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Time Period Update This Series takes place Roughly forty years after Lost Galaxy. The Ranger Team is a little Female heavy but hey for once why canít they have the majority. In my last Power Rangers Demona The Rangers discovered a third Morph but their Human Mentor Dr. Stephanie Collington was kidnapped by Scornia Haradomousís Chief Henchwoman. For those of you who are confused Professor Damon and Powermatic are the same person. Itís just that to the outside world Powermatic is Professor Pedro Damon of Rangertech.

Power Rangers Demona
Rescue Plans
by Robert Gutheim

One day two weeks after the Rangers visited Demona Prime and had their powers retuned by Fucilla Sue was sitting in a chair at the Rangers private table in the youth Center half asleep. Her friends were all off doing their own thing.

"You all right Sue?" Matt Connorson the Youth Centerís owner asked.

"Did Kim tell you what happened while we were gone?" She asked since her teammate Kim Coltran worked at the youth center.

"About Scornia grabbing your mom. Yes she did. How come you havenít charged in and rescued her?" Matt asked.

"Two reasons A we would have to use our powers for personal gain and two we would have to escalate the battle. We are lucky the Council gave us permission to reveal our identities to our families but They may not like us violating the other two rules in Ranger Code," Sue said.

"Sue, if you ask me everytime you use your powers to protect the colony it is borderline on the personal gain bit. As for Escalating the battle sometimes you have no choice but to escalate a battle in order to get the desired results," Matt said. "You look tired."

"I havenít slept too well since we returned from the Professorís Homeworld. Concern for my mom has been wearing me out," Sue said. "Your soda is caffeine free and I canít stand coffee or tea so I end up half asleep all day. Thankfully summer vacation just started."

"Yeah but how often do Power Rangers get summers off?" Matt asked.

"Depends on what happens. With mom missing we are short a possible defender. Unfortunately we have no way to contact my grandfather in the past," Sue said.

"What about his powers. Couldnít you give them to someone else?" Matt asked.

"No we canít. His powers are too well connected to his body. The only thing that can be passed on is control of the Armatron and when he last visited he turned it over to Andy," Sue said.

"Sue, you want a small amount of advice?" Matt asked.

"What are you suggesting?" Sue asked.

"Return to your house and maybe drink some warm milk and then take a nap. If Haradomous should attack you might end up too tired to fight," Matt said.

"Everyone has been living in the bunker since Haradomous escaped. I should probably return anyways and check on Tyra and Alphaís progress on finding a way to secretly teleport her out.

Just as Sue stood up to head over to the Rangers special corner she fell down.

"Command Bunker come in this is Matt," Matt called over his communicator.

"Matt this is Professor Damon. Something wrong?"

"You could say that. Sue just collapsed my guess is from exhaustion," Matt said.

"Stand by to Teleport," Powermatic said.

A teleport stream then Teleported Matt and Sue to the Med Chamber at the Bunker.

"What exactly happened?" Tyra asked as she had Matt help her lift Sue onto a bed.

"We were discussing her momís disappearance and I recommended she come back here and rest and just as she stood up to go over to your special corner she collapsed. Thankfully Dr. Collington had Kim provide me with a communicator."

"She has been awfully tired lately. I guess she had been having trouble sleeping at night since we got back from our last trip," Tyra said. "Iím going to give her a mild sedative so she hopefully will sleep. I know itís not even noon but Iím going to give her enough to keep her sedated until tomorrow morning."

By this time she had a small needle in her hand. "You donít know how well stocked this place is. It even has everything needed for T.J.ís immunizations."

Just then two figures entered one wearing a Purple Shirt under her jacket and the other a Green Shirt. Tyra happened to be wearing a yellow shirt under her uniform jacket and Sue red.

"Whoa what happened to our fearless leader?" The Green Shirted male asked.

"She collapsed in the Youth Center. First thing I did was call here," Matt said.

"When do you think she will be fully rested?" The purple shirted female asked.

"Hopefully the sedative wonít wear off before morning Janet. As far as full sleep goes probably not until after we rescue Dr. Collington," Tyra said. "Sean, any clues finding a way through Haradomousís shielding.

"Not yet Tyra. Cueball is working on it though," Sean said.

"Sean, you know Powermatic hates it when you call him Cueball," Janet said.

"Well if he wants me to stop calling him Cueball then he should grow some hair," Sean said.

"Sean, believe me if I could grow hair I would but without hair follicles I canít very well grow hair," Powermatic said as he entered.

"Then maybe you should get a toupee," Sean said.

"Sean, you are nowhere near funny about now," Powermatic said. "How is Sue doing?"

"Right now sheís resting fine. Hopefully she wonít wake up before morning," Tyra said.

An hour later Tyra opened a meeting in the snackbar. Matt had returned to the Youth Center but the Other Rangers Brianca Chang, Kim, Sasha Stanton, Andrew, and Barakus, along with Powermatic and Alpha VIII where in attendance.

"Has anyone noticed how tired Sue has been since we returned from Demona Prime?" Tyra asked.

"I did notice how she tends to fall asleep when ever she is sitting down," Andrew said. "Where is she anyway?"

"In the Med Chamber under sedation. According to Matt she collapsed when she stood up to get ready to teleport," Tyra said.

"I just hope we donít run into any problems before she comes out of teleport," Andrew said.

"My first time Morphing I was teleported into the lair back when Mechinack occupied it. It was a piece of cake. Unfortunately when Haradomous took over he put the stupid shielding in place. We canít even be sure he didnít stash her somewhere in one of his isles," Kim said.

"According to our scans Dr. Collington is in the lair. She is separated from her powerband so that is probably why she hasnít flitted out," Alpha said.

Meanwhile Haradomous was talking with Scornia.

"SO The Red Ranger is too exhausted to stay awake," Haradomous said. "Scornia, go up to the Youth Center and cause a little ruckus. When the Rangers show up tell them that if they donít give you their morphers then Dr. Collington will be sent to my most fearsome Isle in existence."

"You got it boss," Scornia said.

Scornia then headed for the Youth Center arriving in an almost human like form.

"One Cup of Coffee extra caffeine," She said.

"Here you go," Matt said.

"Whatís this one and half credits for this sludge. How can you charge such prices?" Scornia asked. "It isnít even hot."

"Sorry I turned the pot off half an hour ago," Matt said. "Not many people order coffee this time of year anyway."

Scornia then threw Matt clear across the Youth Center almost snapping his neck in the process. She didnít even realize that while laughing her real form appeared.

"Rangers, Scornia was just detected in the Youth Center," FREDA said.

"Not good," Kim said. "Tyra, keep an eye on Sue. The Rest of You, Ninja Ranger Power."

Seven Spirit Animals merged with their human hosts to form seven rangers. They then teleported to the Youth Center.

"Ah Rangers, Two look to be missing. Oh well let me just say this. You give me your morphers and I will see to it that Dr. Collington is released. If not my boss is going to send her far away where you will never release her," Scornia said. "As a sign of my good intentions I will leave you with this."

Scornia then handed the rangers Stephanieís powerband.

"Scornia, go tell your boss No Deal," Kim said.

"I doubt she will even see her boss," Andrew said as he walked toward Scornia with a pair of handcuffs in one hand. His next move was to place one cuff on Scorniaís left wrist. He then wrestled her a little so he could cuff her right wrist.

"Iíll have Professor Damon contact Captain Griff," Brianca said.

"Sounds good," Andrew said.

An hour later a ship sent by Captain Griff took Scornia away.

"Those Rangers think they are clever. Forces of Evil Pour Forth your Might and send Goldar to me," Haradomous called out.

A Familiar Gorilla Faced Warrior appeared.

"What where am I," HE asked.

"You are on Capsilon IX. I am Haradomous. I need your help."

"What can I do for you?" Goldar asked.

"The Black Ranger arrested my Henchwoman Scornia. I want you to destroy the Rangers," Haradomous said.

"At once my lord," Goldar said. "I just hope these rangers arenít better then the ones I used to fight."

The Rangers meanwhile were holding a council of war.

"Well we may not have Dr. Collington back but we did manage a small victory since Scornia is back in Custody. Our best bet is to continue to find a way to teleport her out of there," Andrew said.

"I agree. He could send her away at any time. Especially now that Scornia is behind bars," Powermatic said.

An Alarm went off right then.

"Monster Detected in the main city," FREDA said.

"On Screen," Powermatic ordered.

An image of Goldar then appeared.

"This is one Blast from the Past that I would prefer not to have," Powermatic said.

"What do you mean Powermatic?" Sasha asked.

"That Monster is named Goldar. He was a Henchman for Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd back before Dr. Collington was born," Powermatic said. "Something tells me Haradomous didnít waste time replacing Scornia.

"Since Goldar was thought lost with Zordonís death I doubt there are any outstanding warrants with his name on them," Andrew said.

"We better see what he wants," Kim said. "Demona Ranger Power."

The Rangers then morphed and teleported to Goldarís location.

"Looks like Ranger teams have gotten bigger since I last fought them," Goldar said sending shots at the rangers the whole time from his sword. Janet quickly called upon her Twin Katanas while Andrew called for his gauntlet.

"Form Demona Sword," He then said moving his Left hand over the Power Blade.

"When did Red Rangers go out of style?" Goldar asked.

"Theyíre still in style She just isnít here right now," Kim said.

"You actually let one of your rangers skip the final battle," Goldar said.

"Actually The Red Ranger is the Leader. Iím her second in Command though," Kim said.

Janet attempted to clip Goldarís wings but He made use of them before she had a chance.

"You rangers are the worst team Iíve seen," Goldar said. "You could fight your way out of a paper bag."

"Whatís a paper bag?" Barakus asked.

"Never mind," Goldar said. "It would take too long to explain."

"Goldar is one tough Monster," Tyra noticed.

"I agree," Sasha said. "Janet, think we should show King Kong what a real warrior can do?"

"Iím way ahead of you," Janet said as she began a special kata. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. Purple Ranger Power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Blue Ranger Power."

"Titanium Ranger Power."

"White Ranger Power."

"Green Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power."

"Yellow Ranger Power."

The Spirit Animals then merged with the Demona Essences to increase the Rangerís power.

"Even that wonít be enough to defeat the All mighty Goldar."

"Weíll see about that," Janet said.

Goldar then took to the Air firing on the cloud before from his sword.

"I hereby call upon the Armatron," Andrew said. "Flight Pack Mode Armor Up."

By chance the Flight Pack Armor had returned to the Armatron after Scornia batted it away in an earlier battle. Soon as Andrew dunned the armor He took off after Goldar. Fairly soon a Midair battle took place between Andrew and Goldar. The Rest of the Rangers were being kept busy with a battalion of Gearheads that had appeared right then.

Haradomous had Stephanie brought into his main chamber.

"Looks like my new Henchman is doing good against your daughterís friends. He might just get the job done," Haradomous said. "Of course I might Help him along. Forces of Evil Pour Forth your Might-"

Stephanie chose that moment to lunge at the villain just as he was getting his spell to the part where either the Monster grew or he sent the rangers to one of his isles.

"Your hospitality needs work Haradomous," Stephanie said. "If I had my communicator on me you would be halfway to jail about now."

"Youíll never escape," Haradomous said.

"Donít be too sure. I noticed how your shield weakens when ever you send your minions out. It weakens even more when you use your powers," Stephanie said.

"What are you saying that the Rangers can rescue you if I use my powers too much?" Haradomous asked.

"Yes I think they can," Stephanie said just before She was teleported out.

She landed safely in the War Room.

"Alpha your timing was impeccable," Stephanie said. "Whoa, looks like Goldar is giving them a bit of a headache. Where is Sue I donít see her in the battle anywhere?"

"She is in the Med Chamber resting under sedation. She lost a lot of sleep after you were captured. In fact she collapsed from exhaustion at the Youth Center today. Tyra suspects she will rest until morning," Powermatic said.

"Probably a good idea. Was anyone with her when she collapsed?" Stephanie asked.

"Just Matt," Powermatic said.

"My master is calling me back to his side," Goldar said. "Iíll see you rangers later."

"Not if we can help it," Kim said. The Rangers then teleported back to the Bunker.

"Doc, when did you get back?" Kim asked as she removed her helmet.

"While you all were battling Goldar. What era is he from?" Stephanie asked.

"Your dad used to battle him," Powermatic said.

"I see," Stephanie said.

By this time it was late. Stephanie went to her quarters and grabbed some sleep. The next morning She made sure she was in the Med Chamber when Sue woke up.

"Mom, when did the Rangers rescue you?" Sue asked.

"They didnít. Alpha teleported me out while they were battling Haradomousís new Henchman," Stephanie said.

"What happened to Scornia?" Sue asked.

"Andrew apparently arrested her for trashing the Youth Center and almost killing Matt," Stephanie said.

"Along with a lot of other charges like flight from justice," Andrew said.

Closing Notes. Expect to see a lot more from Goldar. Iím not sure about a revisit from Plastica. Probably a few of you half expected him to show up. No such luck.