Disclaimer: if you want you can consider this to sort of be reactions part 2 since it opens right after Reactions ended. In the show it starts up shortly after Protect the Quasar Saber ends. IF Saban doesnít own it then I do.

Power Rangers Alpha One Defense Force
Kerovian Pink
by Robert Gutheim

"Even without the transmorpher it is great to see you Karone. I take it Andros and the Astro Rangers are back on Terra Venture," Robert said.

"No I came back with my teammates. I find it strange since I used to be Astronema to be a ranger now," Karone said.

"The circumstances are slightly different but you arenít the first former servant of evil to become and a ranger and you wonít be the last," Robert said.

"Who else did you know to have gone from evil to good?" KArone asked.

"Both Tommy Oliver and Kat Hillard who were part of the 56th ranger battalion a unit which you Karone can now consider yourself to be a member of. Iíll try to make sure that you meet any important people from the ADF later. I think the Griffis battle was the first time we fought alongside each other instead of as enemies," Robert said,

"I know. Robert, just so you know Maya told me about Jessicaís death. Iím kind of glad that I didnít have anything to do with it," Karone said.

"So am I Karone," Robert said as Stephanie attempted to Flit past the door.

"Nice try Stephanie," Robert said shortly before she walked in.

"SOmehow I thought Iíd be able to sneak past you," Stephanie said.

"Didnít work though," Robert said. "This a social visit or is Trakeena up to something?"

"I was on my way to Sara Brodyís room since Sara, Jodie, and I have a project to work on for school. I donít know why but I figured on taking the express to get there," Stephanie said.

"I doubt Powermatic would enjoy you using your powers for that purpose," Robert said.

"Dad, you use your tricorder eyes all the time to check on the status of dinner," Stephanie said.

"Yeah but I donít have to power up to do it," Robert said.

"Iím totally lost here," Karone said.

"Karone, this is my daughter Stephanie better known as THe Flitter. Karone happens to be mister shoulder grabber Androsís sister," Robert said.

"Andros did tell me about your super leap after he had sneaked up behind you when they were aboard the station," Karone said. "If Ecliptor or Darkonda or even Elgar had done that to me they would have regretted it."

"You knew the bad guys," Stephanie said since she didnít know about Karoneís past as Astronema.

"Yeah I did. In fact I used to be one of the worst villains around. Are your friends anyone important?" Karone asked.

"You could say that. Sarahís Grandpa sits on High Command and Jodieís dad is Commander Stanton the GSA Head," Stephanie said.

"Whoa you are one politically connected Kid," Karone joked.

"Sometimes I find it useful. On the weekends a lot of times Jodie, my cousin Wang Chung, and I go camping in the Mountain Dome with a few Mirinoins who set up a camp there. IF you want sometime you could join us," Stephanie said.

"Sounds like fun. I havenít been camping since I was a kid on KO-35. Andros, Zhane, and I used to have fun trying to scare Commander Kinwonís daughter," Karone said. "How good a cook is Kai normally his Chicken ala Kai needed a little work."

"I make it a rule not to eat anything Kai cooks in fact when ever the rangers invite my family and I over for dinner I always ask who is cooking and if they say that Kai is I look for a good excuse to weasel out of it. My sister in law Ali is a first class cook. In fact she gave Maya and Shondra a few lessons but Kai chicken ala kaiíd out," Robert said just before Stephanie left.

"Steph, let me know when youíre going camping next," Karone called out to her.

"I will Karone," Stephanie said.

"Karone, tell you what how about if tomorrow night you come over to my place for dinner. Ali generally comes over to make sure that I get a good meal and she usually brings her daughter Wang Chung along," Robert said.

"Sounds good. Iím looking forward to it," Karone said.

A Short time later Karone was walking down a street when She passed the Randolph Brothers. Dan almost started drooling as She walked by.

"Whoa, where did she come from?" Dan asked.

"For some reason she looks familiar. Iím sure weíve encountered her before?" Bruce said.

"Yeah back on Earth. Her name is Karone. Her brother is one of the Guys who helped us back during the Woodstock Riots," Pete said.

"I wonder if she remembers me?" Dan asked.

"Probably not," Pete said.

Dan then walked up to her.

"Hey Astronema whatís up," Dan asked as a joke.

"Who is your commanding officer so I can report you?" Karone asked.

"For what?" Dan asked.

"Insulting a lady," Karone said.

"Iím Dan Randolph Iím assigned to the 25th Brigade which is part of the Alpha One Defense Force."

"Then we have the same commanding officer since Iím with the 56th Battalion which is also part of the Alpha One Defense Force," Karone said. "Next time you call me Astronema Iím going to hurt you bad."

"Karone, Dan was trying to joke around," Pete said as he and Bruce walked up.

"Well Iíd prefer that my past as Astronema isnít made publicly known since a few people might have lost relatives to my evil alter ego," Karone said.

"Iíll make sure that Dan behaves. I sit on the advisory board for the ADF so Iíll inform the boss of his diarrhea of the mouth," Bruce said. "Iím Bruce by the way and this is Pete WE fought together back at Woodstock but everyone had helmets on."

Karone then went for a walk eventually coming across the Comet Café which she entered. Bulk was working along with Kitchenca. Karone walked over and sat at the bar.

"You new here or something?" Bulk asked.

"Yeah I just moved here. Itís certainly different then anywhere else Iíve been. Is the food good here?" Karone asked.

"Yes it is," Mike said as he walked over. "In fact the cooks are better then Kai."

"Good. My Commanding Officer invited me to dinner tomorrow night and his daughter invited me to go camping sometime," Karone said.

"Say werenít you at Woodstock during the Riots?" Kitchenca asked.

"Yes I was with my brother and his friends. WE helped out a unit from Fort Goddard," Karone said.

"I know I was one of the guys who responded. Did you know Robert is pretty high up?" Kitchenca asked.

"Yeah he is my Commanding Officer," Karone said.

"Karone just so you know Corey here is with the ADF so you can safely show him your left arm," Mike said. "Bulk, why donít you take a break for a few minutes."

"Sounds good Mr. 2nd in Command," Bulk said. Soon as he was out of range Karone placed her left arm on the counter to reveal her Transmorpher.

"Whoa, when did this happen?" Kitchenca asked.

"Last battle. After the kind of life I used to live it surprised me," Karone said.

A Short time later Karone was sitting on the Bridge of the Astro Megaship with Alpha next to her talking to Andros.

"You said something about having some super news for me," Andros said.

"You bet Andros. What is the one thing you wouldnít expect to happen to the former Queen of Evil?" Karone asked.

"I donít know," Andros said.

Karone then Morphed over the Comm unit. Androsís mouth fell wide open.

"I think that would be it," Andros said. "I was wondering if they had found a replacement for Kendrix. I just didnít think it would be my sister. Does Robert know you are even on Terra Venture?"

"I made my manners at his office. When I met his daughter he told her that I was mister shoulder grabber Androsís sister. What even possessed you to pull it off as it is?" Karone asked.

"His back was turned. Iím probably lucky I didnít set his proximity sensors off," Andros said.

"The way you said he jumped up you probably did. My first battle was just the rangers. I canít wait for a battle with the entire Defense Force. One of the Randolph Boys insulted me by calling me Astronema. One of his brothers told me he would inform Robert of his transgression," Karone said.

"If I get a chance Iíll have your things forwarded to Terra Venture so you will have something normal to wear," Andros said.

"Might not be a bad idea Andros, tell the others I said Hi," Karone said.

A Short time later Karone was walking along a stretch of beach in the Ocean Dome. She kept a nice leisurely walk when Stephanie walked over with Wang Chung and Jodie Stanton.

"Stephanie, how is everything?" Karone asked.

"Good. I didnít expect to see you here," Stephanie said.

"I figured a walk by the shore would do me some good. I see you have a couple friends with you," Karone said.

"My mirror image is my cousin Wang Chung. The other girl is Jodie Stanton," Stephanie said.

"Of course Stephanie and I werenít supposed to be cousins but it ended up that way," Wang Chung said.

Karone had a confused look on her face.

"You see Wang Chung and I were separated at Birth," Stephanie said.

"Oh I understand now. Jodie, what is it like being the daughter of someone important like Commander Stanton?" Karone asked.

"Itís pretty good. I admit we donít spend a lot of time together in fact one of the last times we did Trakeena ruined everything. Oh well in the end it convinced my dad to take a day off," Jodie said. "How did you know who my dad was?"

"I mentioned it to her when I was trying to Flit past my dadís office door on my way to Saraís last time," Stephanie said.

"Just so you two know Iím Karone," Karone said.

"My dad mentioned something about our picking up a new colonist which surprised me just as much as Miss Morganís death," Jodie said.

"So you know about me," Karone said.

"Not really. Just so I know what is your last name?" Jodie asked.

"I donít have one Iím not originally from Earth. I was born on KO-35 in the Kerova System but I didnít grow up there," Karone said.

"Where did you grow up?" Jodie asked.

"Iíd rather not discuss it. Itís not fit for young ears," Karone said.

"Karone, who do you think the new Pink Ranger is? I heard a rumor that It used to be Miss Morgan before she died but itís obvious that there is a new one," Jodie said.

"I have no idea," Karone fibbed since she didnít think Wang Chung or Jodie were privy to the rangers identities. "I really should get going. Iíll see you sometime where you are camping."

"See you Karone," Jodie said.

Karone then continued her walk eventually she saw a fairly older woman in a red uniform similar to Robertís.

"Hi there, nice day isnít it," Karone commented.

"That it is, Sometimes I find that it helps to walk along the beach and forget oneís problems. I donít believe weíve met Iím High Councilor Renier."

"Iím Karone Iím sort of new here and havenít had a chance to meet many people," Karone said.

"When did you arrive on Terra Venture?" HC Renier asked.

"Just recently, after Kendrix Morgan died I was on a waiting list for slots and I was chosen and had to take a High Speed Transport out here. My brother used to be a Ranger with the 56th Battalion," Karone said.

"It must have been a really High Speed Transport since we are over Twenty Light Years from Earth," HC Renier said. "Were you on Earth at all during the Battle for Domination?"

"Yeah I was but I kind of wish I hadnít been. I wasnít on the side of the Freedom Fighters trying to prevent Dark Specterís forces from taking over?" Karone said. "You see I used to be Astronema."

"Karone, how can you live with yourself that way?" Renier asked.

"It isnít easy. Ever since The Battle for domination and my returning to my old self from Astronema Iíve tried to live down my past. Coming here is part of my personal therapy to get myself through my post Astronema life," Karone said.

"Iíd be careful since a few people remember that time and They might not want to know that someone among them was responsible for all that," Renier said.

"The weird thing is a few people remember me from when my brother his friends and I attended the 1999 30th anniversary concert of the Original Woodstock when Riots broke out. What was weird is since they were in Helmets I didnít recognize them. At least they recognized me as Karone and not Astronema," Karone said.

"How did they happen to be there?" Renier asked.

"They were called in from their base. It was so neat My Brother his friends and I were fighting Away trying to get the riot broken up when they cam rolling in With Robert in his Powereon Form in a huge tank. Thankfully by morning everything was over," Karone said.

"I certainly remember reading about that. It was the last one if I remember correctly. The whole idea of peace and love was lost that day," Renier said.

"Iíve enjoyed our talk but I should be going," Karone said as Villamax appeared with some Sting Wingers.

"Oh great. This isnít good," Karone said. She then started to do a Jump kick at Villamax himself while The High Councilor ducked to avoid getting hit with the Scythe arms on the Sting Wingers. Thankfully Dan Randolph was nearby.

"I call upon the powers of Martal," Dan called out. "Karatcho."

Danís Terra Venture outfit with his Gi and Belt then disappeared and in itís place was his Uniform of Black (Chest) White (Arms) and Gray (Legs) and his red masked face. He then went into battle using every weapon he could grab since his hand to hand skills werenít the best. His arrival in the Battle allowed Karone to disappear for the few minutes needed for her to find a secluded spot.

"Guys, trouble at Zordon Beach," She called over her transmorpher communicator,"

"Weíre on it Karone," Leo said.

Karone then went into her Stance.

"Go Galactic," She screamed before morphing into the Pink Ranger. She then went back into Battle using her Quasar Saber.
"Decided to come out of your hole you pink traitor," Villamax asked.

"Someone has to stop your kind Villamax," Karone said as the other Rangers showed up. "Might I point out that it was your kind that caused the death of my predecessor and that caused me to become a traitor in the First Place."

"Hate to say it Villamax but this is where you get off," Kai said.

By this time a couple GSA guards had taken the High Councilor to safety.

"How would you like to meet a friend of mine," Villamax said as a Monster appeared.

"Greetings Rangers," The Monster said. (This particular one looked like a cross between the Pine Octopus, Billy the Squid, and Moby Dick.)

"You wonít be laughing for long Gill breath," Leo said. "Lights of Orion Activate."

The Rangers then Switched to their Orion Armor and Weapons including special Orion enhanced Transdaggers. After a few minutes of battle the Rangers went to Power Up Mode and managed to fillet the Monster.

"That was close," Karone said after the monster was destroyed.

The Rangers then kept close so they could make sure that the monster was in deed destroyed.

"Power Down," They said after they were sure the Monster was destroyed.

"That was close," Kai said. "Karone you free for a team dinner tomorrow night?"

"Sorry but the boss already invited me," Karone said.

"Oh something wrong with my cooking?" Kai asked.

"Iím not going to answer that one," Karone said.

The Following Night Karone walked into An apartment on Terra Venture wearing an outfit a little better then her usual leather outfit.

"You must be Karone, Iím Ali," Ali said. "You of course know the Kids," She said indicating where Stephanie and Wang Chung were joking around.

"You are highly accurate in your assessment," Karone said. "Where is Robert Hiding?"

"He is in a meeting with his advisors. HE should be here soon," Ali said.

Half an hour later a small beeping sound was heard. When Karone opened it she saw Jodie along with four other girls. Three of them were Kayla, Marla, and Miya the young girls who had escaped Furioís wave on Mirinoi while the other girl had Dark Curly hair.

"For the record Stephanie and Wang Chung invited their friends but Robert knows they are coming," Ali said.

The last girl turned out to be Sara Brody the granddaughter of Councilor Brody with High Command. Robert arrived just as the girls were walking in.

"Karone, you will never guess who your mysterious savior was during that battle yesterday when you were talking to High Councilor Renier," Robert said.

"Who was he," Karone asked.

"That was Dan Randolph, he and his brothers Bruce and Pete are the Practitioners of Martal," Robert said.

"Figures. I had heard of them but I thought they were merely a legend and didnít actually exist," Karone said.

"All the time I knew them on Earth and I thought they were normal individuals. It wasnít until they arrived on Terra Venture that I learned the truth," Robert said. "Not a good time for the group.í

"Why was that?" Karone asked.

"Stephanie, Wang Chung and I had been captured by Scorpiusís goons and taken to his ship. All the time we were on their ship I kept waiting for the Flitter to show up," Jodie said.

"But I thought Stephanie was The Flitter," Karone said.

"My powerband had been entrusted with my mom until itís owner could be found and like your typical curious kid I grabbed it thinking it was my dadís suit changer. When I saw him and Kendrix change into their alter egos I realized it wasnít his so I used it. When I didnít actually need it at first I kept it where she could find it. As a result I didnít have my powerband with me when we were captured also even if I had I wouldnít have been able to use it. Next thing I know My mom along with Your buddy and his brothers showed up to free us. Mom then handed me my powerband commenting on how she felt I might need it. I then powered up for the First time where my identity was going to be known," Stephanie said.

After Dinner Karone got together with the kids and they made plans to go camping that weekend.

Closing Notes

Almost needed Muse Intervention on that one. Anyone notice how the Pink Rangerís first name either starts with the letter K or in Cassieís case has the sound of a K.. There is one other Pattern and Iíll clue you in. Trini, Aisha, Tanya, Ashley, broken by Maya.

The End