Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
Land of the Lost
by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: No this has nothing to do with that old show where modern day humans fell into the Earth and ended up in the age of the dinosaurs. Itís just that this installment takes place in the Lost Galaxy. Also Our good friend Big P has a small problem. The Rangers belong to Haim Saban. Anything that isnít his is mine and I better warn you there is still time for my muse to cause Y2K problems to any computers belonging to people who use my characters without my permission so ask me first.

One day Eugene Skullovitch was working in his office when Chief Mechanic Baxter walked in.

"Mr. Skullovitch, mind if I ask you a quick question?" Baxter asked.

"Shoot," Skull said.

"I want in on the ADF," Baxter said.

"Whoa, what brought this on Baxter?" Skull asked.

"Letís see Vince Flow, Fred Carbore, Damon Henderson, are three mechanics on the defense force. Why didnít I the Chief Mechanic get an invite to join the ADF?" Baxter asked.

"Baxter, take into consideration Vince and Fred are with the 25th Brigade which back on Earth was known as the Steel Brigade a unit that Robert was involved with," Skull said.

"Yeah but how did Damon Henderson someone who wasnít affiliated with the Steel Brigade get to be on the ADF?" Baxter asked.

"Unfortunately you arenít on the list of people cleared for that info," Skull said.

"Will I have to take this to your boss or maybe even High Councilor Renier?" Baxter asked.

"Baxter, I will discuss the situation with Robert when he comes in. Until then I suggest you get back to work," Skull said.

Damon happened to notice Baxter red faced heading out of the ADF XOís office and he quickly stuck his head in.

"Something up Skull?" Damon asked.

"Just a slight morale problem. Your supervisor was trying to get into the ADF," Skull said.

"There is no way on Earth that Robert would let Baxter join the ADF. It would be like letting Councilor Brody in," Damon said. "IF he let Baxter into the ADF it would wreck several reputations. By letting Baxter into the ADF we would have to inform him of the identities of the people in the 56th Battalion. What do you think would be his reaction to finding out that The Magna Defender was the Colonies 2nd in Command. Man I thought Stanton knowing our identities was risky but at least we have more freedom now if a problem occurs. Especially with this Captain Mutiny causing problems."

"I agree and our resident expert into the Evil underworld had no idea who this person was. Well now everyone is forced to become an expert on this guy. Not only that but we have to find a way out of here," Skull said.

"ITís being worked on Eugene," Damon said. "Maintenance, the Science Division everyone we can spare is working on it."

"I hope so. I would really like to get back to where we were before we ended up here," Skull said.

"I donít blame you Skull Iíd like to get back to something normal where at least we can get back-up. Man itís a good thing Kendrix didnít get killed after we ended up here. There is no way we could have replaced her as easily as we did," Damon said.

Meanwhile High Councilor Renier, Councilor Brody, Commander Ned Stanton, his #1 Mike Corbett, and ADF Head Robert Gutheim were sitting in a conference Room off of Command Headquarters.

"So what is our chance of getting out of here?" Brody asked.

"Right now itís hard to say. I doubt the ring of power can open a portal this big. I know it can open small portal enough for maybe a handful of people to go through at the most but bringing an entire Space Colony through. Not a chance," Robert said.

"Have you even tried it?" Brody asked.

"No I havenít Councilor, right now my main concern is trying everything but using my powers," Robert said.

"What if your powers are the only way?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Commander, Right now I donít know if my powers will even work here," Robert said. "Even if they do work it could end up taking everything I have."

"That would not be good," Mike said.

"I agree," High Councilor Renier said. "Commander, make every effort you can short of using Powereons or Rangers to do it."

Barbarax meanwhile was eyeing all of the Terra Venture Residents in one of the side domes (It wasnít the Forest, Mountain, Weapons, or Ocean Dome.)

"This looks like a good Place to get a few slaves," He Figured. "Best part is no pesky rangers are in the area. Swabbies begin enslaving the populace."

Baxter was walking along and became the first Citizen to be captured. Before long Barbarax had several Citizens including Jodie Stanton and Sara Brody enslaved.

"Shiver me Timbers," Barbarax said.

Alpha had noticed the problem and sent a signal out from the Astro Megaship.

"Alpha, whatís the situation?" Robert asked while still in his meeting.

"Barbarax has enslaved some of the Citizens. It looks like Jodie and Sara are amongst them?"

"What about Stephanie and Wang Chung or the girls from Mirinoi?" Robert asked.

"They are still safe," Alpha said.

"Teleport them to the Simudeck. Also Have Leo, Bruce, and I/Oca meet me here," Robert said.

"Right away Robert," Alpha said.

A Short time later Leo Corbett, Bruce Randolph, and I/Oca walked into the conference room. Skull also slipped in.

"OK here is the problem. A short time ago Captain Mutinyís First Mate Barbarax enslaved the citizens in sector 6-A79. It looks like he got roughly five hundred of our citizens including Children," Robert said.

"How do we know Children were captured?" Leo asked.

"WE know this because two of Stephanieís friends were captured. Since itís obvious that Captain Mutiny is involved this puts it under ADF jurisdiction. Every effort will be made to rescue all of the Enslaved Citizens. I/Oca, Leo summon your troops, WE leave from Docking Bay 6 in one hour," Robert said.

AS the meeting Broke up Commander Stanton approached Robert.

"Jodie was captured wasnít she?" he asked.

"According to Alpha yes. Commander, Iíll have to ask that you stay behind. I know itís hard for you to be raising Jodie alone but your place is here on the station especially since Mike will be with me," Robert said.

When Robert arrived at Docking Bay 6 which was the ADF bay where the Demona Fighters were stored he was surprised that no one was there except for his two bodyguards Chris Acman and Matt Muskel along with Karone from the 56th battalion.

"Where is everyone else?" He asked.

"They are prepping the Space Hawk and the Megaship for Battle," Chris said.

"Chris, we will need the fighters when we get there so we can cover more ground in a faster time," Robert said. "701 to 725."

"Go ahead Robert," Skull responded.

"Tell the troops to report here not Docking Bay 7. I want to use the Fighters on this one so we can cover more ground quickly," Robert said.

A Short time later The entire troopline of the ADF came marching in and headed for their fighters.

"ADF Charge," Robert said.

"Magna Power," Mike said.

"Go Galactic," Leo, Damon, Karone, Kai Chen, and Maya said.

"We call upon the Powers of Martal," The Randolph Brothers said.



"Showtime Plastica Style," Robert himself said.

"Time to Flit," came a final voice.

When the lights came back to normal The Magna Defender, Five Rangers and the Practitioners of Martal stood all set for action but Robert had a concerned look on his face.

"Why didnít I change?" He asked. He then looked over and noticed his daughter Stephanie still standing where The Flitter should have been already enroute to their destination.

"Houston, we have a problem," Bruce joked.

"That we do Brucie," Robert said. "Stephanie, I think under the circumstances you should stay behind."

"But Dad," Stephanie said.

"Stephanie, I at least can summon my armor you donít have anything like that," Robert said. "Besides this way you can protect Shondra and the others."

Robert then Boarded the Armatron which he had arranged to move to Docking Bay 6 so he would have it when they used the fighters.

"Letís Move out," Robert said. "Bruce, Pete, Dan, Matt, Chris, Steve, Wayne, Fred, TJ, Skull, I/O form up on ME. The Rest Form up on Magna Defender."

The Alpha-1 Defense Force Members then split into two squadrons and headed for the Planet where Captain Mutiny had his slave encampment. When they arrived they split into Three ship teams. Leo, Maya, and Karone making one team, Kai, Damon, and Mike making a second team. Casey Circuit, Brian Flint, and Vince making yet another team, Fred, Randy Stelman, and Corey Cuisinart forming the final team for the Alpha Squadron. Beta Squadron split into Robert, Matt, and Steve as one team Bruce, Pete, and Dan as another team. Steve Silicate, Skull, and I/Oca as a team and Dr. Wayne Willington, Dr. Fred Billings, and T.J. Lynch as the fourth team which joined up with Larry Lingie from Alpha Squadron to set up a base of operations to coordinate the search.

"I hope we find something soon," Dr. Billings said.

"If you ask me The Boss was stupid to even come. Here his powers are shot and he is putting himself into danger. We better hope no one in the higher ups checks in," Larry said.

"You said it Larry. In the meantime you can work on your language skills," T.J. joked.

"Not funny T.J.," Larry said.

After Three hours of searching Leo, and his team came across a small encampment. Karone noticed how Barbarax was approaching a woman with a fairly large lower abdomen.

"What is your problem?" he asked.

"My baby is about to come," The woman said.

"Leo, I think I found some of our citizens," Karone said. "Transmitting coordinates now."

"Thanks Iíve got them. Iím going to forward them to the rest of the ADF," Leo said.

Within minutes several fighters including the Medical team took off heading for the Pink Rangerís location. Karone landed near the pregnant woman and listened as Barbarax ordered a Swabbie to get rid of the prisoner. She immediately grabbed her Transdagger and placed it in itís Beta Bow mode. AS she fired a few shots at the Swabbies they backed off long enough for her to evacuate the woman to her fighter.

"Youíll be safe here. I already called for backup," Karone said.

"Bless you child," The woman said.

By this time several shots were being fired carefully over the encampment from Demona Fighters. Karone noticed that one group had landed near her and T.J. walked over.

"Something Wrong Pink Ranger?" HE asked.

"WE have a woman in labor. Barbarax almost had her killed but I intervened," Karone said.

"Weíll take her back to Terra Venture," T.J. said. "Bandage, Sterilizer, letís form up."

"T.J. take her back using the autopilot. Sterilizer and I will set up a triage center. Soon as you get back have Commander Stanton send Heliships with Soldiers aboard to our location," Bandage said.

"Aye Sir," T.J. said as Sterilizer with Karoneís help loaded the patient into T.J.ís Fighter.

By this time the other Rangers were starting to take out the Swabbies using their Quasar Sabers. Other people from the 25th Brigade were grabbing PHASed Energy Rectifying Rifles from their ships and were fighting to free the slaves. Even Robert took a few shots using a hand held version of a PHASed Energy Rectifier from the Air using his Flight Pack Mode Battle Armor. Finally just as the last Swabbie was going over the plank a Monster wearing Pirate clothes came forward.

"Greetings Rangers Iím Graybeard the Pirate. I will make sure that you end up Walking the Plank,"

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Leo said.

"You donít," Graybeard said. He then took a few potshots at the Rangers trying to tire them out. Robert though didnít like seeing his friends get hurt.

"Ring of Power, I Plastica master of the Sacred Powers of Glass and Plastica require a portal to open between here and Terra Venture," He conjured. "Within seconds a portal opened.

"ADF move the slaves over to the portal," Robert said.

Anyone not busy giving Gray Beard a hard time started freeing the slaves and moving them toward the portal. The entire exercise caused Captain Mutiny himself to make an appearance.

"This is not good. How could my slaves be leaving me like this," Captain Mutiny wondered.

"Probably because we are freeing them," Leo said as the Heliships from Terra Venture started to arrive and off load several platoons of personnel. The Heliships then also started to take on Freed Slaves.

"It will take a while to cycle through," The pilot of the Lead ship said.

"Just make sure that the Slaves make it back safely," Robert said. "I will provide Fighter escorts for the Ships. "Skull, take Casey, Brian, Vince, Fred, Randy, Corey, Steve, and the medics and provide cover for the Heliships while they ferry citizens back to Terra Venture. WE should have sufficient personnel on hand at this point."

"Aye Sir," Skull said. "You heard the man Form up."

"Sir, why did you send those people back?" One of the Platoon leaders asked.

"They arenít as essential at this point. Since you all are here I can space my men for Escort duty," Robert said.

"Iím surprised Plastica and the Flitter arenít here," The leader said.

"Something about the Lost Galaxy blocks Demona Abilities. Long as we are in the Lost Galaxy weíre stuck without Plastica and the Flitter," Robert said.

Gray Beard decided to undergo a direct assault.

"Red, Think we should call for our Armor?" Robert asked since he had armored down when the Terra Venture Troops has Started to arrive.

"Good thinking," Leo said as he grabbed the two keys from where ever he stored them. "Red Armored Ranger." Soon as the Keys came together a small vehicle system moved in and came down adjusting itself into a special armed vest. Robert meanwhile had a plan.

"701 to Armatron, launch Stealth Mode Battle Armor," Robert called out.

His ship then launched several silvery colored items into the air from itís location among the Fighters.

"Armor up," Robert called out. "Green, Blue, take your Cycles and cover the northern Flank,. Pink, Yellow, cover the Southern Flank from the Jet Jammers. Bruce, you and your brothers cover me."

The Practitioners of Martal though had a challenge since the suit of Armor he had chosen made him invisible to detection. Even when he was moving you couldnít find him making him more dangerous then the Phantom Ranger whoís suit tended to flicker when he moved while cloaked. Soon as things got difficult Leo called the rangers together.

"We better call for the Lights," Leo said.

"I agree," Kai said.

"Lights or Orion Activate," they called.

They did everything they could but not even the Lights could take him out.

"Only one shot left," Leo said. He then Positioned his hands almost as if he was going to Morph.

"Red Capsular Cycle," Leo called forth. He then boarded his cycle and sent it towards Gray Beard. While Leo was taking it to Fireball Mode which involved encasing the Red Ranger inside the cycle Robert hit a small button on his powerband to charge up his band and he got the Ring of Power Ready. Just as Leo got close enough he sent an extra beam of energy at Graybeard. Between the two shots of energy Graybeard Ran into a problem for as the monster tried to absorb the extra energy and grow he ended up self destructing just as he reached full size.

"Fall Back," The Troop Commander called as Graybeard was destroyed.

Fairly soon after that the clean up began.

"Robert, how if you canít change into Plastica were you able to open the portal for evacuating the slaves or for that matter help me destroy Graybeard?" Leo asked.

"I donít know. Maybe something in the Lost Galaxy blocks the parts of my powers that are central to my band but at the same time allow my ring to function. Both the portal and my energy cannon require my ring," Robert said.

A short time later Karone was waiting in a medical bay waiting room for word on the citizen she had rescued before the others arrived. Leo and Mike walked up and waited with her.

"Any word yet?" Mike asked.

"Not yet," Karone said. "I hope she is all right."

At that moment TJ walked out.

"T.J., how is she doing?" Karone asked.

"She ended up giving birth to a healthy baby girl. She was hoping to name it after the Pink Ranger but I wouldnít even hint that I knew who it was so I convinced her to name it after Kendrix," T.J. said.

Baxter meanwhile was lurking outside Robertís office when Robert walked up.

"No Baxter, Iím not going to assign you to the Alpha-1 Defense Force," Robert said.

Baxter leaned against a wall with a hurt look on his face.

Closing Notes. I admit the storyline with itís multiple plot lines sounded lame. For the record I purposely had one of the two females on the Defense Force end up being the one to find the camp because of the subplot involving the pregnant woman. As you can see this one wasnít a zordfest since the Galactabeasts and their buddies aboard Zenith didnít appear. The central part of the story though was the enslavement of the citizens of that one dome. IF I write any additional PRLG episodes since I think the series is close to a close I will find a way to work in just why Robert and Stephanie were unable to power up into Plastica and the Flitter. What I may do is write a Finale fic kind of like Rest in Peace was. As you know I have spread little plot bits our before like my fanfics Power Restored, Flitter Power Up and Basketball Superstar when in Power Restored Three Transdaggers and one Quasar Saber were stolen by Scorpiusís goons in Power Restored and all but one Transdagger was returned in Flitter Power Up and the Final transdagger turned up in Basketball Superstar when the still mysterious Flitter had taken to gone off on her own to find a missing princess who was visiting the Colony.