Disclaimer: The concept is Haim Saban's. The Characters are mine. This includes Plastica. This takes place after PRAFD A New Beginning but has no effect on that series as it takes place almost exclusively in PRD timeline. Because it takes place mostly in the one Timeline There is no difference in Formatting for the different timelines. For a clue on how the Portal opened make sure to read the A New Beginning.

Power Rangers Demona
Special Visitor
by Robert Gutheim

"Ring of Power, Open a Portal to the Location of the Demona Rangers and let me pass through," A Voice said.

The portal soon opened. And the Tall Brown haired Person it belonged to went through the portal. One the other side he found himself in a hallway. Looking around he saw a wide doorway that lead into the Eatery at the Terra Venture Youth Center. Kim Coltran happened to be working behind the bar. When the mysterious traveler sat down and tried to order a beer.

"Sorry Robert but this is the Terra Venture Youth Center and we donít serve alcoholic beverages. I can get you a soda though," Kim said.

"What ever you are willing to dispense will do," Robert said.

Kim set a Connorsonís down in front of him and then excused herself for a minute.

"Dr. Collington, there is someone you might want to see sitting at the bar in the Youth Center," Kim said.

"Iíll be right up but Powermatic thinks Haradomous might be up to something so I wonít be able to stay long," Stephanie said.

A couple Minutes later Stephanie entered the Youth Center and looked over toward the bar.

"This canít be. I think Haradomous is behind it," Stephanie suspected.

"Stephanie, is that you?" Robert asked.

"No it canít be you died almost eighteen years ago," Stephanie said.

"No wonder Powermatic didnít know anything about Rangers possessing Demona Powers Sue and others are from the Future. A future where I no longer exist," Robert realized.

"Stephanie, Remember when Alpha informed me about the Portal ability that they built into my ring after I took my powers back up. I used it to try to track Sue and others down and it brought me here into the Future," Robert said.

"Dad, is it really you?" Stephanie asked.

"I think so. Last I checked I was," Robert joked. He then set his left arm on the bar and his sleeve moved up enough to show his powerband.

"Yep itís you all right," Stephanie said. "How about if we go to my place and see about old times as best we can at least."

"Sounds good," Robert said.

"Doc, Iíll see you after my shift is over unless there is a problem," Kim said.

"Weíll probably be in either my room or the Snack Bar," Stephanie said.

They then teleported down to the Command Bunker. Powermatic happened to be in the War Room when they arrived.

"By the gods of Demona, Robert, what brings you out our way?" Powermatic asked.

"ITís a long story," Robert said. "But heck you have a lot to do with it monkeying around with my powers during that sabbatical I took after Jessica died."

"Sue and the others around?" Stephanie asked.

"I think just Andrew and Janet are here right now. Kim is at work and I think the others are enjoying the break in the action," Powermatic said.

"They needed it after that trip to Brakenous IV," Stephanie said. "Weíll be in the snack bar."

When they walked in The Black and Purple Rangers were grabbing a bite to eat. Alpha of course was checking to make sure that supplies were in order.

"Oh great Company and I forgot to clean," Alpha said.

"I see Alpha Units are still in existence," Robert said.

"In this case Alpha VIII. HE has his flaws though as Tyra would tell you," Janet said.

"Oh Janet, this is my father he is visiting from the Past. This is Janet Cranston our Purple Ranger and you probably recognize Andrew Hammond," Stephanie said.

"Cranston, Let me guess your family Tree Contains Billy Cranston the original Blue Ranger," Robert said.

"At some point in the past yes," Janet said.

"Janet wasnít with us when your powers brought them into the past to help us that one time when they ruined your Birthday. But Andrew was. A couple weeks ago they became engaged," Stephanie said.

"Whoa, not bad Andrew. Looks like you chose a good one," Robert joked as Sue, Brianca, Sean, Sasha, and Barakus walked in.

"Kim signaled us that someone special was here," Sasha said.

"Sasha, last time I saw you I noticed how you sort of looked like Jody Stanton," Robert said.

"She died when I was four. I barely remember her," Sasha said.

"Jody was her mother," Stephanie said.

"Sorry My bad," Robert said.

"Not knowing if we would run into Commander Stanton I gave her a phony last name for protection. Running into Mom as a kid kind of let me know where and when we were," Sue said.

"Stephanie, you mean Sue is your daughter," Robert said.

"Yes she is," Stephanie said.

Brianca during all this was working at flattening out a huge ball of dough so she could make a batch of her noodles.

"My mother was not one of the ones that came with her to Terra Venture that time but my step grandmother was the Wheelchair Warrior," Brianca commented. "Dr. Collington told me how she helped rescue my aunt Katie."

"This is one interesting group of rangers," Robert Commented.

The Alarm went off right then.

"Ocean Dome under Attack from Gearheads," Powermatic reported over the Intercom system.

"Letís take care of it," Sue said. "Ninja Ranger Power."

Robert meanwhile activated the P Button on his powerband. HE then hit the old Armatron Button. He was a little surprised that the characteristic beeps came out. "Prepare for Action," Plastica said.

They soon arrived at the Battlesite.

"Armatron, launch Stealth mode Battle Armor," Plastica said. A short Pause was heard and then. "Armor UP."

HE quickly Vanished.

"Sue, your grandfather is something else," Andrew said.

"From what Mom said he could take on a whole Army before they could even figure out his location," Sue said.

After the majority of the Gearheads were taken out Plastica armored down and He and Andrew both summoned their Powerblades.

Haradomous was not in a good mood.

"Who ever that guy is HE is as annoying as a Whole Team of Rangers," Haradomous said. "Forces of Evil Pour Forth your might and Send Repticon to take out the Rangers.

Repticon a Monster that had the look of a Crocodile But with the Body of a Bird appeared.

"Oh Man, Iíll never get the noodles cut now," Brianca said.

"We Better Call out the Heavy Artillery," Sue said. "Demona Ranger Power."

Shortly after that the Rangers did a Full Morph, Weapons galore caem out after that.

"Demona Power Sword," Sue said.

"Demona Crossbow," Sasha said.
"Crimson Stars, Power Whip," Sean said.

"Eagle Talons," Kim requested.

"Titanium Power Staff," Barakus said.

"Twin Katanas," Janet said.

"Form Demona Sword," Plastica and Andrew said in Unison.

During all this Tyra and Brianca were blasting Repticon with their energy weapons.

"You Rangers and your new friend will find yourselves short lived," Repticon said while taking a swipe at Sean.

"Whoops, you missed," Sean said as he placed a star in his right hand and prepared to throw it."

"701 to Armatron, launch Flight Pack Mode Battlearmor," Plastica transmitted.

"I donít think so," Scornia said as she appeared and knocked the beams of light that were carrying the armor out of the way.

"You will pay for that Missy," Plastica said. "That was my good suit."

"Never thought I would see that happen," Powermatic commented from the War Room.

"Repticon is one tough turkey," Stephanie noted. "Haradomous must be getting desperate. But then My dad is an unknown Adversary at this point. After all he died almost eighteen years ago."

"He looks to be doing all right. We Better Hope that Repticon doesnít grow. Or that Haradomous decides to send the Rangers to some Dimension somewhere," Powermatic said.

"Not a bad idea you Demona Windbag," Haradomous said while looking in his Cauldron. "Forces of Evil Pour Forth your Might and send Plastica into the Sun."

"What the," Plastica said. "I hereby call forth the Armatron and Supersized Battle armor."

The Armatron once again took off and Plastica Boarded it soon as It was in range. This action prevented Haradomousís spell from working.

"Blast. HE was able to reach a zord. I donít know what is worst that Blasted Wind Guardian or Plastica. Forces of Evil Pour Forth your Might and Make Repticon Grow," Haradomous said.

"Oh boy. "We need Battlezord power now," The Rangers called out. Andrew, Janet, Sasha, Kim, and Tyra teleported to Airtron which Immediately started churning toward the Battlefield. Sue, Brianca, and Sean meanwhile Took to their land zords. Barakus already had the Subzord heading toward the battlefield.

"Sue, I think your Grandfather has the Right idea. Our best Bet is probably with the Megazords," Janet said.

"I agree Janet. That leaves you and Andrew out of it though unless we need to go higher then Megazord.

"Thatís not a problem," Janet said.

Shortly after that Janet boarded the Chopzord and took off Flying on Sashaís wing. Kim meanwhile covered Tyraís wing as Tyra attempted to hook the Turboblast into the Airzordís weapon system.

"Tyra, Iíll assist you and Brianca with energy weapon modifications later," Janet said.

Shortly after that Kim Converted the Strike Eaglezord into Megazord Mode While Tyra Joined up with the Original Five to form the Demona Megazord. Barakus shortly after that Stepped Out of the Water with the Subzord in Warrior Mode.

"Hey Scales for Brains How you could use a bath," Barakus said as he sent a Blast of Water at Repticon.

"Not Bad now try this," Repticon said as he sent the Water Flying back at Barakusís Zord.

"Barakus," Sasha said. "We need the Mega Saber."

"Eagle Saber,"

"TurboBLade," Plastica called for.

"Scornia, what happened down there?" Haradomous called.

"Near as I can tell Plastica went into some kind of Zord just as your spell reached him," Scornia said. "Now the Rangers are also in Zords."

"Now Iíll need an even more Powerful Spell," Haradomous said. "Maybe I should send a few rangers to the Isle of Disopportunity."

"Probably a good idea," Scornia said.

"The Purple and Black Rangers are on the Fringe. What if I sent them," Haradomous said.

"If you send them then we will still have the Ultrazord to deal with. What if you sent the Main team of Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Blue to the Isle of Disopportunity and the Zords to the Isle of Corrosion," Scornia said.

"Not a bad idea," Haradomous said. "Glad I thought of it."

HE then went into a deep trance.

"Forces of Evil pour forth your might and send the Original Rangers to the Isle of Disopportunity and all the Zords including that accursed Armatron to the Isle of Corrosion," Haradomous called out.

Back at the Battlefield His spell went into affect. Plastica along with the last four rangers immediately teleported to the Command Bunker.

"This is not good," Plastica said.

"I agree. Unless we can figure out what Haradomous did it looks like he won," Kim said.

"Not necessarily Kim. I doubt Haradomous even knows that we are still here," Plastica said.

"Actually from what we can determine he purposely left you five," Alpha said.

"I donít get it," Plastica said.

"I bet I do. He sent the five he did because without them even if we had out zords we wouldnít have the bigger combined zords since for those we need the Other Rangers. We canít even form the SuperAirzord or the SuperRotorzord since we are missing two critical rangers," Janet said. "Powermatic, any idea where he sent the others to?"

"Iím scanning now. Haradomous has a lot of hidden Isleís that the Command Bunkers sensors canít detect. It will take time. In the meantime Repticon looks to be back in Haradomousís lair. WE have some breathing space. Not much but some," Powermatic said.

"Weíll be at the Youth Center for now," Kim said. They immediately Demorphed while Plastica powered down.

The gang then headed for the Youth Center where they gathered around the counter while Kim worked behind it.

"Kim, where are the others?" Matt Connorson the owner asked.

"We donít know. Haradomous has them somewhere. The worst thing is he sent our zords away as well," Kim said. "Robert, Matt is aware of who we are."

"Stephanie told me of that," Robert said. "How often does he use these Isle Spells of his?"

"HEís only used them once before. It was back when Andrew joined up and he sent all of us to the Isle of Fright. That was a mess," Kim said. "I hope we can get them out of where ever we are."

Robert was over in a secluded corner but it wasnít the Ranger Corner.

"Ring of Power, Seek out my granddaughter and open a portal between her and here," Plastica said.

Meanwhile the Rangers were having trouble. Sasha in her demorphed state was tripping everytime she so much as took a step.

"I wish I knew where we are," Sasha said. "There are Gearheads everywhere and I canít even morph."

"Iím sure we will figure something out," Sue said.

"I agree. If anything we need better powers. Or our zords," Sean said

"I hope this doesnít mean that Haradomous has won," Tyra said as the Portal Opened. "Well if you ask me we shouldnít look a gift portal in the mouth."

"I agree. Letís see what is on the other side."

"Anything would be better then here," Brianca said as she jumped through. Thankfully the youth center was deserted by then as she came out. The other four soon followed.

"How did we get back here?" Tyra asked.

"I used my ring to bring you back," Robert said. "I figured it was worth a shot. Now we just have to find the Armatron and your zords."

"Haradomous didnít send them with us so they could be anywhere," Sue said. "Soon as we can locate Repticon I think we should use some kind of a weapon combiner system so we can destroy him. If necessary we can develop new zords," Sue said.

"That wonít be easy since Iím not sure we can combine our weapons," Janet said. "If it was possible I would have designed something before now."

"Megan would certainly be useful about now," Andrew said. "The way she blows through even I get disoriented. She had elected to stay on Brakenous IV where her powers originated."

Robert took a glance at his Powerband and quickly swore in a strange tongue.

"When I/Oca worked with Damon and Kendrix to build what became my powerband they did too good a job with the redesign. My ring used to be a key component of the Actuator kind of like the plunger on your morphers. The ring was also used to focus the frequency modulator for the Energy Cannon. It works something like the energy weapons used by Tyra and Brianca. What they did was to neglect to place a spot for the ring to linkup. If Tyra and Brianca were to send a few beams of energy at Repticon I might be able to roast him with the energy cannon assuming a way can be found to interact with the ring of power," Robert said.

"We better check with Powermatic," Tyra said. "Janet, we may need your help."

The two soon met up in the lab at the Command Bunker.

"FREDA, how knowledgeable are you about Demona powerbands specifically the Henderson Morgan style?" Tyra asked.

"What are you after specifically?" Freda asked.

"Schematics, I need to make a couple modifications," Tyra said.

A full set of schematics were displayed.

"FREDA, scan this ring and see if you can determine the best place to attach an actuator that would require the ring to a Henderson Morgan Powerband," Tyra said.

A few minutes later a new set of schematics came up and a small device was created using a synthetron.

Tyra and Janet then went to work making the modifications that FREDA recommended. At this point Powermatic made sure that the band would still work and that enough energy would remain to allow Plastica to function at peak efficiency.

Alpha then called in.

"Repticon is doing his jaws routine in a fountain by the Command Tower," Alpha said.

"Weíll Keep him busy while you guys finish your modifications," Sue said.

"Weíre just testing it out," Robert said. "Give us a couple more seconds."

HE then went to hit the P button but he hit the wrong button and ended up changing into a GSA soldier.

"Oops," He said. He then powered down before hitting the proper button. After making sure everything was in order he powered up the cannon. He gave it a lightning fast tap so that only a small amount was discharged which pleased Powermatic.

"Looks like you are ready," Powermatic said.

"Time for Battle," Plastica said.

"Back to Action," Tyra said as they teleported out.

The Rangers were keeping Repticon busy using their weapons.

"ENERGY CANNON, POWER UP," Plastica boomed out.

"Turbo Blaster Fire," Tyra said.

"Ball Blaster Energize," Brianca said.

Within minutes Repticon was toast. Immediately after that A flash of Light brought back the Zords along with the Armatron.

"Armatron, Transfer operations to Airtron," Plastica called out.

A set of beeps were heard as the Armatron linked up with the Majestic Carrierzord.

The Rangers along with Plastica then teleported back to the Command Bunker.

"Andrew, you are probably wondering why I had my armory linkup with your zord," Plastica said.

"As a matter of fact I was sir," Andrew said.

"Because Iím giving you the Ability to call up the Armatron and itís Arsenal of Various Armors," Plastica said. "This chip contains full info on the various suits."

"I thank you sir. IF you are ever in our time again Iíll make sure you get access to the best suit in it," Andrew said.

A couple minutes later a voice was heard.

"Ring of Power Take me home," the voice said before a new portal opened and the owner went through.

"Robert, You all right?" A Blond haired girl in a GSA uniform asked when he stepped out slightly dazed.

"Yes I am Kendrix. It was a long battle I ended up in," Robert said. "But I managed to figure out why my sensors showed correlations but its best if you donít know the reason."

"I understand Leo and I have things to do as it is," Kendrix said.