Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: If it is from the Show Power Rangers Lost Galaxy then it is owned by Haim Saban. Otherwise it is owned by me. I chose this title for a small reason. You will find out as the story unfolds.

One day in a different time but a familiar Planet a somewhat familiar looking woman was walking out into the Corridor of the Presidential Mansion.

"Miss Nabinger, how is everything doing?" one of the Agents in charge of security asked.

"Itís doing good. IS Tina up here?" the woman asked.

"Yes she is in the sitting room with Amy and Leah," the guard said.

The woman then headed for the sitting room in there she found the Granddaughter of the Original Head of Security for Fort Goddard talking with two young kids. Amy was Ten years old and Leah was five.

"Laurie, is something wrong?" Tina asked.

"I miss the others. Why I decided to remain here when Robert brought me I donít know?" Laurie asked.

"I always thought I was the reason you stayed," Amy said.

"I think you are the primary reason I stayed," Laurie said. "I wish I could go back though only I donít know how I would."

"Laurie, My cousin while the Space Raven was here the first time downloaded the specs for the Time warp generator that they used to come here. Right after you decided to stay Simon had a few of the scientists start building a small ship capable of using one," Tina said.

"Yeah but is the ship ready?" Laurie asked.

"I think it might be," Tina said.

An hour later Amy walked into Laurieís room to find the older woman packing what things she had.

"Looking forward to seeing Uncle Robert and Aunt Jessica again?" Amy asked.

"Yes I am. I only hope Robert will forgive me for some of the things I said in the last few months before we left," Laurie said.

"I bet he will. Didnít you say how he had forgiven Aunt Jessica for revealing her identity to you?" Amy asked.

"Yes he did which I think helped," Laurie said.

"One thing is for sure once you leave I will miss you," Amy said.

"Amy, I was hoping you would consider coming with me," Laurie said. "I missed some of you formative years and Iíd rather not miss the others."

"Mom, the main reason I came here was to see if I could come with you," Amy said.

The next morning Laurie and Amy were preparing to board the Time Voyager when Tina, Simon, and Leah walked up.

"Laurie, you have a minute?" Tina asked.

"A little bit," Laurie said.

"Simon and I wanted to take a couple minutes to say good bye and also we wanted to make sure that Leahís things were aboard," Tina said.

"Why are some of her things missing?" Laurie asked.

"Laurie, we figured on sending Leah with you and Amy," Simon said. "The last couple of years she had really bonded with you as you know."

"Simon, that is sweet but that would leave you and Tina childless," Laurie said.

"Temporarily childless," Tina said. "In a few months that will be rectified."

After an hours delay The Time Voyager took off with itís crew.

Meanwhile in another time and Place Several people were preparing for a small barbecue in the ocean dome. They were paired off Kai Chen Hannah Nelson, Damon Henderson Terry Beals, Leo Corbett Karone, Mike Corbett Maya, Robert Gutheim Connie Wilcox, Ali Nabinger Chief Mechanic Baxter.

"This was such a neat idea," Terry said.

"I know. Duty keeps Kai from having time for me," Hannah said.

At that time but in the main Dome The Time Voyager came out of itís warp with a pop. Thankfully it landed in a small area that was empty of people. A few minutes later Laurie noticed how everyone was frightened when they saw her. One guard even headed towards the Ocean dome where the others were holding their barbecue.

"Dave, something wrong?" Robert asked.

"Sir, there is what looks like a ghost in the Main dome," Dave said.

"Was it Kendrixís ghost?" Karone asked.

"No it looked more like Robertís wife," Dave said.

"I better look into it," Robert said.

Ten minutes later Robert caught up with Laurie.

"Excuse me but do you know where the Ocean Dome is?" Laurie asked Dave.

"Laurie, is that you?" Robert asked.

"Never mind," Laurie said. "Yes itís me. Whereís Jessica?"

"Oh man have you missed a ton of things," Robert said. "Iíll explain as we go."

They then headed off with Amy and Leah following along.

"Robert, who is Laurie exactly?" Dave asked as they entered the tunnel to the Ocean Dome.

"Jessicaís twin sister," Robert said. "Jessica died a while back."

"That explains the frightened look everyone had when they saw me," Laurie said.

Before they knew it they arrived back at the barbecue only to find Swabbies causing trouble.

"Dave, go find the Randolph Brothers?" Robert ordered. "701 to Armatron, launch Stealth Mode Battle Armor."

The silvery colored suit was soon overhead.

"Armor Up," Robert said as Baxter, Connie, Hannah, and Terry made a quick getaway. Leo and the others not realizing Laurieís identity didnít hesitate to..

"Go Galactic."

"Magna Power," Mike said.

"Whoa," Laurie said.

The Rangers then went into action. Before things could get worse the Swabbies were swept over the side into the water.

"Laurie, this is a super big surprise," Ali said.

"I missed all of you," Laurie said. "Kai, Iím surprised Kendrix isnít the pink ranger."

"You can trust her," Robert said. "Laurie is Jessicaís twin sister."

"I took Kendrixís place when she died," Karone said.

"I donít understand," Laurie said.

"A villain known as Trakeena brought back the Psycho Rangers. By chance the previous ranger team the Astro Rangers came to our aid. After a fairly good battle we thought we had all of them destroyed but Psycho Pink survived. She ended up attacking Kendrix and learning the location of a very dangerous sword from Kendrixís mind. Kendrix along with Cassie the Pink Astro Ranger tried to stop Psycho Pink from finding the sword but they failed. In the ensuing battle Cassieís morpher was broken and it released a lot of energy that almost destroyed the colony. Kendrix went into the field of energy surrounding the sword that was used to break Cassieís morpher and as a result of Kendrix going into the field even though she was successful she lost her life so that Cassieís powers could be saved," Mike said.

"Kendrixís sword from there found itís way to Guinit and from there it ended up on Onyx where I went disguised as Astronema. I managed to retrieve it and then find my way to Carasa where a disguised Deviot had sent the rangers. Trakeena tried to kill me by throwing me off a cliff but just as I started to actually lose my grip on some rocks I had fallen onto Kendrixís ghost caught me and I ended up as the new pink ranger. Andros was so proud when I told him," Karone said.

The Rangers then powered down. By this time the Randolph Brothers were just arriving. From another director came the rest of the original group.

"Robert, when we arrived how come you didnít put your helmet on?" Laurie asked.

"My powers were restored shortly after Terra Venture left Earth but after we ended up in the Lost Galaxy my powerband shut down. Until I either find a way to wake it up or we leave the Lost Galaxy then Plastica is no more," Robert said.

"Robert, I have a clue to your problem," Powermatic said as he came into being.

"What sort of a clue?" Robert asked.

"A clue as to why your powerband doesnít work. Itís quite simple Itís the Lost Galaxy. Something in the Lost Galaxy acts as a blocker for Demona Abilities. Even if you used your ring to wake up your band you wouldnít be able to change," Powermatic said.

"Yet the Ring of Power is still functional," Robert said.

Leah stood by Laurie but Amy walked over to where a bunch of girls were just walking out of the water.

"Hi Stephanie, Wang Chung," Amy said.

"Steph, you recognize her at all?" Sara Brody asked.

"Iím not sure. It might have been a while since I saw her," Stephanie said. "Dad were those your Swabbies that flew past us while we were diving?"

"WE ran into a little trouble," Robert said. "No biggie.í

"Yeah right one of the Swabbies almost sent Marla to Davey Jones locker," Stephanie said.

"Only because it hit me when it feel into the water," Marla said having learned that Davey Jones locker was a fancy term that humans on earth had for the bottom of an ocean.

"I easily remember Stephanie and Wang Chung but I donít think I know the rest of you. Iím Amy Nabinger."

"Iím Marla, and these are Jodie Stanton, Sara Brody, Miya sheís Mayaís sister, and Kayla."

"No wonder you sort of looked familiar," Wang Chung said.

"For the record Marla, Miya, Kayla, and Maya along with another girl Mayaís age named Shondra are from Mirinoi which is another planet. Saraís grandfather is part of High Command and my dad heads up the GSA garrison. In fact Mike over there talking to Robert and Kai is My dadís First Officer," Jodie said.

"Cool the little girl hanging around my mom is my sister Leah," Amy said.

Laurie meanwhile was meeting the Adults.

"Laurie, I think you recognize Kai Chen, Chromedome is Damon Henderson, The Red Head in yellow is Maya, Sheís from another world. I think you might know Mike Corbett, the red shirted comedian is his brother Leo. Mr. White Uniform is Damonís boss Baxter the Chief Mechanic. The other three women are Kaiís girlfriend Hannah Nelson, Damonís girlfriend Terry Beals, and My current girlfriend Connie Wilcox from Technical Support Division," Robert said. "And those three clowns over there are my First Officer Eugene Skullovitch, His old friend Farkus Bulkmeier, and Bulkís colleague in crime Professor Phenomenus Ingenious. Bulkmeier and the professor were supposed to be science division but they were demoted to the food service division where they work along side Corey Cuisinart who used to work at Fort Goddard."

"Connie, how did you get to know Robert?" Laurie asked.

"I/Oca the head of the 25th Brigade ADF introduced us after Jessica died. I/Oca is a colleague of mine over in TS. About the only time I/Oca has to undergo his official duties is when the ADF is needed for a major battle. Heck just last week over five hundred citizens were enslaved by Captain Mutiny and the 25th Brigade including the attached super mysterious 56th battalion and the 16th and 18 Battalions of the 28th Brigade GSA had to go into action," Connie said.

"Unfortunately I was one of the ones enslaved," Baxter said.

"Eugene, something up?" Robert asked.

"Stanton wanted you to investigate a mysterious ship in the City Dome," Skull said.

"Skull, tell him I was aware of the ship and everything is under control and then come back here for some food and bring a date oh and leave Bulk and Nutball at the Comet Café," Robert ordered.

"Yes Sir," Robert said.

"Skull, Iíll act as your date if you want," Laurie said.

"Sounds good," Skull said.

Skull walked into Command Headquarters Five minutes later after dropping Bulk and the Professor off.

"Mr. Skullovitch, I trust Robert is at the scene conducting the Investigation," Commander Stanton said.

"Sir, he said to tell you that he was aware of the ship and everything is under control," Skull said.

"Mr. Skullovitch starting when the ship arrived we had numerous reports of a ghost sighting up until half an hour ago when the ghost was heading toward the Ocean Dome," Commander Stanton said.

"Commander Stanton Sir. What looked like a ghost was actually a former NASADA official reported missing in action shortly before Terra Venture left Earth. Itís just that she is the twin sister of the late Jessica Gutheim. It is my guess that she arrived on the ship in question," Skull said.

"Will you be returning to Robertís location?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Yes sir. He is holding a barbecue in the Ocean Dome and all guests are to bring a date. My Ďdateí is waiting for me there," Skull said.

"Miss Taylor, youíre with me," Commander Stanton called to a controller who was exiting a head* off camera.

They arrived back at the Barbecue just as Kai was taking a Fresh batch of hotdogs off the grill. Robert set out fresh bottles of Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, and a Sauce marked Dinosaur Barbecue Sensuous Slathering Sauce**, Miya soon as a hotdog was in a bun placed some of the Barbecue sauce on it.

"Commander, what brings you here?" Robert asked.

"I came to check on the situation," Commander Stanton said.

"Greetings Commander, I donít think Robert had High Ranking GSA officials bringing controllers in mind when he set the requirements that you bring a date," Laurie said.

"I was working fast and Miss Taylor was in a good position Miss Nabinger. Until Mr. Skullovitch mentioned the barbecue I hadnít considered coming. It was your being here that prompted me to come," Commander Stanton said.

"In other words he snagged me as I was coming out of the head. Interesting thing is I barely know any of there people except that a number of them are with the Alpha-1 Defense Force. Those kids over there must be exempt from the Date requirement since there are no boys with them," Controller Taylor said.

"Jodie, remind me next time I hold a barbecue to invite your father," Robert called over to where the girls were playing.

"Then maybe heíll get a real date," Controller Taylor said.

"Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh," This looks like a Fun time, I think Iíll crash the Party," A Pirate like Monster with a peg leg said. "I be Peg Leg Pete."

"Well Pete, you are out of your league," Robert said.

"I donít think so you powerless wimp," Peg Leg Pete said.

Because of all the civilians The Rangers slipped into a convenient cave in order to Morph.

"You Rangers look like your ready to Walk the Plank," Peg Leg Pete said while a bunch of Swabbies gathered around Stephanie and her friends.

"Stephanie, how come you didnít change into the Flitter?" Jodie asked.

"My powers donít work in the Lost Galaxy neither do my dadís," Stephanie said.

"Swabbies take the Prisoners to Captain Mutiny," Peg Leg said.

The Swabbies then left with the girls. Somehow even Leah was captured.

"Skull, summon the rest of the ADF," Robert ordered.

"I did along with the 16th GSA Battalion. My plan is to transfer them to our jurisdiction," Skull said.

"Sounds good," Robert said.

Commander Stanton though shook his head as he maneuvered the civilians out of the way.

"Red Armored Ranger," Leo called out as he brought his two keys together.

By this time Peg Leg Pete was surrounded by GSA Personnel as the 16th Battalion arrived. The Practitioners of Martal were already in uniform,

"Beta Squadron, youíre with me," Robert said as a flash of light brought the Armatron. He then opened a portal and The Beta Squadron went through.

"Lights of Orion Activate," The Rangers said.

The Rangers were soon all suited up in their supplementary armor.

"Power Up Mode," Karone said as the Rangers made a beeline for Peg Leg Pete. After they went through he was down for the count. Within Minutes the Rangers were heading for the Main action aboard their Jet Jammers. By the time they arrived Beta Squadron was moving in on a small encampment where Captain Mutiny was preparing to do something.

"Looks like we arrived just in time," Leo said.

"I hope he doesnít have anything nasty planned," Kai said. "Those are some of the nicest kids on the station Even Amy."

"Looks like we need to distract them a little bit," Leo said. "Red Capsular Cycle."

"Leo, stay here," Mike said.

"Hate to say it Mike but they need our help," Leo said as he boarded his cycle. HE then roared off.

"At least he managed to pull off what he meant to do," Karone said as Captain Mutiny, Deviot, Barbarax and enough Swabbies to choke Zenith came running toward the Rangers.

"Matt, Chris, move in," Robert said as the enemy left the girlsí location.

Within minutes the camp was liberated.

"Mike, good thinking but itís time to head back," Robert told the Magna Defender over his communicator.


Once everyone was back The Barbecue started back up.

"That is the second time Captain Mutinyís goons captured me and letís face it I hope he doesnít capture me again," Jodie said.

"Amen to that," Sara said.

"Laurie looking forward to continuing on with the Good Ship Terra Venture?" Robert asked.

"You bet," Laurie said.

Closing Notes. I managed to write this in one day which is rare for one of my Fanfics especially since it was a little busy since I wrote this on Thanksgiving. My goal was to write and submit one PRADF and one Power Rangers Demona this week and all I have to do is find time to write a Power Rangers Demona as I have two Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force written.