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Zordonian Rangers
Bitter Rivalry
by Unicron and Robert Gutheim

A Few hours after the Twins learn they had moved on to the Next round most of the Rangers are sitting in the spacious lounge on the lower level of the bunker. You could see a few tables near the Synthetron in one corner but since it didnít do as good a job the rangers when they ate at the bunker usually cooked something in the snack bar kitchen. The rest of the lounge consisted of a series of couches around a central viewer which doubled as communications screen, computer system screen, and TV screen.

"Michelle, we barely know each since we donít share any classes. What say we spar a little in the gym?" Roxanne kindly suggested.

"Sounds good," the brunette agreeable to the idea. "I need to see how good you are as it is."

"Marsha, while Roxanne mops up the floor with our fearless leader what say the two of us undergo a some light sparing. Roxanne tends to be No Holds Barred."

"Your on," she barked at the other girl's challenge.

Amelia and Greg decided to go swimming while the others were Sparring.

During the Sparring matches Michelle learns that she is at the same level in fighting skill as her white clothed teammate. An hour later Marsha started to tire out.

"Van, we better rest. A good hour has gone by," Marsha advised her sparring partner. "Continuous fighting like this isnít as easy unmorphed."

"We can work on it later after the tournament," the black haired girl promised Marsha.

They retire back to the lounge and grab a table near the synthetron. Marsha braves the computerized food dispenser to order a couple glasses of Ice Water.

"What was it like living in Manitoba. Iíve never even been off Capsilon IX?" Marsha asked as Roxanne and Michelle walked in and sat down on a couch near the screen.

"If there's one complaint I had, it was winters. They usually were cold." answerred Vanessa while pretending to get the chills.

"It was hard living down our reputations. Many of our friends look at us as their role models." Roxanne brought up, sounding like it something she did not want. Only Vanessa knew better.

"It was different. You didn't have to worry about monster attacks." Venessa replied, with a thoughtful look in her eyes.

"If you guys didn't have to put up with monsters, then wasn't it excellent?" Marsha couldn't understand why the wouldn't be happy about that.

"Yet, only there were many gangs. That was one of our reasons for becoming martial artist." Vanessa tried to explain.

"AS far as Kistra and Linoka go we used to be best friends. Then things changed. We ended up rivals after Roxanne and I beat them in the first Tournament we both entered on the planet Edenoi. Any clue as to where Prof. Damon knows Etmire from?" Vanessa puzzled about the matter.

"None what so ever."

The next morning Lord Xenon has a suspicious look to his eyes as he was plotting something.

"Galactex, you, and Nightshade go to the High School and capture Kistra and Linoka. They will help us destroy the Rangers.

Meanwhile at the Bunker the Alarms are going crazy, The Rangers in various states of Undress run into the War Room from downstairs since they had slept at the bunker the night before.

"Rangers, you must morph and get to the High School. Lord Xenon sent Galactex and Nightshade to capture two of the other competitors in the Tournament," Prof. Damon ordered.

"Which Two?" Roxanne worried of who could be in trouble. She looked and sounded annoyed. This was not her idea of how she wanted start her morning. Especially today.

"Iím not sure. That part was blocked by static," he answered very perturbed about what was happening.

"Showtime," Michelle yawned since she had still been asleep.

"Red Zordonian Power." A towering inferno covered Michelle, from head to toe. When the flame slid apart she was the Red Ranger.

"Green Zordonian Power." Jolts of electrical energy flared throughout his whole body. As the energy subsided Greg was the Green Ranger.

"Yellow Zordonian Power." the surroundings became pitch black. The shadow dome burst open, revealing Marsha as the Yellow Ranger.

"Pink Zordonian Power." High above appears a pink cloud. It showered Amelia in a dust storm. When she could be seen again she was the Yellow Ranger.

"White Zordonian Power." Pure intense white light surged around herself. None could look in her direction because the light was too harsh on the eyes. As soon as it became tolerable again Roxanne was the White Ranger.

"Purple Zordonian Power." A purple bubble incased her. None were able to see within the bubble. Popping open Vanessa was the Purple Ranger.

Just as the Rangers arrived Kistra and Linoka were teleported out and Mantistron a Humanlike Monster with a Praying Mantisís head teleported in.

Van, we gotta rescue them.

I agree letís go.

"Not so Fast Rangers," Nightshade snarled, coming from out of nowhere. In reality she hid within the surrounding shadows, as she confronted them.

Michelle went after Galactex as best she could while Amelia kept the Monster busy with her Chacron. This left Marsha and Greg to tackle the Xenonites which consisted of a mix of Red, Black, and Gold ones.

"This is clearly not good," the leader of the Rangers snapped, not in a good mood. And that was putting it mildly during one lull. "Professor where is Bobby. WE need him."

"He is on TDY while undergoing a secret mission for me. I sent him early this morning. Heíll be gone at least two days," informed the Ranger's mentor.

Michelle was not pleased. Luckily half an hour later the villains retreated.

"Professor, any idea why Kistra and Linoka were captured?" Vanessa asked concern in her voice over her rivals.

"Knowing Lord Xenon, he probably plans on using them against you rangers. You best be careful," sadly he briefed them.

The meeting soon ended but Vanessa wasnít too happy and stormed off toward the lounge. Roxanne hoping to calm Vanessa down went after her. After a few hours and a brief sparring session in the gym she was successful.

Later that day Lord Xenon with his Helmet on visited his prisoners.

"So who or what are you?" Kistra gruptly cracked as she moved her Reddish Blond hair out of her eyes. Both Kistra and her Dark haired companion Linoka looked like they needed a bath.

"I brought you two here for a reason. How would you like to decimate your old rivals the Jackson Twins?"

"Just give me your most powerful weapon," Linoka replied jumping at the opportunity.

"Yeah. Weíll pulverize them."

"I have something extra special for you," he announced to holt their excitement, while grinning wickedly. "Come it will take a while to fully empower you two."

The next morning at about lunchtime Kistra and Linoka teleported into the Cafeteria where numerous students including Roxanne and Michelle were eating. The other rangers had elected to eat at the Youth Center that day.

"Lord Xenon will pay for this one," Roxanne said clearly annoyed at her quiet lunch with Michelle being ruined.

"Shadow Guardian Power," Michelle howled "Red." Michelle stood with her Legs spread shoulder width apart the Raven flying into her as Red Light poured over her before solidifying into her Red Ninja Suit

"White." Roxanne was ready as the Mink climbed aboard and the White Light went over her solidifying into her suit.

"Think we should call the others?"

"You bet Vanessa would kill me otherwise plus I promised her I would call her if they showed up. Vanessa, you and the others get your morphed you know whatís down here. Trouble with a capital N, K, L, and M has just showed up.

On our way. What morph are you using?

Michelle and I are using 2nd morph.

The other Rangers arrived a short time later. Greg nearly got his head cut off when Mantistron sends his Sword sailing towards his head.

"Boomerang Strike," Marsha lightly whispered deflecting Mantistronís sword with her boomerang and giving Greg time to summon his Shock Whip and Joy Buzzer. Greg then lashed out at Mantistron only he started to glow green across his whole body and his eyes sparked electricity. His whip then started to launch mini torpedoes. IT caused some discomfort to Mantistron but not enough to destroy him.

"Greg, what happened?" Amelia inquired stunned in surprise as Nightshade, Kistra, and Linoka ganged up on Roxanne and Vanessa.

"I have no idea. I hope Prof. Damon knows something," he replied to his teammateís question.

By this time Michelle was doing a somersault into Nightshade. This freed up the twins to attack their rivals.

There is definitely something controlling them.

I agree but what. Man wish we knew more about what Lord Xenon was capable of.

I wonder how difficult it will be to send Nightshade to the nearest police station.

Who knows but at least Prof. Damon informed Sgt. Hammond of things.

During all this they were doing what they could to keep the rivals at bay. Eventually everyone including the Rivals had retreated. The Rangers then teleported back to base.

"Professor, any idea how Lord Xenon is controlling Kistra and Linoka?" Vanessa queried, the other could sense her feelings of helplessness.

"Not yet. This could be a long and hard battle," Prof. Damon explained. "There is something you need to know before your next battle. That is your powers include what are known as Overdrives. There are various levels of overdrives."

"What do these Overdrives do?" Greg quickly asked, hoping it was good news.

"Iíd think you would be best to explain this one," Prof. Damon commented.

"All I know is I started glowing and my eyes sparked electricity and then the strange torpedoes from my whip. You saying that what happened to me out there was the result of an Overdrive?" he wanted a confirmation. Shock and worry coloring his face.

"Yes in fact if you take your overdrive to full power it can be quite deadly. In fact it could defeat an opponent," Prof. Damon explained.

"Talk about weird. Sir, could one of our overdrives maybe free Kistra and Linoka?" Roxanne tested the notion at their mentor.

"I donít know but Your sisterís deals with Mind attacks. We need to do some real strategizing on this one," Prof. Damon advised.

"Only our Strategist is off on some mission. What exactly does his mission entail?" Michelle demanded and irritated that they couldn't properly devise a strategy.

"One aspect is a mind quest. Itís similar to what You, Marsha, and Greg did during your crisis moments last summer. But the real basis is extremely classified. Your safer if you donít know."

"Prof. is there a basis for these overdrives. Do we all have them or just Vanessa and Greg?" Michelle wanted to know what to expect.

"Yes your overdrive for instance is Fire, Ameliaís Air, Greg electricity, Marsha Shadows, Roxanne spiritual means, Bobbyís would be water, Vanessaís as I said is Mind Attacks. In time you will have full knowledge of your overdrives."

"Professor Roxie and I need to get back," Vanessa quickly announced. "Our next event is coming up."

"Go then. In the meantime we better keep our eyes peeled," Prof. Damon warned everyone.

Later that day Mantistron went back out.

"Looks like Mantistron is back in Action," Michelle responded, noticing what was shown on the monitor.

"Yeah and he has gotten big since we last saw him," Greg commented when he saw how big Mantistron was.

"WE better head for the Zords," she surmised. "Professor Donít bother Roxanne and Vanessa unless itís really necessary."

"IT wasnít my intention," Prof. Damon reassured her.

Soon after that The Zords in Battle Warrior Mode went after Mantistron. Very little seemed to phase him. Finally Greg had an idea. He had Rayden summon the Shock Whip. HE then set Rayden for overdrive. Within seconds Mantistron was history.

The Rangers got back just as Vanessa was calling.

"Command Bunker, we need medical back-up at the High School," Vanessaís voice came over the communications board. It seemed she was franticly alarmed about something.

"Signal Dr. Cummings, Iíd love to know what is wrong," Amelia thoughtfully put in.

A couple minutes later Amelia and Michelle teleported in. AS they arrived Amelia saw her mom come running in with another doctor behind her. Amelia noticed how Kistra was the patient.

"What exactly happened?" Dr. Cummings firmly, but trying her best to be comb.

"Weíre not sure Doc. She literally appeared out of no where and then collapsed," Etmire reported not too sure exactly happened.

"Anyone know where she is from?" Dr. Cummings asked.

"She was born on Triforia but was raised on Earth in Winnipeg," Vanessa volunteered.

"Friend of yours I take it?" Dr. Cummings gestured.

"She used to be but not anymore," Vanessa admitted.

"She needs blood. She lost a lot. Looks like she saw a lot of action recently," Dr. Cummings pointed out.

"There are a lot of people who have. She is competing in the Tournament," Vanessa providing an explanation, that seemed plausible.

"IS she a ranger?" Dr. Cummings making sure she to know every important detail. She understood Ranger healing would allow more spectacular recovery.

Vanessa shook her head.

"I see, I donít think there is much we can do," Dr. Cummings sadly informed the Purple Ranger. Truly sorry about the situation. "I donít think I can even type her blood."

"Mom, what if we treated her at the Bunker?" Amelia finally speaking. During her mother and Vanessa had spoken she stood near and just listened to the conversation.

"That might be her only option?" Dr. Cummings admitted.

"Etmire, get everyone out of the way," Michelle ordered.

Everyone including Linoka then teleported to the Bunker where Alpha ran a blood test on Kistra and then checked Linokaís blood. Thankfully Linoka was capable to donating blood to her partner. The next day Kistra and Linoka now fully recovered Competed in the Tag Team Finals of the Tournament against Roxanne and Vanessa. It proved to be a very close match. Soon after that Roxanne rested for a minute as she had another match to compete in that day.

"Things have been interesting so far havenít they?" Greg striking a conversation with Vanessa. the two were observing the other twin's match.

"Yes they have. At least Kistra is all right. Ameliaís mom was a little worried about how she would fair because of what happened," expressing her thoughts on earlier events.

"How much do they know about who we are?" curiously he inquired.

"They obviously know something since they were under Lord Xenonís control. Only thing is I think they forgot what he told them since for some reason his control over them was tied into Mantistron. No wonder Prof. Damon couldnít figure out how to free them. How long did it take for you to realize how to destroy him?"

"It took a while Thor even tried his Hammer attack. God the Artificial Intelligence aspect on our zords is useful since it allows them if necessary to fight without us," he gratefully answered.

"I admit I donít mind if they know who we are but Prof. Damon feels they would be safer if they didnít know. I guess this means no using our powers in their presence.," expressing her opinion. "You know Iím considering if we ever find more Crystals maybe recommending them for Entry as Rangers."

"After seeing them in action I bet they would be great rangers," Greg agreed.

The next day the Entire Unit including Prof. Damon stood by as the Tournament closing ceremonies took place. Dr. Cummings also attended the Ceremony.

"This has been one of the Strangest Tournaments I can think of. First off Iíd like to say this All the competitors were great and I almost wish we could give everyone a Trophy. Four Particular Girls did exceptional though those being Roxanne and Vanessa Jackson of Capsilon IX and Kistra and Linoka of Triforia," Etmire proclaimed. "The First trophy goes to the winners of the Tag Team Competition and the Winners are Roxanne and Vanessa Jackson."

A Tall man in a White Gi and Rolled Bandana took two Extremely fancy Katanas from a case behind him.

"These katanas are also yours," HE indicated. "After the ceremonies are over Iíd like to talk to you two."

"WE thank you Sensei Wilcox," Roxanne said with a respectful bow.

"While these two are up here I just noticed something. The Winner of the Weapons Combat competition is Roxanne Jackson and Vanessa Jackson is the Winner of the Single combat Competition. These two are recent transplants to Capsilon IX from Earth," Etmire broke out.

The ceremonies took another hour. Afterwards Sensei Wilcox walked over to where the girls were sitting with their teammates.

"Roxie, Van, I want you to know that Iím opening a Dojo about a block from the Youth Center and I was wondering if you two would like to come work for me," he explained.

"Sensei, you may not know this but my sister and I are rangers and well We are a little concerned that we could get called away during work hours," Roxanne telling him of their concerns. "For the record we werenít using our powers during the competition we ran a nice honest and fair battle. "

"That is good," Sensei Wilcox understood. "I will await your decision."

Kim happened to walk over.

"I happened to hear your problem. I worried about that a little myself back when I first became a ranger. In fact my problem was I had a job and then became a ranger. Back when I first became a ranger it was forbidden for anyone to know you were a ranger. If anything becoming a ranger almost caused me to get fired after I short changed the Youth Center on my teammates food by secretly programming a button to deduct a certain percentage from their bill. In fact because of who received the discount Matt found out who the Rangers were. Man I got off easy. He liked my idea and simply reworked how it was deducted. One time shortly after that I was working and Powermatic called me because Sue, Brianca, and Janet were under attack and I said how while my boss may know I was a ranger I couldnít just leave in the middle of a shift," Kim retold them of her experience.

"So what did you do?" Vanessa requested.

"I stayed at my post and Matt when I informed him later told me that he would understand if I had to leave and in the future to simply leave if I had to," smiling while reporting the outcome of the incident.

"SO your advice is if we do take the job to work it out such that we can leave if the need arises," Roxanne picking up her message of retelling.

"Basically," she confirmed.

Roxanne and Vanessa then went in search of Sensei Wilcox. They found him talking to Prof. Damon and Etmire.

"Well have you made a decision?" Sensei Wilcox asked.

"First we want to discuss how we would handle our Rangering duties if we did take the job," Vanessa addressed.

"The Easiest thing to do is Iíd make sure that Michelle and Amelia didnít contact you when you were at work unless it was absolutely necessary," Prof. Damon reassured.

"That sounds fair enough," the Sensei was receptive to the plan.

"In that case I can safely say that I speak for both my sister and I when I say youíve got yourself a couple Instructors," Vanessa proudly announced. as the other rangers caught up.

"Prof. you never did tell us where you know Etmire from," reminded Marsha.

"Iíve known him since he was born. He is my brother.

Bobby meanwhile was steering the Demona Subzord into a Cavern far in the oceans of Capsilon IX. HE then prepared to teleport.

To Be Continued

What or who will the Blue Ranger discover in the underwater kingdom? Why is Bobby even underwater! How will it effect the Rangers against their struggles with Lord Xenon?