Visit To Aquitar
by Steve Folger

As the Rangers teleport to the Command Center, Zordon tells them of the Machine Empire's destruction by the hands of Lord Zedd and Rita.

ZORDON: Rangers! Observe the Viewing Screen.

The Rangers look at the Viewing Screen as they see the blown up parts of King Mondo and his family and army that are scatterd along the ground of the Moon.

KAT: What happened to them Zordon?

ZORDON: It is certain that Rita and Zedd have returned to the moon and have destroyed the Machine Empire. They have retaken over Machine Empire's Sky Base and gotten back their castle.

TOMMY: Oh man! I thought that Jason told me before that they have returned before he gave up the Gold Ranger powers.

ADAM: Its just a matter of time before they attack us again with the Tengas.

ROCKY: Not them again.

TANYA: What about the Cogs, Zordon? Could be used by Rita and Zedd for their armies too?

ZORDON: It is uncertain that if they will or not use the Cogs also for their armies.

STEVE: Look at the Viewing Screen guys! Isn't that RV tires tracks I see on the moon?

ZORDON: A very good observation Steve. Alpha! Enhance the the vision of the tracks.

ALPHA-5: I'm on it Zordon.

Alpha presses a combination of the control's buttons and the picture on the Viewing Screen is enhanced to a more sharper and clearer pic of the tire tracks.

TOMMY: You're right Steve. Those are RV tire tracks.

ADAM: How'd you know that was there Steve?

STEVE: It caught my eye.

ROCKY: Just great! They give even a license to anyone.

TANYA: Hey Steve! Now that the Machine Empire are gone, you can go the Aquitar now to visit Billy.

KAT: Yeah thats right. Now you have a golden oppurtunity to go to Aquitar.

ZORDON: Exactly Katherine. I will send a transmission to Aquitar at once and tell them that Steve will be arriving there soon.

STEVE: Thanks Zordon. Hey! Why don't you guys come along too?

TOMMY: We wish we could now Steve. Me and the others are working now on saving Little Angels Tavern from going out of business. We can't just let that happen. All those kids without homes.

KAT: Yes. Tommy's right Steve. You go to Aquitar.

STEVE: What are you guys going to do to raise the money?

ROCKY: Well Adam, Tommy and me are going to be in a Karate competiton to raise the money for our choice of charity. And that is to save Little Angels Tavern.

STEVE: Hey! Once I get back from Aquitar I can join you guys in the competition.

TANYA: Good idea Steve. Me and Kat met this new boy named Justin while we were there at the homeless shelter. He just arrived there because his mother just passed away.

STEVE: Man thats really sad to hear. I hope we can win the competition and get the money to save the shelter.

ZORDON: Steve! I have reached Aquitar and told the Aquitians that you are about to arrive there. Are you ready now for departure?

STEVE: Yes. I'm ready Zordon.

TANYA: Good journey Steve. Tell Billy we miss him and say hello to the Alien Rangers for us. *Tanya and Kat hugs him goodbye*

STEVE: I will guys.

ZORDON: Have a safe and pleasent journey on Aquitar Steve. And tell Billy that Alpha and I also miss him.

ALPHA: Aiyiyi! All this human emotion. So long Steve!

STEVE: So long Zordon. Bye Alpha. I'll be back.

Steve is sent in a brown light of energy as he is whisked away and heads off to Aquitar.

As Zedd and Rita arrive at the entrance of their castle, they see Steve travel through space as he heads to Aquitar.

ZEDD: What in the galaxy is that?

RITA: Huh! Let me see. I'll look in my scope.

RITO: What is it sis?

GOLDAR: Silence Rito. Rita is trying to see what it is?

RITO: Your the one who should be silent Goldie. I'm asking my sister a question.

GOLDAR: For the last time my name is not Goldie. It's Goldar!

ZEDD: Will you two shut up and zip your lips!

RITA: Zedd! Your not going to believe this. That brown power puke is heading straight for Aquitar!

ZEDD: Goldar! Rito! Go and follow him. Take some Tengas along. We can finally get rid of that Brown Ranger and those fishy Aquitian Rangers once and for all.

GOLDAR: Yes master. Let's go Rito!

RITO: Cool! We're outta here!

Rito and Goldar head into space follwing Steve to Aquitar. They go into his teleport beam so they be untracebale when he arrives there.

Steve arrives at Aquitar and is greeted by Delphine, the White Aquitian Ranger and leader of the Aquitians.

DELPHINE: Greetings Brown Ranger of Earth. Welcome to Aquitar.

STEVE: Hi Delphine! How are you and the other Aquitians doing?

CORCUS: We are doing very well Steve. Thank you for asking.

AURICO: Come quickly. Billy, Cestro and Cestria will be pleased to see of your arrival.

STEVE: Wow! It is really amazing here.

TIDEUS: Yes it is quite amazing for humans to see an array of never seen before technologies we have.

STETOS: And since that Hydro Hog has been destroyed, we have been in peace for along time. Our Battle Borgs are stored away in a holding bay where they are kept until the time being if we are engaged in battle again.

As the Aquitians and Steve head to see Cestria, Billy and Cestro, Goldar, Rito and the Tengas sneeks up behind them unseen and heads into the other room where lies the Alien Rangers' technology.

RITO: Sheesh! That was close!

GOLDAR: Quiet Rito! Those fishy Rangers could hear us.

RITO: Woah! Check out this place. Aquitar seems like a real cool place. Hey! What's this thing do?

As Rito tries to pickup a somewhat like crystal ball and it seers him with a lightning bolt of shock.

RITO: Yeeeeouch!

GOLDAR: Rito! You walking bag of bones!

RITO: Boy! That kinda fried my bones for a second! What was that thing?

TENGA WARRIOR: What a dork!

As the Alien Rangers and Steve arrive, the door slides open and Cestria and Cestro are there and welcomes Steve.

CESTRO: Welcome Steve! It is good to see you again.

CESTRIA: Billy is here and is just putting the finishing touches of our first ever automaton. Alpha-7.

STEVE: Huh! An Alpha-7?

Another door slides open in the back of the room where Billy Cranston enters with the new Alpha-7.

BILLY: STEVE! Hey it's good to see you again man.

STEVE: Man! Me and the others have missed you so much. Zordon and Alpha also misses you. They all say hi.

BILLY: Yeah I missed you guys too. So what's been going on back at Earth?

STEVE: Well, Jason is no more the Gold Ranger. The Treys are back into one and is back as the Gold Ranger. And just now Tommy, Adam and Rocky are going into a Karate competition to save Little Angels Haven.

BILLY: That's a good charity. You also going to be in the competition?

STEVE: Yes I am. Just as I get back home to Earth.

BILLY: Oh Steve, I want you to meet Alpha-7. The first and new automaton for the Aquitians.

The new and built Alpha is very similar looking to the Alpha-5 back on Earth.

ALPHA-7: Nice to meet you Steven. Or should I say Zeo Ranger VII.

STEVE: Cool!

As Rito and Goldar and their army of Tengas search through the base looking for Steve and the Aquitians, an alarms goes off in a distant room where they are located.

CESTRO: Intruder alert Aquitians! It is Rita and Zedd's henchman. Goldar, Rito and some Tengas.

STEVE: What the! They must have followed me here somehow.

DELPHINE: We must stop them at once Aqutians. They have infiltrated our lower base command center.

BILLY: You better morph and go with them Steve. Me and Alpha will stay here.

STEVE: Right! Its Morphin' Time! Zeo Ranger VII, Brown!

DELPHINE: White Aquitar Ranger Power!

CESTRO: Blue Aquitar Ranger Power!

STETOS: Brown Aquitar Ranger Power!

TIDEUS: Yellow Aquitar Ranger Power!

AURICO: Red Aquitar Ranger Power!

CORCUS: Black Ranger Ranger Power!

CESTRIA: Purple Aquitar Ranger Power!

The alarm still goes off as Steve and Aquitians arrive in the lower chamber of the command center and find Goldar, Rito and five Tengas there.

GOLDAR: Tengas! Attack!

RITO: Go get'em bird brains!

STEVE: Delphine! You take on the Tengas! I got a score to settle with with that golden goon Goldar.


Steve brings out his Zeo weapon and battles with Goldar.

GOLDAR: Forget it Brown Ranger. You and your fishy Rnager friends are about to be history.

STEVE: I don't think so Goldar. When I'm done with, you'll be hanging a like a golden rotisserie at a KFC restaurant.

RITO: Ha ha ha ha! I'm hungry! I sure can go for some fish.

Rito gets kick in the stomach by Stetos and by Corcus in the back and he falls to the floor. He gets back up and tries to strike Aurico with his sword.

AURICO: You're slow you bag of bones. You and Goldar will not prevail over us.

TENGA: Momma said knock you out Aquitian. I'm the real purple Power Ranger eater here.

CESTRIA: Your nothing Tenga! Hiya! *leg sweeps Tenga*

STETOS: Steve! You need a hand!

STEVE: Sure could. How about a whammy!

STETOS: Let's make that a double whammy on Goldar.

GOLDAR: Uh oh!

The two Brown Rangers gather up on each side of Goldar and kick his golden head and his eyeballs shoot out.

GOLDAR: Argh! That hurt! I'm outta here!

RITO: Hey monkey boy, wait for me! Caio baby!

Goldar, Rito and the Tengas teleport off the Aquitians home world and head back for Lord Zedd and Rita's palace on the Earth's moon.

STEVE: Yes we did it! We got rid of Goldar and Rito.

DELPHINE: Aquitar is safe once again.

As the Rangers rejoice and head back to the room where Billy and Alpha are.

BILLY: Good job Steve.

STEVE: Thanks Billy. The Alien Rangers did their part too. I wonder how Rito and Goldar got here un-noticed until the alarm went just then.

BILLY: Good question.

CESTRO: It must've been when Steve arrived here and they were in his teleport beam.

STEVE: Then that had to been it.

ALPHA-7: Rangers! I'm getting a transmission from Zordon on Earth. Steve come quick!

They all gather around as Steve talks to Zordon on the Alien Rangers Viewing Scope.

STEVE: Zordon! What is it? Is there something wrong?

ZORDON: I wish it was more simple Steve. You must come home at once.

STEVE: What! Why?

ZORDON: All your questions will be answered when you get here. The other Rangers are waiting for you.

STEVE: Ok Zordon!

BILLY: Well. It looks like it was a real short trip for you here Steve.

STEVE: It sure was. I better get back once and see what's up.

BILLY: Okay Steve. Tell Zordon and the guys I miss them. And good luck in the competition.

STEVE: I will Billy. And thanks. Goodbye Rangers of Aquitar. Till we meet again.

DELPHINE: Till we meet again Brown Ranger of Earth. Goodbye.

STEVE: Goodbye.

Steve is turned into the brown light energy again and whisked away back to home on Earth. As he heads back home, Zedd and Rita are enraged at Goldar and Rito as they return to the castle.

ZEDD: You pea brained ninnies! You couldn't even handle those Alien Rangers.

RITA: Yeah! And that goes for you too Rito. I should send you back home to father.

RITO: Hey its not my fault sis. There were jus too many of them to handle. But if thats what you want. I'll go back home to dad. Then I will.

GOLDAR: Yes. I'm getting tired of you too Rito. You simpleton! GO HOME!

As Zedd, Rita and Goldar band together on him, Rito decides to do so and heads to his father home in the M-51 galaxy.

RITO: Okay! Okay! I get the point! I'm outta here! Geesh! I sure hope dad's home.

Rito disappears and heads to his father's home.

ZEDD: I can't believe that walking bag of bones is related to me. I'm getting tired of this I can use a nap. It was hard cleaning up this place.

RITA: It sure was. I'm sleepy too Zeddie.

GOLDAR: Hey! The palace looks a lot better now that the Machine Empire are gone for good.

FINSTER: Yes. All that hard work paid off and the palace looks as good as new.

As Steve arrives in the Power Chamber, Zordon tells him the news.

ZORDON: Steve! You must get to the competiton practice at once. Tommy, Rocky and Adam are there now. You better join them now.

STEVE: Okay Zordon. I'm on my way now.

ZORDON: Before you go, how was your trip on Aquitar?

STEVE: You won't believe what just happened there. Goldar and Rito invaded Aquitar but we got rid of them. And Billy misses you, Alpha and the Rangers. Oh, and Billy designed an Alpha-7 for the Aquitians.

ALPHA: AIYIYI! Billy created an Alpha-7?

STEVE: Yes he did Alpha. He looks just like you. Well then. I better get to practice now.

ZORDON: Good luck Steve. And may the power protect you!

Meanwhile on a distant planet called Liaria, a wizard by the name of Lerigot is being hunted by Piranhatrons that were sent there by their master. The evil space pirate, DIVATOX.

The End... for now