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Zordonian Rangers
Behold the Ninja
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron.

IT is a quiet day when Roxanne Jackson walked into the Youth Center one day. Working behind the bar when she walked in his Matt Connorson the original owner and neighbor of one of Roxanneís closest friends. A bunch of Teens were standing by the Bulletin Board on the opposite end of the counter and as Roxanne walked over after the lace on one of her white and gold sneakers comes loose so she stops to tie her lace and one sleeve on her white shirt almost gets snagged on a loose nail which her lace had gotten caught on and resulted on it ending up untied to begin with. Roxanne reached into a pocket dimension and brought a hammer out and pounded the nail back in before finishing her shoe tying. A couple passerbyís gave her a strange look as she returned the hammer to her pocket dimension. After she stands up she noticed the Poster on the Wall.

Intergalactic Martial Arts Tournament. September 16 2073 starting at 1400 Hours. Colonial Heights High School Gymnasium. The fact that itís intergalactic competitors especially interests her being that She was originally from Earth and still spoke with a Canadian accent. Also both Roxanne and Vanessa were fairly well known on the Intergalactic Circuit.

"Whoa thatís this afternoon I better go tell Vanessa." Roxanne then headed out and walked Three blocks away to her house taking a couple seconds enroute to ogle a passing female jogger for which her face gets slapped. Roxanne kept her reaction subtle so as not to tip off Vanessa. When she got home she headed right upstairs to the Color Sanctum as Roxanne and her fraternal twin sister Vanessa referred to it since it was decorated in White and Purple. Vanessa was getting ready to hop into the shower and as such was standing in the doorway into their private bathroom having stopped there when Roxanne walked in. Vanessaís robe was purple and through the doorway you could see two large towels a white one marked Roxie and a Purple one marked Van.

"Whoa are your back early," Vanessa telepathically sent.

"This afternoon at the High School Gym is an Intergalactic Martial Arts Tournament. I figured we could take part."

"I agree and possibly involve the other rangers," Vanessa responded.

"Problem, the tournament is at 1400 and they wonít be back from their fieldtrip to the Museum of Natural Science and History until 1545," Roxanne pointed out.

Lord Xenon was watching the twins debating the tournament and decides to ruin their plans.

"Hammerhead, Galactex, Nightshade," He called with an amused coloring to his eye.

"Yes Master," Nightshade a female Warrior with Flowing White hair, Demonic glowing eyes and an Ancient Amazonian style feminine armor, She was also heavily armed and dangerous with Weapons hanging off her belt, A short sword sheathed in one of her Stiletto heeled boots and even more weapons in a duffel bag on her back. showed up a few seconds before Hammerhead a Shark with Legs that had a head with a large nodule on each side of his head and Galactex.

"What is your wish My lord?" Nightshade asked as she ran one of her daggers along a sharpening stone.

"I have a two pronged attack planned. Nightshade, you along with some Super Xenonites will attack the Purple Ranger and her foolish sister. Galactex, you and Hammerhead will attack the other rangers and keep them from helping their friends," He said a hint of humor in his eyes.

"What Flavor Xenonites should I take?" Galactex inquired.

"You and Hammerhead wonít take any along," he answered rage entering into his eyes.

At the museum in the downtown area of Settlement 8 the other rangers and some of their classmates are looking at the exhibits. Amelia had an ear to ear grin on her face while looking at an exhibit of rocks and fossils. Since she was supposed to be off duty she had a Pink Blouse on over a beige skirt.

"This is so great. Iím kind of glad I brought a couple crystals to present to the museum," she squeaked as things started to get bad. As Hammerhead and Galactex showed up. Michelle while wearing a red dress signaled the rangers over. Within seconds they were morphed.

"Are you ready to rumble?" Amelia growled since her idea of a perfect field trip was ruined. While asking her question she threw her chacron at the monster while Bobby, Marsha, and Greg prepared for action. Michelle had decided to personally cross swords with Galactex. The minute her Chacron bounced off without so much as making him bleed she knew the battle was going to be long. Thankfully Bobby had his Trident ready and Greg had shocked him a few times.

"Hey Plankton Breath how are you doing?" Michelle snidely inquired as she passed her sword between her hands.

Galactex simply thrust his sword out at her.

Meanwhile in a quiet park like setting of grass and a couple paths The Twins with their White Giís on even if Vanessa did add some purple trim to hers were sending a few kicks at each other to warm up. A bag containing a couple spare katanas which were older and had a couple bits of corrosion was nearby since they were entered in both Weapons combat and single combat categories and their main katanas were inaccessible since they could only remove weapons from their pocket dimensions while morphed but other objects at any time. Suddenly just as Vanessa was getting ready to try a high kick to her sisterís head trouble arrived from a couple overhead portals

"This is clearly not good," Roxanne growled. "Those who dare interrupt us while practicing shall pay dearly."

Nightshade attempted at pinning her arms together only Vanessa who had been able to morph went after her with her primary Katana. A couple quick whacks and Roxanne was free to also morph.

"Van, I think these Xenonites are stronger then the ones we fought at the Youth Center."

"You can say that again," she agreed.

In the War Room alarms were going off all over the Place One Screen showed Roxanne and Vanessa battling Nightshade and another showed Marsha trying to Boomerang Hammerhead.

"Things donít look good. I think the rangers will need some additional assistance on this one," a Bald headed Male stated. "Alpha contact Dulcea inform her to prepare to receive a party of seven."

"Right away Professor," his metallic assistant said

Meanwhile the Museum was being evacuated while the Rangers went to work keeping Galactex and Hammerhead busy long enough to hopefully get back-up.

"Wonder why Roxanne and Vanessa werenít dispatched to help us?" Bobby queried.

"They might be busy and unable to sneak away."

Meanwhile the twins were up to their ears in Super Xenonites and trying to figure out why the others werenít there.

Give them time Roxie. They might not be sure what the exact situation is.

Well if they donít show up soon I wonít be responsible for my actions.

An hour later the battles were nearing completion. Amelia decided to send her chacron at Hammerhead at the very instant that Greg gave him a full power shock with his whip. Thankfully it was enough to fillet the monster and Galactex decided to escape. The Rangers then teleported to the War Room. By this time Roxanne and Vanessa in a weakened state also arrived back.

"Man Professor, those things were tougher then s**t," Vanessa stated. "We almost got our heads handed to us on platters. The least you could have done was send back-up."

"Take into consideration the rest of us were tied up with a monster. IF anything we could have used you," Michelle retorted.

"Easy you two. Lord Xenon did this on purpose to keep us separated," the professor reproached and calmed Roxie.

"What was up with those Xenonites. I thought Black was the strongest," Roxanne said.

"Nightshade the Assassin you and Vanessa were fighting found a way to increase the strength of Black Xenonites and to make them obvious she gave them gold armor. Since Lord Xenon is aware of our increased numbers he has seen reason to step up his attack. Therefore We need to step up our defense. Only we have to hurry if you all will be back by 1400 so that Roxanne and Vanessa can compete in the tournament. Alpha should have the long range teleporter ready to send you to Phaedos to receive Ninja powers. Dulcea will explain more when you arrive."

"Hold on did you say Assassin?" Vanessa said. she felt that would need the information about the new enemy.

"Yes I did. In fact she is the most accurate around. Itís rumored she could be an Undead Warrior who escaped from Hell. Many forces have fallen to her. Iíve already contacted Sergeant Hammond at IGPF to let him know she is nearby."

"Phaedos, what on Earth is so vital that we have to go there?" Roxanne spat.

"The next level," the professor cryptically replied as they teleported out to be arrive on a forest like Planet near some ruins.

"Oh man and I didnít bring my backpack so I canít get my archeology stuff out of subspace without drawing attention," Amelia moped.

"Greetings Rangers, I am Dulcea Master Warrior on This Planet," A tall scantly clad Woman all in Green announced to get their attention.

"Whoa my kind of lady," Roxanne excitably quickly got out.

"Watch your tongue you weasel," Dulcea snapped annoyed. "Or I will be forced to rip it from your mouth."

Roxanne had a frightened look on her face.

"I am Michelle Connorson leader of the Zordonian Rangers. Prof. Damon sent us for some reason. Two of us were attacked by Super Xenonites."

"Gather in a circle and sit down in a meditative state." Amelia, Greg and Vanessa were on her left and Michelle, Bobby and Roxanne on her right. Marsha ended up across from her "I will try and assist you. Within each of us is a Spirit animal crying to get out. Only those fully in tune with their spirit animal can unlock the powers of Ninjetti. "

Michelleís Quest.

Whoa this is so weird. I seem like Iím in some horror story. Almost like something out of Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe Letís face it Poe wrote some real rotten stuff. I remember I never could figure out his Poem the Raven.

"Congratulations Child you are one with your Spirit Animal. Come with me and I will help you to unlock the powers of Ninjetti," a birdlike voice said.

Ameliaís quest.

Amelia ended up on a Plains area somewhere on Earth. Whoa Chicago this isnít. I feel like Iím on Earth though. A lot of cats around. Big cats to. Oh man if only I had my Palm RAT. They look something like A leopard but I donít think they are leopards.

"Child what is troubling you?" a gentle voice from an unknown source questioned.

"Iím seeking my spirit animal and I think those cats are a clue but Iím not sure exactly what type they are," she replied.

"I have spoken with them and they have a British Accent which is unusual since they are from the Western Hemisphere. Sometime you really must visit us in Coventry," the voice offered kindness in it gesture

"Oh of course jaguars,"

Child you have done well and are one with your spirit animal Come with me and I will assist you with unlocking the powers of Ninjetti.

Vanessaís quest.

Nice Prairie look. Maybe a little different from Capsilon IX or Manitoba. I almost feel like doing some riding it is so peaceful. Ah there is a good mount already Saddled up. Man are you a good mount. We seem almost made for each other.

"Congratulations Child together we will work to unlock the Ninjetti powers within you."

Bobbyís Quest

"Child, what brings you here?" a avian voice shot from above.

"I am Bobby Zhang, Blue Ranger on Capsilon IX. I am seeking my spirit animal."

"I sense within you the same wisdom as I possess. Tell me Who is the Predator of the Night who knows all and who is the Wisest Flyer on the Planet.

"All I can say is that with all the Whose youíve said you sounds like an Owl. I have two questions for you Are you an owl and are you the one I seek?"

"Look within yourself and you will find the answer. Concentrate my child. Your mind has the answer."

"I do sense an owl," Bobby guessed trusting himself

"Excellent Child now to unlock your ninjetti powers."

Roxanneís quest

This coat is almost excellent, too bad itís so warm here. Iíll just take it off. Oh great I canít. No wonder the fur is a part of me. Wish I knew what type of fur it was. Wish there was a mirror nearby. Hum looks like Iím on a mink farm.

"Child prepare to become one with the Ninjetti for you have found your spirit animal," a voice said.

The Final Quest

"Gross Iím all slimy and slithery. How nice a few rattles. I must be a Rattle Snake,"

The Rangers all woke up and found that where before they had their Ranger Uniforms on, they now had on Ninja Uniforms with full face masks over their heads and in their colors.

"Rangers, you now are able to call upon two powers. Your Zordonian Powers are still your main powers and with which you control your zords. You also have the ability of calling upon the powers of Ninjetti. It would be nice if we had time for you to train in your powers but unfortunately we do not" sadness laced in Dulcea's voice could be heard. "Prepare to return to your base."

"Wait how do we access our powers.

"Take these morphers. They will be absorbed into your body. Then to morph call on Shadow Guardian Power and your color.

The Rangers then were teleported back to the Command Bunker. Once there Vanessa looked at the clock.

"Oh Fudge Roxanne weíve gotta go. Itís almost 130 and we have to be at the High School at 200.

The Whole Crew then went to the High School When they arrived Roxanne and Vanessa registered for the single combat, tag team, and weapons combat events at a table right inside the door. The others decided to watch from the stands.

"Hey Jackson, Ready for defeat this year?" A Reddish Blond Haired Triforian superiorly growled at them.

"In your dreams," Roxanne sarcastically snickered. "You and your sister will be lucky to make it past the first round."

Whoa Roxanne a lot of these opponents are familiar to us. WE might have it easy but with Kistra and Linoka here it might be tough. Give me Nightshade anyday.

"I agree Van but I donít think the judges will let us fight morphed."

"Most of these people would be lucky to even meet a ranger up close let along fight one."

A Tall Silvery Skinned Judge who resembled Prof. Damon walked over and got between Roxanne and Kistra.

"Save it for the competition you two. One more outburst from either of you directed at the other and you both will be disqualified," he commanded sharply.

"Good one Etmire," Another Judge this one from Aquitar congratulated his fellow pannel member.

"I try to be fair Creston but we canít have all out brawls starting up," Etmire said.

Fairly soon the Single combat event started with Roxanne pitted against a fighter from Edenoi. After that Vanessa fought a powerful Kerovian fighter. The Tag team and Weaponry events are next.

Meanwhile Lord Xenon was hatching a plan.

"Ninjkasu, Take a Platoon of Super Xenonites and Attack the Terra Venture Medical Center," HE ordered a Humanoid looking Monster dressed like a Ninja except he simply used a headband instead of a full face mask.

"Yes my lord," he said bowing before departing.

The Professor didnít like what he saw.

"Lord Xenon has the worst timing," he condescendingly remarked. "Alpha signal the Rangers."

By this time Roxanne and Vanessa were done with the First round and were waiting for word on if they made it farther.

Bebop Bebop a dop pop

"I read you professor."

"Lord Xenon has sent a monster to attack a hospital. You better head there to look into it," Prof. Damon said.

"Weíre on our way," Michelle replied. She then placed her right arm in the air and signaled for a form up.

"Trouble, a hospital is under attack."

"What are we waiting for?" Roxanne inefficiently asked. "Letís morph and get this creep."

They did and then boarded their jet cycles and roared off for battle. When they arrived Amelia took on look at the Twenty Story structure and grabbed her chacron.

"If they have hurt my mother I will scream." She growled.

"Why is that?" Roxanne questioned uncomprehendingly.

"She works here as the Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff," Amelia reported.

"Huddle," Michelle called.

The Rangers got into a circle in roughly alphabetical order by color.

"OK this monster looks mean. Vanessa, you and Roxanne are with me against the monster. Amelia, you and your team go after the Super Xenonites. If you get overwhelmed go to third Morph," Michelle briskly ordered.

"Third Morph."

"My cousin and her team had this. They called it eclipsed. It combines your powers. WE actually designed the Zordonian Powers so that Eclipsed would work," Amelia proudly explained the concept.

The battle then began. For the next hour the Rangers fought hard by this time the Twins decided to use a twin Katana attack to try to destroy Ninjkasu. Their blades angrily started glowing purple and white respectively.. You could tell they were charging up f or a powerful strike. Unfortunately Galactex had slipped in and made the monster grow.

"We better summon the Zords. But first time to Eclipse," Michelle barked.

Within seconds they were at the final morph. They then Summoned the Zords.

"Gang, go right to Megazord," Sir Lance-a-lot broadcasted enroute.

"I here you Lance," Robin Hood reported. "Freedom ready for Paladin."

"You bet Robin."

Soon as the Jets Arrived they Formed into the Megazords. Robin retracted its head to form a slot where it used to be. Shin bracers formed over Robinís legs. Freedom meanwhile slid into the slot and became the upper torso. Freedom's wings push forward and became breastplates. The cockpit tilted vertically and spun around producing a helmeted head. Paladin closely resembled the classic knight of the Round Table.

"This better prove short," Roxanne stated from inside Paladin.

Even with Two Megazords the Battle proved tough. Finally Paladin took his Two katanas and duplicated the Twin Katana Attack just as the Lightning Hammer flew and between the two assaults the monster was down.

The Rangers then returned to the Gym where on a Far wall was the Brackets to show who had moved farther. The Twins then went and saw how they had advanced further. Professor Damon walked over with the one Judge Etmire since he had teleported in after the battle.

"You all did good. Man was I surprised to find Etmire here judging the competition," he announced pleasantly.

"I take it you know him from somewhere," Marsha knowingly intoned.

To Be Continued

Closing notes. Well another fanfic down. Donít worry you will learn how the tournament ended and where Prof. Damon knew Etmire from. All that and more next fanfic.