Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
Dawn of the Zenith Part Two
by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: IF I donít own it then either Haim Saban or Ellen Brand does. To start out with Iím going to clear up a couple things from Part 1. When Robert was talking to Maya and I had thrown an asterix in after one sentence that had a strange word the language it was in is Klingon(Owned by Paramount Studios and the estate of the Late Great Gene Roddenberry.) Also the commsignals Anything with a seven (For instance 701) is someone from the Steel Brigade or a Practitioner of Martal, Ones like PR1, RR1 and MD1 is a ranger for instance PR1 is Pink Ranger 1 (Kendrix Morgan) MD1 is naturally Mr. 2nd in Command Michael Corbett a.k.a. the Magna Defender. Timeline Part 2 takes place after Heir to the Throne so Scorpius is no more.

"I/Oca, you are an idiot. Why didnít you let the Science Division know that you had learned the secret about the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords along with Zenith?" Kendrix Morgan asked.

"We were still trying to figure out if we should tell you when you stumbled upon it on your own," I/Oca said. "Look at it this way we have additional Zords now."

"You have a point I/Oca. How is tech support central going?" She asked.

"Itís going good. I do miss Earth though," I/Oca said.

"I find that a little hard to swallow," Kendrix said. "After all you are an android."

"Like that changes anything. I wonder how much like her father Trakeena will be," I/Oca commented.

"My morpher is quaking just thinking about it," Kendrix said as her former colleague Robert Gutheim now the ADF Head and as such Liaison between the ADF and the GSA sat down with them.

"Got your armor all set for the next battle After all the Armatron took a real beating?" I/Oca asked.

"Fred is working on it and I think Damon is helping him," Robert said.

"You sure itís a good idea to let him too close to your zord?" Kendrix asked.

"Which one Damon or Fred?" Robert asked.

"Fred after all Iím not too sure about his skills. The head of Maintenance had him work on some of the Cars and of the seven he fixed five broke down within a month," Kendrix said.

"Fred designed the Armatron originally so I have little choice but to trust him," Robert said. "Gang, I know he isnít assigned to the 25th Brigade not even as part of the 56th Battalion but what do you think of my plans to name Gene Skullovitch as my 2nd in command."

"Iím not sure who he is," Kendrix said.

"You know Bulk and Professor Phenomenus those two former science division guys who know work in the Comet Café right?" I/Oca asked.

"Yes they usually hang out with some guy named Skull when off duty but I never learned Skullís full name," Kendrix said.

Robert raised two fingers on each hand up and then moved them together. Kendrix managed to recognize his little signal.

"You mean that goofball Skull is the guy you have in mind to be your 2nd in Command," Kendrix said.

"He is good at generating Strategy. High Commander Renier *, Commander Stanton and I are working with him to come up with several ideas as we speak. We just havenít provided him yet with the actual roster for the 56/25**," Robert said.

At that moment Michael and Leo Corbett walked in. Leo was in his usual Red Shirt and Leather Jacket while Mike was in his Blue Trimmed GSA Uniform which of course contrasted with the pink trim on Kendrixís uniform. Robert of course was in a black uniform kind of like Commander Stanton wore those days were as he used to wear a GSA uniform with a Slight Reddish Trim.

"Mike, any problems over in Command Central?" Robert asked.

"Not really. Iím a little skeptical about Skullovitch but Iím sure he will work out well. But itís amazing how good he is when he is away from Bulk and that nutcase professor," Mike said.

"Leo, any idea who might conceivably use which Stratoforce or Centaurus zord if you had to go into battle with them?" Robert asked.

"Not yet. I have Alpha monitoring the Scorpion Stinger to see what Trakeena might be up to. What kind of a ranger did you fight with that time we were helping Trey of Triforia and we had the Stingwinger attack?" Leo asked.

"They were Demona Rangers. IF you are thinking of giving them the job Iíd hold off for a good long time," Robert said.

"Why is that?" Kendrix asked.

"Itís kind of hard to explain," Robert said.

Trakeena meanwhile was holding court with Deviot, Villamax, and Kegler. The bridge had changed since the days when His Royal Ugliness Scorpius had ruled over the ship back when Generals like Furio and Treacheron were practically disposable. OK so the Red Ranger was around to see the demises of both Furio and Treacheron.

"My Queen what is your desire?" Villamax a General from Onyx who trained the Queen in the ways of a Warrior asked.

"Why Revenge against the Red Ranger for murdering my father of course," Trakeena said her arachnid Staff in hand. "You know itís too bad that the Real Magna Defender is dead otherwise he could have thanked Leo for his assistance in destroying my father my father after all did kill the Magna Defenderís son."

"And a noble victory it was. What your father should have done was to destroy the Magna Defender instead of just injuring him for 30 centuries," Kegler said.

A Short time later Robert and Skull were sitting at a table in the Comet Café. Bulk and the professor were off duty but Corey Cuisinart the Former Head cook at Fort Goddard was on a break and he was sitting with the two guys.

"Gene, I find it interesting working with Farkus since he is so dense. I can understand why Bruce used to wipe the floor with you two," Corey said.

"Yeah we were a couple of characters," Skull said. "It wasnít just Bruce that tended to do it. Our own stupidity sometimes got the best of us."

"I can remember a few good ones," Robert said.

"Any idea how Kendrix is coming with more of that book the Corbetts found?" Corey asked.

"Not really. It was probably luck that we learned the truth about those three new zords. Of course Kendrix was mad at I/Oca earlier for not telling her about his finding the info," Robert said.

"I should have figured he would find a clue," Kendrix said as she walked in and sat down.

"Looks like we will need to work on improving communication within the Defense Force," Skull said.

"I agree," Robert said as Kegler and Several Sting Wingers showed up.

"Oh great. Here we go again," Robert said as Skull handled the Evacuation of the Café. The First thing Robert did was to put his Battletogs on while Kendrix pushed her sleeve away from her Transmorpher. Soon as everyone had evacuated Kendrix Went Galactic and the Pink Galaxy Ranger appeared. Corey went into the kitchen to grab some oil. Skull though thought back to the old days when he and Bulk would do their Incredible Bulkster and Super Skull the Boy Wonderful Comedy Act. Skull though was a good port in this storm as he sent a few Sting Wingers packing back to Trakeena. Kegler made an attempt to grab Kendrix but at that moment Corey oiled his step and he went sliding out the door.

"Splash one baddie," Corey said earning a high five from Skull. At that moment Damon and Mike came bounding in Morphed.

"Hate to say it but I think we were a little late," Mike said.

"Not by much all it took was a little oil to prevent a slippery situation," Corey joked in a bad Holmesian accent.

"I noticed as Kegler was leaving when we arrived," Mike said.

"We better be on our toes," Robert said. "IF I know villains this is just the beginning."

"So whatís our next move?" Kendrix asked.

"You will work with your colleagueís over in Science Division along with I/Oca and Larry to get that book translated while I talk to Commander Stanton and High Commander Renier," Robert said. "Mike, you, Gene, Leo, and Bruce are with me."

"SO what do you think of the situation at this time Robert?" High Commander Renier asked in her office shortly after that.

"Let me say this High Commander. Back in my NYPD days I would have been in with the Chief trying to figure out if anyone from the 25th Brigade at Fort Goddard was needed. The closest we had to a problem like this I think was when we had a kidnapping spree and I had to bait a trap. 25th Brigade was brought in for the clean up especially since it was way outside of NYPDís jurisdiction," Robert said.

"Did you undergo the clean-up yourself or as Plastica?" High Commander Renier asked.

"As Plastica of course. Just so you know the 56/25 was not involved in that one," Robert said.

"What about your late wife or The Flitter for that matter?" High Commander Renier asked.

"Jessica was in on the rescue mission. The Flitter didnít come into being until after WE had to go Demona Prime but The Flitters Human Identity did have an important role in the mission. In fact without her the mission might never have taken place," Robert said. "You see The Flitterís human identity fit the model of what Agent Roger Case and I along with NYPD department Heads found was the typical victim."

"I see. SO how did you then bait the trap?" High Commander Renier asked.

At that Moment The Flitter herself flitted in and Powered down.

"Easy this watch was outfitted with a homing device. When I was kidnapped during that spree I had to use a special procedure to activate it," Stephanie said.

"Stephanie, what brings you here?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Trouble in the Forest Dome. I came here to get my dad, Mike and Leo. Trakeena has sent a Monster," Stephanie said.

"Guys, what say we Take The Express Shuttle," Robert said.

"Sounds good," Bruce said.

"Time to Flit," Stephanie said. The ADF people then grabbed her wings after she flared them out. She then went into a flit returning to the Dome where The Other Rangers along with Dan and Pete were waiting.

"ADF Charge," Robert said.

"Go Galactic."

"Magna Power."

"Showtime Plastica style."

"We call upon the Powers of Martal."




"So I see you rangers decided to show up," The Monster said.

"Hey we canít very well disappoint our public," Plastica said.

"Oh well It will simply make your demise that much sweeter." The Monster said.

"Up Yours," Dan said.

"You said it Dan," Kai said.

Shortly after that Several Vehicles Arrived carrying troops from the Garrison along with others from the 25th Brigade now in Battle Togs Skull in Command of the 2nd wave.

"This is becoming Easier. Now you Plastica look like the guy who likes oxymoronís like Jumbo Shrimp," The Monster said as he decided to Grow.

"I hereby Call For The Armatron and Supersized Battle Armor."

"Galactabeasts arise," Leo called.

"Torozord Charge," Mike in his Magna Defender Armor Called.

The Rangers and Plastica then went into Action against the Monster. Finally Maya decided to bring out some additional Artillery.

"Stratoforce Centaurus activate," Maya called out.

The Zenith Carrierzord then brought in the additional equipment needed to Undergo a first rate Attack. Finally Stratoforce used his boomerang to take out the Monster. A Bunch of Sting Wingers had tried to attack during all this but Skull had the 25th Brigade along with the Terra Venture Garrison take those out.

A Short time later Robert and his advisors including Skull met back up with Commander Stanton and High Commander Renier.

"You all did good today. I was watching the battle on the Monitors. Mr. Skullovitch Glad to have you aboard," High Commander Renier said.

Closing Notes

Key to notes

* In previous fanfics I referred to High Commander Renier as Commissioner Sanford because I didn't know her name.

** 56/25 translates out to 56th of the 25th in other words the 56th (Ranger) Battalion of the 25th (Steel) Brigade.

Now I know I went a little out of Canon with having Skull in this fanfic but in my series Skull Stowed away aboard the Steel Hawk when it rendezvoused with Terra Venture. His first appearance was in my fanfic Mud in Your Eye which was the 3rd to last fanfic of the New Adventures of Plastica and Headset Life on Terra Venture.