire in a crowded movie theater,” Janet said.

“Is that good?” Andrew asked.

“Far from it. A kid Bri and I knew back on Earth before we decided to learn how to be rangers did it during a movie and the local cops hauled him off to a juvenile detention center. Sometimes I think it was that incident that is the main reason we went into rangering,” Janet said. “I'm going upstairs to see what Powermatic is up to plus he wants to see me.”

“I'll walk up with you,” Andrew said.

The two arrived in the War Room just as the alarm went off.

“Something up,” Janet asked.

“Yes IT looks like Haradomous decided to send a fleet of Jet fighters to attack a fishing convoy here on the Planet,” Powermatic said.

“How deep is the water near the convoy?” Andrew asked.

“Readings show it to be about 15000 feet,” Alpha said.

“Perfect, Deep enough that we can deploy Airtron,” Andrew said.

“Then what are we waiting for,” Janet asked.

“I'll send Sasha, Tyra, and Kim to meet up with you aboard Airtron. IF necessary I will send Barakus to provide back-up with the Subzord. Being in Water I doubt Sue, Sean, and Brianca will be much help,” Powermatic said.

“Let's do it,” Janet said. “Demona Ranger Power.”

When the purple Aura came over Janet and formed her uniform Janet could feel the rush of a first morph. They came out of Morph onto Airtron's Flight Deck and Janet headed for the Chopzord. Just as she was preparing to take off the others arrived and boarded their zords.

“Let's get out there,” Kim said. “Janet enjoying your First Full Morph.”

“Man my old teammates on Eltare don't know what they are missing. There is a certain rush to a full morph that a Ninja Morph lacks,” Janet said as she fired an energy blast at a Jet Fighter. It went down and when Andrew was taking out a fighter nearby he missed and almost hit Janet.

“Andrew, Watch it you almost shot me down,” Janet said.

“Sorry but my scope isn't used to your zord yet,” Andrew said.

Things just got a lot tougher as a Monster arrived.

“Greetings Rangers I am Fireblast,” The monster said. It looked like a huge Dragon in fact it probably rivaled the old Red Dragon Thunderzord for size.

“This is not good. My sensors show that this guy is tough,” Andrew said. “We will need everything we can get.”

“Powermatic, send Barakus and the Subzord,” Kim called over the comm system.

“He is enroute. Try to prevent the Monster from reaching Land,” Powermatic said.

“You got it. But you better deploy the Ground zords just in case we aren't successful,” Kim said.

“We are limited in our Zord capability because I didn't anticipate our ever having battles away from land,” Janet said. “Our best bets with be to combine our Air Units into Two zords with Airtron and the Subzord providing support.”

“How would we do it Janet?” Sasha asked.

“Easy Kim and Tyra would for the SuperAirzord like they obviously have before and the two of us will form the SuperRotorzord,” Janet said.

“Man you were obviously busy the last time you were here,” Sasha said.

“Let's do it,” Kim said.

Within a couple Minutes the Zords were combined. After a couple minutes they almost had him defeated but he left.

WE better return to Base and coordinate with the others,” Kim said.

They returned just as Stephanie was arriving from her old lab.

“Janet, glad to see you and in uniform,” Stephanie said.

“Thanks Doc. Man my first battle as a full ranger was a tough one but the Strange thing is it isn't over yet,” Janet said. “I hope we won't need the SuperZord on this one.”

“I have to swing up to work for a minute. Matt when I told him about the Snackbar right before the battle was preparing a supply of his soda for me to bring down and put in the soda dispenser,” Kim said.

“His sodas are about the only reason we even go to the Youth Center,” Sasha said.

A short time later Tyra and Janet were watching T.J. toddle around the gymnasium when their communicators went off.

“Fireblast has returned but he is a lot closer to land. Because he is Waterbased we won't be able to use the Megazords,” Powermatic said.

“In otherwords he hasn't hit land at all,” Tyra said.

“No he hasn't,” Powermatic said. “It's Doubtful he is even capable of traveling on land,” Powermatic said.

“Not good. We'll probably need to combine almost every zord we have,” Janet said.

“Let's get to work,” Tyra said. “Back to Action.”

The Two Rangers arrived back on Airtron and prepared to head back into battle.

“I'm going to remain stationed here sensor readings show that the water closer into the battle is too shallow for Airtron,” Andrew said.

“Even if we need the SuperZord you'll be all right because it doesn't require Airtron,” Janet said.

Soon as they arrived they reformed the SuperAirzord and SuperRotorzord. The battle was difficult but at least they had ground support this time.

“I think we better start to combine our assets,” Sue said. “I think we'll need the Demona Ultrazord for this one so Let's GO Ultra.”

The Rangers then merged there zords into the Demona Ultrazord with Janet and Barakus providing Support as the Ultrazord tries to take Fireblast out.

“This isn't good it almost as if Haradomous is using his own powers to keep Fireblast alive.

“Sue, I think we should regroup aboard Airtron,” Janet said. “I checked and Airtron has what we need..

The Rangers were soon in the CIC of the Carrierzord. Janet quickly called up a model of the Superzord.

“Based on my findings Fireblast is using our own energy against us. Our best bet will be to overload him. Unfortunately the Ultrazord isn't doing the trick so we will have to play our last trump card so to speak. I think we will have to use the SuperZord. Each zord has a button marked push for Superzord Mode. Andrew at some point if we end up with a lot of Water battles like today I will find a way to Incorporate Airtron into a Zord System,” Janet said.

“My zord is primarily for moving the Air units and as a Mobile Base. I did notice one thing even with all the Energy that the SuperZord has Lift may be a problem,” Andrew said.

“Well then we will simply have to move more wind over the wings. And I think I know how,” Janet said.

“No way you are not involving my cousin. The minute she enters the battle Haradomous will probably try to do something nasty to her,” Sue said.

“I think Sue has a point,” Andrew said. “If we form the SuperZord here we would have the catapult launch system to use for extra power.”

“We Need SuperZord Power Now,” They said a Couple Minutes later. Three Minutes later the zords were combined.

“Warp one Engage,” someone joked as they took off from the Carrier.

Before they knew it they were Back at the Scene. Immediately the Weapons were fired taking Fireblast out.

“Blast those Rangers. Especially that Purple one,” Haradomous said. “Scornia, see if you can figure out why purple is my least favorite color about now.”

“Why is that My lord?” Scornia asked.

“Because both that Idiotic Wind Guardian and the Ranger's Zord Designer wear large amounts of Purple. I might as well be fighting that silly Dinosaur,” Haradomous said.

“Hey come on he isn't that bad,” Scornia said.

The Rangers meanwhile were in the War Room.

“Man was that ever a tough battle,” Sue said.

“We should probably be glad Janet was here,” Sean said.

“For Sure. We wouldn't have been able to form the SuperZord without her,” Andrew said. “Right now I'm wondering if a certain Reddish Blond would like to join me at a Vegetarian Restaurant I found in the Upper Colony.”

“Sounds good. But why a Vegetarian Restaurant?” Janet asked.

“Maybe because I'm a vegetarian,” Andrew said.

The two then left with Sean and Sue heading off shortly after that along with Barakus and Sasha.

“Well looks like the four of us are on out own,” Kim commented to Tyra, Brianca, and Megan.

Closing Notes. What will Haradomous think of next. I don't know. All I can guess is that IT will keep the Rangers very busy. Maybe a look at why Megan has Brakenien powers.