Power Rangers Demona
The Triforian Academy
by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: Triforia, Lord Trey and the Concept of the Rangers are Haim Sabanís. Everything else except for the concept of the IGPF is mine. The concept of the IGPF is owned by Ellen Brand who loaned it to me when I was preparing to introduce Andrew Hammond way back in my Fanfic Big Trouble which was ten Fanfics ago. Man itís hard to believe that The Demona Rangers have had Twenty documented adventures so far (counting this one of course).

One day Brianca Chang was waking up from a long night when she saw her message light blinking. She checked her messages and saw that one was marked High Priority.

"Brianca, find me when you get my message, PD," the message said. The PD indicating that it was from Professor Pedro Damon a famed researcher who was also the CEO of Rangertech. Of course both were cover names for Professor Damon was really Powermatic of Demona Prime and Rangertech was a non existent company for Powermatic was the mentor for the Power Rangers Demona which Brianca was one of. She then switched her Powder Blue night clothes for a pair of Blue jeans and a Blue Shirt. She then headed for the War Room of the Command Bunker where Powermatic was sitting in a chair with his feet up on a terminal.

"Something up Powermatic?" Brianca asked.

"How would you like to take a small trip?" Powermatic asked.

"Where to and how long would I be gone?" Brianca asked as her childhood friend Janet Cranston walked in with Janetís fiancée Andrew Hammond right behind her.

"The Triforian Academy. You three would be checking out the students there looking for ideal candidates for assignment to Capsilon IX. I chose you three for this mission for a reason," Powermatic said.

"That being?" Janet asked as she tied her shoulder length Reddish Blond hair back.

"In the case of you and Brianca Janet the fact that you two graduated from an Academy. Iím sending Andrew along to fly the ship," Powermatic said.

"Does Sue know we are going on this mission?" Andrew asked referring to Sue Collington the Red Ranger.

"Yes she does Andrew. I have Alpha prepping your ship for launch," Powermatic said.

"What preparations are being made?" Brianca asked.

"Mainly Fuel and making sure the Hyper Accelerators are working," Powermatic said.

"I better check my kitchen make sure I have sufficient supplies," Brianca said.

You could almost sense Andrewís mouth water since he knew what the Blue Ranger was referring to.

A Short time later Brianca was packing a few supplies including a couple packages of Soy Flour when Kim Coltran and Jim Blackwell walked in.

"Getting ready to make some more noodles?" Jim asked.

"Not really. Andrew, Janet, and I are going on a field trip to my Ranger Alma Mater on official business and I was going to make some noodles while enroute," Brianca said. "Thing is I needed a few supplies since the kitchen on the cruiser was lacking a few key items."

Shortly after that Andrew, Janet, and Brianca boarded their ship. The other Rangers were standing by near the docking bay in their Flight suits which Brianca and Janet had also chosen but Andrew was in a uniform belonging to the Intergalactic Police Force. Within a couple minutes the ship was airborne.

"Any of you know what the specifics of our mission are?" Brianca asked.

"Powermatic briefed me in last night after you two had crashed for the night," Andrew said. "Our powers are looked at as being batch one powers. Jimís powers are from batch two which use the new style morpher for one thing and also batch two powers are inheritable. What this means is that when Jim decides to retire his powers will be able to be transferred to someone new. The other three batch two powers are Brown, Tan, and Orange. The Idea is to give the Brown Powers to a male ranger, the tan to a female ranger, and he would prefer a male ranger for the Orange powers but that one could go either way. What we are to look for is suitable candidates for the remaining three powers. The nice thing about the batch two powers is that we arenít looking for specific people."

"Iíll call ahead and make an appointment with Glendow the Academy Headmaster. He will probably be able to help us. It will probably help that I graduated from the Triforian Academy," Brianca said. "If we find any suitable candidates we will bring them back here feed them some food and also put them in touch with Professor Damon so he can Ďinterviewí them."

"Sounds good Brianca. How much influence do you have with this guy?" Andrew asked.

"I used to attend the Triforian Academy. Powermatic though I think has more influence then I do since he was able to arrange my early graduation right before Mechinack first attacked," Brianca said.

Right after that Brianca headed for the kitchen and started on her noodles. At one point Janet walked in.

"Looking forward to revisiting the Academy. Who knows if we donít have any luck finding what we are looking for at Triforia HE might send us to Eltare next," Janet said.

"IF the quality of the ranger cadets coming out of Triforia today are as good as what was around when I went through I think we will be successful," Brianca said.

Janet watched as her Blue teammate whipped up her famous noodles. Even the rookie on the team enjoyed them.

A short time later Andrew found Brianca looking over some files.

"What are you looking over?" he asked.

"When I contacted Glendow he sent me information on all Five Hundred of the First Level Academy Cadets. For the record My call to him was the first contact that the Demona Rangers had had with him on the subject. I hadnít even called him since literally right after we moved the operations into the Bunker from a lab over in Research and Development. We found that having a base of operations apart of the colony made it easier for us to conduct our business. In the R&D Lab we were always at the risk of someone walking in on a meeting. In fact from what Dr. Collington said Kim shortly before she became a ranger actually walked in on a meeting just as Sean, Tyra, and Sasha had arrived," Brianca said.

"Were you already there?" Andrew asked.

"No I was a prisoner of Mechinack along with Sue" Brianca said. "It was for that reason that The others had been summoned. Why Powermatic waited until later to give Kim her morpher instead of doing it right then is beyond me."

AS Brianca looked over the info she noticed something.

"This one cadet was cut a week ago. I suppose I should sort through this to see who else has been cut," Brianca said.

"A good idea. We want to make sure we bring Powermatic the best rangers we can," Andrew said.

Brianca then ran a small filter When it came back it showed that 62 candidates remained.

"OK so theyíve had the last evaluation. At this point the Ranger candidates will begin the hard core stuff. Now that they have made it this far they have to prove that they deserve to be in the final group," Brianca said. "Every session starts with 500 cadets. After two months they take the Candidates Rank them and then Place a line halfway down. The 250 top candidates continue on a month later it goes to 125. By this time the candidates are halfway through the program. What this means is that by the time itís half over only a quarter of the candidates remain. At this point itís a struggle to prove that you deserve to go through the last Month and a half since midway through this they cut it down to the 62 candidates. Which is where they are now," Brianca said. "Powermatic will be pleased. I lucked out and I was in the top ten throughout my five and half months here."

"SO this class will be graduating in a little more then a month," Andrew said.

"A Triforian Month at least which is from what I can figure the equivalent of a month and a half back home," Brianca said.

"I hope he doesnít plan on our being here the whole time," Andrew said.

"I couldnít tell you," Brianca said.

Meanwhile on Triforia two young humans of Earth Stock were chatting during a meal break.

"Sylvia, any idea where we will be posted?" her twin brother asked.

"I have no idea. According to sources on the Academy Grapevine representatives from a Ranger team on Capsilon IX are enroute. It would be neat to get posting there," Sylvia said.

"Like we have a chance of getting posted there," Her brother said.

"Actually one of the Rangers presently on the team is a graduate of this Academy. I think they have one other person on the team who is an Academy graduate but this one went to The Academy on Eltare," An Instructor said as he looked over the Shoulders of the Two cadets. "Both of them are part of the team heading here along with a Kerovian."

"IS there a chance for someone from here to get selected?" Sylviaís brother asked.

"Hard to say Cadet Hooper. A formal contract hasnít been signed yet," The instructor said as he left.

Sylvia and her brother who was named Grant then continued their discussion. Eventually they met up with their friends Kelly, Samuel, and Francine. All three they had met at the Academy since the Hooper Twins were from Atlanta, Kelly from Angel Grove itself, Samuel from San Diego and Francine was like Brianca and Janet from Central City Iowa.

"Francine, if The delegation from Capsilon IX is looking for recruits you think I should put my name in?" Sylvia asked.

"You could try but letís face it If Headmaster Glendow asked me to put a team together today for deployment I would want you on my team," Francine said.

"Cadet Fitzgerald, you are needed in the Headmasterís office," An administrator said.

"Yes Sir," Francine said as she got up to leave her shoulder length brunette hair moving freely. When she arrived in Glendowís office she was a little surprised.

"Brianca, what brings you here?" Francine asked.

"Not much really Francine. Man Iíve missed this place. AS it is I didnít even go full term," Brianca said.

"Aunt Monique didnít tell my dad anything about youíre getting cut in fact from what she told my dad you were one of the best students," Francine said.

"She was but circumstances were such that she graduated early," Glendow said.

"When I was looking at the list of Cadets in the Final phase I was surprised to find your name listed," Brianca said. "How would you like to have dinner with my friends and I on our ship tonight. You and the Hooper twins of course?"

"Let me check with Grant and Sylvia and see what they think," Francine said. "How long will you and your friends be here?"

"That hasnít been determined," Brianca said.

Francine then headed back to her room which she by chance shared with Sylvia, Grant roomed with Samuel.

"So what did Headmaster Glendow want with you?" Sylvia asked.

"My friend Brianca is in town. She used to go here. In fact she was good friends with a girl named Janet Cranston who went into Rangering at the same time Brianca did but she went to," Francine said. "Eureka."

"Something up?" Sylvia asked.

"Sylvia, Brianca is one of the people here from Capsilon IX. I bet Janet is with her," Francine said. "Her mom is good friends with my Aunt Monique."

"What makes you think the other girl is with her?" Sylvia asked.

"Because Janet went to the Academy that is on Eltare. From what Fachu said the Delegation from Capsilon IX consisted of an alum of this Academy, someone from the Academy on Eltare, and a Kerovian. She invited us to dinner tonight on her ship," Francine said.

"AS in the two of us?" Sylvia asked.

"Three the invitation included Grant," Francine said.

"I wouldnít mind meeting her even if she isnít assigned to Capsilon IX," Sylvia said. "I doubt any arm twisting will be needed to get Grant to accompany us."

"Accompany you two slimeballs where?" Grant asked from the doorway.

"To a ship belonging to a couple friends of mine tonight. Itís just a theory but I think my friends are part of the Delegation from Capsilon IX," Francine said.

"Iím definitely for that," Grant said.

Francine then headed back to the Headmasters office when she got there Brianca was just leaving.

"Brianca, I spoke with Sylvia and Grant and they definitely are interested in coming. In fact Sylvia is looking forward to meeting you and Janet. Donít be surprised if she tries to talk you into a posting on your planet," Francine said.

"How did you know Janet was with me?" Brianca asked.

"Sylvia subscribes to the Academy Grapevine and she heard word from the Grapevine that a delegation from Capsilon IX was going to swing by and an instructor in Tactics during the conversation gave us the make-up of the delegation. One question how cute is the Kerovian Delegate?" Francine asked.

"Hate to say it Fran but he is already taken," Brianca said. "He is Janet's fiancée in fact."

Brianca then gave her friend directions to the shipís mooring and that evening Francine and her two companions made their way to the ship. When they arrived at the hatch Brianca described Janet was waiting for them.

"Fran, glad to see you again. You enjoying it here?" Janet asked.

"Yes I am Janet, this is my roommate Sylvia Hooper and her twin Brother Grant. Janet is descended from a former Ranger," Francine said.

"Whoa," Sylvia said.

Janet then lead the three Cadets to the Rec Room where Brianca was just setting out a quick meal.

"What no steak?" Grant asked.

"My fiancée is a vegetarian," Janet said after introducing the Hooper Twins to her friend. By this time Andrew was just walking in.

"I just got off the comm with the Professor. I explained the situation and he is going to see what he can quietly arrange," Andrew said.

"Personally Iím impressed with our preliminary selections. Who knows depending on how things go we might be heading home in a couple days," Brianca said.

"Who made these noodles?" Sylvia asked halfway through the meal.

"I did. Andrew outfitted the ship with a kitchen so we could enjoy them during long voyages. After Dinner Iíd like to take you three down to the Simudeck so we can see you in Action," Brianca said.

"While I have a chance I was wondering if your team has any openings," Sylvia said.

"Fran did warn me you were going to bring that up and that topic is one that I think can wait until later," Brianca said.

The dinner went well and Afterwards The three cadets followed Andrew down to the Simudeck where he called up a simulation involving Gearheads and Goldar. The three cadets had no trouble defeating the Gearheads and they gave the simulation of Goldar a run for his money.

"Why was this simulation chosen?" Sylvia asked.

"Our enemy on Capsilon IX is named Haradomous. His General is that Baboon Goldar although Dr. Collington thinks he is more gorilla. The Gearheads are the shock troops," Andrew said. "I have a call to make but Brianca will show you to quarters for the night."

"Why couldnít we just go back to our quarters at the school?" Sylvia asked.

"Iíd prefer that you stayed on board tonight since Someone might want to talk to you three," Andrew said.

"Who might want to talk to us?" Grant asked.

"Either Sue Collington, her mother Dr. Stephanie Collington, or Professor Damon," Andrew said.

They dropped Grant by a room for the night and Brianca showed Sylvia and Francine to a separate room.

"Brianca, what exactly is your reason for coming?" Francine asked.

"Andrew, Janet, and I came here to check out a few candidates for assignment to our team. Thatís how I happened to get ahold of a list of cadets. Fran, trust me if you three werenít as good as you are I wouldnít have set things up quite the way I did. When Andrew went to make his call he was going to contact our mentor to discuss his findings. I still would have arranged to have dinner with you Fran but it would have probably been a private dinner of just the two of us," Brianca said.

"So my being included in all this wasnít by chance?" Sylvia asked.

"No it wasnít. Andrew, Janet and I looked at info on all 62 cadets who made it this far and we chose you three because you fit some rough criteria that was given to us by our mentor.

Briancaís viscom then went off.

"Yeah Andrew," Brianca said.

"Powermatic trusted our judgement on the candidates. He gave me permission to take the contract to Glendow first thing tomorrow. All we have to do is see if the candidates are interested," Andrew said.

"Iíll check with the girls if you want to talk to Grant," Brianca said.

"Sounds good," Andrew said. "When will you probably talk to the girls."

"Iím in their quarters as we speak," Brianca said.

"Figures," Andrew said.

The call then ended.

"You can definitely sign me up," Sylvia said.

"Iíd probably kick myself if I didnít accept this position," Francine said.

"Well all thatís left is for me to inform Andrew and to arrange for your transportation to Capsilon IX," Brianca said. "Iíll be by tomorrow morning."

Brianca then headed for the rec. room where Andrew was talking to Janet.

"How did it go with Grant?" Brianca asked.

"It went well. The minute I started my speel about our looking for candidates he pulled out a pen and asked where he signed," Andrew said.

"His sister as I suspected was interested immediately and Fran didnít waste any time accepting the position," Brianca said.

"It surprised me to find that Sylvia was rated top in the class and that Grant and Fran along with two other potential candidates Kelly Brennan and Samuel Hayes were also right up there," Andrew said. "Itís obvious that Grant will be Brown but which of the other two will be tan and which orange?"

"Tan is nothing more then a really light brown so maybe Sylvia could be tan and weíll save orange for Francine also orange is her favorite color," Brianca said.

The next morning Glendow stopped by the ship.

"How is everything this morning?" he asked.

"Itís going fine," Brianca said since she had met him at the hatch. "WE look to have found our candidates. Andrew Hammond was going to see you at your office."

"I figured since we met on my turf yesterday that I would come to your place today," Glendow said. "After you first left me yesterday I spoke with the instructors who were taking the candidates through the coursework and they see no reason that Sylvia really has to actually finish. In fact her combat instructor was going to recommend her for early graduation."

"What about Grant and Francine?" Brianca asked.

"I probably could arrange for them to graduate early if need be. Itís not unusual for a cadet to graduate early. In fact one time we had a cadet so good that he graduated two months sooner then his classmates," Glendow said.

"Whoa and I thought I was lucky being able to graduate two weeks early," Brianca said.

By this time they were in a small conference area where Janet along with the candidates were waiting. Right after they entered Andrew walked in. HE handed a small contract to Glendow who looked it over and attached his signature to the appropriate areas. HE then handed the contract to Andrew who also signed it.

Later that day the Cadet Ranks and staff of the Academy stood by as Francine, Sylvia, and Grant walked the line to officially graduate from the Triforian Academy. Their luggage was already taken to the ship. Janet and Andrew had attended the ceremony but Brianca had skipped it since she was getting flight suits ready for their newest members. Soon as the ceremony was over the delegation returned to the ship and Kelly and Sam were with them so that the two cadets could say goodbye to their friends. Before The ship could leave A Tall Dark Haired distinguished gentleman appeared in the Hatchway.

"Why Lord Trey, what brings you by?" Brianca asked.

"For one thing I was hoping Barakus was with you," Trey said.

"No he wasnít part of our delegation," Brianca said.

"I secretly made arrangements so that Cadets Brennan and Hayes will be assigned to my staff upon graduation," Trey said.

"That would be a nice gesture especially since Cadet Hayes lost his roommate due to our visit," Brianca said.

"At least let Barakus know I said Hi," Trey said before he took his leave.

The ship took off shortly after the Gold Rangerís departure. During the flight to Capsilon IX they briefed their new teammates in on what to expect.
Before they knew it the ship was coming up on Capsilon IX. Andrew invited the new Rangers up to a small observation area so they could look out onto the Planet and itís orbiting station.

"Will we be landing on the station?" Sylvia asked.

"No actually we will be landing on the planet. Our base is on the planetís surface," Andrew said.

As they flew over the colony they noticed the Super Airzord was already deployed.

"Nice timing we return home in the middle of an attack. Bri, Janet, we gotta move," Andrew said. "Sylvia, contact the Bunker and tell FREDA to guide the ship in on remote," Andrew said.

"Where will you three be?" Sylvia asked.

"In Battle," Andrew said.

Before The three rookies knew it they were in the Bunker. Powermatic greeted them.

"The rest of the rangers have everything under control for now. Besides you three are zordless right now so you couldnít very well assist in the Battle anyway," Powermatic said.

"So what are we to do. WE didnít sign on to sit around," Grant said.

"For now just get settled in. Weíll take you into town later for immigration processing. Alpha will be down soon to give you a tour of the base and assign you to quarters. Soon as you are fully processed I will give you your morphers," Powermatic said.

"Groan," Sylvia said.

Alpha gave them a first rate super deluxe tour of the base. Sylvia started to get excited about being right where she wanted to be. When it was completed Sue took them over to immigration so they could get their ID and so forth including the special 56th battalion ID. The next stop was the youth center so they could meet Matt. Kim happened to be there.

"So these three are the recruits Bri and Janet came up with," Kim said. "Once they get through the practice range they should be ready for battle."

"If we had had our morphers we would have been right out there with you," Grant said.

"Yeah but Powermatic purposely saved giving them to you until last so you wouldnít sneak off to the battle," Sue said. "Also Tyra has a few things to do before you will truly be ready for action."

"Like what?" Sylvia asked.

"Activating your ninja powers," Sue said.

"Been there done that. Brianca took us through it on the Simudeck on the way here," Francine said. "Apparently she got the stuff needed from Tyra before they left."

"Probably a good move," Sue said. "It will take time to get used to having rangers who arenít only children on the team."

"What about Barakus?" Fran asked.

"He doesnít see his brother much but here Sylvia and Grant are even on the same team," Sue said.

"During the meal break shortly before I was summoned to Headmaster Glendowís office I was telling Sylvia how I would want her on my team if I was asked to put a team together for a deployment. Probably the other members would have been Grant, Kelly Brennan, and Sam Hayes. Kelly and Sam will be working with Lord Trey after they graduate," Fran said.

The next day Grant was working on a new powersource for Alpha so that the Android wouldnít have to recharge all the times when he saw one of FREDAís monitors light up.

"Oh man Matt must be pissed," Grant said. "FREDA, signal Fran and my sister. Iím on it."

Grant then morphed and headed for battle where he immediately went after the Gearheads giving Matt a hard time. Kim entered the battle about the same time that Fran and Sylvia showed up. Together the four rangers took out the entire platoon.

"You three did good for this being your first time in action," The White suited 2nd in command said.

"Every Ranger has to have a first time," Sylvia grinned from behind her hood.

At that moment a flash of fire announced Goldarís arrival.

"Oh great the not so friendly neighborhood freak had to show up," Fran joked.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Kim said. "White Ranger Power."

"Brown Ranger Power."

"Tan Ranger Power."

"Orange Ranger Power."

"I thought I spotted a few rookies," Goldar said.

Sylvia took offense at Goldarís remarks and swung her Mace right at Goldarís face causing her to break Goldarís nose. He teleported away to tend to his injury.

"That was first class work in my opinion," Sylvia said as the rangers teleported off.

Closing notes: I could have made this one a regular novel but I decided that my best bet was to break it off here. As it is this one wasnít even a challenge. Probably because I didnít worry about starting the battle too soon. Donít worry I do plan on using the old rangers as well but the reason I used just the new ones and Kim in the battle at the end was so that It would show just what Sylvia was capable of. Could you picture Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly Heart, Kat, Aisha, Adam, or Rocky being able to cause serious facial injuries to Goldar. I doubt it but then he is still trying to find his way around the colony.