Power Rangers Demona
A Day in the Life of A Ranger

by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: The concept is owned by Haim Saban but I own the characters except for the idea behind Alpha IX since his predecessors Alpha V and Alpha VI are Saban Characters from Alpha V (MMPR and PRZ) and Alpha VI (PRT, PriS, PRLG). This takes place starting the night immediately following the events of A Gray Day when the Gray Ranger was introduced.

It was late at night and Jim Blackwell was trying to sleep. The previous day had been in his opinion strange starting with Goldar capturing him and then his being forced to become The Gray Ranger and a servant of Haradomous the resident bad guy. Then a Mysterious Stranger cleansing his soul of evil and his discovering that his Girl Friend Kim Coltran was the White Ranger. He was then given a ring with all sorts of strange powers by the Stranger and only after he left was he revealed to be the Red Rangerís grandfather. Just as he was drifting off to sleep he saw a small head pop up in front of him.

"Hello," The person said.

"How did you get in here?" Jim asked.

"Through the door," T.J. said.

"Remind me to make sure that my door has a functioning lock at some point," Jim noted.

"Hate to say it Kid but there is no way you are crashing in my room tonight," Jim said.

"Why?" T.J. asked.

"For one thing Iím not about to let you," Jim said. "Does your mom know that you are here. In the Bunker that is?"

"Yes she knows," T.J. said.

At that moment Tyra Johnson woke up in her own room of the Bunker and noticed the toddler was missing. Her first move was to contact the War Room where Alpha VIII was working the night shift.

"Something up Tyra?" Alpha asked.

"Have you seen T.J. lately?" Tyra asked.

"Face to Face not since the Rally earlier up here but I can probably find her on the sensors. Iím picking two readings up in the room we just assigned to Jim," Alpha said.

"Might be Kim who knows," Tyra said.

"Except Kim is in her quarters," Alpha said.

"Iíll look into it," Tyra said as she grabbed a Bath Robe to wear over her Yellow nightclothes. Within a minuteís time she was outside the Gray Rangerís room. She then signaled

"Yeah who is it," Jim called out.

"Jim, itís Tyra you asleep?"

"I wish I sort of have an unwelcome visitor right now," Jim said.

"I know I noticed her missing," Tyra said.

Jim then opened his door. Tyra could just see T.J. trying to hide in Jimís closet.

"Not so Fast," Tyra said as she walked over and placed one hand on T.J.ís shoulder.

"I take it you know her family," Jim said. "Why do her parents let you bring her to the bunker?"

"Jim, the reason T.J. is living in the Bunker of all places is because she is my daughter," Tyra said as she carefully picked T.J. up.

"Your daughter," Jim said.

Tyra then nodded but didnít take the time to explain the entire story instead she walked out of the room.

The next morning Jim slept in a little bit and was surprised when it was nine oíclock upon his finally waking up. He then quickly headed for the Lounge where a synthetron was located when he walked in he noticed how his fellow male rangers were sitting at a table and other then that the lounge was empty.

"Drew where are the others?" He asked.

"Kim is at work, Sue is upstairs in the War Room, Doc is in her lab, Sasha went to her grandfatherís, Bri and Janet are getting some supplies, Johnsonís are off somewhere Tyra didnít say before they teleported out," Andrew said.

"What about Alpha and the Professor?" Jim asked not used to thinking of him as Powermatic.

"Alpha is recharging since he got stuck with the night shift and I think Powermatic is in the War Room with Sue," Andrew said. "You going to have some breakfast before you go upstairs?"

"Iím not normally much of a breakfast person," Jim said as he headed for the stairs to the Upper Level. AS he walked toward the War Room he passed the Lab where Dr. Stephanie Collington was working away.

"Morning Doc," Jim said.

"Oh morning Jim. Just so you know Sue is waiting for you in the War Room. I have no idea what she has up her sleeve," Stephanie said.

Soon as he walked into the War Room Sue spotted him.

"Jim, glad to see that youíre finally awake," Sue said.

"Your mom said you were waiting for me," Jim said. "Of course I was on my way here as it is. Where did your uniform come from?"

"Andrew provided everyone with one during a trip to Brakenous Four on Ranger Duties," Sue said. "Just so you know there are two loopholes in the Ranger Code when it comes to keeping our identities a secret."

"What loopholes?" Jim asked.

"For one thing we get discounts on our food at the Youth Center also since we live down here we took the time to let our families know of our being Rangers," Sue said.

"How often do we travel to other planets?" Jim asked.

"Itís rare that we do. The only reason we went to Brakenous Four is Haradomous had killed all the Brakenien Wind Guardians who were actually on Brakenous Four a year or so prior to our traveling there and then ran into a problem with a villain named Fedulan. The Planetary Leader contacted Powermatic and we took a ship out there and assisted the Brakeniens with their problem. Andrew ended up placing the Villain under arrest and it was a quick mop up from there. In case you are wondering Andrew came to us from the IGPF. The ship had a crew of ten going out but only nine on the return," Sue said.

"Who did we lose?" Jim asked.

"Sueís cousin who for some reason was born with the Powers of a Brakenien Wind Guardian. In fact during the brief time period between when Janet came to Terra Venture to Stay and the Brakenous Four trip Janet and Megan bonded a lot because of their both being the purple part of their powers. In fact About a month after The Rangers traveled there a New Wind Guardian force was posted there by the Ranger Council and Megan was given the job of leading the Wind Guardians," Powermatic said.

"My parents will probably spaze out when I try to tell them about my being a ranger," Jim said.

"You might want to Morph before you go home to your parents. I find it interesting how of any of the rangers My mom has been the most supportive and also has known the longest of any of our parents of my being a ranger," Sue said.

Sue and Jim then used a first Morph and Teleported to the Blackwell Residence where Jim dad was just getting into his Uniform before leaving for work.

"IS there a problem. I wasnít alerted about Haradomous attacking," Mr. Blackwell said.

"No there isnít a problem. Just a routine check," Jim said as he fumbled with his helmet latches but Sue helped him out. Jim then took his helmet off.

"I wondered what happened to you. Your mother noticed how your bed hadnít been slept in," Mr. Blackwell said.

"Mr. Blackwell you must keep Jimís status as a ranger an absolute secret. No one who isnít approved by the Council may know of his identity. The Council did approve of parents knowing which is why he revealed his identity to you," Sue said after removing her own helmet.

"I thought the Gray Ranger was evil," Mr. Blackwell said. "At least thatís what the news said yesterday."

"I was evil but then my soul was cleansed and I came over to the side of good. Just so you know Kim Coltran my girlfriend is also a ranger," Jim said.

"That is a relief. I was worried what she would think if you got called away unless you were somehow able to tell her about your secret life. How come you didnít sleep at home last night?" Mr. Blackwell asked,
"I slept at the base since everyone else was sleeping there," Jim said. "In fact Iím going to see about moving my things down there."

"How long will that take?" Mr. Blackwell asked.

"I have no idea," Jim said. "Iím not even sure where the base is."

"Itís in a secluded part of Capsilon IX," Sue said.

Sue and Jim then went up to Jimís room and they spent a couple hours moving his clothes and so forth down to the Bunker. During all that Andrew had hung two Kerovian Flight Suits in Jimís closet with the proper color shirt. After they finished getting Jim settled they teleported up to their corner in the Youth Center by chance Matt was working the Counter.

"Hey Jim how is everything?" Matt asked.

"Itís doing good. I spent the morning moving out of my parents house," Jim said.

"Where did you move to?" Matt asked.

A Hispanic girl walked by right then so Jim went silent until she had walked by.

"The Command Bunker," Jim whispered to Matt when the coast was clear.

"Kim had clued me in on your being a ranger now and I already set your account to show the proper discount," Matt said. "Or rather Kim did it."

"How is it that we get a discount on our food here?" Jim asked.

"Well Kim kind of started it by secretly programming a button on the register to discount a personís food when it was used and I asked her about it one day only she practically clamed up. Soon as I realized what was up I switched the method after noting now Only Sue Collington, Sasha Stanton, Brianca Chang, Tyra Johnson, Sean Crowning, Dr. Collington, and even Kimís own food was discounted. A Little recollecting clued me in that Sue, Sasha, Brianca, Tyra, Sean, and Kim were most likely the Power Rangers. Because of the service you Rangers Provided I felt that the discount was justified which is why I took out the button and had it automatically give the discount. Especially since only Kim knew who the button was supposed to be used for. Then as Barakus, Andrew, Janet, and now you joined up I added them to the list. Any trouble from Haradomous today?" Matt asked.

"Nothing since Yesterday when he sent the Gray Ranger out. Sue said. "My Grandfather managed to restore him to our side though."

"I thought I heard a rumor that he was in town. You never know when he might show up," Matt said.

"How often does Sueís Grandfather come for a visit?" Jim asked.

"He has only shown up a couple times but literally right before last Christmas which was before Janet returned and my cousin was still with us We all ended up going to visit him. It was the first time we fought alongside him and it was on his turf. We were helping Matt Decorate the Youth Center when we were sucked into one of his portals. Sashaís grandfather used to command the GSA detachment and through that the colony and there was a chance that we might run into him so When ever we visit the past Sasha uses the last name of Mitchell," Sue said.

"How did you manage to identify the point in time where you were when you exited the portal?" Jim asked.

"Easy, We ran into my mother," Sue said. "It was far enough into the past that she was a lot younger. By chance it was shortly after my grandmother had died in battle and Neither my mom nor my grandfather were using their powers while they dealt with the loss of my grandmother."

"As it is Robert tried to order a beer of all things the last time he had stopped by," Kim said as she came out of the ladies room. She didnít have her flight suit jacket on since she was at work but She did have the rest of it on.

"When was this?" Jim asked.

"Shortly after the Brakenous IV trip. But at the time we only had the two basic morphs OF our Demona Morph and our secondary Ninja Morph. At some point you will have to have your secondary morph activated since your need both your Primary Demona and your secondary Ninja powers to undergo the Third Morph which is Eclipsed," Kim said. "How Janet discovered it I donít know. Fitting you we didnít really need to use anything higher then the various Megazords but Janet designed several real neat configurations that we use sometimes."

"How often do you all wear those silly Flight suits?" Jim asked. "I saw that someone had put a couple in my closet."

"It depends, Andrew wears his a lot and I generally wear mine in fact my jacket is in the rear. Last time I saw Janet wear hers was after she and Andrew teleported from the Wholesale Club to the bunker and landed in the pool. She changed into her flight suit before she and Andrew raided the GSA commissary," Kim said.

"Yeah right before I used our third morph for the first time. Man was Scornia giving me a hard time that day," Janet said as she and Brianca sat down.

"I got lost somewhere," Jim said.

"Scornia was Haradamousís original General but then Andrew arrested her and he brought in Goldar. The day I used the third morph for the first time is because Scornia kept showing up. She showed up at the Wholesale Club and since Andrew and I couldnít morph we ended up getting pretty messed up in the baking goods aisle. Man we left the aisle a mess before we got done. If Andrew and I hadnít gotten soaked teleporting into the air over the pool and landing in the pool then I would have needed a shower," Janet said. It was after the trip to the commissary that I ended up morphing."

"Jim yesterday when you screamed I used the third morph to investigate your disappearance," Kim said.

"Brianca who are you dating?" Jim asked.

"Tyra and I are unattached right now," Brianca said. "When I was at the Triforian Academy I sort of dated Barakus but he started dating Sasha after he arrived here. Andrew got attracted to Janet after she whispered Gearheads in my ear. And Sean and Sue are pretty heavy."

"That would have been something to see. Janet trying to get you to panic I mean," Jim said.

"It was trust me. If anything the look on Briancaís face was a Kodak Moment," Janet said.

"So was what I did to Haradomous yesterday when he first tried to make me his evil servant," Jim said.

"What did you do to him?" Sue asked.

"I sent about a quarter cup of salivary juice at him," Jim said.

"If you ask me that took a lot of guts," Janet said. "Sue remember that time Mechinack sent the Gearheads our way when I was visiting?"

"Yeah I remember it. We were heading for Briancaís with Sasha when they attacked us. If Sue and Sasha hadnít been there then letís face it I would have morphed right away since Brianca would have known I was a ranger," Janet said.

"If I had thought of it I would have put a good morph into motion before Tyra and Sean arrived. Kim remember shortly before you joined the team when you Brianca and I were attacked heading for your house?" Sue asked.

"Yeah, It was scary. AS it is right after Powermatic and your mom gave me my morpher I used my first opportunity to rescue you and Brianca," Kim said.

"Then you headed off and when we had to take to our zords you showed right back up in your zord," Sue said.

"This is one interesting bunch," Jim said. "IF you all donít mind Iím going to slip off."

"Not a problem see you back at base," Kim said.

Jim then headed for the corner that Sue had quickly pointed out. He then teleported down to the War Room of the Bunker.

"Jim how is everything you get all moved in ok?" Alpha asked.

"Yes Sue helped me and Andrew helped a little putting a couple Flight suits in my closet when I wasnít looking," Jim said. "Anyone around?"

"Tyra, T.J., Sasha, and Barakus are in the Snack Bar," Alpha said. "Doc had a doctorís appointment and Powermatic is around somewhere."

Jim then made his way to the Snack Bar. His first site was the mess on T.J.ís face.

"Man T.J. Iíve seen Dogs with cleaner faces after eating," Jim said.

"She is a messy eater thatís for sure," Tyra said. "If your hungry There is a huge thing of Soy Noodles in the refrigerator assuming Andrew didnít eat them all."

"Where do you get those?" Jim asked.

"Brianca makes them fresh. When we went to Brakenous Four we were deprived of them for most of the trip," Sasha said. "The ship we use for interplanetary travel originally didnít have a kitchen but Andrew outfitted it with one so that Brianca could make her noodles."

"Barakus, youíre from Triforia right?" Jim asked.

"Yes I am. Wasnít quite lucky enough though," Barakus said.

"What do you mean?" Jim asked.

"I was the second born son of King Trey. My older brother got the Gold," Barakus said.

"Yeah but at least you managed to get Titanium," Sasha said.

"My dad last time I spoke to him was pleased that I was some type of a metallic ranger. When I originally came here it was simply to visit Brianca and yet I ended up staying," Barakus said.

"Sasha, you feel up to some quick baby-sitting?" Tyra asked.

"Sure, where are you headed?" Sasha asked.

"I have something Iíd like Jim to assist me with," Tyra said.

Soon as they were out of earshot.

"Tyra, how difficult is it to activate my ninja powers?" Jim asked.

"Itís not too difficult. In fact we are on our way so you can do it," Tyra said.

Ten minutes later Tyra had everything set up and she sent Jim into the Quest


Jimís Quest

Jim found himself in a watery area. He concentrated real hard and noticed a grayish brown shark go by that had vertical stripes. The stripes made it almost look like a tiger.

"That looks like a tiger shark. What does a tiger shark have to do with activating my ninja powers?" Jim wondered.

Jim then came out of the trance

"All I saw was a tigershark?" Jim said.

"Thatís good. Now that you are in tune with the tigershark then you can call upon it when you call upon your ninja powers or Use the third Morph," Tyra said.

"What does a tigershark have to do with my ninja powers?" Jim asked.

"Our ninja powers depend on our being in tune with our spirit animal. In my case itís an elephant, The tigershark is your spirit animal. When you eclipse you call upon your color," Tyra said.

"OK SO I have my full morphing powers both Demona and Ninja, While Haradomous provided me with the ax of despair I hope never to use it again so I hope Plastica gave me a good replacement," Jim said.

"I couldnít tell you but if you talk to Powermatic he might be able to help you out," Tyra said.

"This has been an interesting day so far. At least Haradomous hasnít been after us," Jim said.

"I know. If anything we all need a break from him. Today being quiet and Dr. Collington giving me the day off has been helpful since Iíve been able to spend time with T.J," Tyra said.

"Who do I talk to about getting permission to put a privacy lock on my door so that T.J. doesnít sneak in every night. Once I have permission I could work on it since I know a fair amount about Maintenance."

"I doubt anyone would care. I know Kim has something like that since yesterday Sue had to order her to open up," Tyra said. "That was shortly before you first appeared as the Gray Ranger."

"I did notice that Kim wasnít originally in Battle. Does Haradomous normally take prisoners?" Jim asked.

"Mechinack once took Sue and Brianca prisoner back early on when it was just the five of us. I didnít even have T.J. at that point. The only person besides you that Haradomous has taken prisoner was Dr. Collington while we all were on Demona Prime so that Kim, Sasha, Janet, and I could get our primary powers fixed after Haradomous used a demorphing beam in us. She was his prisoner for two weeks," Tyra said.

"How did Sue manage?" Jim asked.

"Not too well. She actually collapsed from exhaustion at the Youth Center one day," Tyra said. "I ended up sedating her and by luck that afternoon we managed to find a way to teleport Dr. Collington out."

Jim after excusing himself from his third degree of his Yellow shirted teammate headed for the War Room only Powermatic wasnít present. HE took a couple minutes to familiarize himself with the layout of the War Room since Alpha and Stephanie werenít in either. Eventually Powermatic walked back in.

"Jim, glad I caught you. What arrangements have you made to get your Nina powers activated?" Powermatic asked.

"My spirit animal is a tigershark. Tyra and I did it after I got back from the youth center. Since Haradomous created my powers you probably donít know what my main weapon is?" Jim asked.

"I saw that you were using the Ax of Despair but that probably wouldnít be a good weapon now that you are on our side. Last night I went and spoke with Fucilla and described your predicament. The Original Green Ranger Tommy Oliver was evil at first and his powers because of that caused him problems. I wanted to see if we could retune your present powerband or if a new one with true Demona powers was needed. After the others visited there for retuning she had started on a few more powers just in case. If we need more rangers then The main ones would be Tan, Brown, and Orange. I joked how we should send the Orange morpher to Robert as a joke since he at one time held the Orange Morphing powers in conjunction with his Powereon abilities. A Powereon is like Dr. Collington when ever she decides to reactivate her old powerband. She also happened to have a gray ranger power on hand. I took my analysis of your powers and long term your best bet is to switch over to true Demona powers from the modified ones that Plastica gave you," Powermatic said.

"Did you happen to bring the new morpher with you?" Jim asked.

"Itís in the Lab since I wasnít sure if you would want it. The nice thing about the new powers that you and the other three 2nd batch rangers is your powers would be transferable. She is working on retuning the batch one ranger powers so that they also could be transferred. For right now you would not personally control a zord but I spoke to Andrew and he is willing to let you act as a co-pilot for Airtron the Carrier Zord. This is good since sometimes he has to take out the Armatron," Powermatic said. "Eventually Janet will probably design a zord for you."

"Whether I have a zord of my own or not isnít vital. IF I do eventually get a zord of my own I hope for a plane of some type preferably like Kimís plane," Jim said.

"Itís a possibility. Iíll talk to Tyra and Janet about it," Powermatic said.

Jim then headed for the lab where Alpha was doing some dusting.

"Alpha, that morpher that Professor Damon brought back from where ever he got it where about is it. IT contains some replacement powers for my original evil powers," Jim said.

"Itís in the safe over there with a couple H-M powerbands. I better get it," Alpha said as he walked over and opened the safe looking at the four morphers in it for the proper one.

"I take it all the batch two powers are in there," Jim said.

"Yes they are," Alpha said.

Just as Jim strapped on his new morpher giving the old one to Alpha to be destroyed an Alarm went off.

"Of great my former boss has sent Gearheads to the GSA Commissary. Signal the other rangers Alpha Iím on it," Jim said as he looked his morpher over. "Oh what the heck Ninja Ranger Power."

Jim came out of a teleport in his Ninja mode and promptly began kicking some Gearhead behinds. Soon after that he spotted Andrew and Sean coming around the corner in their street clothes. Soon as the coast was clear They morphed Ninja. Before the others could arrive the situation was under control and the three returned to base.

"That was exhilarating. Powermatic brought me a new morpher and Letís face it I canít figure the silly thing out so I was glad I had access to my ninja powers," Jim said.

"Must be the new model morpher that Fucilla came up with," Andrew said. "Fucilla is the current Demona Fuser. She helped develop our powers even though that is usually done by a harnesser. The Demona being from Demona Prime," Andrew said. "The Demona are Powermaticís people."

"I suppose I should ask Powermatic for a couple tips," Jim said.

The Three male rangers then returned to the Bunker.

"I see you three managed," Powermatic said.

"Yes we did. My main problem is figuring out how my morpher operates. Thankfully I had my other powers," Jim said.

"This one allows you to activate your various powers in a stealth mode if needed. Pressing D and enter activates your Demona Powers. If needed N and Enter activates Ninja powers. E is for Eclipsed. What it does is mean that you can activate your powers without letting Goldar hear you," Powermatic said.

"What does this button do?" Jim asked referring to a button marked GSA.

"It allows you to put a GSA battle suit on in an emergency. I doubt you will need to ever use that button," Powermatic said.

A few hours later Jim went back to bed satisfied that he would make a good ranger.

Closing notes. I know this one is a little long and probably a little boring since the only real action was a Gearhead battle but the idea was to develop Jimís character. When and if the other three rangers ever appear I canít say.

The End