Disclaimer: This takes place after Journeyís End when they are on the Planet Mirinoi. I know Power Rangers Demona takes place on Capsilon IX. Someday maybe I will chronicle how they traveled to Capsilon IX. I also know how in Journeyís End Kendrix returned but For the Sake of PRADF she really did die in Power of the Pink. I named this the Final Chapter for a reason. That being that This will be the last adventure for Power Rangers ADF. I probably will write some Lightspeed Rescue Fanfics but I donít know if they will include Plastica. You have to consider This Series of Fanfics started with Kimberly way back when they were referred to the Adventures of Plastica and Headset the Lost Adventures, then became the New Adventures of Plastica and Headset life on Terra Venture, and then with the beginning of the 2nd season of PRLG became Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force.

Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
The Final Chapter.
By Robert Gutheim

A Secluded campsite on the Planet Mirinoi Robert Gutheim the Head of the Alpha-1 Defense Force is meeting with his Advisors. Mike Corbett the Former Magna Defender, I/Oca his Android Computer assistant, Mikeís brother Leo the former Red Galaxy Ranger, and Bruce Randolph the "Leader" of the Practitioners of Martal.

"Well weíve come full circle in the fight against Evil," Mike said.

"What do you mean?" Bruce asked.

"TO start with Maya came with us because she was needed for the fight against Scorpius. With Trakeena dead the fight against his forces is over. The Fight began for her right here on Mirinoi. ITís only fitting that it ended on Mirinoi. Point 2 The Fight escalated when I was successful in pulling the Red Quasar Saber from the stone. When the Fight ended Leo put the Saber back in the Stone. Also Kai, Maya, Damon, and Kendrix pulled the other Sabers out after I pulled the Red one out. With the End of the War Kai, Maya, Damon, and Karone replaced their sabers. Jera and the others missed the war. The Rangers are Heroes not only to the people new to the Planet but also to the Natives of Mirinoi. Maya especially because she was born here. She left a frightened Native and came home a hero Just like the old days on Earth," Mike said.

"You have a point there Mike, Where are Maya, Shondra and the others from here that traveled with us?" Robert asked.

"They are getting reacquainted with their respective families. The other now former rangers and I are going to get together later and have a small Victory Celebration," Leo said.

"Bruce, How soon can the 25th Brigade minus the 56th and 16th Battalions be ready to take off for parts unknown?" Robert asked.

"Sir, it could be a long time. We donít have a ship we can use," Bruce said.

"What about the Space Hawk?" Robert asked.

"It was in the ADF hangar when the Colony was destroyed in the battle," Bruce said.

"I/Oca, what is the situation with the Demona Fighters?" Robert asked.

"We lost half of them," I/Oca said. "The other half it might be a while before we can use them. Assuming I can get parts."

"Robert," Laurie Nabinger said as she her sister Ali, the kids Stephanie, Wang Chung, Amy, and Leah along with Controller Sarah Taylor and Connie Wilcox walked in. "The rest of the members of the Alpha-1 Defense Force including the 56th but not the 16th Battalions underwent a Unit Vote."

"What was the result of the Vote Laurie?" Robert asked.

"We voted to stay together as a team. Hannah, Terry, Baxter, Sarah, and I along with Haley decided to stick by our companions. How come no one thought to let Hannah, Terry, or even Baxter know that Leo and his friends were the Rangers?" Connie said since it was decided previously that She would provide the actual results of the Vote.

"I think five key votes were left out," Robert said.

"It wouldnít make a difference Sir. The vote was unanimous," Controller Taylor said.

"Did anyone inform Stanton or Renier?" Robert asked.

"We had to leave something for you," Connie said.

"Well then Connie, what say you, Sarah, and I see about doing that. The rest of us will meet up in Mayaís village in 3 earth hours," Robert said. "I want the entire Force there except for 16th Battalion."


Commander Stanton, Renier, Brody, and the other members of High Command were in another tent going over reports when Robert arrived with Sarah and Connie.

"Mr. Gutheim, Iím assuming that you will be leaving with your crew," Commander Stanton said.

"Actually Sir My team and I will be staying here. AS you know the Astro Megaship was lost in the battle and the S.B. Space Hawk was in itís hangar. WE also lost two Jet Jammers and Half the Demona Fighters. Much as we probably could disband the 25th Brigade the ADF voted not to disband and to remain here. Of course Mike, Leo, Karone, Damon, and Kai will have to undergo training since they will be without their powers. Also Sarah Taylor, Terry Beals, Connie Wilcox, Hannah Nelson, and Baxter Connors will be at my orders transferred to 25th Brigade," Robert said.

"I thought Lt. Com. Corbett and Lt. Chen were trained in standard GSA Combat procedures," Brody said.

"They are and Leo I think has some bootleg time but Iíd prefer if they underwent Special 25th Brigade training. My Unit will be meeting with Maya in her village later. Commander Stanton, At this time I will be returning the 16th Battalion to you but Formally transferring Mike, Kai, and the previously mentioned people to my jurisdiction," Robert said.

"Your request is even under these circumstances Highly Irregular," Renier said.

"Maíam. You have to remember my men fought a lot of hard battles. When I brought that one Science team here the one where I had left The Randolph Brothers here to protect the Colony only to have you countermand my order and send them with a Back-up Unit I saw a completely different picture of how Mirinoi looked. In fact I had to prevent my geologist from removing pieces of the Citizens.," Robert said.

"In the end though you did need the Back-up," Renier said.


A couple hours later Robert and his family Which interestingly enough included Connie arrived in Mayaís Village. Maya was Dressed rather nicely.

"Maya, you look lovely," Robert said.

"Thanks Robert. Mike is a little down right now," Maya said.

"Why is that?" Robert asked.

"Iím the reason Sir," A Tall male Mirinoi native said. "Your Mike Corbett realized that Maya had a husband. Mirinoi society is such that most people marry early in life."

"Iím Robert Gutheim, this is my sister-in-law Laurie Nabinger, her sister Ali, my two daughters Stephanie and Wang Chung, Laurieís daughters Amy and Leah, and My new Fiancée Connie Wilcox. "

the girls meanwhile had met up with Miya and the other girls who had briefly inhabited the Mountain dome with Mayaís best friend Shondra. Stephanie was entertaining the young children by Changing back and forth into the Flitter. Robert gave her a mean look.

"Hey come on dad with the war over I probably wonít have much of a chance to use my powers so why not use them for entertainment," Stephanie said.

"For one thing I donít want Powermatic to get mad if you burn out the circuits that channel the powers," Robert said.

"Robert As a token of our appreciation we took the time to erect a few native huts for your team. You of course have the largest one," Mayaís husband said.

Robert a couple minutes later walked over to Mike.

"Mike, one thing you will find is that there are more fish in the sea," Robert said. "So what if Maya has a husband. There is always Haley."

"I know but Iím afraid. What if she doesnít truly love me," Mike said. "Somehow I always figured Maya and I would be together even after I helped Haley rescue her grandfather and had to Reveal that I was the Magna Defender to her and Benjamin.í

"Mike trust me you will get over losing your powers the way you did. My good friend Tommy Oliver lost his powers more times then Stephanie has changed her socks," Robert joked only to get knocked over by a flash of light.

"For the record Iíve changed my socks a lot more times then Technicolor Tommy has lost his powers. Letís see he lost his Green Ranger powers twice, his White Ranger Powers Twice, his Zeo powers once and his Turbo Powers when he gave them to T.J. so he lost his powers only six times and I usually change my socks every day," Stephanie said.

"You could have fooled me," Robert said.

Stephanie gave him a quick peck with her beak and then Flitted away before he could nail her for it.

"She is still quick that is for sure," Mike said.

"A little too quick. I canít detect her anywhere in the village," Robert said.

"How would you do that?" Mayaís husband asked as he walked up to Robert and Mike

"I have all sorts of fancy abilities. Stuff that your people would probably attribute to wizardry and magic," Robert said. "AS you saw one of my daughters has similar abilities. Maya can explain a lot of it since she has seen both Stephanie and I in Action along with my late Wife Jessica."

Robert and his Mirinoin host then headed off and Maya walked up to Mike. Mike was trying to be as unresponsive as possible.

"Mike, if I thought there was a chance that Mirinoi would be like this again I would have told you about Sven. I didnít want to hurt you," Maya said.

"Maya, I had fallen in love with you the minute I saw you before Sven was even turned to stone. I felt hurt that my true love had another man," Mike said.

"Mike, youíll get over it. Give Haley a chance. Let her know that there is more to Mike Corbett then the powers of the Magna Defender," Maya said.

"I lost my powers when we left the Lost Galaxy," Mike said. "Haley knows that."

"Heck Iím surprised she even knew you had powers," Maya said.

"I sort of morphed right in front of her and her grandfather but I had no choice," Mike said.

"Itís understandable, remember Robert didnít chew you out for it," Maya said.

"Besides my replacement as Red ranger had to morph at one point as well when conditions werenít favorable," A Strange voice said.

"Sue, how did you get here?" Maya asked.

"Jim opened a portal for me. I wanted to see my grandfather," Sue said. "Whoa a long way from Capsilon IX. Where are we?"

"Home, Sue we are home," Maya said. "Or at least to me this is home. I was born here."

"You mean this is Mirinoi," Sue said. "Unbelievable."

"Sue, your crazy mother flitted off somewhere," Robert said as he and Connie approached.

Mikeís mouth opened like you wouldnít believe.

"You have to remember Mike Iím from another time," Sue said. "Grandpa, you yourself know my mom wasnít crazy."

"Sue, what replacement?" Robert asked.

"Grandpa I retired as the Red Ranger. Also I sort of have bad news which is why Jim opened the portal. Sasha died during a battle against our latest foe," Sue said.

"How did she die?" Mike asked.

"Her hair got caught in an elevator door during a battle," Sue said.

"Why didnít she?" Mike asked as he gestured a typical Galaxy Morph.

"There were too many people around. Thankfully Kelly was able to cut her free but not before Sasha broke her neck," Sue said.

Sue then walked behind a hut and left.

"Thank god I was with you when She left so I at least know who she will be," Connie said.

"Ay Yi Yi. This is just too much," Alpha said as he walked over. About ninety-five percent of the people in the village were amazed at Alpha. The other five percent knew who he was.

"Oh man it will take a long time for the two populations to learn from each other," Jera said.

"Jera, Iím sure we both can learn a lot real fast."

"Sarah, how did you get involved with a bunch of Warriors?" one Mirinoin native asked Robertís orderly.

"Near as I can figure Laurie Shows up and her ship causes a near panic so Commander Stanton sent Gene Skullovitch to get Robert. Robert sent Gene back to Stanton with a message and told Gene afterwards to come back and bring a date. Laurie offered to be Geneís date. Stanton when Gene ask if he was returning to Robertís location. Gene apparently told him how dates were needed but his was waiting for him. I step out and Stanton yanks me along for the ride. Laurie joked about his bringing a controller for a date. A short time later Robert calls over to the Commanderís daughter to remind him to invite Commander Stanton next time he holds a barbecue. I then joked that maybe then he would bring a real date," Sarah said.

"Why would a date be needed for a barbecue?" the native asked.

"It was a coupleís barbecue. The idea being that it would bring people together. Miya, that barbecue sauce you like on your hot dogs I kind of lost the rest of my supply when the Colony was destroyed," Robert called over to Mayaís little sister.

"Oh man talk about a major bummer," Miya said since Hot Dogs with that particular barbecue sauce was her favorite.

"701 to Armatron," Robert called over his communicator.

A series of beeps appeared. Next thing he knew his Zord appeared overhead.

"Glad to see something survived," HE said. "Launch Flight Pack Mode Battle Armor."

A Set of Lights popped from the zord.

"Oh boy Syren, watch this," Sarah said.

"Armor Up," Robert said.

Next thing you know he was in his Armor

"Beginning preignition sequence," a digital voice said.

"Ignite," Robert said.

Robert then rocketed off.

"Connie, where did my dad go?" Wang Chung asked.

"I think he went looking for Stephanie. She flitted off somewhere," Connie said.

The End

Closing Notes and Special Thanks

A number of you were probably surprised that I said this would be the last Alpha-1 Defense Force Fanfic. Who knows I may write something at some point about how they fair on Mirinoi or I may just work in something in Power Rangers Demona which will Continue. I know it might look like that series ended but there is a small spoiler in here for that series.

A List of People I want to thank

Haim Saban: Haim without you the series would never have existed. Make note he owns a bunch of the characters that appeared I own the rest.

Ellen Brand: Thanks for loaning Lita Kino to me and acting as someone to A bounce ideas off of and Debate some little detail to death with.

Jeremy Ray Logsdon, Paladar, Lanie Tayler: These three are in charge of posting my fanfics for your hopeful viewing pleasure. It seems strange that A year ago my fanfics were just making there debut at Jengaís Library and I didnít even know where to look for them.

Ray Calderon the maintainer of Power Rangers Central: Ray thanks for the Latest Episode Picture files and for keeping your site up to date. I was able to utilize your site in getting a number of points right.

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Best of all the Staff at Gateway for manufacturing the computer that my fanfics were typed up on.

The End