Power Rangers Demona/ Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force Crossover
Demona Rangers in the Lost Galaxy
by Robert Gutheim

Authors Note. This is a True Crossover like the Power Rangers Christmas Special When Text is Like this Itís Lost Galaxy and Like This itís Power Rangers Demona. This one takes place during the time that Terra Venture is prepping to break off itís scientific study of the Lost Galaxy and return to the Real World.

Disclaimer: Anything Familiar that you saw on TV belongs to Haim Saban if the only place you recognize it from is something you saw at one of the Links at the end of Ninja Spirit a Power Rangers Demona story then that means that I either own it or borrowed it with Permission From Ellen Brand.

For The Record I will be sad to see Power Rangers Lost Galaxy End but I Might continue Alpha-1 Defense Force.

Key Explanations from Reunion. (I forgot to include them)

* A Head is what you call a bathroom on a ship.

** For the record this sauce does exist. Dinosaur Barbecue is a restaurant in Downtown Syracuse, NY which is the Closest City to my house. The food is exceptional and depending on where you live you might be able to find it in your local grocery store or you can order it from the Dinosaur Barbecue Website.

One day Robert Gutheim the Head of the Defense Force is working in Command Headquarters while Commander Ned Stanton and his 2nd in Command Michael Corbett are off duty.

"Miss Taylor, prep a message Buoy for launch," Robert ordered.

"Buoy Prepped," Miss Taylor said.

"To anyone who can here me This is Robert Gutheim The Head of the Alpha-1 Defense Force assigned to Terra Venture a Space Colony caught in the Lost Galaxy. WE need help. Iím attaching our coordinates but they are very rough since Navigational Systems arenít super reliable."

HE then signaled for the Buoy to be launched and then aimed his ring at the Buoy.

"Ring of Power, Open a Portal to the Command Bunker," Robert said. Soon the Buoy was gone.

"What happened to that Buoy?" Commander Stanton asked as he walked in just as the portal closed.

Soon after that the Portal Opened near the Base of the Demona Rangers Forty years into the Future. By chance Professor Pedro Damon was on duty.

"Rangers, we have a message Buoy report to the War Room at once," He ordered.

Soon after that the Entire Population from Dr. Stephanie Collington to Alpha VIII the Android Assistant we jammed into the War Room. Professor Damon then played the Buoy.

"It Doesnít look good. We better take The Zords on this one," Andrew Hammond recommended.

"Only Problem is Six of our zords wouldnít be with us," Dr. Collingtonís daughter Sue the Rangers Leader said.

"Actually Jim and I have been working on making Airtron a true Carrierzord by placing compartments for the Ground Assault Zords and the Subzord in spaces that would normally be used for other things. In fact Jim had Grant install a special teleporter into the Bunker so we can teleport the other zords into Airtron," Andrew said.

"Then what are we waiting for, FREDA, teleport any zords not currently aboard Airtron over and then Teleport us to Airtron," Sue said.

"Sue, you want me to accompany you?" Stephanie asked.

"Mom, we will be going into the past when you are a child and it could cause problems," Sue said. "Besides we might need you here if we run into problems."

"I see. Well be careful and May the Power Protect you," Stephanie said as the Rangers teleported out.

"Airtron set course for the Portal that the buoy came through and soon as we reach it take us into the Portal," Andrew said.

It took an hour for the Massive Carrierzord to reach the Portal and then enter it for the long journey into the past.

"Commander Stanton, Iím picking up a Strange Object coming toward us," Kai Chen unit 56/25.

"Put it on Screen," Commander Stanton ordered.

Kai did so and Airtronís Image was placed in Clear View. Robert along with Special Agent Laurie Nabinger NASADA and Karone (Unit 56/25) walked over right then.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Calvary looks to have arrived. Miss Taylor open the Field over the Ocean Dome so our Friends can land," Robert said.

"That looked like your favorite Ship the U.S.S. Enterprise. What was itís registry?" Laurie asked.

"The one I liked was Registry NCC-1701-* but the one you are thinking of was Registry CVN-65. Believe it or not Commander I recognize the ship. Itís Airtron," Robert said.

"What is Airtron?" Commander Stanton asked. "And more importantly why is it heading for the Ocean Dome?"

"Sir, Airtron has a very special Crew. I suggest you follow me to the Ocean Dome," Robert said.

"Maybe I should," Commander Stanton said. "Agent Nabinger, you have the Bridge, Miss Taylor, Mr. Chen youíre with me."

The four then headed down to the Floor of the Main Dome and Boarded Two cars Commander Stanton and Kai in one and Controller Taylor and Robert in the other. By the time they arrived the Crew of the Carrierzord had moved over onto dry land.

"Whoa this was something else," Sylvia Hooper an African American girl wearing a tan colored shirt under her Flight Suit jacket said. "Where are we anyway?"

"We are in the past. Sasha, you have your back-up GSA ID card with you?" Sue asked.

"Yes I do luckily since My Grandfather is approaching as we speak," Sasha said.

"Good Afternoon, Iím Commander Ned Stanton of the Space Colony Terra Venture."

"Good Afternoon Commander, Iím Sue Collington with the 56th Battalion. My Colleagueís and I are normally stationed on Capsilon IX."

"Wait a minute," Kai said. "How is it if you are part of the same unit that I am that you are assigned to a different place?"

"Itís a long story Mr. Chen," Sue said.

"Hold on there this is like really weird. WE just met yet you know who I am," Kai said.

"Mr. Chen you and your colleagues are well known around our parts," Sue said.

"Trust me Kai in time you will know what Sue is talking about," Robert said.

"I hope so," Kai said.

"Would you like a tour of the colony?" Commander Stanton asked.

"That isnít real necessary but probably a good idea anyway," Sue said.

"Iím Sure Mr. Chen and Mr. Gutheim can accommodate you," Commander Stanton said.

"Yes Commander, that would be a good move. Iíll rendezvous with you outside of High Command at 1700," Robert said.

"Sounds good. I was hoping you had forgotten about our meeting with High Councilor Renier and Councilor Brody," Commander Stanton said.

"Like my orderly would let me forget," Robert said indicating the Controller next to the Station Commander.

"Good point," Commander Stanton said.

"Robert, do you have any idea who these people are?" Kai asked.

"Kai, trust me Sue was telling you the truth when she gave her unit. Sue is the Leader of the Demona Rangers," Robert said.

"I see," Kai said.

Robert then called lifted up his powerband and made a quick call. Soon After that Karone arrived along with Leo and Mike Corbett, Damon Henderson, and a Red Haired Woman in Yellow named Maya. Robert then started the long series of introductions with Sue handling things for Sylvia along with Sylviaís twin brother Grant and her best friend Fran Fitzgerald.

"Robert mentioned you all several times but we never thought we would get a chance to actually meet you," Karone said.

"Trust me the First time we fought alongside Robert it was an interesting experience," Sue said.

"For sure," Brianca Chang said.

At that moment an Army of Swabbies showed up.

"GO Galactic," The Rangers said.

"Magna Power," Mike said.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Sue said. "Red Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power," Sasha Mitchell (Stanton) said.

"Yellow Ranger Power," Tyra Johnson said.

"Blue Ranger Power," Brianca said.

"Green Ranger Power," Sean Crowning said.

"White Ranger Power," Kim Coltran Sueís 2nd in command said.

"Purple Ranger Power," Janet Cranston said.

"Titanium Ranger Power," Barakus of Triforia said.

"Black Ranger Power," Andrew said.

"Gray Ranger Power," Jim said.

"Tan Ranger Power," Sylvia said.

"Brown Ranger Power," Grant said.

"Orange Ranger Power," Fran said.

Tyra then went over and hooked a small device up to Robertís powerband.

"This should allow you to power-up," Tyra said.

"Thanks Tyra," Robert said. "Showtime Plastica Style."

HE then hit the P button on his powerband and Changed into Plastica.

"Man ITís great to be back," Plastica said. "Invisibilitron."

He then slipped into the air. While Invisible he sent several Swabbies over the cliff while the rest of the Rangers both teams sent the others packing without special equipment.

"Sir, for the record we brought our zords with us," Andrew said.

"Good thinking Andrew," Plastica said.

"I wonder how much use they will be," Damon said.

"If you knew what they used for Zords you would know that they could be quite useful," Robert said.

"I hope so," Damon said as he looked toward the Water and saw a shark like Monster approaching.

"Hello Rangers You can call me Sharkface and I hope you donít mind of I call you History," The Monster said.

"Hey Sharkface, you a Nurse Shark or a Hammerhead?" Leo asked as a joke.

"Actually Iím a Great White," Sharkface said.

"Well Sharkface, I hope you donít mind if my friends and I fillet you," Plastica said as he signaled Andrew over. Plastica and Andrew then summoned Twin Gauntlets from which two small blades were removed from and turned into Swords. The Galaxy Rangers then pulled out their Quasar Sabers. Janet Made sure her Twin Katanas were on hand, Sue Called for her Sword of Power and The other Rangers whose weapon had a physical component summoned them.

"This is a barrel of fun," Sharkface said.

"Maybe for you Sharkface," Grant said as he fired on his with his Trident.

"Bro you better stand back you know my aim isnít the best," Sylvia said.

Soon as Grant was out of the way she threw her mace at Sharkface. The Energy discharge when it landed had an Not quite desirable result as Sharkface Grew.

"Your aim had to be right on this time," Sasha grumbled.

"Galactabeasts Arise," Karone called.

"Torozord Charge," Mike called.

"We need Battlezords now," the Demona Rangers called forth.

The Galactabeasts arrived about the time the First of the Demona Battlezords were being offloaded from Airtron. As the Battlezords were being off loaded the Rangers were boarding them. Karone slipped into the once lower seat of the Rotorzord.

"I figured it would be an interesting experience," she informed Sasha the pilot.

"Unfortunately youíll have to man your own zord," Sasha said.

Plastica joined Andrew and Jim aboard the Massive Carrier Zord Airtron.

"Letís face it the Demona Rangers have some way cool Zords," Maya said.

"I agree. I can think of a number of times that they would have been helpful," Leo said.

"WE need Ground Assault MegaBattleZord Now," Sue said.

Shortly after that the Ground Assault zords combined.

"Galactazord Transform," Karone said from Atop the Wildcat Galactabeast.

With a couple flashes of Light the Galactabeasts went Metallic and became the Galactazords. By this time Mike in his Magna Defender Armor had under gone Mega Defender Transform. HE was riding Torozord into Battle with the Mega Axe in his hands.

"Janet, think we should GO Mega as well?" Fran asked.

"Probably a good idea. That way we can Concentrate our Energy," Janet said.

Within minutes the Demona Air Force had formed the Air Attack MegaBattleZord. By this time Barakus had Converted The Sub Zord to Warrior Mode.

"StratoForce, Centaurus Online," Kai said.

Shortly After that two Galactabeast charged Megazords arrived with StratoForce Teaming up with Air Attack and Centaurus with Ground Assault. Right About this time Magna Defender was just heading over to Merge with Torozord to form Defender Torozord.

"I never thought there would be a chance that WE would be fighting alongside Terra Ventureís original team of Rangers," Andrew said.

"So what kind of trouble is Haradomous up to these days?" Plastica asked.

"Actually a couple weeks ago Sylvia the Tan Ranger vaporized Haradomous using the Megamace which is one of the weapons that the Ground Assault MegaBattleZord has in itís inventory. Interesting thing is she was aiming for Goldar only Goldar ducked. My Captain was go pleased he talked the Chief into giving her the Highest Awards that the IGPF had. Not only that but Zendar the head of the Ranger Council in our time gave her the Highest Award a Ranger could receive," Andrew said.

"Not bad for a rookie," Plastica said. "What weapons are in the various inventories?"

"Each MegaBattleZord has in itís inventory these days the weapons that the Rangers whose zords are used to form the MegaBattleZord. Sylviaís zord is a little unique because she can split her zord into two pieces. Unfortunately when she splits her zord he has to transfer Command and Control for the lower half to either the Postzord or to FREDA," Jim said.

At this time Sylvia was warming up the Megamace and was Throwing it at Sharkface.


"Man Sis you Aim is a lot better here then it is at home," Grant joked.

"Grant you know all those holes in Mt. Kendrix back home," Sylvia said.

"Yeah so what," Grant said.

"Those holes were caused by me practicing with my mace," Sylvia said.

"No Wonder her Aim improved," Sean said as he gave Damon a High Five.

"If you ask me we owe you all a meal," Mike said after everyone had changed back to Civilian clothes. "What say we head for the Comet Café."

Just as everyone walked in Eugene Skullovitch the Executive Officer for the Alpha-1 Defense Force was chatting with his former comedy act partner Farkus Bulkmeier.

"Hey Robert, Where did those Military Vehicles come from that were involved in that battle in the Ocean Dome just now. Lieutenant Maxwell noticed them and came to me because he couldnít find you," Eugene said.

"They belonged to the people who had responded to a distress call I had sent," Robert said as he glanced at his chronometer.

"Oops, I was supposed to meet Commander Stanton at High Command Five Minutes ago," Robert said.

"Iíll let him know you are on your way," Mike said.

Sue and Kim took the time to join him on his trip.

"Mr. Gutheim, glad you could fit us into your busy schedule," Councilor Brody said.

"Sorry Sir but I was unavoidably detained," Robert said. "I have with me Sue Collington and Kim Coltran from the 96th Ranger Company of the Famous 56th Battalion."

"I see and were they involved in the battle a Short time ago?" High Councilor Renier asked.

"Yes we were maíam," Sue said. "We were the ones in the Military Hardware."

"I was impressed by your skill and weaponry. Assuming we reach our destination would you be willing to assist in the defense of the Colony?" Renier asked.

"I wish we could but We have other duties elsewhere," Sue said. "Besides you have the best warrior you could have right here in your Defense Force Head."

Commander Stanton was a little confused and mentioned it when they left.

"Well Commander you see we came from the Future," Sue said. "Thatís how we happened to be part of the same unit as Kai."

Commander Stanton by now knowing the truth about Sasha stood by as Airtron left for itís home.

"That was one interesting Battle," Sasha said. "I canít believe my grandfather managed to lure my real last name out of me."

"HE didnít even have to sweat it out of you," Sue said. "At least my grandfather knew who I was. Man it seemed strange referring to him by first name."

"As it is you almost blew our cover when you clued their blue ranger in on the fact that you knew who he was," Sean said.

"To think in two more weeks Andrew and I will be getting Married," Janet said.

Closing Notes. Thatís the subject of another fanfic though. As you can see still no clue as to what the connection between Ranger Council Head Zendar and the Gray Ranger.