Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
A Spooktacular Time
by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: This doesnít necessarily have to do with Halloween but if you looked at the beginning you would see why I titled it that. This takes place between TO The Tenth Power and The Power of Pink so Cassie and Kendrix are still in good shape. What Iíd like to know is why To the Tenth Power didnít include Zhane after all he is a ranger and where was Androsís sister hiding.

A few hours after the battle with the Psycho Rangers Andros of KO-35 was walking with his super close friend Ashley Hammond when he saw Two people in Dark Uniforms chatting at a table in an outdoor cage.

"Ash, watch this," Andros whispered as he walked up to the table and placed his hands on the shoulders of one of the individuals.

"What the," The individual said as he jumped out of his chair about Twenty feet in the Air and quickly hit a button on the device attached to his left wrist before undergoing a quick change and landing as Plastica. Andros was laughing hysterically.

"Andros, that wasnít funny," Plastica said.

"Youíre right it wasnít funny it was downright hysterical," Andros said. Ashley just rolled her eyeballs while Commander Ned Stanton the other Dark Uniformed individual looked on with his arms crossed.

Plastica then powered down to reveal his Human form of Robert Gutheim the head of the Alpha-1 Defense Force.

"Andros, stuff like that I thought was Zhaneís department," Robert said.

"Normally it is but I couldnít resist. How is Jessica doing?" Andros asked.

Robert glared at him.

"Did I say something wrong?" Andros asked.

"Sorry Andros but Jessica was killed in action during a battle against Scorpius," Robert said.

"How did she die?" Andros asked.

"We were trying out some new fighters that I/Oca had developed when The Scorpion Stinger opened fire. The Minute Things heated up I ordered the pilots to change and Form Up. Just as Jessica finished powering up a blast hit her ship. It happened too quickly to teleport her out," Robert said.

"IS the rest of your gang here?" Ashley asked.

"Yes they are. They came aboard the Space Hawk which is in the same hangar as your old ship," Robert said.

"What happened to the Raven?" Andros asked.

"Destroyed in Battle Against Scorpius. Jessica, Alpha, along with Kendrix where aboard her at the time," Robert said. "I was in battle using Supersized Battle Armor," Robert said.

"Was this the battle when Jessica died?" Ashley asked.

"No this was much earlier on before I even knew I/Oca was aboard. How long has it been since we saw each other?" Robert asked.

"Last time was out by Fort Goddard during the riot when WE were attending Woodstock," Ashley said.

"Would you believe the New York State Thruway Authority tried to send me the bill for the damage that the Riotank did to the Thruway when I responded. I marked it Return to Sender and sent it right back to them," Robert said. "OK so shortly after the Riot at Griffis they finally got the stupid budget passed."

Right after that Three other similarly dressed individuals came walking up.

"Robert, fancy seeing you here," Carlos said.

"Carlos, you are a sight for sore Tricorder Eyes," Robert said.

"Who exactly are your friends?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Commander, This is Andros, Carlos, T.J., Ashley Hammond, and Cassie Chan. They happen to be part of the 56th Ranger Battalion. This Platoon fought in the Battle for Domination and won," Robert said. "This Bureaucrat is Commander Ned Stanton the GSA Garrison head."

"Even if it did mean that our long time Mentor Zordon lost his life," Andros said.

"Andros, no one is truly immortal," Robert said. "You did what you had to do. If I had been in your shoes I would probably have done the same thing."

At that Moment Casey Circuit and T.J. Lynch (Not to be confused with the Ranger T.J.) came walking by,

"Whoa, those guys over there arenít they the Astro Rangers?" Casey asked.

"I think so but I thought they were still on Earth. Their ship is here so how did they get here?" Red Cross (File Name T.J. Lynch) asked.

"Something is definitely up. According to the News the Psycho Rangers are back," Casey said.

"Maybe itís because of the Psycho Rangers that the Astro Rangers are here," Red Cross said. "Hey T.J. how is everything?"

"Great T.J. How is everything for you here in Terra Venture?" T.J. asked.

"Cosi Cosi," Red Cross said. "Itís different then Earth thatís for sure."

"Guys, what say we have a big Reunion Dinner aboard the Space Hawk. Iíll invite Leo and the other Galaxy Rangers," Robert said.

"Sounds good," Andros said. "Your Powerband looks different."

"New Design that A couple GSA types developed with I/Ocaís help. They based it on your morphers," Robert said. "This design is the standard these days for all Powereons."

A Short time later everyone gathered together aboard the Space Hawk with Corey doing the cooking. Alpha of course was busy discussing Galactic Politics with Andros and Zhane.

"SO there I was talking to Commander Stanton when a couple Hands decided to rest on my shoulders. I must have jumped almost to the top of the Command Dome Before I powered up and landed only to find a piece of Kerovian Sludge laughing worse then the Pink Demona Rangers Spirit Animal," Robert said.

"Where are the Demona Rangers from?" Andros asked.

"Itís a long story and I donít think I should tell you," Robert said. "To tell the story could be disastrous."

"For the record I wasnít laughing that much," Andros said.

"Could have fooled me," Ashley said.

While this was going on Carlos and Damon were Arm Wrestling. Just as Stephanie Flitted in Carlos sent Damonís Arm to the Ground.

"No fair Stephanie had me distracted with her flashy entrance," Damon said.

"Stephanie, I thought you were camping out in the Mountain Dome tonight with Jody, Wang Chung, and the kids from Mirinoi," Robert said.

"Two reasons I came by. One I wanted to see the Former Rangers. Two Sting Wingers," Stephanie said after powering down.

"Crud," Carlos said.

"Alpha-1 Defense Force, Charge," Robert commanded as he prepped his Powerband.

"Go Galactic," Leo, Kendrix, Damon, Maya, and Kai said.

"Letís Rocket," Andros, Ashley, T.J., Carlos, Cassie, and Zhane said.

"Showtime Plastica style," Robert said as he utilized the P button.

"Magna Power," Mike said.

"Time to Flit," Stephanie said.

The gang then headed for the Battle Field.

"This is something else," Cassie said as she Satellite Stun a Sting Winger While Kendrix next to her Hit one with her Beta Bow. Damon and Carlos meanwhile were having fun Lunar Lancing and Transblasting a few sting wingers. The Rangers all joined forces Color to Color with Zhane Super Silverizing any Sting Wingers that got past The Magna Defender. The Flitter was having Fun driving Villamax and Kegler Batty with her constant Flitting. Plastica in his Barricade Armor Kept Shondra, Miya, Kayla, and Marla out of Danger. The Mirinoi Natives were almost glad to be separated from the Danger.

"Howler, Come Forth," Villamax called.

A Werewolf like monster then appeared.

"Zhane, I think this one is yours," Plastica joked.

"What makes you say that?" The Silver Ranger asked.

"Maybe because they say that Silver Bullets are the only thing that can stop a werewolf," Plastica said.

The Monster though kept well away from the Silver Ranger and his partner instead going after Maya and Ashley.

"This guy is something else," Ashley said.

"Galaxy Rangers Form Up," Leo called.

The Galaxy Rangers then lined up with one Arm Raised.

"Lights of Orion Activate," They said.

Their Supplemental Armor then came forth and their Swords were Augmented.

"Whoa, wish we had powers like that," Cassie said.

"I agree Pink Ranger," A Voice said.

"Phantom," Cassie said.

This should prove simple," Howler said as he attempted to bite through the Black Rangers suit.

"I donít think so," Carlos said as he twisted the Monsters arm and pushed his head back.

"Allow me Black Ranger," The Flitter said as she appeared.

"Thanks Flitter," Carlos said.

"Wish we had some decent Air Support," Zhane said.

"I think I know where I can get some," Plastica said.

"Then Get it," Andros said.

Plastica knew it would be risky summoning Kim and Tyra from the Future.

"Unfortunately there is Risk involved but I have an idea," Robert said. "701 to 712-714."

"713, something up Big P?" Pete asked.

"Grab Bruce and Dan and get yourselves to the Mirinoin camp in the Mountain Dome on the Double," Plastica ordered.

"You got it Boss," Pete said.

"701 to 703, 715, 718," Plastica said.

"718 Go boss," Matt Muskel responded.

"Grab some Demona Fighters and Rendezvous with me here," Plastica said.

"Right away boss," Matt said.

"What is a Demona Fighter?" Andros asked.

"Small One manned fighter WE have Twenty some but one was lost when Jessica died," Robert said. "Some improvements have been made since then."

"Like what?" Andros asked.

"Better Shielding," Plastica said.

Right after that the Practitioners of Martal arrived and started to attack. The Battle had just started to reach something close to a Climax when the Werewolf decided to grow up.

"Crud," Carlos said.

"Torozord, Charge," Magna Defender said.

"Galactabeasts arise," The Galaxy Rangers called out.

"WE need Astro Megazord Power Now," The Astro Rangers said.

"Galactazord Transform," Kendrix led.

"Galaxy Megazord Power," she said soon after that.

"Defender Torozord," Magna Defender said.

Shortly after that Three Megazordís came into being. They worked to keep Howler at bay but he was just too tough,"

"Man Sue and her teammates could take this guy out with the SuperZord," Plastica said.

"Stratoforce Centaurus Arise," Maya called out.

The two zord sets then converged and combined into Two Extra Megazords. Even Zenith was ready for Action.

"Whoa, These guys are well stocked," Cassie said.

"Hey if you counted the Astro Megazord and Delta Megazord separately then the Mega Voyager and Mega Winger we had Four Megazords," Zhane said.

"Yeah but we usually didnít use them all at one time except for the Asteroid problem that Darkonda caused," Ashley said. "Besides we usually combined the Astro and Delta Megazords."

"This is something else," Miya said as An Orion Charged Saber Slash sent Howler back to the pound.

Later that Day Shondra and the Younger Girls both from Terra Venture (Stephanie, Jodi, and Wang Chung) and Mirinoi (Kayla, Miya, and Marla) along with the Astro Team and Karone stood with Maya as they chatted with the Galactabeasts.

"IT is like so neat Maya how you can communicate with them," Karone said.

"It takes practice to really do it well. Iím working on teaching Leo but itís slow," Maya said.

"I still canít believe I was able to get Robert to jump so high," Andros said.

"Your lucky he didnít on you when he came down," Ashley said.

The Wildcat Galactabeast said something that Maya Translated.

"HE was saying how he is glad to make all of yours acquaintance," Maya said.

Closing Notes

This one is more like a Ficlet since it is so short. Even if Zhane and Karone didnít appear in To The Tenth Power I was working along the lines that They would be wherever Andros was after all Zhane is his best friend and Karone is his sister. The bit during Woodstock is the subject of a Standalone called Where Peace and Love Collapse which I had written the Night after Woodstock í99 ended.

The End