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Power Rangers Demona
Call of the Guardian
By Robert Gutheim

"Powermatic, I helped you a long time ago when you had a problem. Well you remember what you said afterwards?" A Human looking face asked the Mentor for the Power Rangers Demona.

"Yes I said that you can come to me anytime if you needed help but you havenít called in a long time since before I was posted to Earth with Plastica and Headset," Powermatic said.

"Brakenous IV is in grave danger and I was hoping to borrow your ranger team," Powermaticís caller said.

"Yes I heard about the Wind Guardians demise at the hands of Haradomous. Right now he is keeping my rangers real busy," Powermatic said.

"Believe me I wouldnít have called you if it wasnít a dire emergency," The Brakenien Ruler said.

"Iíll see what I can do," Powermatic said.

The call ended soon after that.

"Alpha summon the Rangers," Powermatic said.

Meanwhile Janet Cranston and Andrew Hammond the two members of the team with Rangering not only in their genes but their blood were sitting at a table of Andrewís favorite Vegetarian Restaurant munching on their dinner when Andrewís communicator went off.

"Whatís up Professor?" Andrew asked.

"Youíre needed at Rangertech," Powermatic said.

"Give us five minutes to take care of the check," Andrew said.

"Sounds good."

Ten minutes later Powermatic began his briefing.

"The Planet Brakenous IV is under attack and Guintero the Planetís Leader has requested assistance," Powermatic said.

"So when do I leave?" Megan asked.

"You arenít going," Powermatic said. "Youíre staying here to watch T.J. while the Rangers take care of the problem."

"Last I checked my powers were from that planet. There is no way you are sending a team to Brakenous IV without the last known Surviving Brakenien Wind Guardian," Megan said.

"The request was for the rangers," Powermatic said.

"Powermatic, my parents have no clue why I ended up with these powers. The answer might be on Brakenous IV," Megan said.

"Hate to say it but Megan has a point," Stephanie said.

"I havenít even figured out yet how the Rangers will get to Brakenous IV," Powermatic said.

"I brought a Kerovian Space Cruiser with me. The famed Astro Megaship was a ship of that design only this one doesnít have the ability to turn into a Megazord," Andrew said. "The one drawback is we wonít be able to bring the zords aboard it."

"I was going to make you leave the zords behind as it is," Powermatic said.

"SO who will be on my assault team?" Megan asked.

"The whole Team will be going," Powermatic said.

"My ship is docked in the Facilities aboard Terra Venture. Iíll bring it to the Planet and land it outside of the Bunker," Andrew said.

"Thankfully All Iíve unpacked of my stuff from Eltare is Clothes," Janet said.

"Iíll be distributing Uniforms to everyone once we are aboard the Ship," Andrew said.

An Hour later the Rangers took off For Brakenous IV. Megan was practicing aboard the Simudeck after the first half day of the Week long voyage when her color sister came in.

"Long as Iíve known Sue I feel like I have a closer kinship to you," Megan said.

"Why is that Megan?" Janet asked.

"Look at us weíre both the Purple part of our teams. You a purple ranger and me a purple guardian," Megan said.

"Looking forward to arriving on Brakenous IV?" Janet asked as Sasha Stanton and Brianca Chang entered the Simudeck.

"You bet hopefully I will figure out why I have my powers," Megan said noting the presence of the Pink and Blue rangers.

That evening they gathered in the messhall for dinner.

"You want to know what we are missing?" Sasha asked looking in the direction of the White Ranger Kim Coltran.

"No what?" Kim asked.

"A couple cylinders of Connorsonís Cola," Sasha said referring to the homemade soda that the youth center owner gave out complimentary guzzles of to the patrons of the Youth center.

"If I A knew what this ship was capable of and B had time I would have talked him out of a couple cylinders of it at least," Kim said.

"Face it we should have grabbed a couple cylinders from our private supply," Sean the Green Ranger said.

"Andy, how can you manage and get by without meat?" Barakus the teams Triforian member asked.

"I get the things that the meat would provide in other ways," Andrew said. "Brianca, by chance did you bring any of your Soy Noodles on the voyage?"

"I had just started to cut a fresh batch when Powermatic called me back to the Command Bunker from my momís house. They werenít ready when we left. Mom and I cut them by hand not with a pasta machine," Brianca said. "If we had a kitchen and not a synthetron I would try to make a batch here aboard the Ship."

"Maybe you should train the Synthetron how to make them," Sue Collington the Teams leader suggested.

"My noodles are an art form and great art canít be made by a machine," Brianca said feeling offended. "Thatís why we cut them by hand."

Later that evening Janet and Andrew stopped by the Blue Rangerís room while she was taking her Uniform jacket off.

"What if you had the Synthetron provide the ingredients and then mixed them up fresh," Andrew said. "After all we will be away from the Station for at least two weeks during the trip."

"I could try to but IT probably wouldnít be the same. As it is Iím a little nervous about the whole trip," Brianca said.

"Why is that Bri?" Janet asked.

"Iíll be traveling to a planet I know nothing about. Prior to traveling to Triforia I researched it. I also read up on Capsilon IX when I had a chance while at the Academy. Iíve had no chance to research Brakenous IV," Brianca said.

"Bri, we have the better part of a week before we get there so you should be able to do your research," Megan said.

"Except we will probably be training for what to expect once we arrive," Brianca said. "Besides if I do try to make my noodles it takes time to do it well."

"Hate to say it Brianca but your research will be invaluable so we will know what training is needed," Sue said.

"Yellow Ranger, there is a strange sound emanating from your quarters," the computer system said.

"Tyra, did you bring T.J. on this trip by chance?" Kim asked.

"Well you have to consider, Powermatic and Dr. Collington most likely will be busy and we all know that good a babysitter as Alpha is he is all thumbs when it comes to changing diapers," Tyra said. "Also I didnít feel like making my parents watch her for an extended period."

"Weíll get something figured out once we reach Brakenous Four," Andrew said.

A few days later the Ship reached orbit around Brakenous Four.

"Oh man, It looks like Serious Trouble," Andrew said. "I better contact Captain Griff on this one."

"You really think we will need IGPF assistance on this one?" Megan asked.

"I wouldnít be surprised. How do you think we should go down to the Planet?" Andrew asked.

"Weíll morph before we go down," Sue said.

A few minutes later The Rangers were ready.

"Demona Ranger Power," Sue said.

Shortly Nine Rangers stood on the Bridge.

"I call upon the Power of the Wind," Megan called out. "Purple Brakenien Guardian Power."

The Burst of Air that Surrounded Megan had a slight Purplish look as her uniform formed around her. The Ten Protectors of All that was good then teleported down to a safezone on Brakenous IV.

"I see the Rangers have arrived. Whatís this a Wind Guardian?" A Tall Distinguished looking gentleman asked.

"That is correct," Megan said. "Iím Megan Collins. I donít know how I happened to be born with these powers but I was." During all this she had removed her protective hood from her head.

The Rangers meanwhile were Working at removing their helmets since Powermatic had passed on word from the Council that they were to trust his friend with their identities and that they were to try to be morphed as much as possible while on the Planet surface.

"Looks like a pretty lively bunch. IS that a Kerovian?" their host asked.

"Yes I am. Andrew Hammond."

"Iím Sue Collington the Leader of the Power Rangers Demona. For the record my grandfather was Plastica."

"Then I consider myself honored to make your acquaintance. Iím Guintero. Iím the Ruler here on Brakenous IV. Megan, to be honest we thought Haradomous had wiped out the Wind Guardians.

"He wiped out my teammates but since This is my first time even in this system he didnít know I existed until he tried to join forces with a villain named Mechinack," Megan said.

"Mechinack is in prison now where Haradomous should be but Haradomous escaped and has given us a headache for a while now," Andrew said.

"Hey at least we did get one chance to fight alongside my grandfather," Sue said.

"That was a mere fluke. He happened to find a way to open a portal and we got sucked into it," Barakus said. "Iím Barakus the teams Triforian member."

The other Rangers quickly introduced themselves.

A short time later Andrew got together with Janet in the quarters set aside for him on the planet surface.

"Itís too bad we couldnít convince the Brakeniens to let us room together," Janet said.

"I agree but Sue probably wouldnít have liked it," Andrew said.

"Come on she is probably cozied up next to Sean about now," Janet said.

Janet was wrong Sue was in her cousinís room.

"So what is on your plan while you have time?" Sue asked.

"Iím hoping to research what the archivists have on my powers and maybe figure out how I ended up with them. Before we know it weíll probably end up in battle," Megan said.

"Itís strange how weíre far from home and canít even go to Mom or Powermatic, or even Alpha and Freda for assistance," Sue said.

"I know I miss my parents already," Megan said. "I probably should get used to it though."

"Why is that?" Sue asked.

"I might not be returning to Capsilon IX with you. If things go well I may stay here. They will need my services more then Capsilon IX does as it is. After all Capsilon IX has you and your friends. These people are used to having Wind Guardians like me to protect them," Megan said.

"Personally Megan I hope you change your mind," Sue said as she got up to leave.

Sue went back to her quarters and laid down. Just as it seemed she was reaching full sleep she heard alarms going off.

"All Defense personnel to the Command Bay," a voice called out.

"Great," Sue said. "At least Haradomous values our sleep."

By the time she got there She could see the Other Rangers just as sleep deprived and also that her cousin already had her hood on.

"OK gang, we are lucky and the Ranger Assistance I requested has arrived. Also gang, your eyes are not playing tricks on you WE do have a Wind Guardian in the House. This Wind Guardian Megan Collins is not native to Brakenous IV so she was protected from Haradomousís attack that killed off the Wind Guardians. We were lucky and when I called for Power Rangers She was in on the Deal with Powermatic of Demona Prime," Guintero said.

"Guintero, what is the Situation?" One of the Field Commanders asked.

"This is the Situation," Guintero said as he outlined the situation on a holographic Display board.

"If I was to attempt an assault from this quadrant I could weaken their approach. As it is this whole approach is wide open and yet they have no defenses in this area," Megan said.

"Fedulan is one tough cookie. HE might have traps in this area to fool us," The Field commander said.

"We suspect he knows that we had called for assistance from the Power Rangers," Guintero said.

"His traps would reflect it though. He wouldnít be expecting an attack from above since for all he knows there arenít any more Wind Guardians anywhere close to the planet. Once I blow through his encampment we can send Brakenien Military forces through from this direction and My cousin can take her troops from this direction and hopefully box them in. This plan is mostly offensive so there could be problems with it," Megan said.

"For sure, The council could interpret it as escalating a battle and the Ranger Code we follow explicitly forbids that," Sue said. "Therefore Rangers we will only attack if we are fired upon first. Man our zords would sure prove useful about now."

"What did your zords look like?" Guintero asked.

"I have images of our zords with me," Janet said. "They are on this disk."

Guintero handed the info to one of his engineers.

"See if you can find equivalents for the Rangers to use" He commanded.

"Sir, We are real busy on Capsilon IX so we will help you for a couple weeks. Beyond that you will have to look elsewhere for assistance. What I can do is contact Zendar the Chair of the Ranger Council and see if she thinks we should post a ranger team on Brakenous IV," Sue said.

"Miss Collington, you have made a valid point. I will provide the council with what ever is needed for the request," Guintero said.

"Sir, I just spoke with the Engineers. It will take three weeks to get suitable equivalent zords made," His Engineering Commander said.

"What if I assisted. Most of the Zord Configurations on that disk are of my design," Janet said.

"Itís not so much knowledge since the Engineers in question used to work with the Wind Guardians but the war has taken up a lot of resources so we donít have enough available to really do the job," The Engineering Commander said.

"Tell you what soon as we know what type of Rangers are being assigned here I will work at designing appropriate zords," Janet said.

"Here is a possible battle Plan," Sue said. "Itís a slight modification on Meganís. Megan and couple Brakenien Soldiers would attack from this one point. Rochela, your troops would attack along here once Megan is finished and Hedjack, your troops would attack along here. Timack, your troops would provide Alpha Defense for this Installation. If Fedulan gets in here then The Rangers and I along with Istars troops will Defend the Base."

"Sounds good. General Shiplak said. "We will begin our attack first thing tomorrow."

A couple hours later Sue was on a commline with Zendar. General Shiplak and Guintero were on either side of her.

"Zendar, The Demona Rangers and I are currently on Brakenous IV. A Villain known as Fedulan is attacking. It is my feeling and Guintero concurs that a permanent Ranger Team might be needed," Sue said.

"Fedulan is one tough cookie. Iím going to download a formal request form for you to submit. After that a Week is needed to review it and Check with the Academies. If it goes well a team will be arriving within a month from the Date of Formal Application," Zendar said.

"Sir, I think we might be able to take Ranger Candidates and enfuse them with Wind Guardian Abilities. I think the old Guardian Crystals are still active," Shiplak said.

"It might work. But would we want to give the new Guardians any type of zords or other type of Battle Mecha?" Guintero asked.

"Thatís for you to decide. Iím transmitting the paperwork now," Zendar said.

The next Morning at first light a Huge Wind Storm a.k.a. Hurricane Megan went through Fedulanís encampment. Shortly after that Fedulan attempted an assault on capital Complex only to be stopped By Andrew who happened to be in his IGPF uniform.

"Not so fast Fedulan. Youíre under arrest," Andrew said. Thankfully by this time a Senturion Unit had arrived on Brakenous IV and the Senturions were able to snag most of the troops.

That evening the Male Rangers were gathered together in Seanís quarters.

"That was a slick move having the Senturions on hand," Sean said.

"Thanks Sean. I wasnít sure if it would work," Andrew said. "Oh well if things go well in a month Brakenous IV will have their own Protectors. Soon as we get back to Capsilon IX I plan on asking Janet a very special question."

"You wouldnít," Barakus said.

"Iím thinking about it. According to Sue we will be leaving in a week once we are sure that things are under control," Andrew said.

During that week A couple small skirmishes took place but the rangers werenít real busy.

"Sue, I made my decision. Iím definitely staying here," Megan said.

"The family will probably try to skin me alive but Iíll make sure they know," Sue said. "If you ever want to come back just give Powermatic a call."

"Most of the Guardian Crystals were found so it looks like the Rangers will be using Brakenien Powers and will be Wind Guardians. Guintero and General Shiplak already offered me the Command Slot within the Guardians," Megan said.

A Week after that the Rangers Teleported into the Bunkerís War Room.

"Rangers. I see your back. Dr. Collington is letting her sister know of Meganís decision to remain on Brakenous IV," Powermatic said.

"Janet, I have a very special question for you," Andrew asked.

"Yes Andrew," Janet said.

"Will you be my wife?" Andrew asked.

Closing Notes. Look for the Answer to Andrews Question in my next Power Rangers Demona Fanfic. Also keep your eyes peeled for Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force A New Beginning which will be my next Fanfic in Normal PRLG time. PRADF takes place in that time After the Christmas Special and is the successor to the New Adventures of Plastica and Headset Life on Terra Venture.