Power Rangers Demona
The New Zords
by Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer The concept is Haim Sabans but the vast majority of the characters are mine. The zords are partly mine and partly the property of the US Military since I used weapons from the US Military in designing the zords. FOr a Chronology on Who joined the Team when the Basic Five were Sasha Stanton, Brianca Chang, Sue Collington, Tyra Johnson, and Sean Crowning. Then Kim was brought in. The Next Ranger to actually take the powers was Barakus the 2nd son of King Trey of Triforia, Officer Andrew Hammond IGPF joined next. (Note the IGPF is owned by Ellen Brand and is used with permission), Janet Cranston was the next to accept powers. Then Haradomous created an evil Gray Ranger and gave the powers to Kim's boyfriend Jim Blackwell who then traded them in for True Demona powers after his soul was cleansed by a famous Warrior from the past. Shortly after that on a trip to Triforia Brianca, Janet, and Andrew recruited the Hooper Twins and Fran Fitzgerald.

One day a week after moving to Capsilon IX Fran Fitzgerald was talking in the Youth Center with one of the guys on the High School Football team where she and her friends Sylvia and Grant Hooper were attending. She found it interesting that only she Sylvia and Grant were still technically in High School. Matt the Youth Center owner walked over.

"So how are you enjoying Terra Venture?" Matt asked.

"It's good so far. I was surprised when I arrived to find Bri and Janet here," Fran fibbed since Brianca Chang and Janet Cranston were responsible for Fran along with the Hooper Twins even being there. "Where is the best place to do a few katas?"

"You do martial arts?" the football player asked.

"Yes I do Mark, I'm a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Karate," Fran said. "My Aunt Monique Shedwich got me interested in Horses though so I had to spend some time learning about them."

"How did your aunt get you involved with Horses?" Mark asked as Sasha Stanton and Barakus walked up.

"My Aunt Monique had started learning about horses when she was ten from a cousin of the Basketball Player known as the Wheelchair Warrior. In fact my Aunts Best friend is Brianca's mom. My aunt has one interesting Life Story. For a good clue where do you think she was born?" Fran asked.

"Angle Grove," Sasha guessed.

"Sounds good," Mark said.

"Wrong, Monique wasn't even born in the States she was born in Paris. Some friends of her Aristocratic parents kidnapped her as a baby and hid her in Louisiana for ten years then took her to Central City Iowa. Within a week of her moving there she met Brianca's mom. The First day of school a couple months later she learned of the kidnapping and my dad's parents took her in. IT probably helped that Grandma Fitzgerald was her teacher. Shortly after that she started working with horses. Even though Grandma and Grandpa Fitzgerald adopted her she used her birth parents last name right up until she married the terror of George Herbert Walker Elementary School during the year she spent there," Fran said.

"How did you meet that loudmouth Sylvia and her creepy brother Grant?" Mark asked.

"I was taking part in an Interplanetery Exchange program for High School Students and I was sent to a school on Triforia and the Hooper Twins also happened to be there," Fran said using a quick cover story.

Mark had to leave for Practice and Sasha and Barakus moved closer just as Tyra and T.J. Johnson slipped into the seats.

"IT's been quiet lately. Goldar must still be nursing his broken nose," Fran said.

"How did it get broken?" Barakus asked.

"One day a week ago Grant was working on Alpha and he noticed the Gearheads attacking here so HE went into Battle and Sylvia and I caught up and Kim even entered the battle. Well Goldar showed up and WE all Eclipsed. Man what a high you get from that morph. Sylvia got a little rough with her Mace and ended up breaking his nose," Fran said.

"I would have enjoyed seeing that," Sasha said as Brianca's mom walked over.

"Fran, I heard rumors you were around. Why didn't you call you could have moved in with us since your parents must not have moved here with you otherwise trust me your dad would have called me," Robin said.

"Sorry Miss Chang but I had other arrangements made for my lodging," Fran said.

"Fran is one of us," Sasha said.

"Oh I see that would explain it then," Robin said. "Tyra, just so you guys know I'm inviting your whole crew over for dinner tomorrow night."

"Better set a lot of places at the table," Tyra joked.

"It will be a buffet style dinner," Robin said.

"Probably a smart move," Barakus said.

"Fran, just so you know I saw Janet and Jim right before I came and they have the new zords just about ready," Tyra said.

"Oh boy I can't wait to try mine out," Fran said.

"Your lucky that I am privy to the inner workings of the team because of Brianca," Robin said. "So you a ground pounder or an Airedale?"

"I don't know yet. I hope an Airedale," Fran said.

A Short time later Fran was sitting with Tyra and T.J. in a park when her best friend Sylvia Hooper walked over.

"Everything going well?" Sylvia asked.

"Yes it is. Brianca's mom tracked me down at the Youth Center. She was a little annoyed that I hadn't called her since I arrived here," Fran said.

"Ouch," Sylvia said.

"I heard about what you did to Goldar. Pretty Gutsy move if you ask me," Tyra said.

"Thing is I missed. I was trying to get him right here," Sylvia said indicating a somewhat sensitive spot.

"That wouldn't have done much Damage I don't think. Sue's Grandfather got him there during his last visit and all it did was make him angry," Tyra said.

"What was he using for a weapon?" Fran asked.

"His Feet. He was trying some kind of a cheetah kick when he did it," Tyra said.

T.J. worked herself loose and made her way over to Sylvia who scooped the toddler up.

Goldar meanwhile had a bandage around his nose.

"You still smarting because that rookie got you," Haradomous asked.

"She did some serious damage. I should get the Tan Ranger good for that one," Goldar said.

"I tried to get a pathetic Wind Guardian who had managed to slip through my fingers. Now she is leading a team of them. If I wasn't so busy trying to get rid of these pests I would wipe out the Wind Guardians again only this time I would do it right," Haradomous informed his henchman.

"I can think of a few Rangers I'd like to destroy," Goldar said.

"I have a plan but it has to be timed just right," Haradomous said.

Fran and Sylvia were doing a little sparring in the park which Tyra and T.J. watched. Eventually Sue and Sean showed up.

"Whoa remind me never to get on Fran's bad side," Sean said.

"Probably a good idea. In the gym the other day I saw her wipe the floor with Jim," Sue said. "All three of the rookies are a force to be reckoned with."

"I think Janet might be thinking of reconfiguring the zords but she hasn't made up her mind yet.," Tyra said.

"Why would reconfiguration be needed?" Sylvia asked as she and Fran sat down

"We have Twelve Zords but only one real Megazord. I admit Kim and Barakus both have zords capable of turning into independent Megazords but we want to maybe have a couple true Megazords," Sue said. As it is only eleven Zords would be involved. Airtron works independently of the Megazords as a base for the Ranger Air Force," Sue said.

Just as the rangers were returning to the base Haradomous sent a fleet of Jet Fighters.

"Oh great. I thought the Gearheads were bad," Grant said.

"Rangers man your zords," Dr. Collington said.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Sue said. "Red Ranger Power.

"Pink Ranger Power."

"Yellow Ranger Power."

"Green Ranger Power."

"Blue Ranger Power."

"White Ranger Power."

"Purple Ranger Power."

"Titanium Ranger Power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Gray Ranger Power."

"Tan Ranger Power."

"Brown Ranger Power."

"Orange Ranger Power."

"Which one is mine?" Fran asked when they reached the hangar.

"That one over there with the single exhaust port," Janet said.

"Whoa neat an F-16," Fran said.

"Sylvia, yours is the one with the F-18 on top," Janet said.

"This will prove interesting," Sylvia said when she saw a Zord that looked like a fighter jet mated up to a ground vehicle.

Fairly soon they headed on out. Sylvia was working hard figuring out the controls on her zord. Meanwhile Sasha, Tyra, Kim, Janet, and Fran had their hands full trying to shoot the Jet Fighters down.

"Sylvia, get your you know what up here We could use the help," Janet called over the comm system.

"How do I get up there?" Sylvia asked.

"Transfer Command And Control over to your brother's zord then separate the two components. When you transfer CAC it will only transfer CAC only for the lower portion. WE figured on a Duozord for you," Janet said.

"Give me a second," Sylvia said. "Grant you ready?"

"You bet sis but one small suggestion. During battles involving Monsters see if FREDA will accept Command and Control because I'll probably be too busy to control my zord and half of yours," Grant said.

"Don't worry Grant such a function is built in automatically," Janet said just as the Plane came flying up at an angle from its perch atop the recon vehicle that was its base.

"This is like so cool," Sylvia said. "Wish I had had this back home last time mom got stuck in Traffic."

"I'm sure most people would," Jim joked.

Sylvia tried every acrobat maneuver she could come up with. Only the jet fighters kept coming. Suddenly a Huge Monster came stomping into the picture.

"Well Well if it isn't King Kong's son," Sylvia joked as she attempted to reconnect the two components of her Zord together.

"I should crush you for that joke," the monster said.

"Go Mega," Sue called.

With that the Commandzord, Rotorzord, Airzord, Tankzord, and Emplacerzord formed the Demona MegaBattleZord, The Strike Eagle Zord changed into it's Megazord mode, the Subzord came walking in and which was slightly surprising The Chopzord combined with the Jetzord, the Postzord, and the Duozord to form yet another Megazord.

"I got tired of being apart from the Action," Janet said from the cockpit of the 2nd True Megazord.

"This Should be Fun," Sylvia said.

The Rangers then began a Free for all assault on the Monster while Andrew tried to use special weapons to take out the Jet Fighters that were still coming in. Jim meanwhile was trying to think of a plan.

"The Monster is a little used to the Current Configurations. WE better try something new," Jim said as he drew out a few plans on paper. "Sue, I recommend we regroup."

"Where should we regroup?" Sue asked.

"Probably at the Bunker," Jim said.

The Rangers then teleported into the Command Bunker. Jim took Janet, Tyra, and Grant aside and went over a plan with them.

"Sounds like a possible Plan," Tyra said.

"IT will take me a bit to modify the programming for the Zord Combining system," Janet said.

"I'm a little Skeptical myself to be honest," Grant said.

"What are you four trying to Figure Out?" Stephanie asked as she and Powermatic walked over.

"Just a few new tricks since the present monster seems to be familiar with our old tricks," Jim said. "I admit the Superzord was only used once but the thing is Haradamous knows it so he made sure the monster knew about it."

"In other words we have to periodically alter the Zord Configurations so that Haradomous can't figure out what we are capable of," Stephanie said.

"Such a trick has been used before. Goldar used to have a zord known as Cyclopsis and the Rangers had to constantly change configurations in order to destroy it and they only had Six Base Zords along with Titanus the Carrier Zord. Also back shortly before Kendrix Morgan died the Galaxy Rangers had a problem with this one monster and had to use different tactics so as to confuse him. With the New Zord configurations we should be able to Kick Haradomous straight back to Prison," Powermatic said.

"I don't know about sending him back to prison but I would like to see him suffer a pretty big defeat," Andrew said as he walked up.

Janet then got right to work modifying the programming for the zords. By the time she finished the Alarm was going off.

"Just in time," She said as she joined the others.

"Oh boy not only is the Monster back but Goldar and Haradomous," Alpha said.

"We better do our best," Sue said. "Demorph."

The Rangers then were back in their flight suits.

"Demona Ranger Power," Sue said.

The Rangers then used their original Morph and headed back to Battle The Air Force teleporting to Airtron and the Ground Zords heading for the Garage where they headed for their Zords and then went back into battle.

"This is all so fun," Fran said as she felt the sudden acceleration of being blasted off the catapult of the Massive Carrier Zord.

"Rangers let's form the Basic Megazords then go from there," Sue said.

Right after that the Tank Zords and Duo Zords went Upright on their Rears and formed two Legs which were then topped off by the Post Zord and the Command Zord, The Emplacer Zord then Folded Down to form the two arms and the Head. Meanwhile The Strike Eagle Zord converted to Robot mode and the Legs folded up and Connected with the Airzord and Jet Zord. Which had converted by landing on their enginges and folding back the Cockpits sections a little. Then the Rotorzord and Chop Zord linked up to Form the Arms. The Subzord remained the same.

"Looks like the rangers were busy after they ran master," Goldar said.

"I agree. But it should still prove to be an interesting Defeat," Haradomous said.

"I wouldn't be so sure Haradomous," Fran said as she checked her panel for weapons while Tyra and Kim tried to keep the Zord from Falling over. Sasha and Janet were monitoring other systems. Sylvia was also checking her panel for interesting weapons while the others kept an eye on the Action.

"I think I have an idea. One of the things Janet gave this Megazord was a Megamace. What If I tried it out on Goldar," Sylvia said.

"You can but he will probably be ready for you this time," Sue said.

The Other Megazord meanwhile was using a Huge Bo Staff to see what they could do for Damage to the Monster.

"Megamace Power Up," Sylvia said as she Swung the Huge Mace over the Megazord's shoulder and threw it towards Goldar only the Semian ducked at the last minute and it struck Haradomous.

"Goldar you imbecile no wonder Lord Zedd and Rita had problems with you," Haradomous said before he was vaporized.

"Did you see that?" Brianca asked.

"I don't know I'm not sure what I saw," Sean said.

"It looks like we just took out Haradomous himself," Tyra said from the other Megazord. "Andrew, what is your take on it?"

"I'm checking the scopes now and I don't pick up any sign of him. Give me a couple minutes to suit up and I will head for your location," Andrew said.

A Few minutes later the Rangers gathered together on the Ground since after Haradomous was vaporized the monster had self destructed and Goldar had run for cover.

"It looks like Haradomous might be no more. I want to check on things from the Bunker though also it will give me a chance to Contact Captain Griff," Andrew said.

"Who is Captain Griff?" Grant asked.

"HE is our liaison with the Intergalactic Police Force. Back when I was with the IGPF he was my boss," Andrew said.

The Rangers then teleported back to the Command Bunker.

"That was a great move Sylvia. I think we can safely say that Haradomous is no more," Powermatic said.

"Once again it wasn't intentional. I was trying to see if I could do some real bad damage to Goldar only he ducked and I ended up hitting Haradomous," Sylvia said.

"Andrew, I'm pleased to hear that Haradomous is now history. In fact I'd like to meet the Ranger who pulled it off if you could bring the lucky ranger to IGPF Headquarters I think a medal is in order," Captain Griff said.

"I'll see what I can do captain," Andrew said.

An hour later the Rangers Galactic Cruiser was seen heading off toward IGPF Headquarters and Goldar noticed it and sent out Jet Fighters to try to shoot it down. Unfortunately Andrew was just to good a pilot. A Few days later they landed on the Pad used by the IGPF. Captain Griff was waiting along with Another Officer.

"Officer Hammond," Captain Griff said.

"Yes Captain," Andrew said.

"Did you bring the Ranger who took out Haradomous with you by any chance?" the other officer said. "I'm IGPF Chief Roxwood from Inquiris."

Andrew then took the time to Introduce each Ranger as he went down. He naturally left Sylvia for last.

"Finally Chief this young lady right here is Ranger Sylvia Hooper. She happened to be in charge of the Weapons and used a Megamace to take Haradomous out," Andrew said.

"Interesting thing is everytime I aim at Goldar I end up missing. The First time I was aiming for his crotch and I end up getting him in the nose and this time I was aiming for his head and he ducked and I ended up vaporizing a Supervillain," Sylvia said.

"I discussed the situation with Zendar the head of the Ranger Council and she approved a very special medal to be given to the Lucky Ranger. If you all could come with me," Captain Griff said.

The Rangers then followed the two Senior Police Officials into a small Auditorium Like Structure within which were numerous IGPF Officers and at the Front of the Room was a familiar Face.

"Zendar, what brings you here?" Sue asked.

"I came as the Council Representative Sue," Zendar said.

Zendar then opened up the box that the Eltarian Noble had been carrying and Everyone saw a Huge Medal that almost looked like it was shaped like and old Powermorpher but smaller.

"Attention to Order. A Week ago as you know Haradomous one of the sneakiest supervillains around met his untimely death on Capsilon IX. At this time I wish to with the Blessing of the Ranger Council Present the Golden Morpher of Honor the Highest Honor a Ranger can Receive to Ranger Sylvia Hooper of Capsilon IX along with the IGPF Medal of Honor. And since most rangers work with a team I now Present Distinguished Service Badges and also IGPF Legion of Merit's to Susan Collington, Sean Crowning, Tyra Johnson, Sasha Stanton, Kimberly Coltran, Brianca Chang, Barakus of Triforia, Andrew Hammond. Jim Blackwell son of Zendar, Grand Hooper, and Francine Fitzgerald," Chief Roxwood said.

The Rangers Each Stood out as Captain Griff and Chief Roxwood pinned the medals to their Flight Suit Jackets Zendar simply Gave Each Ranger a Crisp Salute as she walked by with them. When They Reached Jim he had a small question for the Head of the Ranger Council.

"Are you maybe who I have a feeling you are?" Jim asked.

"Yes Jim I am," Zendar said.

Closing Notes. What do you think Jim asked the Head of the Ranger Council. For the Record the slightly overweight lady hasn't sung her song yet. In other words there are still more adventures for the Demona Rangers In a future fanfic There will be another Cross Over with the Galaxy Rangers and also one fo the Fanfics will deal with the Wedding of Andrew Hammond and Janet Cranston first hinted at in my fanfic Special Visitor which was one of the Special Demona fanfics to include Plastica.