Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
Return to Mirinoi
by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: OK so I know previous to this I spelled it Miranoi but thatís because thatís what I thought was the Official Spelling but after watching Memories of Mirinoi which was the Inspiration for this Fanfice I saw how Haim Saban who owns Power Rangers didnít agree. I own all the Alpha Defense Force Members who never appeared on Power Rangers I donít know what Sabanís feelings are if you use my characters without my permission and I know who does and doesnít have permission your computer could end up Y2K noncompliant. (After January 1st Iíll have to think of a different consequence but what could I use that couldnít be considered unconstitutional).

The story opens up in Kendrix and Mayaís room the day after the battle with Rykon Trakeenaís latest Monster who managed to fool Maya into thinking she was her old friend Shondra from Mirinoi.

"Kendrix, wouldnít it be neat if we could go back to Mirinoi even if all we did was look around?" Maya asked.

"Yes it would. But how would we do it. The Portalís we used are all closed up," Kendrix said.

"Iím sure a way could be found. After all doesnít The Megaship have some fancy drive system?" Maya asked.

"Yes according to DECA it has hyperrush Accelerators as does the Space Hawk but we canít just take off without permission from Either Commander Stanton or High Command. Besides Robert would never authorize it so Com. Stanton would probably never get word of it," Kendrix said.

"Kendrix, before she died Jessica told me about how she once had considered telling her twin sister Laurie about her also being Headset and Robert after shooting orange soda from his nose told her that it was too risky yet she did it anyway in secret. Several years later when he found out he was completely understanding yet at the time Jessica was worried he would be steamed worse then a broiled lobster," Maya said.

"Laurie was a nice girl When Robert arrived back on earth from his journey I accompanied her aboard the Space Raven when she told him about his being assigned to Terra Venture. High Commander Renier though never did care for her," Kendrix said. "Before Terra Venture left Orbit while we were helping you Robert took Laurie on a journey to where he was before that and she had decided to remain there so thatís why you donít actually know her."

Later that Morning Maya was talking to Robert during a walk through the Forest Dome. Maya at this point was kind of sort of seeing Robertís advisor Mike Corbett Commander Stantonís 2nd in Command and Robert was dating a colleague of his android advisor I/Ocaís in Tech Support Division.

"Man I wonder how Mirinoi is doing now that it is turned to stone?" Maya asked.

"Hold that thought," Robert said. "701 to 720."

"720 go ahead boss," came over the radio.

"How would you like to study a little bit of Alien Geology?" Robert asked.

"Sounds good Boss why is Stanton thinking of stopping to look at a planet?" 720 asked.

"No Brian he isnít. Iím assembling an away team. Destination The Planet Mirinoi," Robert said.

"Boss, didnít whatís her name Maya say that everyone had been turned to stone there?" Brian asked.

"Yes She did but Iíd like to see for myself since I wasnít on the last exploratory mission," Robert said.

"Count me in. Who else is going?" Brian asked.

"The Two of Us, The 56th Battalion, I/Oca, and hopefully Chris and Matt," Robert said.

"715 to 701, Sorry boss but Training Division has me teaching a self defense class this afternoon," Chris Acman said.

"718 to 701 Count me in," Matt Muskel responded.

"How will you explain everything to Commander Stanton?" Maya asked.

"Easy Iíll just tell him we are going off on Alpha-1 Defense Force Business. IF there is a problem Skull can always take charge in my absence. Besides Weíre going to take the Megaship assuming Damon can get it jumpstarted so The Triforce will be here if Trakeena tries anything," Robert said.

"The Triforce," Maya said with a black stare.

"Sorry that was the old name for the Practitioners of Martal back when we were on Earth before I knew about their powers," Robert said.

Soon after that Robert, Maya, Kendrix and the Others met up in the Large ADF Hanger where two Large Ships the Former Kerovian Defense Agency battleship the Astro Megaship and the SB Space Hawk were stored. Also prepped for Take-off was the Armatron which Damon Henderson and Fred Carbore where loading into a cargodeck of the Megaship. Robert meanwhile was arguing with Bruce Randolph.

"Bruce, if there is a problem Skull will need you here. Since Iím taking the 56th Battalion with me it would leave one Powereon for protection. You, Dan, and Pete are needed here to back-up Stephanie along with the Garrison. Besides I promised Renier that I would leave someone with Powers here in case of trouble," Robert said.

"But," Bruce said.

"No Butís do I have to make it an order like the old days?" Robert asked.

"I get your point. Also even today you are still in a position to make it an order," Bruce said.

"You got that right partner," Robert said as he boarded the ship with the others.

"So Robert, just how do you plan on our getting to Mirinoi?" Mike asked.

"Simple as a taco Mike. Soon as we get in a decent range I will Take The Armatron out into Space and Supersize my battle Armor. Iíll then Use the ring of Power to open a portal to Mirinoi then take the Armatron through and the Megaship will follow. Hopefully it will work and the ring will have enough power to open a new portal when itís time to leave," Robert said.

"Oh just great. We are relaying on your ring when you donít even know if we will be able to get home," Mike said.

"Mike, I havenít had the ability for very long. Last time I used it was to open a small portal enough for a human to go through not a six story High Space ship," Robert said.

"I just hope you prove successful," Mike said. "Because Iím not sure Iím confident with your plan."

"Mike, Robertís plans almost always work," Brian said.

"At least someone has faith in me," Robert said. "IT will be a six hour flight before we attempt at opening the portal so I suggest that you all try to take it a little easy until then. Also there could be hostile activity when we reach Mirinoi so I want everyone in Battletogs before we arrive."

"Does that include me?" Maya asked.

"Yes it does Maya," Robert said. HE then hit the GSA button on his powerband which Placed his Togs fully on.

Kendrix then retired to another room When Robert caught up with her three hours later She was in her Black Uniform and it looked like she had the Galaxy Book in front of her.

"I wouldnít call working on the Translation Project as taking it easy," Robert said.

"Iím hoping maybe just in case The book has something in it that could help Mirinoi," Kendrix said.

"Robert, Damon reports a Portal up ahead," DECA said.

"Thanks DECA, See if you can get an idea what is on the other side Morgan and I will be up momentarily," Robert said.

Soon as they arrived on the bridge the rest of the team was in place with all but Maya suited up in GSA battletogs.

"That Portal looks like the ones we used going to and from Mirinoi last time," Kai said.

"In that case Damon set course," Robert said.

"You got it," Damon said as he sent the throttles forward and the Megaship entered the portal. Half an hour later the Megaship exited the portal and headed immediately for orbit around Mirinoi. By this time Maya managed to be in proper uniform.

"DECA, any sign of the petrifying wave that swept over the planet last time we were here?" Robert asked.

"Negative," DECA said.

"In that case letís prepare to go in," Robert said. "Leo, you, Damon, Kai, Kendrix, Maya take the Jet Jammers down to the Planet. Mike, You and Alpha stay here. Brian, Matt, I/Oca you three are with me in the Armatron."

"Robert, maybe WE should simply land normally," Mike suggested. "Iíve seen the inside of the Armatron and I know it will be cramped with four people in that thing."

"Sounds good DECA make it so," Robert said.

Meanwhile on the planet three young girls were watching the Megaship land.

"Kayla, Marla, there is that ship again," A Red haired girl who looked something like Maya said.

"Miya, you think Who ever it is is coming back?" Kayla a Dark haired girl asked.

"It looks like it is coming in for a landing," Miya said.

A couple Minutes later the ship came to a halt near where it landed last time.

"It looks so different," Maya said. "God I hope we can someday return the planet to normal."

Robertís powerband communicator then went off. He saw how it was DECAís frequency.

"Yeah DECA," Robert said.

"Robert, Iím picking up non petrified life signs about eight miles north of your location," DECA said.

"Hostile?" Robert asked.

"Unknown," DECA said.

"Heads up, we have possible Hostiles up ahead," Robert said.

"Lots of statuary around here, I might take some samples back to Terra Venture with me," Brian said.

"Brian, the statuary you see happen to be petrified denizens of this planet compliments of Furio," Maya said.

"So what is our next move?" Matt asked.

"For one thing we see if we can find the real Shondra. Also I want to check out those sensor readings DECA picked up," Robert said.

"It wonít do any good finding Shondra because all she will be is a statue," Maya said.

"Who knows Maya, even as a statue she might help us find a way to help Mirinoi," I/Oca said.

They group then headed toward the readings of course the girls were heading toward the exploratory team. About five miles from the ship A Young girl dropped down on I/Oca not even knocking him over.

"Kayla," Maya said.

"Aunt Maya, youíre all right," Kayla said. "We are looking for a ship that just landed."

Kayla then noticed the others all dressed like Maya was.

"Maya, who is your little friend?" Brian asked.

"This is my niece Kayla, Kayla these are Lt. Com. Mike Corbett, Commander Robert Gutheim, Lt. Kai Chen, Lt. Kendrix Morgan, Mechanics Mate 1st class Damon Henderson, Special Agents Brian Flint and Matt Muskel and finally Leo Corbett and I/Oca," Maya said.

Right about then Marla and Miya appeared.

"Miya, Marla, over here," Maya said as she took her helmet off.

"Maya, I was worried you were like everyone else," Miya said.

"More family?" Brian asked.

"Miya is my little sister and Marla is Shondraís little sister," Maya said.

"Maya, you have any idea who pulled the Sabers from the stone. We were below ground when the wave went through," Marla said.

"Not really," Maya said. "Any idea where Shondra is?"

"Yes we saw her," Marla said. "I think it was this way."

"Boss, if you donít mind Matt and I might stay here and do some studies of the rock," Brian said.

"I donít think itís a good idea. Being a small exploratory team we probably would be better off sticking close," Robert said.

Robert activated his full scanners which allowed him access to his tricorder eyes, Microphone ears and a few other sensors he of course made sure his phaser was fully charged since he had outfitted everyone with the smaller hand weapons instead of the large chunky GSA Blasters. Eventually they came across a small village where numerous statues were including one that looked like Mayaís best friend. Robert went to full scan with his tricorder eyes and started using his phaser to cut Shondraís petrified body free from the surrounding rock. He then sent I/Oca and Matt back to the ship with Shondra. The rest of the team then went through the planet eventually coming across a small rock with a few slits in it.

"This rock is the one where the Quasar Sabers used to be," Kayla said.

"Yet they donít look to be there any longer," Mike said remembering how he has almost instinctly pulled the Red Quasar Saber from the Stone without even knowing what was going on the last time he was on Mirinoi.

A Rock Monster then appeared.

"Looks like we have trouble," Robert said. "Brian, take the girls back to the ship."

"But Sir," Brian said.

"Go," Robert said.

Brian then gathered Miya, Marla, and Kayla together and headed toward the ship. Robert then signaled to Leo and the others.

"Go Galactic," The Rangers said.

Soon after that the Rangers appeared. Marla secretly hid from the Geologist and watched as the Rangers pulled out their Quasar Sabers.

"Showtime, Plastica Style," Robert barked.

"Magna Power," Mike said as he brought the two sections of his morpher together.

Marla was impressed by the display.

"I am Bouldar protector of Mirinoi and you are stealing one of my subjects," The Monster said.

"How long have you been here?" Maya asked.

"Since you pathetic Power Weaklings pulled the Quasar Sabers from the stone," Bouldar said.

"Iíll show you weakling," Plastica said. "I call upon the form of a cheetah."

Within seconds Plastica was in his Cheetah form. He then pounced onto Bouldar before the Rock Monster even knew what hit him.

"I call upon the form of a bear," Plastica said. HE then turned back into his main form before Bulking up and turning into a ferocious America Black Bear.

The Rangers meanwhile kept their own assault going which included a couple blasts from The Magna Defenderís rifle.

"Oh Man I almost wish I had let Bruce talk me into letting him and his brothers come," Plastica said. Just as the Megaship came into position Overhead Blasting away at the Monster.

"At least we have Air Support," Plastica figured as Matt came Scurrying down a rope toward them Armed with a Phase Rifle set for Kill and was aiming it at the Monster. Plastica noticed how we was in his old Steel Brigade Uniform complete with a helmet that lacked a Face shield.

Authors Notes Only Plasticaís helmet has ever had a full face shield. Headsets had the Dark Visor that extended around her head but the others only had eye shields similar to what the Fighter Pilots had during the Original Three Star Wards movies.

"Good Work Visegrip," Plastica said.

"Sir, Alpha alerted Bruce to bring back-up through the Portal," Matt said.

"Probably a good move," Plastica said as he grabbed onto a small dark medallion on his powerband pulling it loose to reveal his Powerblade. Within seconds HE had extended the blade to form his sword. By this time the Rangers had broken out the Transdaggers and were taking Bouldar on.

"Leo, go to Full Power Up Mode," Plastica said.

"I Hear you," Leo said.

The Rangers then Gathered Close together.

"Lights of Orion Activate," The Rangers said as their enhanced armor appeared. The Battle then got heavy. Plastica luckily had his scanners on full and noticed Marlaís breathing.

"Visegrip, about thirty feet that way in that tree is one of the girls. Keep her safe in case anything goes wrong," Plastica said.

"You got it Boss," Visegrip said.

Bouldar while They were distracted decided to grow.

"Oh great and we donít have a Megazord with us," Leo said as Plastica called for the Armatron.

Just as The Armatron was Fully changed into the Supersized Battle Armor a small trio of Demona Fighters started taking pot shots at the Monster.

"Yee Ha The Calvary has arrived," came over the main frequency.

"Chris, what happened to your Self Defense Class?" Plastica called when he recognized the Voice.

"Watch Boss," Chris said as Several GSA paratroopers started jumping from the Space Hawk. Shortly after that The Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords even showed up. "I moved my class over to the Space Hawk."

"Probably a good thing Renier Countermanded your orders," Bruce said as The Randolph brothers Appeared overhead in their Normal Uniforms. Plastica then watched as they did a Midair power call turning him and his Brothers into the Practitioners of Martal.

"Whatís going on is it an invasion or something?" Marla asked Visegrip.

"No those guys are on our side Count Rockula Isnít," Visegrip said.

"Stratoforce Boomerang Attack," Leo called forth.

The Quick Attack followed by Centaurus Blasting at him turned Bouldar into a pile of gravel.

"Well looks like itís time to return to Terra Venture," Plastica said.

"What about the three girls we found?" I/Oca asked as Brian gathered up a few pieces of the monster for analysis.

"They are coming with us," Plastica said. "Power Down."

The Rangers, Magna Defender, Bruce and his Brothers, along with Plastica then turned back into their human forms.

"Bruce, you didnít actually go through the Portal after Alpha called did you?" Robert asked as they headed for the landing field Damon and Kai has made the Previous time.

"Your right we didnít we were about Three hours behind you. Councilor Brody delivered word from High Councilor Renier that we were to follow along a little ways behind you since the rangers didnít have any zords. It was a challenge getting Zenith to cooperate so we could tow him along but we managed. We were just exiting the portal when Alpha called to say that you all had run into trouble on the Planet.

"Worse come to Worse This ship used to form the Astro Megazord," Alpha said.

"Of course, why didnít I think of that," Robert said.

A Short time later Maya was sitting in the Med Bay where I/Oca and Matt had left Shondraís petrified form when a strange wave started to cross the statue reversing the Petrification.

"Maya, where are we?" Shondra asked.

"We are on our way back to a Space Colony called Terra Venture," Maya said. "Iíve lived there since Mirinoi was turned to stone."

"You mean we are the last survivors of Mirinoi," Shondra said.

"Not exactly," Maya said. "Miya, Kayla, and Marla also managed to survive since apparently the wave didnít reach them."

"When I get my hands on Scorpius and Furio they will pay dearly," Shondra said.

"Too late for that both of them have already paid the price thanks to the Power Rangers," Robert said.

A Short time later Maya was telling Shondra about the incident with Rykon Kendrix was sitting with them.

"So let me get this straight Furio and Scorpius are both dead and Trakeena is in charge now," Shondra said.

"Yes thatís the current situation," Maya said.

"Then Trakeena sent a monster disguised as me to try to steal the Galaxy Book. Man Maya your life seems to have gotten weird since I last truly saw you," Shondra said as Miya and the others walked toward them.

The six women just laughed at that one.

Closing Notes. I admit this story sounds completely far fetched. Those of you who have read A Gray Day are probably wondering why Plastica didnít use his ring to simply reverse the petrification of the entire planet. Iím not going to reveal why but letís just say this It might not have been possible also Powermatic would have probably kicked his you know what if he had done that.