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Power Rangers Demona
A Gray Day
by Robert Gutheim

One day Kim Coltran was talking to a friend of hers at the Youth Center on a rare day off (where she didnít have school or work either for Matt Connorson the owner of the Youth Center or Professor Pedro Damon the mysterious CEO of Rangertech. Her close colleagueís at Rangertech Janet Cranston and Andrew Hammond were at another table nearby.

"Jim, what is your opinion of that Gold Armored creature thatís been attacking the colony lately?" Kim asked.

"He is certainly ugly," Jim said. "Man I was near him during that one battle and his breath could stop a tank."

Kim found his description interesting since one of the battlezords was based on a tank but it belonged to the Green Ranger.

"Kim, how would you like to see a movie Friday night?" Jim asked.

"Iíll think about it," Kim said.

Meanwhile the Wizard Haradomous was working on a Plan his Henchman Goldar was nearby.

"Forces of Evil combine your might and create for me a Gray Ranger with Powers Equal to a Demona Ranger," Haradomous said.

A morpher that looked just like a Demona Morpher complete with the actuating plunger appeared on a table near the two villains.

"Now I just need someone to use the morpher. Goldar, Fetch," Haradomous said.

"Iím a Semian not a Canine," Goldar said before disappearing in a flash of fire.

By this time Kim and Jim were walking in a parklike setting in the Forest Dome. A strange flash was heard.

"Kim, I thought I saw a fire possibly igniting. Iím going to check it out," Jim said as he turned toward the flash. The next thing Kim heard was a male scream. Looking around she saw no one.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Kim hollered. "White Ranger Power."

Kim after using her third Morph looked around the area especially in the direction that Jim had gone in. You could tell that she was about to lose it as she teleported out of there.

"Kim, something wrong?" Stephanie asked after Kim teleported into the Command Bunker.

"My friend Jim disappeared. We were in the Forest dome when a strange flash occurred. Jim went to investigate and then he screamed. I morphed in order to investigate but I couldnít find him," Kim asked shortly before she lost all composure.

"Alpha, sound the alarm," Stephanie said.

A short time later a rainbow of colors signaled the arrival of the other rangers. Stephanie quickly briefed them in while Kim slipped out and went down below to her private quarters.

Goldar meanwhile was Delivering Jim to his master.

"Ah you have done well Goldar. This pitiful Eltarian will do perfect," Haradomous said.

"What do you want?" Jim asked as he looked like he was building up to do something.

"Not too much just for you to wear this and call upon itís power," Haradomous said indicating the gray ranger morpher.

"Not a chance," Jim said as he tilted his head back a few inches his cheeks starting to flare out.

"You donít have much of a choice in my opinion," Haradomous said.

"I think I do," Jim sneered right before sending a huge spitball right at Haradomous.

"Now that is a Kodak Moment," Jim said.

"You little fiend," Haradomous said.

Jim ran from the room while looking for a way out he encountered a small company of Gearheads. HE knocked out maybe a Platoons worth but eventually he was carted back into the main room.

"Thought you could escape could you. Well you were wrong," Haradomous said.

A Short time later Sue Collington walked down the corridor of the Living Area when she came upon her friendís door. She activated the chime.

"Go away," Kim called out over her tears.

"Kim, open up thatís an order," Sue called out.

Kim took the time to open her door to let her leader in.

"You and Jim are real close arenít you?" Sue asked.

"Sue, Iíve known Jim longer then Iíve known any of you rangers. Iíve even done IT with him," Kim said.

Sue had a feeling what Kim meant by IT.

"We did it the safe way," Kim said in almost confirmation of Sueís suspicions. "Do you think the flash we saw might have been Goldar?"

"We donít know," Sue said. "Mom was the only one on sensors at that time and she didnít see him."

"Ay Yi Yi Yi," a metallic sounding voice said over the intercom.

"Calm Down Alpha," came the Voice of the Rangers Mentor Powermatic.

"Kim, try to grab some rest. Iíll see what is wrong," Sue said.

Soon after that Sue joined her mom and Powermatic along with Janet, Andrew, Barakus, Tyra Johnson, Brianca Chang, Sasha Stanton, and Sean Crowning in the War Room.

"Mom, whatís wrong?" Sue asked.

"That," Stephanie said indicating the viewing screen

"So there is another Ranger. With Goldar around we need all the help we can get," Sue said.

"Sue, This Gray Ranger who ever he or she is, is not one of us," Powermatic said.

"Alpha, keep an eye on Kim. I have a feeling that Haradomous might be behind this," Sue said. "Demona Ranger Power."

The Rangers then used their first morph and then Teleported into the Battle.

"So I see the Rangers have decided to show up. Gearheads, Viracus Attack," the Gray Ranger said.

"This is not good," Sasha said. "Think we should Eclipse?"

"Hold off on that trick. I want to save it for a little nine on one with Grayhead over there," Sue said watching where the Gray Ranger was swinging an axe at The Black Ranger Who was just deploying his Powerblade in itís short mode.

"Twin Katanas," Janet said as she joined the battle against the Gray Ranger long enough For her fiancée to form his Left thumb and forefinger into a Circle and place the rest of the fingers into enough to an arc to form a cylinder around the blade portion of his Powerblade.

"Form Demona Sword," Andrew said. HE then went back into battle against the Gray Ranger.

"You arenít so tough," The Gray Ranger said.

"Your lucky Iím in a good mood otherwise Iíd be fitting you for a couple of metal bracelets that would just so happen as to have a chain between them," Andrew said.

"Like Iím easily scared Flatfoot," The Gray Ranger said.

"Sue, we could use some help?" Andrew hollered.

"I know but weíre a little tied up," Sue said almost literally since the Gearheads had tied them with a special rope.

"I donít get it that rope should have caused them to Demorph what happened?" Viracus a Monster who looked like a ninety year old VCR asked.

"The retuning of our powers must have prevented any means of force demorphing us from working," Sue said.

Unfortunately the audio trigger was just sensitive enough to cause the rangers to demorph.

"Nice Work Big Mouth," Janet said.

A Short time later Kim was talking to Matt in the Youth Center.

"I just canít understand why Jim disappeared like that," Kim said a little calmer know despite her rest.

"Sorry but I fell into a hole," Jim said as he entered his morpher just barely concealed.

"I checked the area and there werenít any holes," Kim said.

"It was hard to see," Jim said.

At that moment a Vortex opened and a familiar Figure came walking out.

"Hello Kim," He said.

"Robert, fancy seeing you here," Kim said.

"Maya sensed trouble and I figured I should investigate," Robert said. "You look like youíve been crying recently."

"Itís all right now," Kim said. "Oh Robert this is an old old friend of mine Jim Blackwell."

"Nice to meet you Jim you originally from here?" Robert asked.

"I was born on Eltare but I grew up here on Capsilon IX," Jim said. "I was adopted by my parents."

Robert used his special scanners to notice Jimís gray ranger morpher. Shortly after that Jim Disappeared.

"Kim, when did Jim become a ranger?" Robert whispered to her.

"He isnít a ranger why do you ask?" Kim asked.

"I could pick up traces of his power with my sensors," Robert said. "Also his morpher wasnít well concealed.

"Oh no. We better check in with Rangertech," Kim said. "A Gray Ranger appeared earlier while I was resting I wasnít in Battle against him."

They then went over to their corner and teleported to the Command Bunker.

Sue meanwhile was meeting with Commander Frank Cummings the GSA Garrison Commander.

"Commander, I suggest you deploy your troops weapons set for stun throughout both Terra Venture and the parts of the colony on Capsilon IX. Any trooper who fires a weapon set on a lethal setting will answer to me personally. We want to capture the Gray Ranger if possible for interrogation before we turn him over to the Intergalactic Police Force," Sue said in her morphed form.

"How do I know you didnít send him out?" Commander Cummings asked.

"Maybe because he attacked us," Sue said.

"OK but only until you can either capture this guy or turn him over to our side," Commander Cummings said.

Soon as Robert and Kim teleported into the War Room Tyra looked up from where she was helping her daughter T.J.

"Robert, nice timing," Tyra said.

"FREDA, any good images of the Gray Ranger I can look at?" Robert asked the Bunkers Main Computer system.

"Affirmative Plastica," FREDA said as she projected a fairly good one onto the Viewing Screen. Robert looked it over.

"FREDA, magnify the left wrist about 100x," Robert said.

A New Image came up that showed the gray rangers morpher.

"OK so we have our first clue as to who this Gray Ranger is," Tyra said. "We find that morpher and we find the Gray Ranger."

"I think I already have a clue as to who our mysterious Gray Ranger is," Robert said.

"Maybe two clues because Jim was missing when the Gray Ranger made his initial appearance," Kim said.

"Kim, your friend Jim could very well be the Gray Ranger. The fact that you werenít in battle probably protected your identity," Robert said as an image of the Gray Ranger and Goldar appeared on the screen.

"If it wasnít for your friend Iíd think you were watching records of old battles," Robert said.

"Oh thatís right you used to fight that guy," Tyra said.

"Alert the other Rangers. Full Morph and they are to meet us on the Battlefield," Robert said.

"You got it," Kim said. "Demona Ranger Power."

Kim and Tyra then morphed and headed into battle.

"Thank King Lexion T.J. is potty trained now," Alpha said.

"T.J. try to stay out of everyoneís way during the battle," Robert said before going GSA and completing his battle uniform.

He then teleported onto the battlefield.

"I better set my phaser for Kill to use on Goldar and my GSA Rifle to Stun for use on Jim," Robert said.

"Sniff Sniff, I smell a familiar scent. Smells like my old enemy Plastica," Goldar said as he looked around and spotted Robert. Robert then pulled out his phaser and spun it a little (kind of hard to do without an old fashioned trigger guard) and then fired a setting four shot at the Semian.

"Whatís wrong lose your powers?" Goldar asked.

"Great my cover is blown already," Robert Realized as his granddaughter came flying in her sword already clashing with Goldarís Sword of Fire.

"Nice work Sue," Robert said.

"Oh Hi Grandpa," Sue said without taking her eye off of Goldar. The other Rangers were ganging up on the Gray Ranger.

"Andrew, Barakus, you two cover me. The Rest help fight Goldar," Robert said right before switching modes on his Powerband. Within seconds Plastica appeared.

"Whoa," The only other GSA soldier in that area said.

"Where did you come from?" The Gray Ranger asked Plastica.

"The Land of OZ," Plastica joked.

"SO you must be the Wonderful Magnificent Wizard of OZ," The Gray Ranger said. "My master Haradomous will enjoy meeting you Mr. Wizard."

"If I was the Wizard of OZ I would take you up on that one," Plastica said. "Unfortunately Iím not." This last bit was punctuated with a Cheetah Kick to his sensitive spot.

"OW Ow Ow," The Gray Ranger said.

"Plastica, which Armor do you want?" Andrew asked.

"Stealth Mode," Plastica said.

"I was going to use Flight Pack myself," Andrew said. "Black Ranger to Armatron."

Plastica recognized the beeps that came out.

"Launch Stealth Mode and Flight Pack Mode Battle Armors," Andrew said.

Within Seconds two sets of Armor were in position.

"Stealth Mode Armor Up," Plastica called out.

"Flight Pack Mode Armor Up," Andrew called forth.

The Two then Armored up with Plastica turning invisible.

"Those two are a real pair," Sasha commented to Sean.

"I agree. They both like to use Armor," Sean said.

Goldar then decided to Grow.

"We have a problem," Plastica said.

"I know," Andrew said as the Rest of the Rangers called for their zords.

"Armatron, is there room for two people in your cockpit?" Andrew asked.

The beeps came out loud and clear.

"In that case I hereby Call For the Armatron and Super Sized Battle Armor," Andrew called forth. Within Seconds Plastica and Andrew were safe in the cockpit.

"Home Sweet Home," Plastica said as he looked out at the Demona MegaBattleZord, the Strike Eagle Megazord and the Sub Zord in Warrior Mode. The Gray Ranger meanwhile was thinking of making a Getaway.

"Flitter come in," Plastica called over the Zord Communications System.

"Dad, is everything all right?" Stephanie asked.

"Iím up in Armatron with Andrew While Fighting Goldar with the Other Megaís and the Gray Ranger is prepping to escape.

"Iím on it," Stephanie said. "Time to Flit."

The Flitter then appeared.

"Whoa, Iím out of here," The Gray Ranger said.

"Not so Fast," Stephanie said as she grabbed ahold of the Gray Ranger.

"Let go of me you Bird Brain," The Gray Ranger said.

"In your dreams," Stephanie said.

Goldar meanwhile was having Fun.

"Iíve never had this many Zords to Play with," He said as he sent the Sub Zord crashing into the Strike Eagle Megazord.

"Funs over Dogface," Barakus said. "Subzord, Titanium Staff."

The Subzord then came forth with a Staff similar to the Titanium Rangers main weapon.

"Time for a Titanium Wash," Barakus said as an effect similar to a Gold Rush came kareening out of the Giant Staff. Sending Goldar packing back to Haradomous.

"All Right," The Rangers said the MegaBattleZord gave the Subzord a High Five.

"Time to return to base," Sue said as Everyone teleported out.

Everyone then returned to the Command Bunker with the Gray Ranger a prisoner.

"You all did good out there today," Powermatic said. "I see we have another prisoner for the IGPF."

"Maybe not," Plastica said as he placed his ring against the Gray Rangers forehead.

"I Plastica, master of the sacred powers of Glass and Plastica call for the mystical ring of power to wash the evil from the soul of the Gray Ranger."

A Strange Grayish Aura then went over the Gray Ranger and it seemed to have a calming effect on the prisoner.

"Whoa, where am I and how did I get here," The Gray Ranger asked.

"You are in the War Room of the Power Rangers Command Bunker," Powermatic said. "Gray Ranger you are free of evil now. Would you care to reveal your identity."

"I suppose I have no choice," The Gray Ranger said as he turned around so his back was to the other rangers. The first thing he did was to remove his helmet revealing a full head of Brown hair underneath.

"It might help if we could see your face," Brianca said.

The Gray Ranger then turned around.

"Jim," Kim said.

"Hey Lovely," Jim said as he proceeded to plant a cold wet one on the White Rangerís lips.

"Just remember there is a two year old in the room," Tyra said sort of indicating T.J. over on a console.

"Powermatic, I know my powerband wonít work anymore but what about my ring," Robert asked after he and Stephanie powered down.

"It might work if it was retuned properly," Powermatic said.

"Retune it so as to work with Jimís powers. That way what ever I was able to use my ring for he can use it for," Robert said.

"Jim, your lucky and when Plastica used his soul washing ability on you it converted your powers over to Demona Powers. You will have to go on a Spirit Quest though to find out your animal spirit so we can unlock your secondary powers and also your third morph," Powermatic said.

"Wait a minute I recognize you your Professor Damon the head of Rangertech," Jim said.

"That is my cover identity for when I go out among the denizens of the Colony. Rangertech is the Codename for the Command Bunker," Powermatic said as he went over to the Wall of Heroes which mysteriously enough included an image of the Purple Brakenien Wind Guardian a former Ranger Ally now the Leader of a reformed Wind Guardian force on Brakenous IV. He grabbed a small ring from a display and did a little reworking. The Sparkling Blue Zircon changed into a shiny Ruby with a image of the constellation Cancer on the face. Powermatic then handed the ring to Robert.

"Jim, I ask that you protect this ring with your life and that you only use this ring in times of great need. Also three more things Never use the ring or your Ranger Powers for Personal Gain, You can no longer escalate a battle and no one must know that you are a Power Ranger," Robert said.

"I Jim Blackwell do solemnly swear to Uphold the Ranger Code and to assist my teammates in their time of need," Jim said.

"Good work Robert you managed to work the Three rules of being a Ranger into your presentation," Powermatic said.

"I really should be going," Robert said.

"Allow me," Jim said. "Ring of Power open a portal to Plasticaís home."

The Portal then opened and Robert left.

"Jim, would you believe that that was my grandfather who just left," Sue said.

"He looked so young," Jim said.

"He died before Sue was born," Stephanie said.

Closing Notes. I would say that one was interesting. It just goes to show that A Goldar is a coward and you never know who might pop in. One thing I should do if I have Plastica make any more appearances is maybe vary his arrival sites since his portals always seem to end up opening either in the Youth Center or outside the Youth Center.