Disclaimer: Saban owns the concept of the Rangers but the characters (except for the basis for Alpha VIII) belong to me. Andrewís former colleagueís at the IGPF belong to Ellen Brand who far as I know came up with the concept for them and was kind enough to loan it to me. You will eventually see why I called this one Power Eclipsed.

As for why I wrote this itís simple Since this series is not effected by What Saban does no hiatus on the Tube prevents me from writing unlike my other series which with the start of the 2nd season of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy started back up about the same time.

Power Rangers Demona
Power Eclipsed
By Robert Gutheim

One day Janet Cranston was walking through her new home on Capsilon IX. Even though it had been a few very unusual months since she had transferred to the planet from Eltare where she had learned the techniques and theories behind her chosen path in life. That path being the life of a Power Ranger. Janet was a little homesick for Earth the Planet of her birth where she grew up a few doors down from her old friend and teammate Brianca Chang. Circumstances though were such that when they both decided to become rangers Janet was able to get into the Ranger Academy on Eltare but Brianca ended up going to the Triforian Academy where she met Barakus the younger son of Trey the King of Triforia. Circumstances had brought Brianca to the Colony Planet that had been settled many years before by a group of people from Earth who had journeyed aboard a huge Space Colony known as Terra Venture. That Floating Colony now formed the Administrative center for the Capsilon IX Colony. Even though Brianca was still friends with Barakus who know also resided on the Colony Barakus was dating Sasha Stanton the granddaughter and ward of Commander Ned Stanton the Original Head of the Colonyís garrison of GSA Soldiers that had been commissioned prior to five of Terra Ventureís citizens going with a Humanoid girl to another planet where Five of them had pulled sacred sabers from a stone and became the Colonyís first Ranger Detachment. Eventually the final member of the exploratory team had returned and took on the Powers of an Ancient Warrior known as the Magna Defender.

"Janet, you all right," her fiancée IGPF officer Andrew Hammond who doubled as the Black Ranger asked as he walked up to her.

"Yeah Iím all right Andrew. I was just thinking what it must have been like for Leo and the others who were the colonyís first rangers. As you know we didnít get much of a chance to really put Sueís grandfather under the hot lights when he visited," Janet said.

"I know. I found it interesting. Here Iím still working to figure out everything that his Armory had in it. Why do you think he chose me to give it to. OK so we shared a weapon but Itís not like we really need Armor beyond what we have," Andrew said.

"Iím sure he had his reason. One thing you have to consider in this time period his armory was sitting unused since his death. Maybe he figured by giving it one of us it would get used. Professor Damon probably can help you figure out how it worked," Janet said referring to their mentor.

They continued to walk through the Colony since neither one really had much of an opportunity since they were both new to the colony having arrived after the Original Six Rangers. Andrew a Kerovian was sent there to stop a merger of evil masterminds by the IGPF and stayed because of rangering. In fact Andrew had been on the team when they had gone into the past and first encountered the Red Rangerís grandfather.

Bedep, bedep, bedep

"Janet here."

"Janet, could you swing by the Store and pick me up some Soy Flour. Iím trying to make some noodles and we are out both at my momís and at the Bunker," her friend Brianca asked.

"No problem. How much should I pick up?" Janet asked.

"Buy what you can your fiancée eats them faster then I can make them it seems," Brianca said.

Andrew in the background made what looked like a wounded puppy face.

The two then headed toward the nearest grocery store. Unfortunately they didnít carry soy flour. They then headed for the big warehouse club where they bought a lot of their supplies.

"Think this is enough?" Andrew asked holding up a sack of flour about the size of the engine compartment on the Command Zord.

"What Iím wondering is how we will get it back to the base," Janet said.

"Same way we will be getting to it. Itís like we can load it onto my ship," Andrew said in actuality referring to Airtron the massive Carrierzord that he rode into battle when conditions allowed.

"Makes sense now we just have to make sure we have enough credits to pay for it," Janet said. An Idea came to her and she lifted her communicator.

"Yeah Janet," Brianca said.

"How flush is our expense budget. We found a Huge thing of it at the Whole Sale club for 79 credits. (Authors notes a credit is the rough equivalent of about 3 paper photoís of Father Washington).

"Ouch, I should almost put a collection can by the noodles that we put money into when we eat them. Why didnít you try Mintropís?" She asked referring to the normal grocery store.

"They didnít carry it," Janet said. "IF one of us was with the GSA Iíd consider raiding their commissary."

"Iíll check with Dr. Collington. Wait for my call before you spend 79 credits on flour," Brianca said.

While Janet waited she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She gave her left wrist a quick flick releasing a small plunger from a dark colored band she wore on it. A few seconds later she had confirmation of her fears when she spotted Scornia the chief Minion of the Villain Haradomous.

"Well, well if it isnít the purple and Black Rangers. Doing some shopping?" She asked.

"We needed a few supplies you know flour water, all purpose cleaner capable of removing evil from all surfaces," Janet said using a little wit and humor.

"I wonder if they have any cleaners capable to removing power rangers," Scornia said. "Gearheads attack."

The two Rangers then went into action. Because there were so many people around they couldnít morph at all not even with their secondary powers of Ninjetti. Within minutes the Gearheads were dismantled and Scornia had escaped.

"Blast my captain would have really been pleased if I could have placed her back behind bars," Andrew said.

"Youíll get her," Janet said. "We better make like a couple of bananas tough."

Andrew looked at her with a blank expression.

"And Split," She finished.

They quickly teleported out landing about Five feet over the surface of the pool at the Command Bunker. A splashing sound was heard just as a young dark skinned girl came running in.

"Tialla Jean Johnson you get back here," the little girlís mother screamed at her. Janet after getting out headed the younger one off at the pass and handed her over to her mother who had a much dryer yellow shirt then Janetís purple shirt.

"Whoa what happened to you?" The Yellow Shirted woman asked.

"Andrew and I had a run in with Scornia at the warehouse club and she brought a few Gearheads along. Well we left the baking products aisle such a mess afterwards that we teleported out of there before the club management could catch up and we kind of teleported over the pool.

"We needed the bath as it is," Andrew said. "Tyra, you want me to take charge of TJ for a minute?"

"No I think I have her under control for now. Besides you should get cleaned up and check in with the Doc," Tyra said as she shifted her bundle of energy so as to keep from staining her yellow shirt.

Sounds like a good idea. Brianca was going to check with her on something," Janet said as she headed for the Living quarters with the others close behind. After a nice long run through with her hair dryer she placed dry clothes on and went into the War Room where she found Dr. Stephanie Collington, Powermatic their mentor, Alpha VIII the Docís lab assistant and Sue Collington the leader of the rangers.

"Letís face it Sue I could have used your cousin after I got back," Janet said.

"Tyra told me how you and Andrew had looked like a couple of drowned rats after you returned," Sue said as her mother stepped forward.

"By chance I was able to arrange with the GSA Brass for these to be made up," Stephanie said as she handed Janet a card that showed Janet as being assigned to the 56th Ranger Battalion GSA.

"What is the 56th Ranger Battalion exactly?" Andrew asked as he looked at his own ID card.

"That was a term my dadís original unit used as a cover in the unit files for people who were Power Rangers. I felt that it was only fitting that the latest members of the ranger family be able to use it for their own cover. What these will do is give one access to the Commissary. OF course since Brianca is already GSA even if she isnít assigned a specific duty station she already has access but I had a 56th Ranger Battalion card made up for her as it is," Stephanie said.

"Alpha, you might want to check the Teleporter Iíd prefer not teleporting into Midair everytime I teleport in," Janet said.

A Short time later Janet and Andrew used their cards to Enter the Commissary. Andrew had his IGPF uniform on and Janet had thrown her Kerovian Flight Suit on after her unplanned bath.

"Whoa not bad," Andrew said. "They have five pound bags of flour for two credits."

"Weíll pick up thirty pounds. That will allow Brianca to take some to her mom," Janet said. They picked up a few more items while they were at it spending about sixty credits. Just as they were leaving the Commissary Janet Spotted something.

"Oh great Scornia must be following us or something," Janet said. "Andrew find a secure spot and have Alpha Teleport the groceries back to the Bunker then Morph."

Janet meanwhile Held her arms out nice and straight almost as if she was using an old style Power Morpher.

"Purple Ranger Power."

At that the Purple Aura went around her body only to be joined by An Owl Flying Right into it. When She was fully morphed she was able to call upon both her Twin Katanas and her Ninja powers plus she could sense the connection with her zord.

"Whatís this it looks like a Power Ranger but It isnít one Iím familiar with the Uniform is wrong," Scornia said.

"I simply combined by Powers into one," Janet said as she Placed her both her Katanas into one hand and used her Demona Blaster to send a quick Shot at Scornia that was assisted by a Black Streak coming at her.

"Looks like the Black Ranger has Arrived," Scornia said.

"Janet, why is your suit different you did full morph didnít you?" Andrew asked.

"Call upon you Color," Janet said "Almost like the Morphing Rangers did after visiting Dulcea."

"I got you," Andrew said. "Black Ranger Power."

Shortly after that Seven More Streaks came in and the Other Rangers Emerged.

"Iím out of here," Scornia said.

The Rangers then teleported back to the Bunker.

"Gang, if mine and Andrews suits looked different when you arrived itís because I kind of discovered that we each have Three Morphs, Demona when we call upon our primary powers, Ninja when we use our secondary, and Eclipsed when we use both forms of power. Andrew and I used our Eclipsed to battle Scornia the second time. When we use Eclipsed we have full access to both our Ninja Powers and our Demona Arsenals and Zords," Janet said.

"Very Interesting It didnít occur to me that Demona Abilities could be combined in full with Ninjetti and form another Ranger Power. I want to study this fully. Janet, you donít mind if I monitor you morphing into Eclipsed," Powermatic said in fitting with his cover identity of Professor Pedro Damon of Rangertech.

"Not a problem," Janet said. "Purple Ranger Power."

Once again the two Powers flowed together and Formed into a modified suit that had the Helmet, Sleeves, and Legs of the Demona uniform but the Loose fitting chest of the Ninja Suits.

"Your powers are Definitely Eclipsed using the Third Morph. In fact I think you might be able to almost defeat any opponent in Eclipsed before they have a chance to grow," Powermatic said. "Eclipsed Triples the available Energy. In fact Tyra, you and Brianca could probably do serious damage with your weapons."

Scornia meanwhile was being nailed by Haradomous.

"Why did you flee. I was about to launch Jet Fighters to cover you?" Haradomous asked.

"I wasnít worth it Haradomous. They discovered how to combine their two powers. They will be invincible now," Scornia said.

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Haradomous said.

Five Minutes later a Squadron of Jet Fighters Headed right for the Command Bunker.

"Aerial Attack under way," Alpha said.

"Tyra, you ready," Kim Coltran the 2nd in Command said.

"You bet which should we use?" Tyra asked.

"Letís Eclipse," Sasha said as she and Janet Caught up.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Janet said. "Purple Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power," Sasha said.

"White Ranger Power," Kim said.

"Yellow Ranger Power," Tyra said.

They Four Rangers Teleported over to Airtron and Boarded Their Zords Janet used a remote to activate the catapult system so that Tyra and Kim could take off.

"Super Airzord," Kim and Tyra called out.

"Super Rotorzord," Sasha and Janet called out.

The two combined Zords then headed back toward the Command Bunker They managed to take out all but one extra Flitty Fighter.

"Youíd think the Doc was aboard that one," One of the Rangers said.

The last fighter fired a beam at the combined zords that caused the four rangers to demorph and their zords to shut down.

"Whoa what happened?" Kim asked.

"Iím not sure. We better check with Powermatic," Janet said. "I hope using Eclipsed isnít super dangerous because I like it."

"I think Haradomous has more to do with it then our powers," Tyra said.

They then teleported in.

"Kim, that last fighter had an antimorphing beam in it," Sue said.

"That explains why we demorphed after getting hit by it," Janet said.

"That it does," Tyra said. "This could cause problems it locked out all but basic Ninja. In other words we canít use our primary powers until I can figure out how to reverse the effects."

"The worst part is we canít call upon our zords unless we are using our Demona Powers," Janet said. "Knowing how Haradomous operates we will need our powers to be in full use," Janet said.

"What if we paid a visit to Fucilla," Andrew said.

"It could work," Janet said. "How long would it take to reach Demona Prime using your ship?"

"We could be there by tomorrow morning using Hyperrush three," Andrew said.

"Sue, would you, Bri, Sean, and Barakus be okay while Andrew took the rest of us to see about our powers?" Kim asked.

"Kim, we all better go just in case Haradomous has anything else up his sleeves," Sue said.

Soon after that the Rangers regrouped in the docking bay for the Space Cruiser in their flight suits. Alpha came along.

"Well I did figure on getting a vacation," Alpha said.

"Like you need one," Janet said.

"Hey even Androids need a break sometimes," Alpha said.

"Brianca, I have a small surprise aboard for you. I reoutfitted the Ship a little after we got back from Brakenous IV," Andrew said.

"Oh boy," Brianca said as she followed Andrew to a small room near the Rec Room were the Synthetron was. When she looked inside she saw something truly amazing.

"Whoa," Brianca said. "You installed a kitchen."

"I figured on long deployments you could use it to do the cooking. That way we wonít be deprived of your noodles," Andrew said.

Brianca took a look through the cupboards and found all sorts of food stocks including everything she needed to make soy noodles.

"Looks like itís time to get to work," Brianca said as she took her jacket off so that her blue shirt was showing which had short sleeves. She then tied back her shoulder length hair a little.

Meanwhile Haradomous was meditating when Scornia entered his mediation chamber.

"Master, The Rangers have just left the colony. The only protection that FREDA has is that Demona Fool and Dr. Collington," Scornia said.

"For now at least. Forces of Evil call forth your might and jam all communications within the Capsilon IX Colony," Haradomous said.

Scornia right after that led a company of Gearheads to the Forest Dome.

"This isnít good the minute the rangers leave he attacks and communications go down," Powermatic said.

"This means we canít call Sue and the others back," Stephanie said as she flipped open the lid of her Powerband. "Time to Flit."

"Be Careful Stephanie," Powermatic said.

Stephanie did a super major flit as she took out all two hundred Gearheads without too much trouble but just as she came out of Flit to admire her handiwork Scornia grabbed her arms and pinned them to her body before teleporting both to Haradomousís lair.

"Ah welcome Dr. Collington," Haradomous said. "So nice of you to join us."

"Haradomous you are evil through and through," Stephanie spat out.

"Why thank you I do have a reputation to maintain," Haradomous said. "Scornia, make our friend comfortable."

"No problem Haradomous," Scornia said as she brought a chair over and set Stephanie down in it. She then removed Stephanieís powerband from her wrist.

Several Hours later Barakus could be heard exclaiming in an strange tongue from his seat at the communications station.

"No fair using Triforian Curses Barakus," Sasha said.

"Sasha, think about it we canít get ahold of the Bunker or even Matt at the Youth Center. I just know something is wrong," Barakus said.

Before they knew it they were in orbit around Demona Prime. Andrew called down for Permission to land and received it. A Female Demona met them.

"Greetings What brings Power Rangers back to Demona Prime?" She asked.

"A Few of us tried to use our Third morph and were then hit by a beam that knocked out our powers," Sue said. "Our primary powers came from this world and they were the ones that were knocked out."

"What are the different Morphs?" the Demona asked.

"The First Morph is Our Primary Powers , second is Ninja, and third Our purple ranger refers to as eclipsed which combines them," Sue said. "It was while using Eclipsed that they were hit by the beam."

"Bring your teammates into my workshop. How long ago did it happen?" she asked.

"About Eighteen hours Terra Venture time. We came as soon afterwards as we could," Andrew said.

The Rangers then followed the Demona Native who after reaching the workshop introduced herself as Fucilla. Sue then handled the Introductions for the rangers. Fucilla took a while to do some work but finally about six hours later she was done.

"OK I removed the block your enemy placed on your powers I also retuned the morphers a little. While I could have replaced your morphers with a new design Iíve been working on I donít feel it necessary at this time. One thing my retuning did was to make it such so that the antimorphing beam would prove ineffective in stealing your powers. I also made a few adjustments in your uniforms when you use the Third Morph. Next time you Eclipse you should notice the difference," Fucilla said. "For the record your powers were due for a retuning as it is."

The Rangers then returned to the Cruiser where after they entered the Rec Room Brianca brought out a batch of noodles.

"I hope things are OK," Tyra said. "Iím worried about TJ."

"Iím sure she is fine," Sue said.

Before they knew it they were landing at the Bunker.

"Powermatic, you look concerned," Sean said.

"Sue, Haradomous has captured your mother. I would have called you back except communications were being jammed," Powermatic said.

"This is not good. But there isnít much we can do for now. Haradomous though know this I will get my mother back," Sue said. "Mark my words."

Closing Notes

This looks like a good place to stop for now. Why did Scornia decide to capture Dr. Collington. For the answer to this question and more Stay Tuned for the next exciting Fanfic of the Power Rangers Demona.