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Questing Blue.
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron

Bobby looked inside the cave after he left the Subzord and noticed a temple inside it.

Why is the inside so much larger then the outside. This makes absolutely no sense. I hope Prof. Damon didnít send me on a wild goose chase.

Be fore he could enter the cave two sharks bar him from going any further. The sharks suddenly shimmer into two armored warriors. One warrior is in a black armor an the other is in silver. The black wields a

staff and the silver is armed with a sabre. At first Bobby finds them to be hard opponents, but eventually defeats the warriors protecting the entry. Their armor disappears and reveals a male and female mostly looking human.

"Blue Ranger, Follow us," the female said.

"Why should I?" Bobby inquired.

"IT is vital that you do," her companion intoned it was crucial they speak with him.

"You can find shelter in here," he stated indicating the second door to the inner chambers.

"These discs contain tools which should help you and your friends in your fight against evil," the female informed him. materializing four round objects. Which were mini data disks.

"Something tells me I should hold onto these," Bobby decided. He made it a point to never discard anything.

"As you should," the female indicated he had chosen correctly.

"Who are you anyway?" Bobby asked. Him being a person who always needed to know who he dealt with.

"I am known as Edrik and my companion is Remonna," the male dressed in black answered for them both.

During this part Bobby had placed the discs in his subspace pocket.

"You better continue Blue Ranger. You have more defenses to pass on your journey," Edrik informed him.

"I will and may the power protect you," Bobby gave the words of honor which every Ranger lived by.

"And also you Blue Ranger."

Inner chambers Bobby notices how beautiful corridors have been decorated. He wonders if the guardian was the one who decorated the temple. While exploring the area beyond the first room he fought the guardians Bobby hadn't have anything test him. It had been a hour or two since leaving the defenders. After

exploring for another half hour he sits crossed legged on the floor and has what is a late lunch.

Wonder how Vanessa and Roxanne did. Knowing those two and how they fight they probably won. One thing is sure if anyone even as recently as last May said I would be a ranger I would have said they were warped. Yet itís enjoyable knowing you are making a difference. Amelia if you ask me would make a much better leader then Michelle but hey Shelly is doing OK. Greg still needs to work on his concentration. Marsha is alright though after all Iíve known her the longest of any of the Rangers. Vanessa I wouldnít mind spending time with but there is something different about her sister that is for sure. IF you ask me Greg and Tyrone have it lucky since they at least have girlfriends. I wonder if Tyrone will someday end up a ranger. I hope so.

Two and half hours after resting, plus having lunch a voice intruded into his mind,

"Halt Intruder," the voice authoritatively commanded.

He does recalling the warnings of Remonna(Silver Guardian) and Edrik(Black Guardian) had informed him about. Bobby knew this was another test.

"There are three paths you can choose. One will lead you to what you seek and the others will send you into the maze," It explainned to him.

Bobby relaxed a little bit and let the owl that is his Spirit Animal lead him down the correct passage. THe voice then became more Distinct and he realized that it was gentle and feminine.

"Who or what are you?" Bobby asked a trace of fear in the question.

"I am known as Aphrealle. Your mentor sent you to seek me out. You have more tests to pass because Right now Iím not sure how trustworthy you are or your intentions,"

"Sounds fair."

Bobby went through the passage way and finds it to be very long. He wondered to himself were it led to. After three hours he came out of the passage and was in a garden, he noticed that there's another temple near.

That temple is probably where I will find Aphrealle. I wonder how many more tests I will have to pass. Before even making it half way a portal opened and monster exited with a girl She looked to be about fifteen. She was wearing a white shirt and green skirt.

"Sarah, is that you?" a trace of puzzlement in the question, stunned to see her there.

"Yes I am Sarah but how do you know my name?"

The monster is taller then Bobby. It closely resembled a griffin. Only instead of having kind eyes which all griffin have its were sinister. It had a tail of a dragon. It stood on its hind legs.

"Listen Ranger, Iíll give you two choices. Surrender your powers or the Girl gets it," he demanded nastily.

Bobby was struck with indecision

"Donít give in to him. HE is evil," Sarah cried out.

I canít attack him or Iíll die and Sarah is probably the closest I have to a sister.

The monster then decided to strike a claw into her tender neck.

This angered him. His Spirit Animal screeched in fury. Without warning Bobby began to glow blue throughout his whole body. Then after his eyes glowed an intense blue Bobby performed what he learned later, was called an Overdrive. The technique he attacked with was called Tydlewave. Out of nowhere formed an enormous waterfall. It cascaded over the head of the griffin. At its peak the water became a powerful missile projectile, the pressure of the attack slammed Bobby's opponent into a wall behind him. The griffin then lost his grip and allowed Sarah to escape. That is when she vanished like she was never there. When the griffin recovered it eyes lost its sinister appearance.

"Good work Bobby," the griffin congratulated the Blue Ranger. "I am Lectorian."

"What happened to Sarah?" he inquired.

"Sarah was an illusion designed to test you to see if you had honor which since you did you passed," Lectorian explainned to answer Bobby's confusion. "You are doing good Bobby. The good news is that you only have one more test to pass."

"I thank you Lectorian. IT wasnít easy though because Sarah is a real close friend. I almost think of her as a sister."

A few minutes later he entered the second temple. it was decorated with many tapestries. The floor was covered by a carpet which was smooth to the touch. Somehow the carpet calmed the heart.

Going through the opening to the right Bobby came to something unexpected.

Ladies and Gentlemen the New Intergalactic Chess Champion is Bobby Zhang of Capsilon IX.

"This is obviously a dream. Yet it seems so real. I canít believe my dream come true."

"Listen, itís been fun but I canít accept the trophy."

Soon as he had teleported out of the dream reality Bobby appeared in a spectacular throneroom. On the left of him was a huge double arching doorway, opposite was a crystal viewer. Bobby noticed it was at the moment set to watch everywhere and nowhere particular of Capsilon IX. He noticed the doors were opened and sentries were placed to both sides. At the center a slab of stone laid which held five small crystals.

"Man those crystals looks like Zordoniam. This place looks well defended."

On one wall hung weapons of many varieties. An aquarium was near him and inside were many different kinds of sea creatures. At the right of the throne was a passage. He couldn't tell how the throne room was lit.

"I doubt even Amelia could comprehend what powers this place or anyone Else on Capsilon IX for that matter."

Minutes after Bobby appeared the guardian angel exited through the passage beside the throne. Anyone who didn't knew her nature, only saw a Terran woman. A presence of intense power could be felt as you were near her. Aphrealle wore a white bikinisuit on her upper body. She was in leather like pants, only it wasn't leather and the same went for her top. A gold belt was around her waist. it held twin throwing daggers. Something shaped into a bow, only it was twenty inches long. Sheave strapped to her hip

was a long sword. Aphrealle feet were in ankle high sandals, with wings on the rear of them. Her legs were protected in shin guards. Her gold eyes were center on Bobby. Her hair was in a ponytail and came down to the waist. Aphrealle's face was statuette She sported a smile at the young Ranger.

"You must be Aphrealle I came seeking you."

"I know why you are here and also who you are Bobby Zhang."

"How?" he asked a shocked look concealed beneath his helmet.

"From watching you battle Lord Xenon and his troops."

"How did you know of our battle."

"It is my duty to watch over the successors to the Demona Rangers. You all have done well."

"I recognize the contents of that stone as Zordoniam Crystals but how is it that you have them in your possession. I was part of the team that first located them."

"I know. It is I who allowed you and your friends to find the first ones. Did you think it was luck that you and them found the crystals?" she smoothly asked.

"Even Amelia found it weird that seven crystals of almost pure Zordoniam were in the mine and the others were so impure."

"Bobby, you have come a long way. It is time to rest, Tomorrow we will return to you base."

"I hope you didnít expect me to remain morphed all right."

"No you can safely demorph," she informed him. laughing at the idea.

He did.

The next day Bobby remorphed using his first morph and they journeyed back to the Subzord.

"You came in this. Why?"

"It was the best zord in our arsenal. Itís not even mine. Barakus the Titanium Ranger on Triforia well he was one of the Demona Rangers and when he left to return to Triforia his dad King Trey gave him a new zord."

"Youíre a pretty good Chess Player. I thought it was your dream to win the trophy," she theorized.

"It is. Yet when That final test came at me I knew I had more important things to do then try to bring back a trophy."

"Do you feel that you did the right thing taking on the Powers?" she queried.

"During the tests I had pondered the question and I feel that I did do the right thing not just because my teammates or Prof. Damon felt I could do it but because I felt then and I still feel that I can do it," Bobby answered.

"You donít know how glad I am that you said that," the guardian proclaimed proudly.

As the two enter the Warroom all the other Rangers were joyous at Bobby's return.

"Bobby, glad you are back," Amelia said while typing a few things out.

"Trust me Amelia, Iím glad to be back," Bobby responded to her greeting. "This is Aphrealle by the way."

"Amelia, I have a small present for you?" she explained handing Amelia the crystals. Amelia immediately grabbed a scanner from her locker and looked the crystals over.

"These are almost pure Zordoniam. Like our crystals," crying in amazement.

During all this Bobby was getting the Discs from his subspace pocket and he then handed them to I/Oca explaining their source.

"I suppose I should get these installed in the computer," I/Oca said. Not wanting to forget to do it later.

"Aphrealle, what brings you here?" Michelle asked.

"I will be assisting you from time to time around the base," the Guardian answering, sounding like it should had been obvious.

"Aphrealle, Iíve been wondering. The original crystals were in an area of a mine with crystals of a lower purity. Any idea why?"

"Yes I do. I placed the original seven there for you to find," the guardian explainned to her. "Amelia, youíve turned out pretty well. Even better in fact then when I last saw you."

"Have we met before because I donít remember meeting you before?" puzzlement written on her face.

"IS there somewhere we can talk more privately?" the guardian angel requested.

"We can talk in my quarters," she suggested.

They then cut down through the pool to get to the Lower level and from there out into the main hall where they eventually came upon Ameliaís quarters.

"Amelia, how much do you remember about your mother, your birth mother that is?"

"Nothing, according to my dad she disappeared when I was a baby when she fell overboard while on a cruise. Only problem is they never found her body," Amelia sadly reported. She was paying full attention because she couldn't understand why Aphrealle would want to know about her childhood.

"Amelia, trust me she didnít die when she fell overboard," Aphrealle explained, with a tone of surety about what she was telling her.

"What do you mean. Why then did she never turn up?" she asked a puzzled look coming over her face.

"I know this because Iím your mother Amelia."

Amelia jumped back almost as if Greg has gotten her with a joybuzzer.

"You. Why did you have to leave?" Amelia asked the shock of what Aphrealle told her still going through her head.

"I left because I was needed here. I almost wish I could have brought you with me but it wasnít possible. For me to have come for you when everyone thought I was dead would have raised too many questions. I did do one thing for you though. I tipped off the paramedics when your dad tried to kill you. I also worked it so Bethany and Kevin could adopt you," she explained so she could try to calm Amelia a little.

"You probably know how my family moved here a few years ago," Amelia said. "Was that more of your handiwork?"

"No that was luck," she answered.

"You probably had something to do with my finding the crystals though of course I was lucky to even be able to assemble a team," she determined the conclusion about why now she was able to find their crystals.

"In time I knew you would look for them after you suddenly arrived on Capsilon IX," she stated a parrot of her daughterís traits.

"Iím just glad to have you back," finally felling happy about Aphrealle's news.

Closing Notes. How will Amelia handle things now that she knows something is up. Well Stay tuned.